Friday, August 31

Good news about my sister K - not going into labor! The baby is doing great, K just has a urinary infection. She's been sent home and everything will go as planned next week. Despite K and her husband being turds, I'm still looking forward to becoming an Aunt again! :-)
My sister seems to be going into labor a few days early! The doctor was going to induce labor on Sept 6, (which is 2 weeks early but inducing because of the baby's head) but now he's concerned about the pains she's having, so she's in the hospital... waiting to find out what's happening. More news as it happens...
Just got back from getting the final things done on my car... at least final until something else goes wrong. I was told I needed a new muffler and front brakes by the mechanic I take my car to. He could have done the brakes, but not the muffler so I decided to get them done at the muffler place - I was referred by someone. The guy at the muffler place did a much more thorough check of my brakes and showed me that the rear ones needed replacing too. Yeah, so OK, I'd rather be safe. Then he looked at the exhuast system... yup, needed a new exhaust pipe as well as the muffler. Great. So, it ended up costing me double what I had estimated. Ouch. But, now I'm save and its better to be safe than sorry. I really don't think I trust the mechanic I use now - since he wasn't as thorough as he usually is! Kinda makes me nervous.

Thursday, August 30

The weekend has begun! YES!! 4 WHOLE days of not going to work... can I handle it? Yes, me thinks I can. :-D
Just got home from seeing my nephew A play football for his highschool Junior Varsity team. He had shoulder surgery over the summer, so this was his first game that they let him play. He did pretty good, didn't get any 'good' hits in (like I know he loves!) but he didn't injur himself, so he'll play in tomorrow night's Varsity game! My next few Friday nights will include going to his games. I love to watch him play... he plays Full Back and also Outside Linebacker. Don't ask me specifically what those positions are, cuz I couldn't tell you! I understand the basics of the game, no details. While I watch A play, I sit by my brother J and his wife P and catch up between plays - or make fun of other members of our family. Always a good time to be had... unless Mom and Dad happen to be there and give us dirty looks. ;-) We put the fun in dysfunctional, that's for sure.

Wednesday, August 29

Well, my buddy L and I finally got into a little bit of mischief. 3 guys in her office went to lunch together - and didn't invite us, so we decided to play a prank. We taped some of those pop-its (tiny white things that look like sperms that pop when thrown or crushed) to the wheels of their chairs... all 5 wheels! Almost (literally) scared the shit out of one guy - the other two weren't amused. But, fun is fun! I'm off now to my nephew's 16th birthday bash. I'm getting old.

Monday, August 27

I took a test today - "How Sleazy are You?". I scored an 85 which is normal. I took the test about a year ago, and I think I got the same score... so no improvements there. I need to work on that, I think! Well, give me a weekend with J and I'm SURE I can reach at least 100. My goal is to get above average!
My friend L is back to work - she's been running around England and Scottland for the past 3 weeks. Glad she's home. It seems really weird to see her there though! My buddy B also went to Europe on a cruise and he's back too. He and L went at the same time, but weren't together - each had a significant other ;-) Pretty suspicious though! tee hee L's husband took beautiful pictures with his digital camera. Makes me really ancy to go over there! I'm so looking forward to going over to England for P & E's wedding on May 4, 2002!! I'm gonna have a blast. I will pledge once again that I will not be bringing my remote control fart machine (although E's Mum deserves it) and will be on my best behavior during the wedding ceremony and promise not to embarrass the bride and groom at their reception. I am quite a goof at times, alright, a lot of the time... but I don't like calling attention to myself, so I will really behave. :-)
Got my car back! Yahoo! It only cost me $360 but I'm not done yet! I've also got an exhaust leak (small) but it needs to be fixed) as well as my front breaks. So, I'll call around tomorrow and see where has the best deal. Sigh... I figured around $500 all together, so hopefully it won't go over that. Less than a car payment though! Have to look on the bright side.

Sunday, August 26

My other sister Susie (the good one) called me and asked if I'd mend some of her uniforms. Who am I, Martha Stewart?! LOL! I really don't mind doing things for her, she's the best. :-) So, it looks like I'll be doing something sort of constructive today! She's also coming over to get her bowl of my salsa. I ate the salsa for lunch yesterday and it took two pieces of french bread to take the burn out of my mouth! But I loved it!
Today I'm so stiff and sore I can hardly move... but ya know what?! I don't really care! I'm much to happy to care! Having peace and quite this morning is worth all of it and more. :-) I have been invited to see my sister & hubby's new place and may do that later today... or may just wait until the baby arrives next week. I'm thinking the nice and polite thing to do is get a house warming gift of some kind, maybe a nice heavily scented candle? Mom said their basement apartment needs some freshening up and no doubt it will need to be freshened up even more given a couple of days with those two. Everywhere they go, it seems to smell like a locker room. LOL! Is that mean?! Truthful though! UGH!

