Saturday, August 31

Oh my hell - I just had to share this. Sometimes I just crack myself up. Here's a conversation with "the Dude" from this morning... aren't I a shit? Dude: who won the football game? toad_6977: We did Dude: who's we and who did they beat toad_6977: Was a good game, glad I went. toad_6977: They beat the other team! Dude: your crazy what schools? toad_6977: High schools Dude: i know that what school beat the other school toad_6977: We beat the other school toad_6977: How ya feeling? Dude: annoyed what school beat the other school toad_6977: One high school beat the other one. Dude: you dont even know thats funny toad_6977: I don't know? Dude: you dont know what high school you went and watched it at? toad_6977 (09:24:41 AM): Yeah, I know... just giving you shit Dude: damn so who beat who? toad_6977: We beat them! Dude: you dont know that is so funny toad_6977: I know... Dude: or you didnt go toad_6977: Yes, I went. Dude: yes but who won? toad_6977: WE DID! Dude: nevermind i dont care toad_6977: OK - dropped! Are you feeling better? Dude: no you just annoyed me Dude: weber def bonneville Dude: davis def brighton Dude: mountain crest def fremont Dude: lone peak def northridge Dude: ogden def judge mem Dude: viewmont def woods cross Dude: box elder def pleasnant grove Dude: roy def ben lomand toad_6977: Woohoo! Dude: do any of these ring a bell toad_6977: Yeah... why? Dude: so who won the game you watched toad_6977: We did!!!!!!!!!!!! Dude: i know that but what school won toad_6977: Weber, Davis, Mt Crest, Lone Peak, Ogden, Viewmont, Box Elder and Roy. toad_6977: I'm being quite a shit today, aren't I? Dude: your more paranoid than i thought toad_6977: Paranoid? Dude: or fucked in the head what do you call it toad_6977: You flatter me... toad_6977: Why do you want to know "who" so bad? Dude: get better please toad_6977: LOL! He came on later and asked "why did I do that" so I told him it was because he pushed me too far too fast AND scared the hell out of me. We won't be talking any more, he said he'd leave me alone. Bye bye then! About 5 minutes later, he sends me a message saying "you're deleted." I wrote back and said "You too." Damn! I'm seriously laughing my ass off here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Last little jab?! Ouch - not!
I'm so glad I went to Adam's football game last night, it was a great game. Adam's team won in overtime 24 to 21. Woohoo! This was the first game ever that I've been able to sit with my other nephew Travis at a football game. He's usually the one playing, or he didn't go to Adam's games before. I also got to see my sis-in-law (HI PATTI!) and got caught up with her on things that have been happening. Its been nearly 2 months since we've talked... she's the sweetest and we all thank God that she (and her kids) came into my brother's life. This morning I managed to get up and mow the lawn. I decided I was going to hurry and mow before my meds kicked in and I got dizzy. It worked for the most part, I'm pretty dizzy now but its definitely getting better each day as my body gets used to it. While I was outside, a cute little orange tabby kitty came strolling by. He was sooooooo sweet! Very friendly so I picked him up and loved him for a couple of minutes. Probably the wrong thing to do because he stayed. When I was out back mowing the lawn, it jumped up on our deck and was fighting with my cat through the screen. My Mom was very protective of her grandchild and told me to get rid of the kitten before it gave Ashley a heart attack. LOL!! I tried, I really did but the little cute bugger kept coming back. My Dad is going to take it around the neighborhood and see who it belongs to. Plans for today are to visit everyone, bask in the sun, take a nap, and make fresh kick-ass salsa with things from the garden (MMMMMM!). Have a great day everyone!
Sexy Saturday! Do you think size counts? Please explain why you picked yes or no! I'd have to say yes, it counts to a certain extent. I don't need 9-12 inches although that could be nice. *snicker* It would be horrible to have to say the three words that blows a guys ego "Is it in?" But I also believe they have to know what they're doing with what they've got!
Saturday-8: "Fly Me To The Moon ..."
  1. When was the last time you watched the sky and how was it? Last night. They sky was beautiful, so dark with the stars flickering brightly. Didn't see the moon though, it must have been hiding.
  2. If man in the moon was real, how does he look like? What does he do up there? He'd be a chubby, jolly man with a bright smile that warms your very soul. He'd sit up there and watch all of us on earth, laughing or shedding a tear with us.
  3. Have you ever made a wish when you saw a falling star? What was it? Yes, I have... and I can't tell or it won't come true!
  4. Which one you like better? The moon or the sun? Why? That's a tough one, I love the sun and the way it feels on my face, but I also really love the moon too, it gives me a peaceful feeling to see it.
  5. Imagine now you are walking under the moonlight. Where were you now? And who you were with? If you were with someone or some people, what were you doing now besides walking? I'm walking on a deserted beach with the man of my dreams. Kissing, holding hands, laughing, talking, running and chasing in the waves, then we'd fall into the sand and kiss passionately. (Yes, I am a true hopeful romantic!!)
  6. Is the moon female or male? Why you thought so? I think he's male... I guess it think that because of the "Man in the Moon" phrase.
  7. Who are the stars for the moon? Are they friends or family or strangers? Why? They'd have to be close family members, stars are after all planets.
  8. Have you ever wished walking in the moon? Not like what Michael Jackson did, but Neil Amstrong, of course ... If so, what would be the first thing you did once you were there? I think it would be so very peaceful up there. After I jumped up and down (playing with the non-gravity) then I'd take a good look at the earth and surrounding planets. It would be so beautiful, I think.

Friday, August 30

I got up this morning and ate breakfast while checking my e-mail but limited my time on the computer to 30 minutes before getting my cleaning done. That was rough. I usually chat with Emma and Colin while cleaning, but they weren't around today, and let me tell you, cleaning without them seems like a huge chore. I was pretty dizzy and not feeling that well, but I soldiered on. I decided to put a favorite movie in and watch it while cleaning, I chose "Shag" (the movie - if the activity were available I would have chosen it, most definitely but settled for the movie). My bedroom needed a good, thorough cleaning so that's what I did. I took it slow and easy and managed to get it all done, then I did the rest of the basement. Was done by 11am. I got back on the computer and read some blogs, then I headed outside to bask in the sun... ahhhh... not very hot today so I enjoyed it. Then I came inside and had meself a nice nap. Tonight I'll be going to watch my nephew play football for his high school. I really love watching him play. I've had some interesting - if not kinda scary yet funny conversations this last week. There's a guy - we'll call him Dude that I've been chatting with off and on over the past 6 months or so. More off than on, I guess because I'm not on ICQ a lot and he is, but since Sunday we've talked on Yahoo. So anyway, he's been off work, ill all week, so he's been home to talk more - all of the sudden decided to make me his new conquest. He tried for 4 days. These are some of the quotes from conversations we had. Dude: "Friends make out." Me: "No they don't" Dude: "Friends kiss, hold hands, hug, etc." Me: "They hug, yes, the rest, no." Dude: "Friends have sex." Me: "F*cking friends, yes. I don't want to be your f*cking friend." Dude: "Will you go out with me?" x 26 times Me: after saying no 25 times, I finally said, "Yes, but only as friends, we'll go dutch." Dude: "You're so beautiful I want to kiss you, make out with you." yadda yadda yadda x 100 Me: "Thank you, but quit it - you're embarrassing me and I'm NOT going to kiss you or make out with you. My heart is somewhere else." Dude: "Let me be there for you then." Me: "NO. Will not use you like that - my heart stays is where my body is. They don't seperate." Dude: "I'm so looking forward to having the best looking lady in the restaurant on my arm. All the guys will be jealous." Me: "Yeah, right." Dude: "Lets get a house together and in a couple of years make Indian babies (he's Indian)." (THIS was my personal favorite! LOL!!)Me: "Thanks, but no thanks. That is NOT going to happen" Dude: "I love you, Karen" Me: "AAARRRRGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" OK - so after he dropped that bomb, I freaked out. The next day I told him how much that freaked me out and he apologized and said to ignore anything he said the day before because his health wasn't right. Well, something sure as hell wasn't right. I was supposed to meet him tonight for dinner, but its not going to happen. I feel bad for him, but I can't help but laugh! I feel like a bitch! I wonder if he thought I was someone very vulnerable and easy prey for a lay... hmmm... for the right guy, I could be, yes. But not for any guy. He probably hadn't met such a stubborn woman in his life. LOL!!
Friday Five 1. What's your favorite piece of clothing that you currently own? My Winnie the Pooh lounger. Its purple and made of sweatshirt fabric and is the most comfy thing ever. 2. What piece of clothing do you most want to acquire? Don't really have a particular piece of clothing that I can think of right now, but I'd like anything in a size 10 that FITS. I'm getting there though... 3. What piece of clothing can you not bring yourself to get rid of? Why? An old April Wine concert t-shirt. It USED to be black but now its an awful greyish color. It was the first concert I'd ever been to... don't wear it any more but can't part with it. 4. What piece of clothing do you look your best in? Anything in the colors pink, jade, blue, purple, black or forest green. Probably the dresses I wear. 5. What has been your biggest fashion accident? It would have to be back when I was about 14. Brittania High Rise jeans (light blue with a dark blue star on the pocket) with a little flare in the legs, and too long. To go with the jeans, a t-shirt that with a picture on the front of a guy picking his nose with the caption "Pick a Winner" OMG. What a dork was I?!

