Thursday, October 31

Whoa what a day. Had so much fun! I managed to get quite a bit of work done though which my boss was happy about. I was soooooo glad to get home, get out of my costume and get in the shower to get all the grunge off. My hair was huge and plastered with wax, hairspray, and glitter spray. UGH. It took 3 washings and a deep conditioning before it felt good again. My eyes are so gritty from all the make up and glitter I wore. I like Halloween, but right now I'm glad it only comes once a year. Hope everyone had a great day! I'll post pics tomorrow...
Hey - I just won best decorated cubical! YAY ME!
My is up at my meme site. Go play!! Happy Halloween! Here is a pic of my boob job I had yesterday.
Funny Pics

Should be a fun day around here, will take pics of the crazy ones and post them tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 30

My friend Adrian (here at work) is going to dress as a woman for Halloween tomorrow. Linda and I have had the best time helping him. I brought in one of my old dresses for him to wear and I just took it over and tried it on him! ROFL! He bought some barbie dress-up stuff, including a tiara, purse, earrings, etc. He borrowed a wig of mine too. He's going to look quite sexy. We've got balloons to fill up with water for his boobs. He told us that he would be fondling himself all day (his boobs) and hopefully wouldn't turn the dress into a "tent"! OMG - that cracked me up! (He and his girlfriend are going to a party and the theme is "Prom" he's dressing the woman, and she's dressing up like the man.) I will bring my camera tomorrow and take pics - HE is one I have to get a picture of!
Woohoo! Its Wednesday... happy humpday everyone! Here's a pic that I got in the e-mail that I thought was cute. Click image for larger view.

Tuesday, October 29

Linda and I just stopped by the lady's office that we set up with the fart machine. I didn't know this, but the meeting this morning was actually a teleconference!!!! At first, they thought the farting was coming from someone that was on the other end of the phone, she said that they were mostly "free-lance type consultants" who worked out of their homes, and could have been on the toilet while on the telecon! Linda and I had tears in our eyes from laughing so hard! This is definitely one of the top 5 fart machine chronicals!
The fart machine chronicals... Linda and I decided it was time to set up the fart machine. We thought of our target and she just happened to be having a meeting in her office at 0900 this morning. Bwhahhahha. We enlisted the help of Adrian (this lady is his boss to set it up). They snuck in the office and set it underneath her conferencing table. Linda had the remote. I went over by the door to listen while she set it off. The first thing we heard was one guy talking about some injured body part, then *BLAST*, silence, then the guy continued on by saying "its still sore but not as bad as it was." Conversation started again, *BLAST*, brief moment of silence, conversation continued... Then "What is that?" "Is that you?" "No, its not me!!" *BLAST* "Who is it?" "Is someone in here ill?" *BLAST* Then someone said "Aha! Its a fart machine! It says it right here. Fart Machine. Wonder how it is set off." Then another guy pipes up, "Ohhhohhhohh I know who put this in here... and I think they've got a remote." Then they turned it off so the remote didn't work. Damn! Linda and I were trying so hard to confine our giggles, we did a pretty good job! I hope we get the machine back... tee hee If confronted, I can honestly say I didn't set it off once nor did I place it on that lady's office.
Yup, this fits me... ROFL!!

What Round Object are You?
I am Butts!
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Bananas. Bananas need to be ripe, but not too ripe. Bananas should be big. Bananas should be firm. A banana's flavor should burst in your mouth and spread joy all around. *snicker* I am talking about the actual fruit banana... really I am. I picked up a banana for breakfast this morning that looked the PERFECT ripeness. My mouth was just watering for this banana. Took one bite. Damn. It wasn't as RIPE as it looked. Don't ya just hate that?! Tomorrow should be a better day for the bananas of the bunch. I swiped these from Colin. Do these pumpkins make my butt look too big??
A Red Neck Halloween
Speaking of Colin, he wrote something really nice about me on his blog today. I wanted him to know that I feel the same way about him, he's such a wonderful friend. My day isn't complete when I don't talk to him. He's got a heart of gold. As does his lovely wife D! Fab people.

Monday, October 28

A friend of mine sent me this. Its so funny... you with kids (or who ever babysat) should appreciate it! Turn up your speakers. Take this quizzie made by Tiara... which friend of hers are you most like? I of course was none other than ME!
Very warm and stuffy in here. Had to resort to turning my fans under my desks on... ahhhh.. quite nice really, but not as "nice" as summer when I don't have these nylons on, they hinder and take some of the fun of having gusts of air blown up my desk. Weeeee!! Just checked out the new website for the organization I work for. Guess who's name, e-mail, and phone number is on the front page at the bottom, just above the webmasters? Yup, you got it. MINE. This is to fend off all the dumb, silly, obvious, and "I'm too lazy to search your webpage for the answer" questions from being directed to the webmasters or the "important" people. Think it will work? We shall see. I guess I've been voted the person to answer these questions because 1) I do customer service type stuff, 2) I have much experience in answering dumb questions because of my cubemate and 3) I don't have anything better to do (HA!!!!!!!!!) and 4) I'm just plain special. I don't mind really... I think my name was posted all over the old page too. I must say they re-did the webpage splendidly. I'm impressed. Other than the fan thing, I'm not getting any thrills today. Come on people, help me out. I need some thrills. *snicker* Or just a hello will do... I LOVE getting comments!
Thanks to Colin for this link.
You are not very reliable but people like you anyway because you are so easygoing and fun to be with. And cute, too.

Which Blogging Tool Are You?
UGH. I don't know about anyone else, but this Monday morning came waaaay too fast for me! I dragged my ass out of bed and came to work... that's quite an accomplishment I think. I wasn't bombarded with e-mails this morning, just under 10, which was nice for a change. My list of things to do isn't monsterous, but manageable I think. My boss the Timster is traveling again this week, so I only have to put up with the cubemate... but he won't be in for a couple of hours at least, so I'm going to enjoy the time while I can. Have a good Monday!! Hopefully I'll have something fun to blog about later...

Sunday, October 27

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Let it be known that I HATE the ending of Daylight Savings Time. I wish they'd just leave it be. I go to work in the dark, that doesn't bother me, but I really hate coming home in the dark as well. In the dead of winter it gets completely dark at 5pm. How nuts is this?! I could see 6pm or 7pm but 5?! I get home at 4:30 and if there is a storm, its dark then. Just hate it! GRRR! I'm feeling quite restless. It started last night and is still here this morning. I had some dreams that I couldn't get out of my head, and couldn't go back to sleep. I know part of it is the time change. Who the hell gets up at 5:30am on a Sunday? Hmmm...well, I guess I do. I actually was awake since 4am, and couldn't lay there any more. Didn't want to read, didn't want to watch TV. So I'm doing laundry, which is my Sunday morning ritual anyway. I've decided my favorite dresses are my crinkly rayon and velvet ones. No muss, no fuss. Wash, then twist and let dry. Voila. Done. I'll do just about anything to avoid ironing. If something needs to be ironed, I usually toss it in the dryer while I'm in the shower. The wrinkles disappear, if not, the item will not be worn. I've actually thrown clothes out because I'd rather do that than iron. That's how bad I loathe ironing. I cleaned out my closet again yesterday, getting rid of things I'm never going to wear again, putting away my summer tops, and making room for the levis and slacks I discovered fit me. YAY. Closet is full again. Got rid of 2 bags of clothes (they'll be donated to a charity place). No doubt my Mother will go through them first though, to see what I'm giving away. That really chaffes my ass when she does that. I tie off the bags so its impossible to untie without destroying the bags, but she gets in there anyway. Can I not give a way things I want?! I think she's going through them to see if there's anything for my sister Kathy... nope, sorry there's nothing I have that would fit her in her current state. She's bigger than I was when I started losing weight. Its sad, I know how awful it feels to be that large, but I have worked hard to get all the weight off (still have a ways to go). She could do the same if she really wanted to. Its so hard to start though. Its so hard to be trapped in a body you think you'll never be out of. Its depressing, its a nightmare. Happy Sunday everyone!!