Saturday, August 25

AHHH! Moving day has arrived! The sister and her husband are GONE, well not GONE, but moved out!!! WOOOOHOOOO! Now comes the fun of cleaning the room they lived in since Jan 28. The carpets will be cleaned - twice! Walls scrubbed and pretty much ventalated for a few days. But, this is a happy thing so I don't mind one bit! I spent the morning making some kick ass salsa! Mmmmm! Quite hot but sooooo good. Used tomatoes from my Mom's garden, which I think makes it taste the best.

Friday, August 24

I feel pretty helpless when it comes to cars - since I don't know much about them... but I have maintained my car rather well over the years (14!! with 133,000 miles) and its been a good one, so I've definitely gotten my money out of it!
OK - some not so bad news about my car... didn't need a new radiator, the flush did the trick along with a new temperature guage. The emissions still isn't passing, but hopefull changing some plug wires should fix it. So, I won't get my car back until Monday... but fortunately Mom has offered to let me borrow her car for the day so I can get to work! What a great Mom :-) I'll also need new front brakes very soon - looks like next pay day! They barely passed the inspection and will be OK for a couple of weeks. Whew. The car is getting old, but can't afford a new one right now, so its gonna have to last me a while longer.
Some bad news about my car. Needing to have a few things done and possibly a new radiator. They're flushing it and hopefully that will remove the clog. (fingers and toes crossed!) But ya know... this can't even dampen my mood today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GREAT news today! My sis and her ungrateful husband are moving out! No more will they be rude and obnoxious and messy. Ahhh... can feel the peace starting to come... the solitude... the harmony... no more bad energy... at least until they come visit! They're going to have a baby in a week or so, so they DO need their own place and need to learn to be grateful for what family has done for them.

Thursday, August 23

The first part of my day was pretty nice actually! P and E are helping me with my web tracker so I did play around with it a bit at work - yes, shame on me. I couldn't get it right, so P is taking over, so thanks to him when he gets a chance to fix it. :-) And thanks to E for asking people to stop by my blog to let me know they care :-D Hopefully there's someone that cares about my pathetic life! If not... maybe you'll get a chuckle or two.
Oh Yes! Finally the end of my week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Been a loooooong one. Glad its over. I've been fighting with Fed Ex about some workshop materials that were supposed to be delivered to my boss out on the East coast on Monday. 3 out of 5 boxes made it, two were lost. One miraculously shows up on Tuesday... yet one still lost. Fed Ex finally called me Tuesday night, to tell me they'd found the box and it would arrive on Wednesday... well, my boss e-mailed me this afternoon and said "still no box, so feel free to use any strong language with Fed Ex you feel necessary to get that box here." Well... how could I pass up an opportunity like that? So, I call Fed Ex, they see the 11 pages of history of this tracking... and finally said, "oh, its been returned to the point of origin." I almost went postal... yet this woman was really nice and it wasn't HER fault so I just said the damn, shit and hell words. Fed Ex is going to credit our account for all 5 boxes that were shipped, but that in no way makes up for all the shit they've caused by losing our one box. Anyhoo... I went looking around our building for a missing box. I found it in a guy's cubical who is travelling with my boss. I called Fed Ex again to have them pick it up... and ran into the Fed Ex picker upper. She was really cranky because she had to wait 30 seconds for me to carry the box to the shipping room... then I told her she could bite me because her company put us through a hell of a lot of shit the past few days and she doesn't have the right to get on my case. I'd barely hung up the phone with Fed Ex calling it in! Yes, I feel better now! ;-) So, if my boss doesn't receive this box by tomorrow 10am, its gonna hit the fan. Even though its my day off, I'll take pleasure in dealing with these people again. I'm really not normally this bitchy, but I'm fed up with Fed Ex!

Wednesday, August 22

Sometimes its just better being in pain than taking a pain pill that makes you ill. :-( Came home from work early cuz I was quite woozy and nauseated. These pills are not my friends.

