Monday, March 31

My day was extremely crazy, so I didn't get much of a chance to blog - except for that little story. I didn't even have a chance to look at one blog until just now! UGH! I hate Mondays. If I don't get around to see you, I'll try to tomorrow! I hope everyone survived their Mondays!
Nicole just yelled over the cubical wall that "Michael *pause* Hunt" just called for me, and was looking for my number but she accidentally hung up on him while trying to transfer his call. Yeah, right like I'm gonna fall for that one!!!!!!!!! So I went over to her cubical and she said that was really the name he gave. He said that I'd sent him an e-mail earlier today and I didn't include my phone number. Then I said, "Why didn't he just reply to my e-mail then?" Nicole said, "Because he'd deleted your e-mail." I started laughing and told her it was a nice try, and thanks for the laugh. Then I started walking away and remembering a Michael XXXXX that I'd e-mailed earlier, and she said "YES, that's him." He'd replied thanking me for the info I sent him, so I decided to say "you're welcome - and by the way if that was you that Nicole just hung up on, she's sorry and gave him my number." I worded it differently, professionally of course, but I'll feel like a dork if it really wasn't him and it was a joke. LOL! Oh well... got a good laugh out of it anyway!

Sunday, March 30

I just checked the temp outside... its only 9:21am and already its 51!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sunshine, here I come, in about 90 minutes! I think I'll even wash my car!
Well, my heart strings are no longer being tugged at as far as Kathy is concerned. Her and her hubby are back to their old tricks. Taking Mom's car, "just for a few minutes to go check on a friend of theirs" yesterday afternoon and not coming back until the wee hours of the night, leaving their daughter to be tended by my parents. No phone calls to say they'd be late, not answering the cell phone. Nadda. Mom and Dad were furious, and I do believe they may have really done it this time, at least I hope so. Act like children, be treated like children. Despite Kathy being almost 40, she's acting like a selfish brat (which really she's done all her life except for a 15 year period when she was a grown-up, I don't know why we should expect differently). I guess Kathy was feeling well enough with her "hurt knee" to be galavanting around and DRIVING. I cannot believe that my Dad let them out of the house. I had a feeling she was really pushing this shit. Grrr. One more excuse to be a lazy ass and not take care of her child, cook her meals, or clean up after herself. OK - enough bitching! I watched the movie Signs last night. I thought it was even better the second time. Looks like it *might* be a beautiful day outside! Fingers crossed that I can head out to the deck and bask in the sunshine!

Saturday, March 29

My heart strings were tugged at today. My sister Kathy (who is not one of my favorite people) hurt her knee last Tuesday night. She's been hobbling about on crutches. Today she came out of her bedroom (I was upstairs making some lunch) and she needed to get into the bathroom, but Dad was taking a bath. She turned around, and was heading back into the bedroom when I hear a crash, boom and her screaming. She'd tripped on a blanket on the floor (where her husband Ellis was sleeping - the lazy ASS), and fell. I ran in there, there she was crying in pain, and that asshole husband of hers was not even budging to help her. He just laid there. I was furious. I was about to tell him to get up and do something, then the phone rang, and Kathy thought it might be the doc so she asked me to answer it, and it was the doc. The pain pills she's taking were making her sick, and he needed to know where to call in other pain meds. I asked Kathy if she knew the pharmacy number, and she didn't, so I told Ellis "to get off his ass and get the number" (first words I've spoken to the man in well over a year). I didn't even care that the doctor could hear what I said to Ellis. tee hee I don't think Ellis was too happy with me, but that's tough shit. There his wife is on the floor in pain and he's not doing a damn thing to help. I could have strangled him. I felt so bad for Kathy, she really needs to get rid of this loser. I admit, despite all my bitching about Kathy, I do still love her. She still is my sister. I want her to be well again, I want her to be able to get a job and do what she's meant to do, to strive to be a better person and take care of her daughter.
I've joined the Blogshares. I really don't know much about the stock market, so I may really suck at it, but what the hell, its not *real* money. But I have faith in the blogs that I've purchased stock in: Sara Kat Gigglechick Kate Maria There are more that I want to buy stock on, so please let me know that you've claimed your blog and I'll buy some stock!
I'm having a pretty relaxing day today. Its felt really great to have everything done that *needs* to be done. I had a great phone chat with Maria this morning. While we were on the phone, Sara called her - too bad we couldn't have had a 3-way convo, its been a while since I've chatted with Sara. I was hoping the weather was going to be cooperative today, sitting out on the deck with a good book sounds so nice, but its too damn cold, only 43. *sigh* I'll take a nap instead. I hope everyone is enjoying your Saturday!