Wednesday, August 28

Three for Thursday - Time Travel A collaboration between Colin and I. Bonus: If you could jump in a time machine, what time era and where would you choose? I would choose the medieval times, between 1200 – 1400. 1. What are three things you’d like to see when you got there? Castles, Knights, and a some jousting. 2. What are three things you’d really miss about the present? Modern conveniences, loved ones/friends, and my jockey tanks and panties. 3. What are three things you’d want to take with you – as a means to help the people of that time? Medications for healing, books for learning, and peace. 4. What are three things you’d want to bring back to the present? My Knight in Shining Armor, a cool dagger, and treasures/antiques! Leave your URL in my comments if you answer the questions and we'll visit you to see your answers :-)
I innocently went over to Linda's office this morning to see her, but she wasn't in. My buddy B was there though, and he could tell I didn't feel well, so asked me what was wrong so I told him (dizzy, headache, yucky). Then he asked if I was pregnant! That got a big chuckle out of me - yeah right - like that's even remotely possible! LOL!! Then I went over and gave him a hug for making me laugh. I made the mistake of giving him a side hug while he was sitting and me standing. He put his arm around my waste gave me a friendly squeeze, then pulled me in closer and put his head right smack into my boob! Oh my!!!! Woooo! Flustered! I laughed then started to leave, he called after me, just so I'd turn around so he could see how red it was! ROFL!!!! He's such a funny guy! Lesson learned: don't hug B in that position ever again.
HumpDayHump Act IV Scene II: *We are sitting in Atlanta Bread Company having breakfast a bagel/sticky bun/muffin (you choose) talking to pass the time until I have to go and pick up my kidlets from school.* Quiet on the set!! Roll tape..... and....ACTION!! ME: Wow leaving my son at preschool is so hard. He bawls. He likes it but hates to leave mommy, you know? My mom and I are like best friends. We had some major fights when I was 13, 14, and 15 which were all my fault but other than that we are like best friends. Are you/were you close to your mom? You: I've always been closer to my Mom, she and I are a lot alike in the way that we're both so sensitive and tender hearted. Dad is great, but sometimes he doesn't have a clue, like most men. tee hee ME: I am trying to get them to school and pick them up everyday ON TIME! You know how I am always late! Hell, I was voted Most Likely To Be Late among other things in high school! At least I am consistent I always said. But no more! I will be on time!! Are you a late person or a punctual person? You: Pretty much punctual to a fault. I HATE to be late and the idea of being late stresses me out. ME: You know, I was talking to my best friend the other day about something I realized. It had to do with trust. I don't trust many people for various reasons mostly stemming from my own faults projected onto others. But once I trust someone, I am pretty much an open book. Do you have anyone you trust completely (besides me of course :o) ? You: I trust my best friends Linda, Sandi, Emma, Robin, Nancy and Colin explicitly. I can tell them just about anything and know I won't be judged and that the conversation will go no further. Oh, can't forget about my cat Ashley. ME: Who is your best friend right now? Do they know they are your best friend? What would you do if suddenly, due to unforseen circumstances, they weren't around tomorrow? You: All those I just mentioned, yes they know how special they are to me, at least I hope they do. I don't know what I'd do if I lost any one of them, I'd be devastated. ME: Is there anyone you would give your life for if the situation arose? Like "Take me not them!!". You: Again, any of the people I mentioned, or really anyone that had a spouse or children. When my sister-in-law passed away a few years back from complications of breast cancer, I wished He would have taken me instead. ME: OOoo! Look at the time! I only have thirty minutes left before I have to bolt! You wanna run into the Dollar Store? I love that place. You: OOOOHHH!! Yes! All-A-Dollar here we come! I love that store!! I hope they've got that yummy Creamsicle licorice, I'm addicted to that stuff! Mmmm! ME: By the way, do you remember Penny Racers? I loved those things. You: I don't remember those, the name is familiar but I can't place them :-( CUT!!!

Tuesday, August 27

I'm alive - I survived Day 1 of the medication. I'm feeling a lot better tonight and am planning to go to work tomorrow. I hope I don't get too ill at work, but if I do, I'll worry about it then and come home if I need to. I only have 2 more days of this big dose, then will go to 1/5 the amount on Friday. Thanks to everyone and their get well wishes and hugs! They really made me fell better! You are such incredibly wonderful people!!!
This or That 1. Tell us a little about the first car you owned/leased/drove -- i.e. what it was like, what you loved/hated about it, etc. I still have my first car! 1987 Chevy Cavalier Z-24. I love the digital display, how it drives, its sporty. I wish it weren't getting old though. Its been a fun car to have. 2. This is a two part question: first, do you consider yourself a good and/or courteous driver and second, what's one of your biggest pet peeves with other drivers? Yes, I'm pretty courteous unless there's an asshole that doesn't deserve courtesy. Biggest pet peeves are the drivers who KNOW a lane is ending but pass you and try and butt in line way up ahead instead of just getting in line when they can, those drivers who cannot go the speed limit, who can't get up to freeway speed while entering the freeway - then have no clue how to merge, the ones who don't use signals (expects us to read their minds), and the ones that don't pay attention. Sorry - couldn't pick just ONE pet peeve. Tuesday Too 1.) Are you dreaming now? How do you know you are, or how do you know you're not? I feel like I'm dreaming, but know I'm not. I've pinched myself and it hurt. 2.) What's going on that really makes your life a source of wonderment? Life is always a source of wonderment whether its happening to you right now or someone else. There are things that make you say "Hmmm..." every day. My head is just too fuzzy to think of any examples. 3.) Why do you think you're here, and where is "here" anyway? I'm here for some purpose, haven't quite figured that out yet though. Here is on earth, in the USA, Ogden, Utah in front of my computer.
I'm staying home from work today for few reasons. I feel like shit and can't motivate myself to get in the shower and get ready for work, I don't want to deal with my cubemate, and I thought it best if I stayed home while taking the first dose of my new meds to see how they'll effect me. I took them about 30 minutes ago and already I'm starting to get a headache and feeling dizzy. I'm thinking its a good thing I stayed home. Hope everyone has a good day and hopefully I'll be back later to blog the Tuesday memes and visit everyone!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you Tiara for my new banner!!!!