Saturday, October 26

I love this stuff... thanks Jenny for the link. Name Numerology 6 Your Heart Number is 6 Shows that you have the ability to be a real peacemaker. Your home and family, and their care and well-being, are very important to you. You tend to be a highly responsible individual who is always there when needed. 1 Your Personality Number is 1 Which lends you a strong character and makes you a natural leader. You may be somewhat charismatic, have a strong sense of independence, and are certainly not afraid of new experiences. 7 Your Image Number is 7 Makes you appear to be a bit removed from daily reality. You could be something of a loner, and your head may be in the clouds much of the time as you ponder some of the deeper issues in life.
The play last night was actually really funny! I'm really glad I went. "Arsenic and Old Lace" played at the Terrace Plaza Playhouse, a small local theatre. The actors did a great job, and it was really close to the movie. The actor who played Mortimer was really into his part, he broke a lamp when he ran to the desk in a huff, then he broke a wine goblet (by the stem) when placing it on the table to ask for some wine, and then as he was going out the door, the clock fell off he wall and broke. I don't know if it was 1st night gitters or if the props just weren't that great! It added a lot of laughs to the play. I really had no idea this playhouse was even there - I've never paid much attention to the "theatre" great or small. I am really glad I went though. Nancy, Linda and I all said we'd like to go to another play soon. We had a lot of laughs at dinner. Between dinner and the play, we had a few minutes so we went to a bargain store. They had so many goofy things and we made comments and giggled as we went through the store. On the way out, I saw some bargain toilet paper called "Silky and Smooth" and I made the comment that it didn't appear to be all that silky and smooth. Then I said it did look better than that toilet paper we have at work, and Nancy said "Oh yeah... I've found twigs in that paper before." Then I said it was a real "pain in the ass" and then Nancy added "yes, and very hard on our cooters." I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes on that one! She is so damn funny. Gotta watch that cooter chafing. Need to be nice to our cooters, they deserve the best!

Friday, October 25

I had gone through some more clothes I had stored away (waiting until I lost enough weight to fit into them again) this afternoon. I fit into several pair of dressy pants, YAY! I also found a pair of LEVI jeans, yes, the brand name LEVI jeans that fit me. YAY! I was so excited, been so long since I've worn them. Having decided to wear the jeans out tonight. Mom came downstairs just after I got dressed. Me: Hey Mom, look what jeans I found that fit me. How do they look? Mom: Oh, Karen! They look great! They bring out that cute bubble butt of yours. Mothers... what would we do without them? Yes, despite my cute bubble butt, I'm still wearing the jeans!
Thanks, Joanie for this quizzie.
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It's Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm awake, I'm out of bed. That's a good start for the day. I'm soooo tired though! I've got a ton of things to do today so I best get my ass moving. Thanks to Roo's suggestion, I've put my tongue between my teeth to stop me from clenching my jaw - it works! When my tongue hurts, then I know I'm clenching so I stop. Really wish I knew why I've started doing that all of the sudden, maybe something in my subconcious?? I guess it will come out eventually. My Friday Memes are here. Happy weekend everyone!

Thursday, October 24

I keep finding myself clenching my jaw this week! I don't know why I am, never done it before but I'm giving myself side head and face aches! I can't stop it!! AARRGHHH!!!! Driving home, sitting here in front of my pooter, at work, in bed watching tv. Hmmm...
I worked and got a lot of stuff done today, I feel good about the things I've gotten caught up on. I didn't have much to write about earlier, and was so tired. My weekend is here - WOOOOHOOOO!!! As I was leaving work, I was just about out the door when Mike comes up to me and says "Hi, remember me?" I laughed and we chatted for a minute. He made a comment about how that "whacky lady" introduced us and how embarrassing it was. We just chit-chatted, he said he'd been meaning to get over to visit with me, to find out what I did as far as work, etc., because both Linda and Wendie made comments about how "up to my eyebrows" I've been with things. He also said he'd been sick and didn't want to spread his germs - and I laughed and said I'd been sick since last week too, I have had plenty of my own germs. He really seems like a funny guy, so I don't think it will be as icky as I first thought. Now that the embarrassing "introduction" is over and done with. But I still don't think I want to "date" him though. But he would probably be fun to do lunch with. No - no DO at lunch, but eat lunch with. Ummm...OK, another bad choice of words. Not a box lunch, but a meal out in public. *snicker* Ya know, just about everywhere I go with one of my friends we find something amusing that makes us think of *naughty* things. Linda and I went to a restaurant the other day to get soup to-go and as we were waiting, they had a flyer for "Boxed Lunch". We both saw it, looked at each other and started giggling. We were looking around looking for a cute guy to ask him if he'd like a box lunch, but we didn't see one. Damn. Utah needs more cute and fun guys! Tomorrow night I'm broadening my horizons a bit. Linda, Nancy and I are going to see a play. I haven't seen a play since my school days. I'd rather go see a movie, but what the hell. We're going to go see "Arsenic and Old Lace" in a local town theatre. Don't know how good it will be, but I'll be in good company. We're going to meet at a cool restaurant called Roosters before we head to the play.
My is up at my meme site.

Wednesday, October 23

Linda came over today to tell me that there were some really sexy workman in her office. Oooh... so I followed her over there (at a safe distance of course, not to be too conspicuous and one guy was coming out of her office pushing a cart and Mmmmm, Mmmmm, good! He was really sexy. Then I walked in the office and said hello to her like I hadn't seen her all day *snicker*. Found myself a chair and sat down for the parade of sexy guys. Unfortunately, they didn't stay long. They brought a couple loads of sheetrock then left. Got a few good looks though... made my day. As I was walking back to my office, Wendie was in the hall. I said hello, then she apologized to me for embarrassing me and pushing me. She really didn't mean to upset me so much or to be so pushy, she was just so excited to think that Mike and I might hit it off. I accepted her apology and told her I knew her heart was in the right place, etc., Then I mentioned that he didn't seem interested at all in me, so that was a good thing. Then she said "Oh no, he is VERY interested in you. He thinks your gorgeous! (I giggled at that one!) He just hasn't come by to see you because he's got a bad cold." SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then she said, "He is intending to ask you out after he gets feeling better because he doesn't want you to think he's a coughing, sneezing loser." Ummm... yeah, just like me, huh?! Now what am I gonna do?????????????? I guess it wouldn't hurt to talk to him, but I don't want to go out on a "date" with him. Maybe to lunch as "friends". But, we'll see if he really does ask me out. I can't stress out any more about it. Our staff meeting went well today. I'm going to miss our current division manager, but the new one seems nice. He'll be in San Diego most of the time so I don't think I'll run into him much. There was a snide comment made by some guy about those few of us that work on the base (not in the main office) who only come when pizza is offered. I commented back that that was the only time we were inivited. That got quite a few laughs, although a couple of people were shocked that I'd say something... not everyone knows what a smart ass and prankster I can be. I look pretty harmless. tee hee Well, I think I'm off now... hopefully we'll have 3 for Thursday up in the morning!
Hump day is here! I'm doing pretty good this morning. I've decided to quit taking my cold meds because I really don't *need* them any more. I'm still a bit phlemy but its liveable. I'm waiting for the restaurant across the street to open so I can go get some hash browns, which are about the only thing that makes my woozy tummy happy on Woozy Wednesdays. I have 8 minutes before they open. I feel like that lady in the old Mervyn's commercial with her nose pressed up against the glass saying "Open, open, open." I had a really good nights sleep for a change and it felt great. I fell asleep as soon as my head hit my pillow. I've got a meeting today at our off-base office. Love meetings. We're going to meet our new Division Manager, some dude from San Diego. He's sent out a couple of e-mails telling us how excited he is to be taking over. He seems nice, but we'll see. Its not like I have to work directly with him on a daily basis, but I'm really going to miss our other DM. He did a lot for us, and was a good guy. We're donating our time for this meeting in exchange for them buying us a lunch of pizza. Hmmm... the way I feel about meetings like this, I think I'm getting the short end of things. tee hee Have a good day everyone!!!