Friday, March 28

Snagged this from Lesa
free enneagram test
The caring, interpersonal type. Twos are empathetic, sincere, and warm-hearted. They are friendly, generous, and self-sacrificing, but can also be sentimental, flattering, and people-pleasing. They are well-meaning and driven to be close to others, but can slip into doing things for others in order to be needed. They typically have problems with possessiveness and with acknowledging their own needs. At their Best: unselfish and altruistic, they have unconditional love for others.
I got a call from my general doc's office telling me that the iron IVs finally came in, and asked if I could get there in 50 minutes. Just finished cleaning, hadn't showered, but took the challenge. I made it. Its a good thing his office is 5 minutes away. He gave me the iron, and told me I needed to come back a couple more times, but my levels were coming up, finally. YAY. Then I came home, picked up Mom, and we were off again. We were craving Mexican, so we stopped off and got some cha, cha, cha - cheese enchiladas. Then we were fueled for shopping. We covered the pharmacy, the fabric store, Sam's Club, and Walmart. All in 3 hours. We were both exhausted by the time we got home. I only needed a couple things for a change, and today was her heavy shopping day. It was nice to be able to help HER for a change! We had a really nice talk in our travels today, about all sorts of things. I'm really enjoying my days out with my Mom. She's an incredible woman. I don't know what I'd do without her - or my Dad. Dad told Mom this morning that he's glad to see her getting out with me on Fridays. We both seem much more relaxed when we come home from lunch and shopping... I agree, but most of it is exhaustion. tee hee
I lost another 2 lbs this week! So, I thought that deserved a new dress. I saw one in a catalog I fell in love with, and ordered it, but its back ordered until June. So I picked out another one that will be shipped next week. I just love spoiling myself like this. I could use a new dress for the conference I'll be working at, as well as my Boston trip. It would be so cool if the back ordered dress came early then I'd have two new dresses for Boston. I didn't do much last night, just relaxed and caught up on Days of Our Lives. I was so tired by the time I got home! This week seemed so long. Not much planned today out of the ordinary. I need to get my butt moving and do my cleaning. Then I'll see if Mom wants to go to lunch and run an errand or two. Have a great FRIDAY!! YAY!!

Thursday, March 27

Good morning everyone! I hope this day finds everyone well. I just finished my 3 for Thursday and my answers are here. I'm so glad its Thursday! YAY! Last work day of the week for me. Its going to be a long one though, I've got to work 11 hrs today. It should go quickly though, because I have a lot to keep my busy. Its snowing! As I was driving to work, I kept seeing little white flakes in my headlights. I hope it will turn to rain, like it did yesterday. We were hit hard, but that's OK because we need the rain. I just love the smell of a rain storm though, so fresh and clean. Mmmm! Well, I better get to work! Have a great day!!

Wednesday, March 26

What a crazy Wednesday! I had so many things I needed to do, more things kept cropping up and I had to be gone to my doc appt from 9:15 to 1:30! UGH! I missed my 1:00 meeting, but they said I didn't miss anything. I got x-rayed, ekg'd, poked, and prodded, but it wasn't too bad. I got my first shots today of the "real" clinical trial meds. I've been given a month's worth so I'll give myself the shots again once a week. I don't have to see them again until April 23, unless there's a problem. I asked Dr B about a handicapped parking sticker for when I needed it, and he said I surely qualify so we filled out the paperwork and I'll send it off. YAY! Will make things easier when I'm in a lot of pain. Blaise asked if I was going to write about what Linda's response to my letter was... well, there hasn't been any response. I'm not at all surprised she didn't respond, from how she's acted the past few months. You'd think after 7 years of close friendship it would be different. I'm hurt by all of it, but I need to concentrate on my life, getting well, and on my other friends and loved ones - that's about all I can do. Carry on...
Everyone has a right to their own opinions. I've been taught that and believe that. BUT when opinions cross the line, and threats are made, or people start verbally attacking other people in other nations because of this war, it doesn't seem right. Its causing more fighting, and is making this whole thing worse. Isn't the war bad enough? I hate this war, it breaks my heart and sickens me. Thanks Kat for your post yesterday, it inspired me to say these things. So, let's remember we're all human beings here. We all hate this war. No matter our political opinions or views, people are being killed on all sides. Let's keep the peace as much as we can in our lives. Moving on... there are so many blogs, and websites that I can't access from here at work and its driving me nuts and bananas. So, I hope everyone has a good day! I'll catch up with you all as soon as I can! Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, March 25