Monday, August 26

I went to my Rheumatoid Arthritis doctor today. He wasn't too pleased with the lack of progress over the past 6 weeks, in fact things had worsened (not just in my mind!). Sooooo.... he changed my meds to Arava. He told me some mild side effects but told me it required to have blood tests done every 6 weeks just like I did with the Methotrexate. No big deal. Its really expensive and they may have to send a letter to my insurance if they rejected the claim but thankfully they approved it, no problem. So, I get home and started searching the web for info on Arava. THIS is what I found. Scary! I'm wondering if I should even take it now. I don't remember this much negativity on the Methotrexate, although the main thing they checked for was liver toxitity. I'm nervous about taking this, although I trust my doctor. Not sure what I'll do... guess I'll sleep on it and see how I feel abou it in the morning. If this doesn't work then I'll have to start using Remacade which scares the hell out of me for some reason. I read about it when I was first diagnosed, so maybe it was the whole RA thing that scared me more than anything. When I think of Remacade, I think of the "big leagues" of serious meds. 3-hour sessions of introvenious treatments. Its also really expensive. Dr B is having his staff check to see if my insurance will cover it, for future reference. Other than that, it was a pretty busy day. I really hate Mondays. Today went really fast though, which was nice. 1 day down, 3 to go!
Discovered a new blog, (thanks to Fluffy Muppet) that is so funny, truly a great read. This Fish Needs a Bicycle. Also, thanks to JellyBeans for the plug!!
Monday Mission 1. What do you do to make things better when you feel sad and/or lonely? I like to talk to one of my friends, or snuggle up with my cat and read a good book or watch a good movie. Once in a while I'll cheer myself up with a yummy treat, but try to stay away from that so I don't get back in the habit of eating when I'm sad. 2. Are you a "touchy-feely" person? That is, do you like to touch people you don't know that well? And on the flipside of that, do you like being touched by someone you aren't close with? I don't touch people I don't know well, and don't like being touched by someone I don't know well either. I don't mind a hand on my shoulder but not hugs from people I don't know. 3. Do you like to have "me" time, time to yourself to be alone and relax? Or do you prefer to just do your own thing with someone else in the room? When was the last "me" time you got and what did you do? I do love my "me" time, BUT if I had a man to love, I'd rather do something to/with him *snicker*. Yes, most definitely would rather have him than be alone. 4. Generally speaking, how do you feel about the concept of marriage? Are you the marrying type? Do you think the act of getting married means something today or is it simply just "a piece of paper?" I never thought I'd want to get married, but I do now if I find the right man. Its more than a piece of paper to me, its a commitment and something special between two people. 5. That said, as many as 25 states have passed legislation regulating who they believe should be the "marrying type." What are your thoughts on the banning of same-sex marriages? I surely wouldn't marry another woman, but hey, if two people of the same sex want to - more power to them. 6. If there was one law you had the ability to create or change, what would it be? Less rights for murders and rapists. 7. What would you like someone visiting your Blog for the first time to know about you? Now is your chance! I'm a goof! BONUS: Can you hear them? Yes, how could I not! I think we should be making some of those noises ourselves, don't you think? *wink* Maybe we could make more noise than them!

Sunday, August 25

Thank you Tiara for the great buttons that she made for me!
I was reading Fluffy Muppet's blog this morning, when I saw that her friend L has a blog! I met L while in England and she's great - lots of fun and a sweetie. Her blog is Waterlily Diaries. Helloooo L!

Saturday, August 24

Thanks to JellyBeans for this link.

I am the princess (...with a pea)! Find your fairy tale character at
You! Yes, you... the one with the sensitive bum. You're lovable and cute but very picky. That's why we don't like you. I mean.. that's why we're so damn fond of you! The only real problem I had with you was the fact that you stole my mattress just so prevent a bruised tush. Jeez, I need to see my psychiatrist about speaking out of turn
Sexy Saturday What is more sexier on a man? Thong's or Boxer's? I think boxers are sexier. Sure, thongs show more of what they have, but boxers are kind of like a surprise all wrapped up in a package. You've got to open it to see what's inside.
Saturday8 1. Your eyes, nose, ears, tongue, skin. Which is the most sensitive part? Which one is you like the least? Why? Which one has the best feature? Describe it or post the picture of that particular part! Most sensitive is my ears and tongue. I dislike my nose the least, its a little big in my opinion. My eyes are probably my best feature. They're very blue but change shades depending on my mood or what I'm wearing. 2. How good is your eye-sight? Do you wear any glasses or contact-lenses? If you do, since when? I've had glasses since I was 8 and then got contacts when I was 17. Still wear glasses and contacts. I wish I could afford that lasic surgery! 3. If you could afford and you have the time to do a plastic surgery, which part of your body you want to "repair"? You have to name one and just don't say that you don't need any. Nobody's perfect - even though we are mostly happy the way we are. I'd do liposuction for sure... then maybe a little nip and tuck here and there, nothing major. Wouldn't want to end up looking like a Jackson! 4. Do you ALWAYS get what people tell you? Or do you need them to repeat what they are saying often? Depends on the day... there are times when all I seem to say is "huh?" Guess it depends on where my mind is. 5. Sensitivity. How sensitive are you? Are your skin is sensitive? How about your feeling? Tell me. I'm very sensitive. Feel so much all the time. I've really worked hard at not being so sensitive about some things. 6. How is your skin? And your lips? If you need some lotion for your skin, what the brand you use? And for your lips? My face needs lotion on occasion, I use a vitamin E lotion. My lips, always dry... use Vaseline Lip Therapy, cherry flavored. Utah is a very dry so I use lotion everywhere else too. Either Obsession (if I'm going out) or Bath & Body Works stuff if not. 7. How ticklish are you? Where is the most ticklish part of your body? OH YES, I'm very ticklish. My neck and feet are the most ticklish I'm going to mention... other places are ummm... private. *snicker* 8. List the function of each senses of yours. The out-of-ordinary ones! (We all know that tongue is not always used for tasting flavor, don't we? *wink*) Eyes to see the wonder of the world around me (especially men's nice packages), ears to hold 5 earrings each, nose to pick, and lips to lick, tongue to roam the wondrous male body...oooo.... that's the best sense of all...

Friday, August 23

I woke up feeling really rotten this morning, I tried not to dwell on it, but it kept getting in the way. My Rheumatoid Arthritis seems to be taking a turn for the worse and it really frustrates me. My finger, knuckles, wrists, toes and feet joints are looking bad again and are painful. Still not having any severe flare ups like I was 6 months ago. I decided to go ahead with my cleaning, but was feeling so rotten I just did a half-assed job. I'll clean better next week... I just have to say screw it and not worry about it. My health should be first. Usually once I get moving, I feel better but not today. I had planned on going outside and basking in the sun then coming in and taking a short nap. I laid down on my bed before going outside, about 11:30 am. and the next thing I knew, it was 2:30 pm. Damn. Guess I needed a long nap! So, today was pretty much shot. I've just been resting and moving about every so often since. I see the doctor on Monday, so he'll probably do some medication changes. He mentioned 6 weeks ago if he didn't see any improvement, he'd either add something to the Methotrexate and Celebrex, or switch to something else completely. So, we'll see. Like a ninny I refilled my Methotrexate and Celebrex prescriptions yesterday without even thinking that he might change it on Monday! Well, there goes $40 if I don't use them, DUH! I don't think they'll let me return them, do you? ;-) tee hee OK - enough whinging! Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!
What a crack up THIS is. (thanks Chris for the link.)
Thanks, Ariel for this quizzie.

LOL! Who - me??? Naw....
Happy 45th Anniversary, Mom and Dad! Love, Karen
Friday Five! 1. What is your current occupation? Is this what you chose to be doing at this point in your life? Why or why not? I am a Project Administrator. I do like my job and am happy with it for now. I would like to go back to school and get my degree. 2. If time/talent/money were no object, what would your dream occupation be? I'd like to be a therapist for kids or adults who've had trauma in their lives and couldn't afford to pay. 3. What did/do your parents do for a living? Has this had any influence on your career choices? Dad was/is a insurance salesman. He retired once, but went back to work part time. Mom managed a cafeteria before she retired. No, they didn't influence me much, other than to be hard working and honest. 4. Have you ever had to choose between having a career and having a family? No, don't have a family so never had to choose. 5. In your opinion, what is the easiest job in the world? What is the hardest? Why? Easiest would be a token collector at a train station (I really don't know!), and hardest would probably be anything in the public service.