Tuesday, October 22

Well, Wendie never came to apologize but that's OK, her mentioning it was enough for me. I know her intentions were good, she just doesn't know me well enough to know that I don't react well to being pushed into things. I wondered how she would know to apologize, and had a sneaking suspicion that Linda had said something to her. So, I asked Linda. Sure enough, Linda had told her that she really upset me by pushing so much. So, it seems that the whole thing is OFF. Unless Mike happens to come over on his own accord to chat, but I don't think he will. I really don't think he was interested - and that is OK. Linda, Nancy and I are planning on going out Friday to do something. I think that will be fun, since the Creed concert was postponed. We were really looking forward to getting together. Nancy is such a sweetie (well, Linda is too but I say it all the time) and such a great friend. I've known her for about 5 years, but when we met it was like "I know you, don't I?" I think it was that way with all my close friends, Linda, Robin, Nancy, Sandi, Emma, and of course, Colin (and the lovely D.) Funny how that happens. I think it was fate that I started working there, just so I could meet them all - one way or another. OK, enough babbling... I'm beat so I'm going to finish up here and read a bit then hit the hay. I just took my RA meds so tomorrow is gonna be Woozy Wednesday. Tuesday nights get woozy too, so I try to go to bed early before it hits me. G'Night all!
Hmmm... just ran into Wendie in the hall way, she was on her way to a meeting but said "I need to come to talk to you, and apologize." Hmmm... I wonder what that is all about, apologizing for being so feckin' pushy with that Mike guy or what. More later...

Monday, October 21

Today went much better as the day went on. The cubemate came in and asked me about 6 dumb questions then left me alone. Yes, 3 of these questions had to do with that same damn document he was looking for earlier. LOL!! Linda and I went for some lunch, some yummy potato soup and corn bread then brought it back to the office to eat. It was nice to get out for a little while. I got most of what I needed to done today. I had a huge list so I think I did pretty well. Nothing else to say really... I'm exhausted and going to go to bed early, me thinks! Have a nice evening, everyone!
From now on, I'm doing my Meme's here. My Monday Mission is up.
I think I'm having one to of these days . I'm OK for regular chatter but if anyone crosses me today, they're in for it. The more I think about Wendie and that Mike situation - having him literally shoved at me, the more pissed get. I should wait and see how it turns out, but I'm thinking if Wendie pushes any more she's going to find herself asked to leave me the f... alone. I've also got this yucky froggie in my throat that won't go away. I sound lovely. Cough isn't quite as bad so that's a good thing. Maybe its a Monday thing too - I hate Mondays. My cubemate sent me 3 e-mails on Friday (just got them today) looking for the same damn document. The document he's looking for is on our organization's web page - always has been (DUUUHHHH), most likely will be there for the next few years. He's not even here yet and he's already bugging the shit out of me. Hmmm... maybe this would be more fitting?! OK, enough bitching. I'll get back to work and try and be nice. Think nice thoughts. Yes... think very nice thoughts. Hope everyone survives their Monday!

Sunday, October 20

Ooohhhh, YES! I just turned the TV to the Utah Jazz basketball game (playing LA Lakers) and I noticed they're wearing their shorts higher and tighter this year... WOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I'm about to become a devoted basketball player crotch and ass watcher. *snicker* Mmmm...
Not much is happening this weekend, I've pretty much been a slug. Resting as much as I can trying to get rid of this cold. My nose has stopped running and my head isn't as stuffy, but the crap has moved into my chest. I think I could hock loogies with the best of men right now! Lovely thought, isn't it? *snicker* This morning I broke the cardinal rule of laundry. Mixed darks and lights. I felt like living dangerously and on the edge. Gotta break out and take chances once in a while, ya know?! Enjoy your Sunday, everyone!!!!
Sunday Op Ed 1. Nuclear War What would kill our enemies as well as ourselves? 2. Biochemical Hazards What is one of the nastiest tools of war imaginable? 3. Terrorism What should everyone be aware of and try to stop?

Saturday, October 19

Sexy Saturday Do you prefer to have the lights on, off or dimmed while being intimate? Indulge in you're answer! Hmmm... any really. Depends on where we are and what time of the day/night. If we were in a garden tub, I'd want nothing but candles lit to be very romantic as we play in the bubbles. *snicker*
Just joined What's for Dinner with Kate and some others. Its a place were you can share recipes and fun ideas. If you'd like to join the group, contact Kate.
Saturday-8: "Terrorism"
  • Do you think we live in a danger? Why or why not? Yes, we do. I think we face a possiblity of something dangerous happening to us with every breath, whether it be terrorism, accident, etc.
  • What do you fear the most these days? A war, another terrorist attack, a shooting, a car accident. I can't live in constant fear though, or life wouldn't be lived.
  • Why, do you think, bad things happen to good/innocent people? I don't know for certain, but I think part of it is because each one of us has challenges and trials. Its not fair, but that's how life goes.
  • If you were God, what punishment would you give to those terrorists? Having to live through and feel the same terror as their victims. Make them see what damage they've caused until they can't see anything but the horrible images for eternity.
  • How much we can count on God since we see that so far He has done "nothing" since criminals and terrorists are still walk freely out there? It will come one day - just because He hasn't yet, the time will come.
  • Why, do you think, some hypocrites using their religion as their reason or shield doing terrorism? Its bullshit and completely wrong.
  • If you were the government or a member of an intelligent agency, any think you could do to stop your country from terrorism? Not sure where I'd start, but I'd give my life trying to stop it, just as they're risking.
  • When bad things happen in your life, what do you do? Where do you run to? I usually talk to friends and/or family then go off and be by myself somewhere, either a drive or in the solitude of my room.
  • Friday, October 18

    Linda and I had a great day today. I just love spending time with her, its so easy being her friend. We started out meeting for lunch at the diner my sis Susie works at. We both had breakfast. Mmmm! Then we ran to Sam's Club and bought a few things, after that we saw the movie Sweet Home Alabama. Cute movie, I enjoyed it. That guy, who ever plays the girls husband is one sexy man! I'll have to watch for another movie with him. Mmmm! As we were walking back to her car after the movie she asked me if I fancied going to a spook alley next Friday. Haven't been to a spook alley in ages! I said, sure it sounds like fun. Then I asked if it would just be her and I... she hesitated and said, "No, it was Wendies idea for her, Mike, you and I to go. Good Lord! Wendie is really pushing this guy on me. Linda and I talked a bit about it. Wendie has her heart in the right place, but I don't like people being pushed on me like this. I guess I'll wait and see what happens, maybe got to lunch with him to even talk to the guy, IF he's interested. With Wendie pushing him on me like this, I'm sure she's pushing me on him just the same. I told Linda I asked Wendie to please not push this. But obviously she didn't listen. I'm starting to resemble Rudolph and his red nose. My nose hurts so bad, despite using Puff's Plus and the special Menthol soothing kleenexs
    Found this test at Ariel's site.
    What Stone Are You?

