Monday, December 30

OK, lazy day #3. I am feeling mucho better this afternoon - and just not because its the usual time I'd be home from work... tee hee Mom used to marvel at the quick recovery we as kids when we'd be home sick from school, soon after 3:15, we'd start perking up. I slept for about 3 hours this morning, and felt a lot better, so I sat here and typed recipes for my Mom. One of my Aunts is putting together a family cookbook, so I told Mom I'd type the recipes in. 25 recipes later, I started feeling poorly again, so I let her finish up the last few. I laid on the couch and watched The Rookie. Now I've eaten dinner and will soon be heading to bed to snuggle down in and watch another movie before drifting off to sleep... haven't decided which one yet. While Mom was down here typing, she mentioned that there was an article in yesterday's paper on Blogs. Oh boy... she knows I have one, but has never asked to see it, and I've never offered. There's just some things that Mom shouldn't see... tee hee. Although she loves me no matter what, I don't want her seeing this. This blog is my personal thoughts, a place where I can rant about anything... and honestly there's things about me that she just wouldn't understand. I hope she doesn't ask. Meanwhile, I mentioned a blog for her. I told her it would be a great way for her friends - and other relatives to keep in contact with her, and see what's going on day to day. Rather than sit and type a few e-mails, voila, stories told and comments can be made! She said it was an interesting idea and she'd think about it. I think it would be good for her - an outlet of sorts since she's got a lot of stress with Kathy here. Oh, speaking of Kathy. I've just got to giggle over this. She's trying sooooo hard to be a good girl and win Mom and Dad's good graces. She took Mom's car out yesterday and washed it. She's washing her dishes immediately instead of letting them sit and fester. Then today, she started in on me. She started to blame me for the stomach ailment she has today, saying I gave her my bug... and I said, "Well, Kathy if I gave you my bug, you'd have had it since November. Me thinks that you've got a bug, and my problem is a wee bit more serious." Then she paused for a minute, I could see the anger in her eyes getting worse, then she took a deep breath, and said, "Oh yes, you're right... you've had my sympathy all these past weeks, and today you sure have more of it. I know just how you feel." (yeah right!!) WTF?! My knees about buckled! I said, "thanks" then I headed back downstairs. I got down here and started giggling! This woman knows what deep shit she's in, and perhaps she's finally realizing that we, her family are all she's got to rely on. I'm not holding my breath... but having her nice, even if its "fake" is better than her screaming and spewing her venom. LOL!!!! I AM going to work tomorrow, I am, I am, I am. G'Night all!