Thursday, August 22

Here's a big THANK YOU to Tiara who set up my Toadbot on my QBoard. So cool. :-) We also had a chat (she's my new YM Friend!). Sweet lady - if you haven't visited her, you should!
I'm very mischievous today for some reason... I guess after answering the last question on Three for Thursday, I decided its high time to get Linda back for registering me with that dating service. Now, its certainly not the most original idea, but I decided to do the same to her. I registered her with an obscure on-line dating service with the name LoverGirl1956. Gave them her Hotmail address, and said her status was "married but we're swingers" (that was the best one!) but looking for anyone and anything. Bit evil, I know, but I couldn't help but laugh myself silly and almost peed my pants trying to stifle the giggles. She hasn't discovered this yet, so I shall just sit back and wait it out. I may giggle when I see her but she won't know what its about, and may drive her nuts until she does figure it out! Paybacks are a bitch, aren't they? LOL! All in fun though, all in fun!
Three for Thursday! A collaboration between Colin and I. 1. What are three weird/strange/funny things you've seen in the past week? A postman in his shorts uniform driving a really nice Harley, complete with those leather strips flying from the ends of his handlebars. Pictures of starlings stealing money from a car wash machine. A rainstorm with drops so big that they reflected the sun that was on the horizon, looked like iridescent balls falling. 2. What are three of the wackiest things you've ever done? Not counting jokesc and right off the top of my head…Asked all the guys I passed “How’s it hangin’?’’ Slung a giant stuffed penis on my shoulder and walked into a club. Walked around with a gummy penis stuck to my forehead. (hmmm… am I obsessed? My friends and I do get carried away when we get together! *snicker*) 3. What are three practical jokes someone has played on you? Saran wrap on the toilet (under the seat), turned everything in my cubical upside down or backwards, and put pull-apart firecrackers on my car door so they exploded when I opened it. BONUS: If you could play a practical joke on someone, what would it be and whom would you do it to and why? I would collect a ton of packing peanuts and fill Linda’s car full of them. She recently she signed me up for an on-line dating service without my knowledge. I actually started collecting these peanuts a couple of years ago to pay her back for something else and had quite a few, but we lost our storage area so I was told to toss them. I was so upset because I didn’t have room for them at home either and Linda was out on medical leave so I couldn’t get to her car at the time. Leave your URL in my comments so we can see your answers :-) have a great day everyone!!

Wednesday, August 21

Here for just a few to post the HumpDayHump. I really hate it when work interferes with my blogging time. Just hate it. But I'd rather be busy than twiddling my thumbs or is it my boss that likes that... because when I'm busy, I'm less likely to stir up trouble in the way of practical jokes. Ah well... he's out this week but has left me plenty to do. I was able to finish the majority of my financials yesterday - at least the balancing part so happy about that. Going to lunch with my friend Cindy today and looking forward to that. We're doing Mexican as usual... cha, cha, cha! Can just taste those cheese enchiladas now! Mmmm! Hopefully will have something more exciting to blog about when I get home tonight if not, then I won't! tee hee OK - here's my HumpDayHump. Act IV Scene I: *I am chatting to you on Yahoo (ugas1) since we can't hang tonight. Bummer.* Quiet on the set! Roll tape! ACTION! Me: Yeah, I wish I could go out tonight too. A movie or just a jaunt through Barnes and Nobles would be divine right now but my daughter has pneumonia. Yep. You heard me right. P-New-Monia. Her asthma makes her prone to it when she gets respiratory illnesses. It's walking pneumonia so she isn't bedridden or anything. Have you ever had it, pneumonia that is? You: I've had the "Walking Pneumonia", but survived and never hospitalized. I'm so sorry she's sick, that's so scary! Me: I had it in high school my senior year. I have never broken a bone though. Well I did fracture my pinky. Rather that little shit in grammer school fractured it when he tried to punch me in order to get the basketball back. Have you ever broken or fractured anything? You: I fractured my middle finger, and no - I wasn't flipping anyone off. I hit it with a sledge hammer while splitting a log for the wood stove. I also broke my foot by going outside in the middle of winter to get some snow to eat (fresh snow - yum) in my bare feet (really bright, I know) and slipped on the deck. My foot hit so hard that it fractured a bone. Then I've broken my pinky toes too many times to count. I'm such a clutz. Me: I don't fear death. I do wonder what will happen after I die though. Will I just go to sleep until the Second Coming of Jesus (what I was taught) or will I be reincarnated in order for my soul to learn more life lessons or what? I favor the first theory. What do you believe will happen? You: I believe parts of both theories, there are definitely times that I feel like I've lived other lives before. I believe when people die, they go onto another place but also their spirits never leave us. Me: If you could ask God to abolish one disease, only one, which one would you choose? You: That's a hard one since there are so many terrible diseases, but I'd have to say cancer. Me: Have you ever given cryogenics a thought? You know, freezing yourself Austin Powers style. Like you could freeze yourself until there was a cure and then your decedents could thaw you out and cure you and go on to live a wonderful life with you disease-free. Would you do it or consider it for a loved one? You: Burrr! I don't think I'd freeze myself or a loved one because I'd be without them. Me: Want me to make a bracelet or necklace for you? You: Sure, if you're that bored! Thanks! Me: Don't have too much fun tonight without me! What are your plans? You: Well, I do have to go to work in the morning, so I'm afraid fun is out for tonight... unless a certain guy comes my way. Me: Gotta bolt. See ya' later on! Byebye. You: Cut!!

Tuesday, August 20

Thanks to Colin for this pic!
Thanks to Roo for this test. Friends Quiz @ No big surprise to me ;-) That's OK - I like Monica! Sex & The City Quiz @ Yeah, OK... Charlotte fits me too, I think.
This or That 1. CandyLand or Chutes and Ladders? I really loved both games, but I think I liked the Chutes and Ladders better cuz you got to play with the little buckets and cherries. 2. Barbie or GI Joe? Barbie, had lots of Barbies. GI Joe was OK, a real manly man but I liked Ken - he really knew how to treat a lady when Joe was all caught up in blowing stuff up. 3. Play-Doh or Silly Putty? I loved both! Silly putty was fun because it would stretch and you could make imprints of comics on it, etc., but with Play-Doh you could make stuff with and it kept the shape. 4. Lincoln Logs or Tinkertoys? Tinkertoys - more versatile than the logs. 5. The Game of Life or Monopoly? Again, a tough choice. I really loved both games, but I had to quit playing Life because someone stole all the people. I think I know who it was - I think it was my mean, rotten sister Kathy. She loved (and still does) to torment me. 6. Etch-a-Sketch or Lite-Brite? Ohhhh... Lite-Brite! I loved seeing the different colors all lit up. Still had fun with the Etch-a-Sketch though... loved shaking it up! 7. The Slinky: metal or plastic? Metal. It made a cooler noise. 8. Easy-Bake Oven or Sno-Cone Machine? Easy-Bake Oven. I never had a Sno-Cone Machine, Santa wouldn't bring it. 9. Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars? Hmmmm...Hot Wheels. 10. Spirograph or Paint-by-Numbers? Spirograph!! Tuesday Too 1.) Here's something to RANT about: "Nigerian woman loses battle..." This is soooo wrong. There are children born out of wedlock every day - no one should be put to death for it. Who do these bastards think they are?! Oh - and why aren't the MEN punished??????????????????? 2.) After reading the above article, most questions seem trivial; however, isn't something like this beyond toleration/acceptance of "other cultures ways of doing things? Absolutely. Sex is a natural part of life and I don't think any government has a right to say anyone can't do it - if they're both responsible (i.e., birth control, etc.,) adults and its consensual then, let them go for it. 3.) Explain your yes position on question # 2, and tell us what should/can we as individuals, or nations do about it? If you answered no to question # 2, tell us why we should should close our eyes to injustice in other nations. I don't even know where to start since its another country and obviously we'd be dealing with idiots.