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    Go to the Cigna Foundation and click on the pink ribbon and they'll donate $1 to fight breast cancer. (Thanks to Chris for the link).
    I spoke too soon. I'm back to feeling like complete crap again. I really HATE being sick. Total waste of my time. I finally had to put my favorite water bed sheets to rest. They were the best sheets ever, sooo incredibly soft and cozy. They've become increasingly thread-bare, so a few months ago, unsewed the bottom, and resewed it up at the top since the side I slept on was the worst. Then last night as I was stretching out my arm, I discovered a hole. Damn. As I took them off my bed this morning I could hear "Taps" playing in the back ground. I'm gonna miss you, dear sheet. No other sheets will never compare to the years you've given me or replace you in my heart. A moment of silence...
    TGOF® {TGOF®: Just 'cos #7} 1. Recently, I was (bummed ) 'cos (plans feel through ). 2. (Obsessing ) is one of my flaws 'cos (I have slight OCD ). 3. I (like some) luxury items 'cos (I like to spoil myself when I get the chance ). 4. (Yogurt ) is mostly on my shopping list 'cos (I eat it every day). 5. One positive thing I'll try next year would be (learn HTML ) 'cos (I want to learn). 6. (Anger ) creates more tension 'cos (it wastes good energy ). 7. I usually drink (milk ) in the morning 'cos (I gotta get my calcium). {TGOF®: The sound of noise} 8. Which music genre do you really dislike listening to, does not appeal to you? Why? I HATE rap! UGH! Its SUCKS! Drives me insane (short drive anyway, tee hee) 9. Can you tolerate loud sounds or 'noise' (i.e. a baby crying, mobile phone ringing loud, busy pub, etc)? Really, why or how? NO! Crying babies, buzzers, bells, screaming, whining, etc. I can't stand. Busy pub is OK for a little while but I enjoy leaving and having quiet. 10. On a brighter note: What 3 sounds (eg. waves, bird's chirping, etc. 'NOT music'..) may lull you to bed or calms our nerves? (in-any-order) Rain, wind, and sound of ocean. Friday Five 1. How many TVs do you have in your home? Downstairs were I live, 2 TVs, upstairs there are 3 more. 2. On average, how much TV do you watch in a week? A LOT! One is usually on all the time I'm home. I also have to sleep with it on - I'm weird that way. 3. Do you feel that television is bad for young children? No, as long as its a children's program. I don't think they should watch violence. 4. What TV shows do you absolutely HAVE to watch, and if you miss them, you're heartbroken? FRIENDS!, Third Watch, John Doe, and Providence. 5. If you had the power to create your own television network, what would your line-up look like? Fun shows all the time. Naughtier humor shows at night after the kiddies have gone to bed (like Sex and the City).

    Thursday, October 17

    Oh, bugger. Sniffle, sniffle. Creed has postponed their concert until December! Sniffle, sniffle. Cold is a bit better than this morning, hopefully it will keep going away. Had an absolute CRAZY day today, BUT I did get all the things done I needed to. YAY! I found the errors in the old spreadsheet and balanced on the remaining funds. Whew. Two minor errors caused $23,000 errors within the spreadsheet but the total amount of remaining funding was correct - go figure how that happened. It made the Timster happy that I did this and will come up with yet another way to balance each individual project against funds spent vs funds remaining. The ONE area I didn't double check the entire last year. Ya live and learn. Linda and I are going to see "Sweet Home Alabama" tomorrow and do lunch. I'm looking forward to it, we haven't done anything together for a while. Speaking of Linda - her and this other woman Wendie have tried to set me up with a guy from our building. His name is Mike. Mike works with Wendie on the other end of our building. (I know Wendie through my bud Nancy, they also work together) Anyway, Mike is 40, and engineer, and never been married. He's not from Utah and is new here. So, Wendie gets this idea in her head to set us up. She told me yesterday afternoon that she "knew a guy" but I kinda blew her off. Then this morning, Linda and Wendie come over to my cubical with "cat that ate the bird" smiles on their faces. Linda told me she approved of him (like that tells me a lot - we have opposite taste in men!) and then they told me that he came to check out yesterday but only saw me "from the back." Well that didn't scare him off... Then L & W told me that he wanted to meet me, even just to go out as friends - some one to hang out with, etc., if not romantic... so against my better judgement I agreed to meet him. They went to get him right then but he wasn't at his desk. Whew... but wasn't off the hook yet. As I was coming back from our off-base office and getting a burrito (yum!) I ran into Nancy in the hall. We chatted, and as I neared the door to the room where I sit, I told Nancy what L & W were doing. She looked down the hall and got a weird look on her face... then Wendie arrived from the opposite direction that N was looking, and almost shouted, "Well, well, Karen! Oh, look who else is here..." Then Mike came from the opposite direction. I was trapped, no where to run! She introduced us, in such a way that made both of us really uncomfortable - she was ready for us to be married off then and there. Nancy kept looking at me weird and I thought maybe something was "wrong" with Mike but I found out later it was for Wendie's behavior. Anyway, Mike seems nice. He said he had to run but "we will talk". He's not cute, he's a little shorter than me, and kind of a geek. I'm sure he's got a great sense of humor, just from how he acted. Wendie came over to see me later to see what I thought. I told her even though he's not the rugged, sexy type I like, I'll talk to him or do lunch if he asks. I don't even know if he was attracted to me - or is interested in even talking to me. Then Wendie said "OH! I'll go ask him!" I said, "Don't you dare! Just let it happen or not happen. Please don't interfere and make either one of us any more uncomfortable than we already were today!" LOL!! UGH!
    I feel like shit today... woke up with a bad cold and sore throat

    Jobs! 1. What are 3 important things to you about a job? Good atmosphere, great boss, and feeling like I make a difference/contribution. 2. What are 3 things you hate about the job you have now - or one that you used to have? One I used to have – retail! Some customers were awful to deal with, unfair boss, and crap pay. 3. Have you ever had a bad supervisor (you know the you'd like to choke the living shit out of)? What did he/she do? Yes, C and she was the biggest b*tch. I was her assistant manager in a fabric store. We were “friends” for about 3 of the 4 years I worked there, then she suddenly turned against me and started rumors about me and tried just about everything to get me to quit. When I didn’t quit, she made up lies that I stole some displays from the store (displays that I made on my own time) and she told me I could take them home after the season. So, she fired me. When I called her boss and explained everything that had been going on, he was not surprised at all. He offered me my job back, but I told him I didn’t want it – no way would I work for her ever again. So he gave me a months’ severance pay (vs. regular 2 weeks) I suppose so I wouldn’t sue them and I went on my merry way and got a better job. BONUS: What's the best job you ever had (or that you'd like to have)? How do you envision the job? Do you think once you had the job you may find out its not the “dream” job you once thought? My dream job would be a counselor of some sort – where I could really make a difference. I don’t imagine it would be an easy job at all, but perhaps very rewarding.

