Friday, December 20

Was having a pretty good dream this morning, I was with a guy at a party and he got a drink called Ooba Kalooba (what ever the hell that is!) so I took a little taste and said it was pretty good, but then told him that I thought it would taste better on him... so we started to kiss. Very nice kiss... he told me that the Ooba Kalooba definitely tasted better on me too, then the kiss deepened... then my damn alarm went off! SHIT!! I couldn't even fall back asleep to finish the dream, I had to get up and come into work. Shit, shit, shit. Sigh. Last night was a blast, we giggled and laughed and talked. I've got pictures, and will post them later this afternoon. Meanwhile... here are a couple of pics Linda took of me on Wednesday. Have a great day everyone!!
Me about to lick my Santa sucker... it was safe, the wrapper (aka the condom tee hee) was still on *snicker*