I got off work 45 minutes early to go to my general doc to get my weekly iron IV treatment. I got there, 10 mins early or so (traffic was good!) and read my magazine and waited about 20 minutes. Only to find out their iron IV shipment didn't come in. So, I'll call on Thursday to make sure its there, and go in. I wasn't upset, the office is like 5 mins from home, and I got home a few mins early. Today was a pretty good day, I really had a hard time wanting to work. Spring Fever, I guess and I just felt like goofing off a bit. I went to talk to Nicole for a while, and we talked to Dave, who is a total crack up. Those two had me laughing so hard, telling me about some adventures they had at a conference in Boston, as well as a beauty of a prank that was played on Dave. My face and stomach hurt so much from laughing. After a while, we ended up playing pranks on her two cubemates Janna and Chelene. We sabataged Janna's new chair, and messed with Chelene's computer. They of course blamed Nicole, but she told them I helped. tee hee Chelene said she'd forgotten I was a prankster since it had been so long since I played a joke! Look out... I'm baaack ;-). I'm beat so I'm gonna head off now. Toodles!
I can't believe I forgot to write about seeing a couple of really cute flyboys yesterday afternoon. They came into the building looking for the org that used to be here. They were coming in as I was headed out to get something out of my car, so I guess they didn't notice the signs on the door, then wen I came back in, the asked me "Where are we?" I gave them directions to where they wanted to go. I hope I didn't drool. My buddy Randy saw the whole thing, and he had to tease me about it. They were so cute, but so young! I had a pretty good night last night, I had a good talk with a friend online. Then I headed for bed. I got some good sleep for the most part, but kept having naughty dreams. *snicker* Today is looking pretty busy, but I'll try and sneak a break here and there and visit you all. Have a great day!

Monday, March 24

OMG - what a MONDAY! I was really busy - and I just realized I didn't even post anything today. Shame on me. I am even in a really good mood which is odd for a Monday! I have something - somewhat of an exciting thing on the horizon but I'm not spilling my guts until its planned. This is something I've waited for for a long time now, and now it might happen. I had to get some database stuff done first thing this morning then spent most of the remainder of the day mailing 373 April issues of the defense software mag we publish - to new subscribers as well as people who updated their addresses (it takes a couple of months to get into the regular mailing system). Shanae was a sweetheart and helped me too. Nothing much has happened today, all quiet on this front. I did just get a new leather chair for my desk! Weeeee! Its really comfy. Everyone got one and my boss assembled mine for me. He's one of the few men that I've seen that actually reads instructions. tee hee Have a great night everyone!

Sunday, March 23

Noooo... Monday can't come. It has to stay Sunday for one more day. Its been such a relaxing day. I don't want it to end. I finished the book Ravished, by Virginia Henley. Good book if you like historical romance. I did actually get dressed, well sorta, got in my sweats after my shower. I did get ambitious and went through my closet and tried on 3 pair of jeans that I've been waiting to fit into and they fit and show off my bubble butt. I was so excited that they fit, I did a booty dance. LOL!! Ha, cha, cha... I got rid of 3 pair of jeans, and 4 pair of dressy pants, and about 10 shirts that were too big.
Question of the Week by Sara is up, go play. My answer is on my meme site. I was up early again today, couldn't sleep any more and needed to take my meds (its better to stay on a schedule). I'm just going to take it easy today, maybe finish the book I've been reading. It *finally* got really good last night. Woohoo! Naughty, naughty... surprised I could sleep at all after reading it. *snicker* Its supposed to rain, so I won't be enjoying any lovely sunshine today, but that's OK... I can stay in my PJ's all day if I want too, that's one good thing about rainy Sundays. I got my corporate credit card yesterday in the mail, so I'm ready to travel! Woohoo! It is taking a lot of the pressure off having me put up the money first then being reimbursed. Now I'll use that card for travel and just pay the balance off when I get my reimbursement. I'm going to be working at a conference in Salt Lake at the end of April that my organization sponsors. We'll be working long hours, so we can stay down there in a hotel. Pretty much all my organization goes down and works at one thing or another. I'll be working in one of the "tracks" as they call them - just one of the sessions of speakers. I'll be the one in the back of the room passing out handouts, greeting people as they come in, answering questions, and timing the speakers. Such power, I hold up signs telling them when they've got 10, 5, and 1 minutes left... and of course when they have to STOP and get off the stage. tee hee I've worked the conference before and really have a great time. People are so friendly and the vendor booths are fun to get toys from. There are usually some nice looking men... some in sexy uniforms and others in yummy suits. THEN of course I'm going to BOSTON in May to support a workshop. I hope everyone enjoys their days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 22