    Wednesday, October 16

    Oh what a day I had. Busy, busy, busy. I was going through our old spreadsheet to put the remaining funds into the new one and the numbers don't add up. I could just cuss a blue streak, in fact I did bit by bit when I couldn't figure out why. Shit. THIS I do not need. Tomorrow is the only day for 2 weeks that my boss will be in the office and we have to pretty much deliver this report tomorrow, but given the circumstances, he may have to sign the cover sheet and date it for next week after (and IF) I figure this out. OK, enough about work shit. We got a big cake for the gov't bosses and had a little get together this morning, it was a nice 10 minute break. Sandi was sitting across the table from me, and next to her friend Dan. Dan had taken the plastic balloon decorations off the cake and was licking the whipped cream cake frosting off of them. Randy asked Dan how come he got the balloons and no one else did. Then Sandi pipped up (very innocently) and said, "Hey Dan, are your balls hard?" Then Sandi looked at me, saw the look on my face and realized what she'd said! Dan just laughed and continued placing each, entire plastic balloon in his mouth, sucking and licking every last drop of frosting off them. He did this looking directly at Sandi, knowing full well what it was doing to her. It had quite an effect on me as well, got me thinking of having something like that in my mouth, licking whipped cream off... uh hum... you get the idea... We all just sat there and laughed, every thing that Sandi said just kept getting her in deeper so finally she just shut up.
    HumpDayHump Act V Scene III: *We are munching out at Chic-Fil-A while the kids go crazy in their own little playarea that is enclosed with soundproof glass. Ahhhhhhhhh, quiet.* Quiet on the set!! Roll tape..... and....ACTION!! Christy: Dang you did a good job coloring my hair! Thank goodness for Nice n' Easy #!06a and the help of good friends like you! I was tired of being a tangerine as my daughter dubbed me. My next project is whitening my teeth with that new Colgate Simply White gel. Do you take good care of your teeth? Karen: Yes, I really pamper my teeth and gums. Christy: Yeah, i know, if my luck runs as it did with my haircolor I will have brown teeth by the end of this project. I read that this stuff works really well though. My teeth stain really easily and I love coffee and coke so this better work. I have soft teeth which means lots of cavities over the years. Do you have any cavities? Karen: I've had A LOT of dental work done to my molars and some to my bicuspids. I had a baaad dentist when I grew up and I didn't take very good care of my teeth. Christy: I like my smile. But there was a time when when I didn't at all. I had very crooked teeth as a child which, thanks to the generosity and selflessness of my parents, resulted in a full set of braces. I can thank the braces for my present smile. I had them for FIVE years! Did you ever have braces or any cosmetic dentistry? Karen: I never had to have braces, but had a small split between my two front teeth. I considered a veneer to close it, but never went through with it. I'm so glad I did because about 5 years ago, it closed by itself. I've had all my 8 molars crowned - due to huge fillings and 4 root canals. Christy: Honestly, I would love to be an oral surgeon or at the least a pediatric dentist (for kids). Many people I know (*cough*Dad, Heather *cough*) despise the trip to the dentist with a passion. Does the dentist make your blood curdle? Karen: No, actually not any more. I had a really good dentist, Dr Cragun from age 13 until last year (he passed away). He was really good - in fact I worked for him as a receptionist for 4 years! LOL!! I got used to the sound of that drill. Its a really good thing I worked for him, because I got all my molars done while I worked there - except for one root canal and crown when I was 18 before I worked for him. I still go to the same office, the hygientist Annette still cleans my teeth - I'm her star patient, or so she tells me! Do ya think she's just telling me that to keep me flossing every day? Hmmm... Christy: I have to admit that there has to be a better way to administer local anesthesia than the hypodermic needle. I mean, come on, we are in the 21st century people. Drugs and I don't mix either. It takes A LOT to deaden my nerves. I usually wind up feeling part of the operation and motioning as such to the doc in order for him/her to hit me up again. Speaking of which, have you ever done drugs? And don't scrimp on details! Karen: I smoked pot just after high school a few times, and did some speed my senior year but the novelty wore off. Booze was easier to get anyway! LOL!! Christy: Today, I had the pleasure of cleaning poo out of my son's pants. I am so sick and tired of this potty training crap (pun intended). What are your plans for the day? Karen: YUCK!!! I'd puke! LOL!! Well, now that that hellish day of mine is over, I'm gonna relax and go to bed! I'm beat!! Christy: My son woke up not able to walk on his right foot. I have had to carry him around most places (hence that is most likely the reason why he had the poo accident because he couldn't run to the potty and just "forgot" to holler for me). I don't know what is wrong with him. He just can't put any weight on his right leg. Ever had that happen to you and last most of the day? Karen: Yeah, but its because of my Rheumatoid Arthritis, when a joint flares. Like my knee, foot or ankle. Christy: See you later on! Karen: TTFN!! CUT!!

    Tuesday, October 15

    YES! I'm finished. I've had some pesky database work hanging over my head for the past couple months is finally DONE. Its nothing priority just something to work on when I've got time. Haven't had a hole lot of time lately here at work so it was nice to have an afternoon to get this stuff done. I've been waiting on my financials to arrive from the financial dude at our local main office... they've just arrived so I'm off to sort some data. Fun, fun, and more fun. 45 mins until I go home though, so I best get sorting! I've survived the day with Greg here... I've only wanted to strangle him twice and I consider that pretty good for how upset I was when he wandered in this morning! LOL!! Toodles!
    Shit! Greg just wondered in... his trip was cancelled! What a way to ruin a day. He asked me if he ruined my plans for the day and I grinned and said "Yes, for the week actually" then giggled. Oh how true it is though!
    DAMN!!!!!!!!!!! I just looked up at the calendar and saw that my cubemate Greg is traveling this week! I forgot!! WOOOHOOO! Gonna be a good week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My boss is also traveling until Thursday but I have a lot to get done before he gets back, but shouldn't be a problem getting it all done without Greg here whinging and asking me stupid questions.
    Well, back to work today, and back to the daily grind... I really got a lot out of the class yesterday, despite working with Excel for the past few years. I learned a lot of shortcuts that will save me a lot of time. I'm really glad I started with the first level. Before I get started on the next project on my long list for the day, I'm taking a short break to do the Tuesday thangs... This or That 1. DisneyLand or DisneyWorld? I did love Disney Land. Would like to see Disney World too one of these days. 2. Amusement park or Themed park? Hmmm... either one really. If I can avoid crowds, I will! 3. Seashore or Mountains? I love the mountains here, but would love to visit the sea. 4. Hotel/Motel or rental house? Hotel/motel unless I'm staying for a long period of time then a rental house. 5. Guided tour or aimless meandering? Some of each. 6. Drive or Fly or Boat? Drive or fly. But would love to go on a luxury cruise! 7. Close or far away from home? Far away, been to a lot of close places. 8. Daytrip or by the week? By the week. A day trip would be nice too though. 9. Camping in a tent or the Holiday Inn? Holiday Inn... unless some really cute guy would talk me into going camping BUT I would have to have a place to shower. tee hee Yes I'm a boob who likes to stay clean. 10. Rent a car or drive your own? Prefer to drive my own - if I had a new car to trust.

    Monday, October 14

    Taking a break from class... and guess what I do? (besides PEE which I've done) Do the Monday Mission! 1. What's the most expensive meal you've ever eaten? What was the occasion? Was it worth it? Steak, for my nephew's graduation, and YES! Every tender bite was incredible! Mmmm! 2. What do you like to do when nobody is looking? Scratch *snicker* oh wait... I do that when people are watching! 3. What's your special purpose? To be a pain in someone's ass. 4. Do you like Autumn? If so, why? If not, tell me about your favorite season. I LOVE Autumn! Cooler temps and the colors are BEA-U-TI-FUL 5. Ever recommended a movie to someone only to have them hate it? Which movie? Did you feel uncomfortable about that? Austin Powers Goldenmember. I thought it was hilarious, but the one person who I thought would feel the same didn't think so! No, not uncomfy, just surprised. 6. I've had hay fever all day! Sniffles, sneezing, I tell ya, it's awful! Do you have any allergies? Anything that just gets you down for the count? I have allergies but not severe any more. Strange that they got better instead of worse. 7. Do you like mixed drinks? What is your favorite? As long as we're here how about you order me something too? Just "suprise me!" My favorite is Sex on the Beach or Screaming Orgasm... oh wait... are we still talking drinks? *snicker* BONUS: Why do we scream at each other? Cuz you're good at making me scream, babe! Do it some more! Yes, OK... you can probably tell I've been in class all day so all my "naughtiness" is coming out in this post. Well OK, not ALL my naughtiness... but some of the pent up naughtiness.
    Me's off to Salt Lake to my class! Have a great Monday everyone!!!

    Sunday, October 13

    10 Things about Halloween that Sound Dirty But Aren't (Thanks, Patti!) 10. She's a goblin! 9. I'd like to get a little somethin' in the sack tonight. 8. Just get on your hands and knees and bob your head. 7. She's got a couple of nice pumpkins on her porch. 6. If you just lick it, it will last longer. 5. Let me see your big sack. 4. Can i eat your zagnuts? 3. Have your mom check it before you put it in your mouth. 2. You scared me stiff! 1. He's got candy spread out on the living room floor!
    Go to Karen's Scenic Pics for a few more pics of the foilage and mountains. I took these yesterday, the colors are a lot brighter than last week. I didn't go far, to the end of my driveway and walked a couple of blocks (away from the houses). I'd have a beautiful shot of Ben Lomand Peak if it weren't for my nieghbor's houses across the street! Here's a pic of my quilt, while I was working on it. Had most of it done and my cat decided she liked it, and of course she needed to be in my way. She layed behind me in the sunshine on the floor all afternoon, maybe she got tired of looking at my ass? LOL!!! Or maybe she just decided that the quilt was now hers. Click image for larger picture.