Monday, August 19

While sitting at my desk this morning, having a little snack of dry roasted peanuts when I was reminded of something that happened last week. I was working away, snacking on the nuts when my boss came up behind me and started to grab a couple of peanuts from my pile. I said, "Hey – hands off my nuts!!!" Now, I know I don't have nuts, but my mind immediately repeated what I'd just said outloud and snickered and then turned beet red. My boss chuckled and walked away… probably thought it best that he did. I should really think about things before they pop out of my mouth, whether others can take them dirty, or if I could possibly take them dirty after they've come out of my mouth. The nuts tasted a lot better than the foot! LOL!! Oooo… see, there I go again.
Monday Mission! 1. Many children have blankets, or a favorite nubby stuffed animal that they like to keep near them for security. Do you recall what you had for your "security blanket" as a child? When did you finally give it up? What brought that about? I always had a thing for blankets. Mom recovered my original blanket about 6 times before I finally grew out of it, then she made me a big quilt and I still have it. I've recovered it three times, I think. I also have 2 of my favorite stuffed animals that survived, they look shabby but they're still together in one piece, except for the little green dog who lost his eyes. 2. Now that you are a big kid, what do you have to give you that same sense of security? Snuggle up in my favorite blanket, put on my favorite comfy PJs and warm socks. 3. With a little over four months left in 2002, have you accomplished everything you wanted to for the year? Is there anything that you would like to accomplish before the year is over? I went to England, that was the major thing. I still want to have someone great in my life and fall in love - if not this year then maybe next. 4. I don't know about you, but it seems to me children have it pretty good these days. Game systems, computers in the home, microwaves, cable TV, the internet, cell phones and pagers, they certainly have a wider variety of technology than most of us did as children. What modern convenience, if any, do you think it would be good for children today to do without? What would they gain? I think not as many games since it can take away from school work. 5. Many of us have one thing in which we believe we excel. What do you do better than most? Hmmmm... can't think of anything right off hand. 6. In the United States, and possibly other countries, teenagers in High School usually wind up falling into several social circles or "cliques." Stoners, Rich Kids, Jocks, Cheerleaders, Band, Drama, Goths, and so on (though the names are probably different today). What High School "clique" did you find yourself in? Was it by choice or did it just happen? Did you look down on other groups? (Aw it's ok, it was/is High School, we all did dumb stuff) I wasn't in any clique... I was between. I got along with the stoners, cowboys, some of the geeks, some rich kids, but not cheerleaders and jocks. 7. (it begins) I have great news! I won the contest and we now have plane tickets to anywhere in the world. The bad news is we have to pick a place now and leave in the morning. I can't decide where to go, so you get to pick. Where should we go, and what is the first thing we should do when we get there? I'd want to go back to England to see London, etc. The first thing I'd do is ring Emma, Pete, Jacky and Bob and say... "I'm baaack!" BONUS: Must I beg you? Oh no... don't have beg but I do like you down on your knees, you're just the right height to... oooohhhh! YES, you read my mind!
I just got the news - I'll be seeing CREED on October 19th at the Delta Center in Salt Lake City! WOOOOOHOOOOO!!! Yeah BABY! Seats aren't where we wanted, but that's OK, the seats are pretty good! The tickets were selling really fast! Can you tell I'm a tad excited???

Sunday, August 18

Snagged this link from Big Pink Cookie Its a new mathematical formula that estimates penis size. What a riot!!! Size Him Up.
Well, I did it... I registered with BlogTree.
Up early on a Sunday morning (yes, I'm nuts... but if I sleep in, I'll have a bugger of a time getting to sleep tonight), surfing and reading blogs while waiting on my laundry. I'm trying to talk myself into getting my butt in gear and working out... but I keep hearing a very whiny voice in my head "But I don't want to!" I'll give myself another half an hour, then I'll do it. I know I'll feel much better having done it... usually do. Not much planned for today, looks to be a nice day so I think I'll wash my car and bask in the sunshine a bit, do some reading and/or watch tv. Here's wishing everyone has a great day!!!

Saturday, August 17

Here are some of the latest searches that have landed people to my blog: Google: theory of menstruation ROFL! OMG! Have I ever talked about such things on my blog? Me thinks NOT! Yahoo: www.exercist movie .com Run out of room screaming - HATE that movie. Google: poy little sex Poy?? (see Note below) Definitely very little sex happening here though, damn it. Google: teasing to flirt *snicker* Google: cute smilies Ahhh... yes, like that one. Google: man grabbed my brother and i got away leaving my shoe 1997 death of brother - Huh!?? Please repeat that! Yahoo: blogspot 100 things about me - Yup, got those! Yahoo: Help get home for dinner, watch for falling things and mice cat online game OK... someone really needs help. Google: root canals aren't so bad If you're lucky! Google: how to get rid of mexican hornets Run away screaming again. Google: famous corn cob songs Yup, this is the place for those! Google: yahoo naughty smilies Yeah, tell me where I can find those! MSN Search: flash e - cards of the muppet show Hmmm... Google: "Ask Sadie" Nope sorry, wrong number. No Sadie here. Yahoo: marlena days grease Love Days of Our Lives... but Marlena isn't greasy. Google: karen Yes....?? Google: Cowgirl Sex Position How Woohoo - GIDDEE UP! *snicker* Note: I had to look the word "poy" up in the dictionary. I'm still confused about what it has to do with little sex, or am I just missing something here? \Poy\, n. [OF. apui, apoi, a support, prop., staff, F. appui, fr. OF. apuier, apoier, to support, F. appuyer, fr. [`a] to (L. ad) + OF. pui, poi, a rising ground, hill, L. podium. See Podium, Pew.] 1. A support; -- used in composition; as, teapoy. 2. A ropedancer's balancing pole. --Johnson. 3. A long boat hook by which barges are propelled against the stream. [Prov. Eng.] --Halliwell

Friday, August 16

I went to see "The Adventures of Pluto Nash" starring Mr. Murphy. It was on the low scale of OK - didn't fall asleep, got a couple giggles but that was about it. Was disappointing because I thought it would be funnier - oh well. Linda and I were VERY bad. We usually never get anything to munch on during the movie, just our water. Well today, we had our water, popcorn, Abba Zabba taffy, and licorice. We never did break into the licorice, surprisingly enough, I guess we pigged out on the popcorn. We bought a large bag and we ate most of it. Now, since we did buy a large bag, we got free refills... so on the way out, I stopped off and got this big bag refilled. Damnit - they charge so much at least I could get more money out of the bag. LOL! I put the popcorn in my car, then Linda and I got in her car and drove to Applebee's... yes, we could actually eat after all that popcorn and taffy. We both discovered a new Cheesy Riblett Honey BBQ sandwich. Its to die for. THEN as if we hadn't eat enough, we decided to split a Blonde Brownie (heavenly white chocolate with walnut brownie, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, then topped with an incredibly decadent buttery topping). UGH, am I sick!!! Haven't been really bad like that for quite a while, and I suppose I deserve to once in a while. Linda took me back to my car, I got in and was overwhelmed by the incredible smell of WARM Buttery POPCORN! My car was hotter (from the heat) than those heat lamps they use in the theatre... I started laughing and had to call Linda on her cell and tell her. We both cracked up... I had to smell that delicious smell all the way home, but let me tell ya, I didn't have one piece of it! LOL!! I'm thinking despite my airing my car out, come Monday morning it will still smell like popcorn! Anyway when I got home, I gave the bag to the parents and they were elated. OK - now for a little griping. I'm financially challenged and live in the basement of my parent's house. Just a few minutes ago, I was sitting here, reading blogs when their phone rang... its not my phone, so I didn't answer it. It rang 4 times, then stopped (going to their machine). Then about 5 seconds go by and my phone starts ringing. Blasted! I'm guessing its one of my siblings and as soon as I pick up the phone, they're gonna say "Hi... where' s Mom and Dad?" How the hell should I know?! Sooooooooo irritating. Yup - I was right. It was Susie... now Susie, I love ya, but I wish you'd quit doing that!!! Leave a damn message on their machine and they'll call you back! So, the first thing was "Hi... what'cha doing?" (ok was wrong on my guess on that) I replied that I was online, then she said, "Oh, I see... where's Mom and Dad?" AAARRGHH!!!! I replied, "I don't know!" The conversation went on - she asked why I didn't know, and I told her (jokingly of course) that its not my turn to babysit them! Sheesh!
Here's something else the very cool Colin made for me and posted on his server... this is for my answer #2 on yesterday's Three for Thursday. The really funny thing is, that the name Bubbles brought back a memory of yet another nickname. My cruel sisters used to call me Bubbles growing up cuz I had a bubble butt. They were just jealous because their butts were - and still are (just bigger) flatter than pancakes. I used to call them Pancake Butts. Sisterly love... ain't it great?
(snagged from Colin) Yes, indeedy... glad its Friday. I'm luckier than some, my weekend has already started. I work 4-10's (M - TH). Kinda in a blah mood today, been a rough couple of days... don't really want to go into it cuz I've whinged about it enough. Must think about positive things, for example, I'm not working today!!! Linda and I are planning to go see the "Adventures of Pluto Nash" this afternoon, it looks funny. So, I must get my butt moving to get all my cleaning and my workout done. If I do, maybe I can bask in the sun for a bit before the movie. Poor Linda does have to work today so we'll go to the movie after she is done. Have a great day everyone!!!

