Saturday, December 21

Today turned out to be a not-so-good day for me to do my baking! I started about 8am, and by 9am I was really dizzy and almost blacking out. I had to keep sitting down. About an hour later, Mom told me to check my blood pressure. It was 77/48. 48 is waaaay too low. I took my High Blood Pressure meds about 6am, and 4 hours later is when it peeks. Boy was it peeking. We're guessing that the new RA meds I'm on may be lowering my BP and with me exerting myself by running up and down stairs, stiring things, etc., made it drop lower. I kept taking little rests while things were in the oven, and about 2 hrs later the BP was back up to 88/69 (YAY 69!!!) I just took it a few mins ago and it was 90/62. I know I should have called the doctor, and I would have if the BP hadn't started coming back up. I see him first thing Monday morning so I'll mention it to him, and tomorrow I'll behave - not even gonna work out. Maybe he'll just have me start taking half the dose of my HBP meds. So, by 2:00 I was finally done. I saved quite a bit of time by making the chex mix in the microwave instead of the oven. I had to split one batch into three to get it to fit in the microwave, but it worked out. Here's a tip: higher wattage microwaves: 2.5 minutes stiring after 1.25 minutes. The first bowl kinda got too done in the middle. LOL!!! Live and learn... After I was done, I fell asleep for a while, then got my ass up and showered. I'm feeling like a new woman!