    Sunday Op-Ed 1. Smile What is something you can do for someone that is totally given of yourself? 2. Sing What can I do that is the most scary thing ever? 3. Potatoes What is something I can eat every day and never grow tired of and almost as good as peanut butter?
    Daily Dose Sunday Supplement This week's topic: the theatre! 1) Have you ever been to a play? If so, what was the play about and where was the play held? High School, Play was "Oklahoma". 2) Have you ever been involved in a theatrical play, other than some small skit? Were you an actor or were you part of the crew? Nope. Only small skits done at girl's camp. They were a riot. Never had the urge to be in the theatre... my urges were elsewhere. LOL!!

    Saturday, October 12

    Oooh me aching back and knees!! I'm working on my recovering my quilt. I got the cover done, which I'm doing a bit different than usual. I sewed up 3 of the 4 sides (top and bottom) then stuffed my old quilt in. Then all I have to do is sew up the 4th side after I'm done with the ties. That way I don't have to do all that horrid binding. I hate binding quilts. My aunt told me about this method and I quite like it. Instead of dragging the quilt frames out (which I really don't have room for) I've spread the quilt out on the floor and am kneeling down to do the ties (hence the aching back and knees!). I'm 3/4 the way done with the ties and ran out of yarn. Damn! But, Mom and Dad to the rescue. They're on their way home from town and are bringing some yarn to me. Love cell phones - especially that Dad has his turned on for a change! LOL!! This is one heavy quilt. Remembering back, this is the 2nd time I've given it a face lift. So, there are now 6 layers of flannel and one layer of the batting. Gonna be sooooooo cozy!!!! It was 33 degrees this morning, yes 33. One degree above freezing! BRRRRR!!!!! Its warmed up to a whole 54 now, ohhh having a heatwave, a tropical heatwave... I watched the movie "Powder" this morning. It really makes you realize just how awful "different" people are treated. Its an amazing story. If you haven't seen it, you need to. It was filmed in 1995 and stars Sean Patrick Flanery as well as Jeff Goldbloom and Mary Steenburgen.
    I need your opinion! I'm wondering if by answering all these memes, am I clogging up my blog. Should I have a separate page for my meme answers or should I leave it as is? If I did have a separate page, I would leave links to my answers on my main blog. Please leave your opinion in my comments. Thanks!!
    Daily Dose Saturday Social Call 1) What was the first school dance you went to? Did you have a date, or did you go by yourself? 7th grade (13 yrs old) first school dance in Junior High. Went with friends. Was awful. I was a wall flower extroidinaire. 2) What is your most memorable school dance you attended? Was it the prom, or the homecoming dance? Didn't go to any. Wasn't popular with the boys at all, no one ever asked me and I was really too shy to go alone. My friends that had dates went, and my other friends and I would have a non-dance party/gathering of some sort. Always had fun at those, we didn't sit at home feeling sorry for ourselves. 3) Did you ever go to the prom? If so, who was your date and did you enjoy the experience? Nope, never went to a prom. I did however get up the nerve to ask a guy/friend to a Girl's Choice dance with I was 18, and he did accept. He ended up having to work though, and no one covered for him. Was lagit - my sister worked at the same place he did. I found out years later that he had a huge crush on me, but he didn't think I like him! LOL!! Wasn't meant to be I suppose!
    Sexy Saturday Its back - YAY! In bed, would you rather wear lingerie or cotton pajamas? I really don't like to wear anything around my legs or binding at all. Whatever I wear has to move with me, not wake me up when I roll over. I will lounge in jammies, but I sleep in my Jockey tanks and panties. There are times when I'm cold and will sleep in a satin night shirt, those are nice to slip around in when I move. But I've heard that sleeping in NOTHING is best... hmmm... will have to do that sometime. *snicker*
    Saturday-8: "Accentuate The Positives!!"
  • Name at least one positive thing that you expect to happen for you tomorrow? One more for with the next week? One more for within the next month? One more for within the next 6 months? Tomorrow - can be a bum. Next week - attend a class that I'm excited about. Next month - Thanksgiving holiday. 6 months - lose more weight and possibly reach my goal.
  • Time to release. Say at least one positive thing about someone that you have not said and probably should have said to them before. (Doesn't matter if they will ever read it) Although you can be a royal pain in my ass, I'm still crazy about you.
  • Think of someone who you do not like right now and say something positive about them? She's a loving mother.
  • At the moment, in self-evaluation, how do you take positives that enter your life. Are you skeptical or suspicious? Do you have great optimism? Etc? I try to be very optimisitc, always trying to see the good and bright side. I try to stay hopeful as well. But at times, life gets me down. I can also be very suspicious/skeptical of people and their motives. Not as trusting in some ways as I am in others.
  • Okay, depending on how religous you are, put here a prayer or a wish for something specific and good in the life of someone you know? I wish peace, happiness and health for the troubled one.
  • If an eccentric (and he must be eccentric to do this) millionaire was giving you a million dollars to throw a party for a very specific reason right now, what would it be and how would you go about setting it up? Also who is on the short list? brain hurts on this one.
  • Say thank you for, one good thing you have right now and why you are thankful for it. I'm again, very thankful for my friends - both in RL and online. They're very supportive and caring.
  • Since life is not all roses, I am going to give only one chance to be negative this week. What do you think of my questions, positive or negative or indifferent, and why? Positive. The questions help me stay positive than really think about what I have in my life that is positive.
  • Friday, October 11

    Oohhh... the weekend! Today was pretty busy, nothing exciting... I decided to do some heavy cleaning while I wasn't feeling so rotten. I was able to get quite a bit done actually, but wore myself out. I decided to sit in my recliner and relax a bit before heading to run my errands. I got in the recliner, put a fuzzy blanket on, and then of course Ashley had to jump up on my lap. We snuggled for a bit, then next thing I knew it was about 90 minutes later. I zonked, big time. Ashley hadn't even moved. I then got my ass in the shower and went to run my errands. I've got this great flannel quilt on my bed. Its one that has been recovered a couple of times already, and I noticed its getting raggedy again. So, I shall give it a face lift. While I was out, I found some flannel and plan to work on it tomorrow. It shouldn't be too hard, will just take some time. Will be nice to have an even more cozy quilt on my bed. Now that Fall is here, the temps are getting cooler and I absolutely LOVE being in a cool room and snuggling down in the covers. Now, if only I had someone "in the covers" it would be perfect I've noticed that the colors in the mountains are so much more brilliant this week. Damn. Missed taking pics of the really good colors by a week! Yes, I know, I could take more... but the question is, will I? Or if I do take the pics will I be so gung-ho about posting them? I'm thinking working out and recovering my quilt may be about as ambitious as I get this weekend. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!
    {TGOF®: Just 'cos #6} 1. Sometimes i need a (hug ) 'cos (it makes me feel better ). 2. (Motorola ) is the best mobile phone 'cos (I've got one?? ). 3. I can be (naughty) 'cos (ummm...*snicker* ). 4. (Bowling ) is a fun sport to me 'cos (it has big balls ). 5. When i get angry I (hate it) 'cos (I really don't like wasting my energy on it ). 6. (I like the smell ) when it rains 'cos (its so clean and fresh ). 7. Nothing can be better than (friends and family ) 'cos (you'd be lonely ). {TGOF®: Animal Kingdom} 8. Which is your favorite animal (wild or domestic, if you're an animal-lover)? Why? ASHLEY, my cat! 9. Would you be a vegetarian tomorrow if most of the edible animals were extinct or had diseases? Or would you eat non-edible or unusual animals? No, I'd stick to vegetables. 10. What is the 3 most cruel and illegal thing to you, that one can do (or is being done at this moment!) to an innocent animal? (If you're a vegetarian: Name me 3 dishes you would recommend for a non-vegetarian) I think making any animal suffer or to torture it is sickening. (spiders don't count, they're not animals!) Taking a wild animal into captivity is terrible. My nephew told me that a kid by his house took a litter of kittens, burried them with their heads just above the ground, then ran over them with the lawn mower. He never did tell me who it was because he knew I'd go kill the kid... but mark my words. This kid probably cut up humans one day. Sick little bastard. Friday Five 1. If you could only choose 1 cd to ever listen to again, what would it be? Tough one, but I'd have to say Def Leppard, The Vault. 2. If you could only choose 2 movies to watch ever again, what would they be? I have so many fav movies, but what is coming to mind is "Hope Floats" and "Grumpy Old Men". 3. If you could only choose 3 books to read ever again, what would they be? "Savage Thunder" Joanna Lindsey, "Prisoner of My Desire" Joanna Lindsey, and "Gyspy Lord" Kat Martin. Yes, I'm a historical romantic novel addict. 4. If you could only choose 4 things to eat or drink ever again, what would they be? Cheese enchiladas (chips and salsa too!), pizza, any kind of potatoes, and pasta. I'm OK sticking with water to drink. LOVE water, pretty much all I drink anyway since giving up soda a couple of years ago. 5. If you could only choose 5 people to ever be/talk/associate/whatever with ever again, who would they be? Pass on this - I have so many wonderful people in my life, I can't choose any NOT to talk to.