Thursday, August 15

Three for Thursday! A collaboration between Colin and I. 1. Have you ever had a nickname(s)? What is it and what's the story behind it? (Other than stupid names kids called each other) Well, to start with, "Kammy" because my friend couldn't say my name right. Dad still calls me Kammy on occasion, but Mom calls me "KB" or "Karen Bean", not sure why maybe because it rhymes with my middle name. Then I graduated to "Toad" because I had a dream that I was a mud wrestler and my name was Little Toad. Last but not least, "Cream Puff" and I've posted about that reason recently. 2. So you got stuck with a nickname that "didn't really describe the true you." What nickname would best suit you? (Superman/Superwoman, Bond...James Bond, Octopussy...well, you get the idea). Bubbles, the Power Puff Girl 3. Have you ever given anyone a nickname that stuck and what's the story there? My nephew Travis – "Gomer". Probably because he started out making fun of Gomer Pyle and Travis reminded me a little bit of him, so goofy (Travis definitely takes after me in that area). He’s almost 22 and I still call him Gomer. He calls me Auntie Karen Pooh so I guess we're even.

Wednesday, August 14

Tip o'the Day: Don't wait until the last minute to pee. If you do, when you get to the restroom, you'll discover that its being cleaned, then you walk all the way around to the other side of the building only to find that that restroom is being cleaned as well. DAMN! They better hurry.
Mom made it back from her trip to the cabin with Susie, Kathy, the baby, and my Aunt last night. I'm now officially off duty for looking after Susie's apartment (and chatting with her fish!) as well as Pickle Duty for Mom. Pickle Duty involved straining sweet syrup (for 4 days) off two batches of sweet pickles then adding more sugar, boiling it, then pouring the syrup back over the would-be pickles. I did very well and Mom was grateful. She arrived home just in time to pickle them today. Sweet pickles - or at least this recipe of my Grandmother's takes about 10 days to make. They're quite yummy, I just love pickles. Sandi was giving me a hard time yesterday about thinking I messed up Mom's pickles from being "distracted" and thinking of other kinds of pickles. These were the smaller variety, like a gherkin. I'd have to go elsewhere (namely the movie theatre) for the big pickles I do so enjoy... but of course I have to go other places for the other type of "pickle" I wish I were eating. *snicker* and another thing, its really hard to mess up boiling stuff. I'm a pretty good cook, although there are times when I mess things up. Anyhoo... Mom wrote me a note to give to Sandi telling her what a great job I did. That really cracked me up - so I set the note on Sandi's desk this morning. You know, I've been here at work for over 4.5 hours and I don't think I've spoke to any more than 4 people and that was just to say "good morning" as I was going to the restroom. Hmmm... best break out of my little cubical and do some socializing a bit later.

Tuesday, August 13

THIS is pretty funny! Now, you may ask, "Is Karen getting any work done today?" answer "Not much..." Must_do_work. Just hate it when work interferes with my play time.
Found this on Ariel's site. taurus

What's *Your* Sex Sign? RAR, baby! Got this one from Cupid Girl
discover what candy you are @
Yesterday as I was coming through the base gate, the guard that checked my ID looked like he was barely awake and really grouchy. He didn't even take my ID and look (just looked from my hand), he just nodded me through. Didn't smile, say "have a nice day" or "thanks". So, I told him to have a nice day, and he made a grunting noise. I just giggled as I drove off, thinking someone really must have pissed in his cherios. This morning, I had the same guy again. No nod today, just a blink. I told him to have a nice day again, and he again grunted. I giggled again and went on my way. This man must really not be a morning person. Most of the guards are really great - despite having a crap job. They're keeping us safe so I always thank them as I pass through.
This or That 1. Dr. Seuss characters: the Cat in the Hat or the Grinch? Cat in the Hat 2. "Anne of Green Gables" or "Little Women"? Little Women 3. Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys? Hardy Boys 4. Winnie the Pooh characters: Tigger or Eeyore? Now that's hard to choose. Tigger is so bouncy and fun, yet Eeyore is sooooo sweet and cuddly. Nope, can't choose. 5. Which author: Judy Blume or Beverly Cleary? Judy Blume 6. Roald Dahl books: "Charlie & the Chocolate Factory" (Willy Wonka) or "James & the Giant Peach"? Willy! Gotta love those Willies *snicker* 7. "Harry Potter" or "The Wizard of Oz"? Harry Potter - he's not as whiny as Dorothy and can do cool stuff. 8. Curious George or Madeline? Curious George, cute little monkey. 9. "A Wrinkle in Time" or "Little House on the Prairie"? Little House. 10. Dr. Seuss again: "Horton Hears a Who" or "The Lorax"? Horton. Tuesday Too 1.) What is your favorite freeware program? If you don't have have one you might want to check out some freeware sites. I don't really have one... unless you'd call Yahoo Messenger and ICQ freeware ?? 2.) Do you think the way the internet has changed the world is essentially a good thing? Why or why not? Yes, definitely. Information at your fingertips and its opened so many doors to meeting new people and friends around the world. Great way to share your thoughts and ideas. 3.) Is there something that's really bothering you these days? It might be personal, political, scientific or just downright kinky. What is it? I'd have to say all the injustices, terrorism, starvation and poverty in the world.

Monday, August 12

Here's a big THANK YOU to my dear
friend Colin for creating my pics in a gallery instead of a blog. I was supposed to quit thanking him, but tough cookies. He even made them clickable!
Monday Mission 1. If I could guarantee that the Fashion Police would not lay the smackdown on you, which favorite out-of-style article of clothing do you wish you could wear right now? Comfy knit shorts, and a big t-shirt. 2. In your opinion, who is famous but shouldn't be? Anna Nichole Smith 3. Are there any new movies or TV shows that you are forward to this fall? Movies: I Spy, Sweet Home Alabama, Banger Sisters. I'm sure there's more, just can't think of more. TV shows - haven't checked out the schedule yet, but the Inlaws looks pretty funny. 4. If you had a time machine that you could use only one time (there and back), where would you go and what would you do? I'd want to go back to the Medieval times, live in a big castle and meet the man of my dreams, then bring him back with me! ;-) I'm a hopeless romantic, does it show?! 5. What cologne of perfume do you like to wear? Which brand do you prefer that your partner wear? I wear Obsession... don't care which one my partner wears as long as he smells unbelievably good and makes me go crazy every time I smell him. 6. Do you recall your first "French kiss?" Tell me about how that felt, and how it came about. Do you like them? First French kiss was horrible... it was by some guy that came to one of my parties and tried to get it on with all my friends, then chose me last as he was heading out the door. His breath tasted like stinky feet and his mouth pretty much covered my nose as well as my mouth. Yuck. No, don't like him. 7. Excluding your partner...If you had the opportunity, who would you most like to French kiss? Hmmm... so tough to choose just one... Nicolas Cage, Kevin Costner, Matthew McConaughy, Tom Cruise... the list could go on and on... BONUS: Can't you see that it's late at night? Yeah... so? I want you anytime, any place, babe! Woohoo!

Sunday, August 11

Has anyone ever asked you to hand them the hoo-dinkey for the flip-flopper and you know exactly what they mean??
Hmmm... did I say the weather was cooler today? Well, I was WRONG! It started out that way, but reached a toasty 96. OK, so its not in the 100's but I was sooooo enjoying the 80's! Not too hot, not too cool... juuuuust right.
Visted Listener and found this Pull-O-Meter. My results: Shy Girl Always in control, and that often works out the best on a holiday night out, But stop playing it so safe! We know its not cool to get wasted, but you need to let down your hair and live a little! Perhaps a bit of dutch courage will give you that pep you need to go for it a bit more.
Reasons to be cheerful this weekend: 1. The evil sister is out of town so she isn't inhabiting part of the upstairs in the house. NO negative energy seeping through the floor boards. Ahhhhh.... peace! Love it. 2. Made a little progress with HTML, stuck at the moment, but learning and trying to figure things out. 3. Beautiful weather. Been a little cooler than recently and I'm loving it! 4. Laundry and Workout done. 5. The rest of the day to veg and do anything I want. Hope everyone is having a great Sunday!!!