One really funny thing that I just remembered. I've had several dreams in the past 5 or 6 months, each different but with symbols that represent betrayl by a close friend. Its all clear now. It got up to 62 degrees today! I got on my shorts, put on a tank top and headed outside. I put a chair on the deck and read for about an hour or so. It felt soooo good. Ahhh, love this weather!
Well, I just finished typing a 4-page letter back to Linda. I asked her to be specific about the things she was accusing me of. Frankly (and I told her this) I think she's grasping at straws as far as the things she accused me of. I explained how I've felt and how her deserting me in my hour of need was really selfish on her part. Anyway, I've e-mailed this monster of a reply. We'll see what she says on Monday after reading it - if she can say anything at all. On to other things - good things. Mom and I went to town yesterday and ran some errands. I had a few things to get at Wal-Mart, and wanted to get my towels and magnets for the exchange I'm participating in. Towels were easy to find, cute magnets were easy to find. BUT trying to find any magnets for the state of Utah proved to be nearly impossible. By the 7th store we went to, we decided we were women on a mission. We were going to find these magnets even if it killed us (tee hee). Finally, store #10 had them. I hope other participants don't have that much trouble finding their state magnets! It was almost fun being on a quest to find these magnets. After we found them, Mom said... "Oh, you should have told me you needed these 2 weeks ago, they had scores of them in the tourist shops in Southern Utah." We both cracked up! Too late! LOL!! Nothing too exciting on the agenda today. I'm going to relax, do some reading, and if I get ambitious, clean out my closet of big clothes, and see what smaller stuff I can fit into. I'm not feeling all that ambitious right now, so maybe tomorrow... Hope everyone has a great day - and thanks for all your support!!