    Thursday, October 10

    cartoon is coutesy of the wonderful Colin
    I'm sooooo tired. I can't believe I'm actually sitting in front of a computer after the day I've had! LOL! But NOW I wanna play, not do any more work. My boss and I got a "pat on the back" for the problems we discovered with the WBS, and management liked our suggestions, so they implemented them. They sent out an e-mail to everyone with the new WBS and thanked Timster and I. I got the main part of template ready by lunch time, then took a break to go see the building that we're going to be moving into. After I got back from there... then the real fun began... the formulas! UGH!!! I worked my arse off and got them done but still have to check them. I'm doing a no-no (since I'm and hourly paid employee and have put in my 40 hrs) and brought the bugger of a spreadsheet home to double check everything. Hopefully it won't take too long but will feel so much better having it ready when I get in the office on Tuesday. Monday is a gov't holiday (Columbus Day) but me being a lowly gov't contractor, my company doesn't pay us this or the next holiday. BUT I won't be in the office. I get to go to training in Salt Lake, YAY! I'm taking the first of 3 levels of Excel 2000. I do use this program every day and am quite proficient in it, but want to have "formal" training, and there are some things that cover in the first level I'd like to learn. Now, on this "moving" thing at work. We've (our organization, about 45 people) been told by the "powers that be" that we have to move out of our current building to a building across the base. I'm not very impressed but hopefully that can sort out some issues before we move in... whenever that will be. We'll occupy the North end of the building as soon as the other people vacate and the modifications are made sometime in the Spring. Now, the question is... when we're moving. It could be in as little as 2 weeks and we'd be put in the South end temporarily. The South end of the building isn't occupied but there isn't really enough space for bodies. But we may have to make due, pile bodies on top of bodies (ooohhh... could be fun but there's no one cute I'd like to be piled up on *snicker*). So we'll see what happens. Hopefully they'll find another smaller org that can vacate our current building so we don't have to until the North end is ready. So... now I'm off to blog hop and catch up! TTFN!

    Blogs! 1. What are 3 things you like about blogging? Being able to vent, laugh, and share things. 2. What are 3 things you like about reading other blogs? Share in their joys, support on bad days, and its fun to learn/read about other cultures and lives. 3. What are your 3 favorite blogs to read? I have more than 3 favs really. They’re all listed on my side bar, my daily reads. But if I were to show favoritism, it would be those friends of mine, ones that always comment and support and those I talk with. You all know who you are! 4. Have you ever received a really awful comment or did you ever leave a comment you wish you could have deleted? I can’t think of anyone who has left a nasty comment on my blog. I wish I would have liked to “reword” a comment but not delete it. I have never "told anyone off" in a comment. Bonus: Do you remember your first blog that you linked to – and who you first noticed linked to you? If so, who were they? Do you still read and do they still read you? My first blog(s) I linked to were Fluffy Muppet and Gaekwad. Yes, they got me started in all of this – you can blame them or thank them. Tee hee I still read them, daily – or when I hear that Gaekwad has posted. I know Fluffy reads me but not sure if Gaekwad ever has time. Please leave your URL in my comments or the comments on the main 3 for Thursday page.

    Wednesday, October 9

    Holy shit, what a day. I got pretty frustrated this afternoon. I HAVE to get the new templates for our written and financial reports done by the time Ieave tomorrow or I'll be in one BIG mess next week. I got the written report done, no problem. I'm working on the bugger of a financial spreadsheet now. This thing is HUGE. 13 pages of tabloid size paper - 8 pt font. Now, the gov't has requested that we "modify" the template to fit their WBS. Fine. Glad to. But all we ask is that they be realistic and use common sense. This report is already hard to read its so small and contains so much information. Now they want us to add more columns for project types, types of funding, yadda yadda yadda. Well, any dork can figure out that the "types of funding". There are two types of funding 1) our Sugar Daddy gov't sponsor and 2) customer. On the WBS, there are 1 through 6 categories with several sub categories. Now - 1 through 5 are all Sugar Daddy funded. 6 is Customer funded... now WHY would we need another column when this is requires NO brain work. Its always been this way. Anyway, its all messed up. They haven't allowed enough columns for the "sub categories" and say they only need 3 levels of "sub categories" Wrong. One sub category alone has 7 sub-sub categories. I brought this to my boss' attention, then he went to the gov't guys and said, "this is the problem, how should we proceed?" I wait all stinking afternoon and they still hadn't made a decision when I left. I really doubt they'll even have it by tomorrow afteroon... damn. Setting up the text isn't the hard part, the hard and intense part are the formulas. Approximately 1200 cells and over half of them will have special formulas in them... its an all-day-leave-me-alone job. Not a happy camper about it. I should really tell these guys they need to let me sit in on the next planning session so I can give them a common sense presence. LOL! OK, enough rambling on about work! UGH! I was there 11 hrs today, that's enough. Now I'm gonna read a bit then head to bed! G'Night all!
    HumpDayHump Act V Scene II: *You are helping me color my hair - again! I am not liking this macaroni & Cheese color.* Quiet on the set!! Roll tape..... and....ACTION!! Christy: It's finally chilly here!! Hooray! Now I just need my snugglebunny. Remember your favorite snuggly stuffed animal/thing you always used to love on? What was it's name? Karen: Yes, he was a clown that my Mom had made. His name was Herman. I STILL have him. Christy: Yeah, i know, this color is crazy. I was just getting it all one color again. My daughter calls it buttered popcorn now. I hope you will be able to get it back to soccer-mom normal again. I have always wondered what black would look like on me, though. You ever had a hair color you wanted to try if you could buy the guts to go along with it? Karen: I went "darker" for a while and I didn't like it that well. I'm just meant for blonde, what can I say?! I stick with what works. Christy: I just love the color purple. What does it make you think of? What kind of person does it make you think of? Karen: Oh, I LOVE purple. Although I have several colors that I love. Purple makes me feel warm. It makes me think of a good natured, loving friend. Christy: Hey, if you had to refer to people by a color they reminded you of, what color would your best friends be? Your family members? Significant Other? Karen: My best friends would be purple, good friends jade green, most of my family blue (comforting), and my one pain in the butt sister, the absolute ugliest yellow I can think of. LOL! I'm rotten... Christy: I love getting mail but I am so damn hypocritical when it comes to that because I just suck at keeping up with correspondence. Who did you write your last letter to? Not email but snail mail. Okay email to since snail mail is so archaic. Karen: It was my nephew when he was in Detroit, last one was in March. I did sent a birthday card to my friend Carol on Saturday and put a little note in it, but I don't consider that a letter. Christy: Sorry I was late meeting up with you today but I was shopping for this damn haircolor. Thanks for helping me out with this one. What was your worst hair experience? Karen: Probably when I was 17 and luminized it. It was the ugliest yellow. AWFUL! In fact, I had to cut my long hair because it damanged it. Christy: I just have to get that breast reduction soon. Would you ever have any cosmetic surgery done? Or have you ever and just not told me about it yet??? Karen: Hmmm... if I had cosmetic surgery I think it would have to be lyposuction. LOL!!! Maybe when I'm older and my boobs start to droop I'll get them lifted. I don't want to look like I've got two oranges in tube socks! CUT!!
    WHEW! is it hot in here or is it just me? *snicker* I've just been attacked by my buddy Bri. He feels the need to grab me and stick his tongue in my ear once in a while to get me to blush. Linda said I was PURPLE! I'm sure I was... but this time I got Bri to blush! As I was leaving, I asked Linda (in front of Bri) if she had an extra pair of panties cuz mine were now icky. ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Got him good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Would this be considered sexual harrassment in the workplace? *snicker* Hmmm....maybe...
    Nothing much happening other than work stuff and our internet is not being very cooperative today. I'll be happy just to get this post up!!! LOL!! I started taking my weekly does of the Methotrexate last night (for my RA) and it leaves me feeling a bit woozy, but not too bad. I'm patiently waiting for the restaurant to open across the street so I can go get me some hash browns. Oh, yes. Hash browns does a tummy good. Sorry I haven't been around to everyone, but I will be by soon! Work is still NUTS and I've got a really big project I'm working on so time is limited and by the time I get home, my brain is utterly fried. Thanks for all the fun comments everyone has left too! I LOVE comments!!!! Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!! Here's another funny cartoon that Colin sent to me - and hosted for me.