Saturday, August 10

Nothing much to write about today, not too bad of a day though. I got up early, mowed the lawn, worked out, played with my so-called webpage for a while (frustrating!), basked in the sunshine, then took a short snooze. Nice, quiet day... ahhh...

Friday, August 9

Today was a pretty good day! First of all, I woke up early to get my cleaning done and chatted with Colin and Emma over the e-mail - they make the task of cleaning soooo much better. Then I worked out, paid my bills, showered, ran my errands, then met Linda for a movie and an early dinner. We went to see Signs. Excellent movie. Suspenseful, intriguing, humorous, sad, and Mr. Gibson looked so yummy I could have ate him!! Then we ate at Iggy's Sports Bar where I had a calazone... the thing was so huge I brought half of it home for another meal! On the way home, I had to stop off at my sister Susie's (who went to our family's cabin near West Yellowstone for a few days, taking Mom, my other sister *WOOHOO!* and baby with her) to collect her mail and say hello to her fishy. Susie asked me to say hello to her fishy - and she says I'm bad about leaving my cat! LOL!! Now I'm in for the night and am going to read some blogs! Hope everyone has a fab weekend!!
Friday Five 1. Do you have a car? If so, what kind of car is it? I have a 1987 Chevy Cavelier Z-24. Almost has 143,000 miles on it which is pretty low for a car that old. I bought it brand new and its been a great car - I've really tried to take good care of it. 2. Do you drive very often? Yes, every day to work (about 50 miles round trip) but not a whole lot on weekends. 3. What's your dream car? I'd really love to have a Toyota Highlander or Camary. If we're talking classic cars, a 1969 Chevy Camaro or 1967 Mustang convertable, cherried out. 4. Have you ever received a ticket? Nope! That radar/laser detector has saved my ass more than once! 5. Have you ever been in an accident? Very SMALL accident. I had a broken foot and the cast got stuck between the break and gas as I was pulling in to get gas. It didn't hurt the other car, but broke the fog light on my Mom's Blazer. Oops.

Thursday, August 8

Something NEW! My dear friend Colin has been so kind as to host some pics for me on his server! Here's the Link I've also added it to my side bar. Now you can all see what a goof I am. The majority of the pics are of my group of friends referred to as the "Motley Crew", and a couple of the P & E's wedding in England. More to come...

Wednesday, August 7

Three for Thursday a collaboration between Colin and I (with help from Fluffy Muppet). 1. What three events have changed your life? (Other than 911 - See the Bonus Question) Going to England!!, Almost losing my parents to illnesses, and getting Rheumatoid Arthritis. 2. What are three things you collect? Pigs, cats, Winnie the Pooh stuff. 3. What are three things you once took for granted but no longer do? Pain-free life, family, and friends. 4. What are three things that you've always wanted to do, and do you plan on doing any of them? Get my degree, fall in love, and buy a house. Yes, I plan on doing all of them… if I'm fortunate enough. Bonus: How has your life changed since 911? More aware of what goes on around me and making me realize just how vulnerable anyone is to violence. Its also made me realize how fortunate I am not to have lost any loved ones, and makes my heart ache for those who did.
HumpDayHump ACT III, Scene V: *We are standing in line for concessions at the movie theater before our movie starts. Chatting since the loser behind the counter is going so s-l-o-w!!* Quiet on the set! Roll tape! ACTION! ME: I'm so glad we decided to see *Signs*! I love movies! It is my escape to leave Bob with the kids and head to a 7pm movie at least twice a month. Chic flicks, of course, are my first choice. But I do love movies concerning the supernatural. I don't mind horror flicks if they are more suspense than gore. I hate gore and war movies. What are your favorite types of movies? You: You know me, I love anything for a good laugh, cry, or a good action... a gorgeous guy doesn't hurt either. ME: Any movie with Liam Neeson or Nicolas Cage in it, is a favorite of mine! I also really like Ashley Judd's movies. Any actors or actresses you favor? You: I'm with you on Nicolas Cage and Ashley Judd. I also like Sandra Bullock's movies too. Oh, and lets not forget the gorgeous Mel Gibson, Matthew McConaughy, Kevin Costner, etc. They just *do* things to me. Mmmm! ME: I hate it when people clap at the end of a good movie. It is just so damn corny. You aren't going to clap are you? You: Hell no! If it ain't live, why clap?! ME: Finally at the front of the line!! I want a large coke and some nachos, cheese on the side, please. What are you getting?You: Oooo... bottle of water and a big pickle. Just love those big pickles. I like to start eating them before the movie starts, makes the men drool and their women give me dirty looks. Licking the juices from the sides, putting the whole tip of the pickle in my mouth... oh boy! *snicker* ME: I better pee before I go in. You gotta go or are you going to snag us some seats? You: Need you ask? I always gotta pee! CUT!!!
Ever been dumped and not felt bad about it - more of a relief than anything?? Well, that's what happened to me this morning. Bryan sent me this e-mail: Hi Karen, it was nicing meeting you and talking to you online, but I thought I should let you know I realize we need to go in different directions, and so I will not contact you any further. I have little doubt you feel the same, and of course, I totally understand. Good Luck and Be Good to Yourself WHEW!! He's such a nice guy - but "it" just wasn't there. I was actually DREADING him asking me out again because he was acting like he was going to as we talked since Saturday. Better to end it now than later.

Tuesday, August 6

Poor Chelene (a lady from work) is off with the flu. Janna, Nicole and I just decided to share some get-well wishes for when she comes back to work. We sabotaged her cubical. (bwaahahhaahhaa) These are the major things we did: * Took all her cough drops out of the bag and lined them up along her desk * Took some Vaseline chapped lip stuff and smeared it on her ear piece on her phone * Taped down the receiver on the phone so it will keep on ringing when she gets a call * Taped the mouse ball from the inside (Janna is brilliant!) * Took the keyboard and mice from her two computers and switched cords so one now controls the other * Unplugged all power cords and desk lights * Put paper-punches and put in her Kleenex box so when she pulls tissue out, confetti will fly * Emptied out rocks from a vase and made a cute smiley on her desk (who can get pissed looking at such a cute smile??) * Taped her microphone input She'll be finding things for hours! LOL!!! Yes, I know… paybacks are a bitch, but that is what makes things so fun!
Snagged this test from Nancy. Paranoid: Low Schizoid: Low Schizotypal: Low Antisocial: Low Borderline: Low Histrionic: Low Narcissistic: Low Avoidant: Moderate Dependent: Low Obsessive-Compulsive: High Click here to take the test. Yup - gotta agree with Obsessive-Compulsive! LOL!
I went to bed early last night and slept like the dead for a change. I feel a lot better, but still somewhat yucky. Will keep my chin up and hopefully will keep getting better. Hope everyone has a great day!!! Reason to be cheerful: Great friends, old and new who cheer me up and care about me. This or That 1. What's your personal clothing style...trendy or classic? Hmmm... pretty much the middle of the road - not too classy and not trendy. I really don't like the trendy-teeny-bopper styles. I think the 70's styles should have stayed where they were - dead. 2. Do you shop for designer names or stick with the more generic brands? Not really designer, but when I find a good brand that fits, then I stick to it. The dresses I buy are from nice places but not designer. 3. Work clothes: dressy or casual? Dressy - dresses. 4. Days off style: dressy or casual? Casual - if I'm home, I'm a bum. 5. Women: high heels or flats? Men: Wing-tips or work boots? Flats mostly (sandals in summer!), some a little heel. Can't where spikes any more. 6. Do you have a large wardrobe, or just a few carefully selected pieces? Not really what I would call huge, but a lot of what is hanging in my closet I don't wear. 7. Do you shop for clothing at stores or from catalogs/internet? All of the above. I find most my dresses in catalogs - they've got a much better selection and are more my style. 8. Are most of your clothes dry-clean only or machine-washable? Most machine-washable. The dry cleaners are too expensive. UGH! 9. You buy an article of clothing and realize it is all wrong for you when you get home. Return or keep it? Depends... if its something that I will be able to wear (as I'm losing weight) I'll keep it. If not, I'll return it. 10. Hats: yes or no? No, but do look fab in a hat. Just don't go anywhere to wear a hat! Tuesday Too 1.) Is honesty always the best policy? Relate a plausible scenario where this might not be the case. I think in most cases, yes it is the best policy. I can't think of a scenario, but in some cases, its best not to be 100% honest if you're really going to hurt someone. 2.) Are you someone of who can't say no? If you're not, tell those of us who are, how to overcome the yes syndrome. I have trouble saying no at times, but have gotten better at it. Do like the drug compaign says, "Just Say NO" and practice it! 3.) What's your remedy for sleepless nights? Well, if I had a man in my bed I'd have fun on those sleepless nights. But until then, I watch taped episodes of the Brady Bunch or just watch some show I've seen a million times.