Tuesday, August 21

I'm feeling pretty good right now... just finished fixing things - thanks to E again! I also added my IMOOD to the side bar. So... I think my energy is zapped for the day, so I'm outta here. :-)

Monday, August 20

Well, I survived yet another Monday! Today was the catch up day! I actually cleared off my desk (which involved filing and putting away things)! I got quite a bit done and now feel like I can breathe again. Of course my boss and the other dude I support aren't in this week, so its gonna be nice. I may manage to get into some trouble while they're gone. Look out all your poor people in Bldg 100.
I can't figure out how to get the two links to be under one another... so I'll have to fix that after I talk to the html Goddess E.
Thanks to E, I now have the fancy 'links to open new windows' thing at the right side of my blog... as well as a couple of links! Woohoo! :-)

Saturday, August 18

I think I've come to figure men out a little more. I'm not one who likes to play games... but it seems that since I haven't been as 'available' (not online as much) for J - he's all of the sudden wondering where I am and what I'm doing and missing me. He's been going through something lately so I've given him his 'space' to be in his little cave. It seems to have done the trick... but time will tell. He was quite nice last night and we talked a lot which was good. :-) Still don't know what's gonna happen there, so still keeping my options open. Not that I have men beating down my door... but I also HIDE from the world at times. All part of me not having a life, I suppose! I've been in my own little cave for years. ;-D
Its amazing what prezzies will do for a person's disposition! I just got back from a Baby (non-shower) Luncheon for my sister. She's been quite difficult to deal with, but give her prezzies (actually FOR the baby) and she's actually NICE and chatty. Hmmm... if this would have improved her mood, I would have done it long ago. ;-) She's having a hard time of it, and had nothing at all for the baby - and the baby will come into this world in about 2 weeks. First time mother at 38 and massively depressed - and no clue at all. Good thing family is around to help out. They have picked out a name for this little girl, Elyssa something. I can't remember the middle name, but it starts with an A and is Conganc! Go figure what that's all about. Elyssa is cute though.

Friday, August 17

Wow! The week is FINALLY over. It was a long one. My boss needed me to work 1/2 a day today (my normal day off) so I took yesterday afternoon off. But - I didn't rest! I took Mom to lunch, had some yummy cheese enchiladas (and don't forget the chips and salsa!). Then we went shopping for my sister's baby that shall arrive in two weeks or so. Not sure when, all we know is, she's got a BIG head. Sure hope she grows into it - and not have a huge head like her daddy. His is big inside and out. So, that pretty much blew yesterday! I was too tired to even Blog! I came home from work today and did my cleaning so.... I can do what ever I want to the rest of the weekend. Not that I have that much planned, its just nice to know that I can DO anything I want. :-)

Tuesday, August 14

Yes... I'm still here. I heard that groan!! Have had some hectic days - well, two so far this week and its going to get even better. Can't wait for tomorrow at work so I can enjoy it all!

Sunday, August 12

One draw back of the fast and furious trip - I'm soooo sore and achy today. :-( But - it gives me an excuse to do NOTHING! I've been a complete veg today. I've watched a couple of movies and some of the episodes of "My Favorite Martian" on TV Land Fandamonium Marathon weekend. They say next weekend is the "Marcus Welby, M.D." weekend - can hardly wait... (not really!!).
Had a pretty good time in Idaho Falls last night. My brother drove his wife, my sister and I in their comfy Toyota ForeRnner. I of course got to sit up front because I tend to get car sick (not an excuse, I asure you!) so I was considered the co-pilot and tried to keep the driver entertained, yet not distracted. We all chatted most the way, which was good - then the two in the back seat decided to fall alseep, so my brother and I resorted to a childhood travel game. Its called the Alphabet game. Its lame, but - it always seems to make the time go by a little faster. The object of the game is to find a specific letter of the alphabet starting with A and working your way to Z. No two letters can be claimed on the same sign. My sister woke up just as we were finding the letter S and she called ME a nerd! I don't think she dared call my brother that, although he did laugh. Anyway - we made it to the reception about 30 minutes into it. We saw aunts, uncles, cousins, etc., and it was nice. Then we left! We stopped in a town called Blackfoot (named after the Indians) and got gas and bought some lottery tickets. The big lottery was closed by an hour! for the week, so I bought some 'scratch and win' tickets. I bought $5 worth and won $4 back. Not bad odds, but then again, I wanted the big money. Oh well... then we stopped in a town called Pocatello (also possibly named after some tribe of Indians) and ate dinner (10:30 at night! HUNGRY!!). Needless to say, I didn't get home until almost 1am. All in all, it was a good trip though. Most adventure I've had in quite some time. Oh, back to that pathetic life thing again... working on it!! ;-)

Saturday, August 11

I'm off to the infamous Idaho Falls this afternoon for my cousin's wedding reception. My sister and I will drive up - possibly with my brother and his wife. That should be fun - we're the 3 siblings that really get along well and know how to have fun! The other two siblings... well... lets say they're just ummm... never mind. The other brother is nice enough, but we've got lots of history and aren't very close. The other sister, well..... lets not go there.
J has gone into THE CAVE I think! By Cave, I mean the deep dark recesses of his complicated male self. He's been going through some major emotional issues and has talked to me a lot about them, but lately, he has been moody, rude, and down right closed up. I talked to him last night about things a little. He says I can't help - so I guess I won't try... let him be in his cave until he's ready to come out and face the world again. I also asked him to be straight with me if 'something' was going on - and he asked me what he had to hide. Good point, but how am I supposed to know that?! I have a few theories, but he's so far away, its difficult to actually SEE what's going on first had. Sigh. I really shouldn't be hard on him - because men don't deal with their emotions as well as women due to them always being told to be tough. Sad, really. So... I shall get give him his space and enjoy my space too. I'm going to continue my work on ME and concentrate on the things I need to do to get a life... as you can see from my blog, I'm in desperate need of one! ;-)
Hmmmm... needed a new blog look!