Friday, March 21

I've briefly mentioned that I've been having trouble with one of my best friends, avoiding me, judging me, getting upset when I don't agree with her advice or opinions, etc., Her name is Linda. She seems to have disappeared. I don't know where the Linda I knew has gone. Many people have asked me what is wrong with her, where the "old Linda" is, and I can't answer because I have no clue. Especially after getting this letter from her today. Hey Karen, I have been keeping my distance because I was afraid to hurt your feelings. I have been biting my tongue to stop from saying things that would jeopardize our friendship. I now realize that by saying nothing and avoiding the situation I am being more hurtful. This is really hard for me to say, I feel like in the recent past you have been using your illness to manipulate me. When I have tried to approach you about concerns with your relationship with Jeff and your health you turn on the tears. I know you don't feel well but I feel like the illness has been your crutch to get what you want. It was disheartening to see you walk down the hall like an 80 year old woman and have people ask me what is wrong with you. I just wanted to grab you by the shoulders and say "buck up", "grow up", "deal with it". I found myself avoiding you because I was afraid once I let loose I wouldn't be able to stop and would forever damage our friendship. I felt like I was always torn between my friendship with you and my friendship with others. Like I had to make a choice, you or them. When I invited other friends to lunch I felt like you were totally ignoring them to the point of being rude to them. I thought as adults we should at least be able to play together without this "I don't like her and I won't go if she does". My god that's something children do...not adults. I love surrounding myself with friends, I don't expect them to be best buddies with each other but I do expect them to be grown up and enjoy the experience of being together. You have put me in a position more than once where I felt like I had to choose. That's not fair, I am upset but mostly with myself for allowing it to happen. As a true friend my job was to point this out and figure out together how we can work through it. But I knew you would start crying and I would feel guilty. I've always said friend should be able to say what's on their mind and not have to walk on eggshells with each other. I haven't felt like I could say these things without you bursting into tears. In addition you used your illness as an excuse for not dealing with carrying on with life. You have completely surrounded yourself in self-pity to the point where I didn't want to see you all crumpled up and complaining about your pain. I know you hurt but you isolated yourself in your pain. Instead of making the best of what health you have and going on you let it consume you. As a friend I should have let you know that people and friends were avoiding you because it was the same thing day after day. I have several friends (one is dying) that lives with pain everyday of their life but you would never know it by looking at them. The only way I know one of them is in pain is by looking in her eyes. She has a smile on her face, her shoulders back and a kind word for everyone she passes. Karen you are a dear friend. You brought out the child in me. You were there when I needed you through emotional and physical upsets in my life. I cherish what we have but I can't let you drain me of energy. I feel like I'm totally drained and a huge black cloud is hanging over my head after a visit with you. You have been so negative and just wouldn't look at the bright side of things. It was almost like you wanted the attention the pain was giving you. But what you don't realize is that you were pushing people away. I'm so sorry I had to write this down instead of talking face to face. I get too emotionally caught up in person and felt like I could be more honest in print. I hope you read and understand this letter with the heart felt love I am writing it with. I would never want to hurt you or destroy our friendship. Love, Linda I'm hurt, I'm shocked that she'd even think these things, and I'm confused. She has the right to feel the way she feels, but honestly I can't see how she can possibly be my friend and think and accuse me of these things. The things she's accusing me of are so ridiculous I almost want to laugh! We've always respected our other friendships - I never just expected her to be my friend, I knew she had other friendships and that was fine and dandy with me. What an ego! I'm far from perfect, but a lot of what she's saying, I have no clue what she's talking about. I will respond, after I've calmed down and collected my thoughts. I have a lot of questions, about when these things happened. Why she's thinking I've used my health issues to manipulate her, I have no idea. Why would I do that?! What would I gain? Tears were because I was in so much pain and so frustrated. Pretty much at the lowest point of my life, she does this. I have to ask myself what kind of friend does that. Another really low point, a few months back when Jeff and I broke up, she went off on me like you wouldn't believe. Saying that I, my life, and my relationship with Jeff was pathetic. Then a few days later she apologizes and said another one of her friends was "draining" her and so she needed someone to unload on. I don't want to jump to any hasty decisions but right now, but I'm wondering if I should even continue a relationship with her. I have felt the past 3 months that my health has inconvenienced her because I haven't been able to go out with her to movies, shopping, etc. How selfish can one person be? When she went through 3 months of hell healthwise, I was there for her every step of the way. If she couldn't go out, I'd go to her house and spend my day off with her. Then she has attached at nice little thing about "girlfriends and how they're supposed to be there for you". What a fucking joke coming from her along with this letter.
Happy Friday I slept in about an hour longer than I'd anticipated today, but it sure felt good! I got on the scale - for the first time in about 2.5 weeks and I've lost another 6 lbs! Still, being sick isn't the way to do it, but as long as I still have weight to lose, it doesn't hurt my feelings a bit. I've eaten breakfast and read a few blogs, while chatting with Colin and Emma on the e-mail. I really need to get my busy and start cleaning or I'll lose all ambition. I've got some errands to run, including finding some Spring kitchen towels and some magnets for the towel and magnet exchange I'm participating in. If you want to join, sign up at the Sis-2-Sis website. Hurry - it starts next week! Have a great day and I'll be around to visit you all later on!

Thursday, March 20

I just got a call from a Fed Ex Rep that I'd never dealt with before, telling me they just found 5 of the documents. Not bad odds out of the 100 that were lost! I couldn't help but giggle... and she asked me what I wanted her to do with them. I said "You can toss them for all I care, I just gave your company a bill for $1238.18 to replace all the materials that were lost." Expensive mistake for them, but I really doubt they even blinked an eye. How sad is that?! No wonder its expensive to ship things, we have to pay for their insurance. Today is going pretty good - I have just over an hour to go. YAY! Our internet is really sucking though, I take little breaks and can't even see the majority of the blogs for some reason. Rude, huh? Oh well, I'll have to catch up tonight or tomorrow. Toodles for now!
3 for Thursday is up, go and play! My answers are in my Meme site. Wow - I got the best news yesterday afternoon, but I didn't want to spoil the surprise for my good friend Colin. I'm going to BOSTON in May!!! I get so see him and his wife, the lovely D. I'll be going for work, to assist in a workshop and will have to sort the details out with my boss about seeing if I can go early (I can save a bundle on airfare if I do). I'm so excited. I just called Colin and gave him the good news... if he and D can put up with me. tee hee I got home last night and had a bit of a tiff with my Mom. I've asked her several times not to discuss my medical issues or anything about my personal life with my sister Kathy. I don't trust her, I don't talk to her (unless absolutely necessary) because she twists everything into something she can use to her advantage, no matter how innocent. She has to cause trouble. Anyway, Mom said that Kathy was concerned about this medication I'm going on next week. She said it was a strong narcotic. Bullshit. There's no way that Kathy (she does have her PhD in pharmacology) would know anything about this medication because its in a clinical trial, and there's nothing on the web about it at all. This medication IS NOT a narcotic. The name may be close to a narcotic or spelled differently, I don't know. Kathy just has to stick her nose in where it doesn't belong. Mom said that Kathy was just concerned about me (RIGHT!), and I told Mom that Kathy needed to concentrate on her own problems and keep her nose out of mine. Kathy has burned too many bridges with me. I didn't mean to hurt Mom's feelings, and I did apologize. I tried to get her to understand why I felt the way I did. I refreshed her memory on a few things, and she finally told me that she understood somewhat, but hated to see her kids distantanced like this. I told her that it may not be forever. Kathy needs to get her mental/emotional problems under control, quit being a liar about everything, get a job (and her lazy husband as well), take care of her precious daughter (instead of pawning her off on Mom and Dad all the time), and move out into their own place and quit dragging everyone in the family down with them when they screw up. Mom couldn't disagree there... Anyhoo... I best get on with my day! Happy Thursday everyone!

