Thursday, December 26

I made it into work today! It was tough, I really had to force myself out of bed... if I didn't have to pee so bad, I probably would have stayed in bed! LOL!! Yeah, I know, too much information. Today looks to be a quiet and productive day. I still don't have the workshop materials - and won't have them until next week, so I'm taking today and doing some year-end things. I'm just not going to worry about those workshop materials - its Larry's ass, not mine. He's over 3 weeks late, so its a good thing we allowed for some "room" in our schedule, but this is going to make things really tight. Can I just tell ya that I love my new coat?! Its sooooo toasty warm! I didn't shiver once and its 26 degrees. Happy Boxing Day to my friends in the UK, and everyone else have a great day too!