    Tuesday, October 8

    Click Here
    Swiped this posted pic from Colin tee hee Go see his site for more funny pics.
    This or That 1. Heroines: Ariel (Little Mermaid) or Belle (Beauty & the Beast)? ARIEL!!!! She rocks. 2. More heroines: Mulan or Pocahontas? Pocahontas (never saw the movie with Mulan). 3. Princesses: Snow White or Cinderella? Cinderella 4. Toy Story: Buzz or Woody? Woody, baby *snicker* 5. Animals: Simba (Lion King) or Bambi? Bambi although Simba was nice too. 6. Naughty boys: Peter Pan or Pinocchio? Pinocchio. Love that nose of his. *snicker* 7. Sidekicks: Sebastian the Crab (Little Mermaid) or Jiminy Cricket (Pinocchio)? Sebastian, he's a crabby little guy! LOL! 8. Villians: Wicked Queen (Snow White) or Cruella DeVil (101 Dalmations)? Cruella, she gets more of what she deserves. 9. Classics: Goofy or Pluto? Goofy!!!! Cuz I'm goofy too! 10. And of course: Mickey or Donald? Gotta go with Donald. Mickey is sweet though.

    Monday, October 7

    Thanks to Colin for this.
    Ohhohhhh it was so much a Monday today! Then networks and internet was messed up for most of the morning, but was fixed by the time I returned from my doctor's appointment and meeting I had to attend. Being that the network and internet weren't being nice, I got behind some, but oh well... nothing *had* to be done today, just needs to be done as soon as possible. I got a WBS (work breakdown sheet) mapping between last fiscal year's projects and this year's projects and let me tell ya, it made my head spin! Its got arrows from one to the next and it looks like a spider web! THAT I will have to sort out tomorrow, no buts about it. My doc appt went OK, he's putting me back on Methotrexate (what I was on before the Arava) although it isn't doing a great job, we know that A) I tolerate it and B) whatever the next treatment is, I'll have to be on Methotrexate as well. Not sure what's going to happen next. I expressed concern about the money issue for Remacade, so the doc suggested a couple of clinical trials for Rheumatoid Arthritis meds, so he's going to look into those options and let me know.
    Monday Mission 1. I just got back from a family reunion. It was ok, but I find those gatherings a little boring. Does your family ever have any reunions or annual get-togethers? Do you enjoy them? My Mom's family used to when my Grandma and all her siblings were living, but not since the last one died. I used to have a lot of fun at the reuinions... didn't like to when I was a teenager, but started liking them again later on. 2. A gal I work with told me that when her husband's drivers licsence comes up for renewal, she swipes it. She says he won't ever pose for pictures and that's the only way she can get a photo of him. Is that not creepy? Are you a picture person? Do you like taking photos, and having yours taken? I'm not really photogentic at all, don't like having my pic taken, but not as bad as I used to. I used to avoid at all costs. 3. Time for show and tell: post a recent photo of yourself! 4. I have a cousin I always knew as Jay. As he got into college, he began to go by Greg. Turns out is name was Greg, Junior. Jay was short for Junior! Can't blame him for changing it. Did you ever have a nick-name growing up? How did it come about? Did you ever give anyone a nickname that stuck? Kammy. A friend of mine couldn't say Karen so she called me Kammy. Primarily only my parents called me Kammy, unless my siblings were mocking me, then they would. My Dad does still call me Kammy on occasion. Mom has shortened it to KB or Karen Bean. Not sure how the Bean thing started. 5. Since I don't have cable, a friend promised to send me a few episodes of "Trading Spaces," the show where folks redecorate someone else's home (and I'm still waaaaiiiting on that tape). But that got me to thinking about how I'd change my own house if I were able. And the room I'd do first would be the bathroom. If you could design the bathroom of your dreams, what would it be like? Spare no expense! HUGE garden bath tub (jacuuzi too), with a huge picture window (recfective so no one could see in), double shower all glass doors, all gold faucets through out, double sinks (his and hers) huge counters, lots of drawer and cupboard space so things are "sitting out" and a really nice medicine cabinet, big enough to hold all I'd like it to and more. State of the art toilet as well. tee hee 6. I've been trying to catch up on the early seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in re-runs, though I've been told to buy the DVDs. But I think I'd rather borrow them if I could. But there are a few television shows I'd like to own on DVD (like "The Flash" and "Max Headroom"). What shows (if any) do you own in a video collection? What TV shows would you like to see collected on DVD or video? Friends and M*A*S*H 7. I recently watched "Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang" again, first time since I was little. It held up pretty well, unlike some movies that are better in your memory than they are when you see them again (like "E.T." good movie, but for me, better as a memory). Do you have any favorite movies from your childhood? Do you think you would still enjoy them if you watched them today? I love and still love all the Disney movies, Parent Trap, etc., and will always love Willy Wonka. BONUS: Don't you know you're sleeping in a spotlight? I am? Hope I didn't drool or snore...
    Here are some the pictures I took on my drive on Saturday through Ogden Canyon and surrounding areas. Karen's Scenic Pictures
    Hope you enjoy them! I'm not a great photographer!

    Sunday, October 6

    Not quite sure what is up with my cat!!! Every time I go to my bedroom or into my bathroom she has to follow me. On Fridays or if I'm home in the middle of the week, she'll follow me around quite a lot, but not this much! By Sunday she's usually used to having me around most the time, so she's not all that attentive. I can't even go pee without seeing her little paw reach in and push open the door. (I tried closing the door tight, and all she does is scratch at it.) Its really quite cute seing her little paw come round. I changed her cat food, getting Science Diet Senior Hairball formula instead of the regular senior formula and she doesn't seem to be eating quite as much - which is a good thing cuz she's quite chubby. She's not acting hungry at all, not even begging for food when we make the pilgramige upstairs. Or... I wonder if she just wants treats!!
    Having a pretty good day today. I chatted with a couple of good friends, Colin (who was stuck at work!) and Tiara, and worked on my pics that I took yesterday. Colin has once again been a dear and is hosting the pics for me. The page should be ready to go by tomorrow morning. I thought I wasn't in the mood to do much today, but decided to move my arse and get something done other than playing on the computer. I worked out, did laundry, re-arranged my shoes (getting cold weather shoes out, putting warm weather shoes away) in my closet, then just puttered around my little world here. So... nothing too exciting going on, which is really OK. I needed a quiet, putter day. Hope everyone is having a great Sunday!