Monday, August 5

The Monday Mission 1. Ever considered just deleting your Blog and not doing it anymore? What prompted that and what stopped you? No, never considered deleting it - having too much fun. 2. How about a quick review of the last movie you saw? The Bourne Identity. Good movie, full of action, suspense, story line was good, Clive Owen was in it too - yummy, but wished he would have been a good guy and a bigger part. I liked the driving scene in Paris. One small dumpy car out ran a number of police cars and motor cycles. It was great. I liked the ending. 3. What's your favorite gadget? Are you lusting for any new ones? Will you ever be satisified??? My remote controlled fart machine. No, will never stop lusting for new things! 4. Saturday night I played "UNO" for the first time in years, I mean it has been over 10 years since I played it. It was great fun, but it really made me want to learn how to play Backgammon again. What "table game" do you enjoy playing most with other people? Have you played it lately? Domino's is probably my favorite game, but haven't played it since the holidays. I used to love Backgammon too, but I can't remember how to play it, that has been years! 5. About a year ago I was obsessed with loosing weight, and I dropped pretty low before I got a handle on things (I've actually gained about 8 pounds of it back, and it is still a struggle sometimes to not try to loose it). Thankfully, I like fattening sweets and buttery popcorn too much to live like that for too long. Have you ever been obsessed with something so much that it was close to causing you physical or mental harm? If not, have you known anyone else who has? I'm trying hard to lose weight, but wouldn't say I'm obsessed over it. I've seen others be obsessed yes, and I think its a waste of their good health... its good to be slim but not to be too slim! 6. Did you grow up in a family or community that displayed racist or prejudice attitudes? Did it influence you in any way, either toward or away from those views? How did you manage to avoid it, or did you? My parents raised me to believe that you should treat others how you want to be treated. Racism wasn't a problem, but sometimes religion was. They didn't want me hanging out with kids who were of a different religion, but the funny thing is that one of my best friends growing up was different, but they didn't know. There are good things and bad things about any religion. I'm spiritual now, but not religious. 7. Good grief, I am starving! You got anything to eat around here? I've got water, crackers, nuts (peanuts), protein bars, and V-8. I've also got a jar full of candy for guests - help yourself! BONUS: What did you tell them? I don't tell... its our secret honey!
I received this funny thing in the e-mail this morning. Menopause Survival Kit Put M&M's into a cute container and add these directions: To temporarily calm your craving for chocolate, eat the BROWN one. At the first sign of hot flashes eat the RED one. Eat the ORANGE one to minimize depression. The GREEN one calms your frustrations, when you want to be left alone. If you feel a headache coming on eat the YELLOW one. The BLUE one reduces bloating. If all symptoms occur at the same time, eat the WHOLE BAG!!!

Sunday, August 4

OMG - Got this link from Ariel! (Thanks - needed this laugh!)
i am

what poo are you?
While visiting that website, found this test too.
i am

what sexual performer are you?
Thanks to Colin for posting this on his server. I put my other plate on my side bar but its not coming up for some odd reason...
Well, I seem to be under attack again by the Rheumatoid Arthritis monster. I feel like shit today. I thought maybe if I worked out that maybe I'd get my juices flowing and get feeling better but no luck. I walked on the treadmill for about 20 mins then started to get light headed. Fatigue is settling in. This is all probably why I felt so rotten last night. I did get a really nice e-mail from Bryan today, telling me that he hoped I felt better and that he had a nice time last night. He's so nice! IF he wants to take me out again, I'll give it another shot... won't give up yet.

Saturday, August 3

Just got back from my date with Bryan. Had an OK time, but I started feeling crappy so I wasn't very good company. We went to see The Bourne Identity which was pretty good, then we went to Applebee's to eat. Bryan is such a sweet guy, but I don't know if there could be anything more than friendship. Maybe its cuz I'm not feeling well, or maybe "its" just not there. Sigh.
Today's horoscope: If you were hoping to hide in a corner all day, you can forget it. Your presence dominates the room and demands everyone's immediate attention. Be careful when flirting, Aquarius -- your confident manner and crackling electric charm inspire lust in the hearts of many. You can see your own future, and it looks like a fun place to live. Try not to do anything that will impede your progress over the next couple of days. Guess I better somewhat behave with the flirting today...

Friday, August 2

Got this test from Jason. LOL!!! Who, me?
I got a call last night from that guy Bryan (from last weekend)... we talked for about 30 minutes, then he asked me out again! We're going to another movie tomorrow sometime, he's going to call me in the morning to sort out the details. When he asked me out again, he commented that "he hadn't scared me away yet." Hmmm... I laughed and said I think it would be the other way around! LOL!! I have a new nick name. Cream Puff. The other day when we had Leon's going away do, I brought in some cream puffs along with the other goodies. I ate one (soooo delicious!) and cream squirted out I guess I had quite a look on my face because I immediately thought naughty thoughts (no surprise there). Then my friends Sandi and Larry thought the same things... so they started calling me Cream Puff. Larry even made me a fake business card with the name! Yup, that's me. Cream Puff! Me thinks it fits quite well.
Friday Five 1. What is your lineage? Where are your ancestors from? English, German, Danish, Scottish and Irish. 2. Of those countries, which would you most like to visit? I've visited England (but want to go back!!), and want to visit Germany, Scottland and Ireland. 3. Which would you least like to visit? Why? Denmark 4. Do you do anything during the year to celebrate or recognize your heritage? No, not that I can think of. 5. Who were the first ancestors to move to your present country (parents, grandparents, etc)? Grandparents about 3 generations back.

Thursday, August 1

I've been pondering the idea of waxing versus shaving every day (cuz I HATE stubblies). Too much information? Hmmm... perhaps... I decided to give waxing a try. Today was that day. Can I just say one thing?? Fuuuuu... I mean... OUCH Holy shit, that hurt! OK, so I'm saying more than one thing! Under my arms and legs weren't quite as bad as I thought they'd be, but the bikini line, now that hurt! Tender, tender skin there... in fact, it bruised the skin in a couple of places! Tears came to my eyes! I have two questions: 1) Why do we women put ourselves through such torture?? and 2) Is this pain worth a month or so of not shaving?? I'll have to get back to you on that.
Nothing starts a day out better than hearing a Rock Block (3 songs in a row) of Creed and then Default! Got me going this morning... and I wanted to stay in bed and not come into work, but I managed to drag my butt out of bed. Three for Thursday (a collaboration between Colin and I with help from Fluffy Muppet. 1. What's three things you like about computers/internet? Easy communication, meeting new people, and cool stuff. 2. What's three things about computers/internet you don't like? When they don't work, can be frustrating at times, and sometimes too much information. 3. What did you eat for breakfast this morning? Milk, banana, and Yoplait yogurt. 4. What's three things that drive you crazy (in general)? Shitty/slow drivers, people messing with my stuff, no lids on the ends of pens. 5. What's your three favorite flavors/types pastries/donuts/sweets? Anything with Peanut Butter!!! White chocolate/macadamia nut cookies, and Chicko sticks. 6. If you were stuck on a deserted island, what are three things you couldn't do without? My cat/family/friends, computer, and TV. Bonus: Is there a dream that you've had and remember that you would like to act out in real life, or there something that happened in real life that you'd love to dream about? Ohhohhohhh YES, I've had a few really nice dreams that I'd like to come true....ooohhhoooohhh YES! *snicker* Please make sure to leave a comment and let us know when you've posted your Three for Thursday. Colin and I will check your answers!