Wednesday, December 25

Ahhh... peace and quiet! The festivities have died down at long last. LOL!! Last night's family Xmas Eve party was nice, we had loads of food as always and all my siblings along with their kids came (including two of the great-nieces). We ate, then played a gift game and everyone stocked up on goodies then went home. Everyone was gone by 8:30, then Mom and I cleaned everything up, then helped Santa out with the stocking stuffers. I don't think I remember my head even hitting the pillow last night, I was beyond exhausted. We got up this morning, fixed a huge breakfast - which I ate more of the breakfast than I did for dinner last night! LOL!! I guess I get one meal to be a piggy. But, no lunch for me - I'm still full! We opened presents after breakfast and it was fun to see my niece's first real Xmas. She was so cute, not knowing what to do with all the new toys. I got my cat Ashley some new Catnip toys and she was soooo high, it was hilarious! The old kitty still has it in her to be a wild one from time to time. She crashed big time though, she hasn't moved for 3.5 hours. But she's still breathing, so I know she's alive. LOL!! She is doing what I need to be doing - not moving a muscle. I got some lovely things, a coat, Obsession gift set (yummy!!), M*A*S*H Season #2 (Thanks Pete and Emma!!!), a blanket, a wonderful foot massager (thanks Ashley - who I know has been saving her allowance all year to buy it for me!), socks, sweater, etc., etc.! It was so good to see everyone liking what I got for them as well. That's what I really like about Xmas - giving and seeing the joy it brings others. Mom, Dad and I went over to J Dee and Patti's (bro and sis-in-law) to see them and the boys. Santa sure stopped at their house. They gave me a picture of their whole family! Its so nice! I need to find a frame for it. One of my nephews, Trent proposed to his girl friend this morning! How fun to propose on Christmas!! They just had a baby girl in November and they've decided to get married in the early summer. We were going to see my other brother and his girls, but they had other plans... which is OK, because I gave them their gifts last night AND I'm tired! I plan on being an utter and complete bum the rest of the day!!! Merry Christmas!!! I hope everyone is having a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!