Friday, August 10

I decided to work today (usually have Fridays off) since I was sick on Monday. I felt guity because I had PILES of things on my desk that needed to be attended to. I got so much done - but still have lots to do... but will have to wait until next week. Now, its the weekend - woohoo! I'm beat tonight though, so no plans! Gonna be the Queen of mindless TV! :-)
I'm not quite so bitter today about men... although one is still on my sh*tlist! So... onto happier thoughts!

Thursday, August 9

MEN!! Constantly playing games and messing with your head - what the h*ll is that all about? Hmmmm??? Anyone have any ideas???

Wednesday, August 8

The weirdest things have been happening the past couple of days... all of the sudden people (2 different) want to set me up with guys... hmmmm... I don't know if I've lost my mind (completely) or what the deal is but I've consented. Neither one has contacted me yet, so we'll see what happens. I NEVER let myself get set up! I'm finally opening myself up to want and need someone in my life. I think its way cool - but scary. J has a lot to do with it actually. Not sure if its HIM or if I'm just finally ready. I won't know until I meet him face to face and he's being a bit of a turd lately, so that may never happen. I'm sooooo confused!
Men drive me bonkers. I almost think they're more moody than women!

Sunday, August 5

Unfortuately, no more miracles today other than I stayed awake and didn't take a nap. I worked on my scrapbook(s!) for about an hour then ran out of creative ambition. I'm not doing fancy scrapbooking, just the basics since anything more will take away from the pics. And they'll be in a book and easy to look at. I have soooooo many pictures left to do. I think the biggest pain is going through the pics and putting them in chronological and event type order. I do have most of my nieces and nephew's book done!! That was a biiiiiig job. Especially for my nephews T & A (oh - doesn't sound like something else??) both of whom I took a TON of pictures as they grew up. They're such cute guys.
The family picnic was a joy to say the least. I don't really KNOW my nieces' husbands family very well, but in my opionion are total and complete snobs. I smiled, said hello and they looked at me like I was from another planet. Hmmm... maybe they have no clue who I was and maybe thought I was crashing the party. That is until my sister-in-law and her Mom saw me and chatted with me. On the brighter side, it was soooo hot and stupid hornets were flying everywhere so I didn't hang around a long time. So glad to be home and in the cool!
Ooo... today may be a day of miracles. I stepped foot in a church! My grand-niece was blessed today, and I was asked to go... could hardly refuse because they wouldn't have asked if they didn't want me there. So, I braved it. I didn't stay for the entire church service, just for the blessing part. I sat by my 16 year old nephew A, and watched him doodle. He was really bummed that I didn't stay and entertain him through the rest of the grueling services. Sorry... I stayed as long as I dared - I could hear the ceiling start to creak. ;-) In a few minutes, I'll be leaving to attend the family picnic! That should be fun :-) I hope its not too stinking hot!!

Saturday, August 4

It says my TV family is the Cleavers - as in "Leave it to Beaver" Oh, isn't that a hoot!? I guess they didn't have many dysfunctional families back then... cuz that's us! But then again, I do put the fun in dysfunctional!
I'm pretty much maintenance free on the maintenance charts. Self sufficient, pracitcal, like to have emotional bonds, but let the other keep independence. Pretty good, I think!
Ahhh... my passion rating is a Cuddler! That fits, I think... that is if J were around to cuddle! The drawback of a long distance relationship! :-(
Thanks to P for the link to - fun tests. So far, I'm a Cinnamon flavor (HOT!) *snicker*, a silly flirt (no surprise there) and the VW Beetle I'm most like is the Cup (it says I've got a dark side and am close to it??!! Hmmm...). More to follow! These tests are very addictive!

Thursday, August 2

Oh, where has the week gone??? Oh, I know... get up, go to work, slave away, drive home, work out, shower, eat dinner, go to bed, wake up, and it starts all over again!! I was just talking to a friend about him taking his kids fishing. I think I'll leave the fishing to men... after all, stinky fish and slimy limp worms... oh, that sounds like really bad s*x to me! *snicker*