Saturday, December 28

I gotta bitch about something - then I'm going to resume my otherwise pleasant day. My sister Kathy, her good-for-nothing-asshole husband Ellis and their baby didn't come home last night. No note, no phone call, had Mom's car. Mom and Dad were up most the night with worry. Where were they - were they in an accident, did harm come to them were going through their minds. How selfish can people be? Finally about 9:30 this morning, Kathy finally called Dad to tell him they were on their way home. Yeah, right. Dad was furious and told her if she didn't shape up, he was going to put a leash on her. LOL!! Now, I'm sure being 39 years old and having your Dad tell her this didn't make her a happy camper. They're so selfish - I can't stand it!! I come and go as I please, living here in the basement, but I always let them know where I am - out of courtesy so they don't worry. Kathy and Ellis finally came home a few minutes ago. Mom and Dad are gone, and I was upstairs eating when they walked through the door. I didn't say squat to them, and they didn't say squat to me. Ellis held the baby so she couldn't see me so she wouldn't squeal with delight (she loves my blonde hair!). They went straight into their room. But now that I'm back downstairs, they're up in the kitchen making a mess no doubt. Mom just called to let me know she and Dad were going to a movie, and asked if K&E came home, and I told her just barely. Mom was fuming - but relieved that they finally came home with HER car and it appeared no harm came to them. Ellis has a car - but its sitting in the driveway broken. He's got his mechanical degree that he earned while in prison but has never put it to good use. Well buddy, now is your chance. Get the car running and get the fuck out. Dad was pretty upset with them the other night - guess he has finally gotten his fill of them draining everyone financially, physically, and emotionally - and told them they needed to get their own place. Its about time. Its not going to happen over night, since they have to pay off their previous land lord (where they were evicted) and save money for a down payment. Its a start. Now with Dad being fed up - I'm sure things will start to get ugly again with Kathy. Dad has been "on her side" from the beginning, constantly being manipulated and put him and Mom at odds, as well as me because Mom and I had seen it all along. Ahhh... justice is finally coming. Karma is powerful, my friends. Use it wisely. I don't wish badly for them, I really don't. I want them to build a safe, happy, loving home for their child. She deserves that. I want to see Kathy get back on her feet again, both emotionally and career-wise. She's got her PHD in pharmacology for hell's sakes - use it! I would also like to see Ellis become the man he says he is. OK, enough bitching... back to my pleasant day... deep breath.