Tuesday, December 31

I just had a funny experience... I was headed down the hall, and had to pass through two guys I work with because they were working on a community daily crossword puzzle. We had Tom - who is a very sexy guy (married and older damnit), very viral ex-army macho guy and then Kasey who is an engineer but cool. Both were stuck on the last two clues. One of which was "Life-drawing subjects" and the letters already there were: N U _ E S. I had to solve this for them... hello MEN... NUDES! ROFL!!! The both cracked up when the realized that's what it was. I laughed and as I was walking away, Tom said, "Yeah, how sad is it when a woman has to come by and solve NUDES!" So funny... Its snowing like mad! Apparently it quit for a while this morning after I arrived, then when I went out for lunch with Cindy, it started coming down again. By the time we were done with lunch it was horrible. Its still snowing 2 hours later. I think I'll be heading home very soon. Hopefully by now the plows are out and things have calmed down some. One other thing - as I was coming back onto the base, they had a "dangerous roads" sign up. Yes, coming onto the base - not leaving. LOL! And they were right! I could barely go 25. The roads off base were a lot better than on. Which is OK really, the speed limit is 25-30 anyway. I hope everyone has a great night tonight - drive safely if you're going to be out and about!