Wednesday, March 19

Looks like the Fed Ex issue is finally coming to a close. For one thing, the workshop is over and I have found which materials where lost. One box that was received yesterday had some documents (2 docs each for 50 students) in it (supplementary for the workshop) that were wet, and just tossed in the box. Not packed straight, they just threw the docs in box. Nice, huh? So, Fed Ex has to replace all the damaged and lost documents. Kinko's is working on an estimate for me, then re-run the materials and Fed Ex will be entrusted once again - at their cost - to deliver them to the customer and they'll distribute the docs to the attendees. Thank goodness the workshop binders with the slides were in the 3 boxes that did arrive. Although 5 were damaged, and those will be replaced as well. For future reference - anyone who deals with Fed Ex, here's some tips to ensure delivery: 1. Take a copy of the air bill and place it inside the box before taping it up. 2. Write the "to" address in marker on the box as well as the air bill number. 3. Put clear tape over the address and air bill number so if it does get wet, nothing smears. Live and learn... my question is, why doesn't Fed Ex tell people to do this on a regular basis? Wouldn't it save us and THEM a lot of headaches and money? Me thinks it would! Its been a pretty good day all in all. A little less stressful than it has been the first two days. I even had a chance here and there to do some blog hopping! I'm so tired though, and ready to go home. One more work day for me - Yahoo!!
Still battling with Fed Ex. The two boxes they claimed were found Monday night turned out to be just one, despite the two different agents telling me two different tracking numbers were found. Still one more hasn't been found. Fed Ex, you have my undying love. It really sucks that my company has a contract with these people or I'd use someone else. Next workshop shipment will have written on each box (in marker): the tracking number and the address its going to. So there should be absolutely no excuse for anything getting lost. I did get some good news yesterday afternoon. Melody from the clinical trial I'm on called and said I have been approved for the study to get the REAL medication and not the placebo! I go next Wednesday to get x-rays and start the shots again. Which is a really good thing because the pain of the flare is coming back. Its not bad enough for pain pills yet though, and I'm hoping it won't get that bad before next week. My gastro doc called Monday night to see how I was doing with my Ulcerative Colitis. I had 3 relatively good days out of 7, but still have problems. Then he said, "Well, maybe the Nexium (for my acid reflux) is causing the diarrhea." Me thinkging - not bloody likely because not much has changed since before I started taking the Nexium! So, anyway, he had me stop in yesterday afternoon for some samples of another med to try for a week. If there is no change, then he'll put me back on the Nexium. Which is a damn good thing because I just paid $70 for a 90 day supply of the Nexium. But, we'll see what happens, its worth a shot. OK... enough health stuff. Here are pics of my new home away from home... my cubical... nice and cozy, huh? Or should I say CROWDED? (click for larger image - and maximize the window) The far cubical is where I do my mailing for the software engineering mag we publish.
After 8.5 years of working in a room without windows... I now have one, and its huge. Its so great to see the light of day!!! Greg's cube is to the left (just behind me) and Timster's is on the right. They've got a lot less shit/stuff than I do. LOL! But I have many different responsibilities so that's how it goes.
Well, I best go and get some work done. Have a fantastic Hump Day!

Tuesday, March 18

I've calmed down somewhat... there's still one package that hasn't turned up, but they're expecting it sometime this morning at some Fed Ex facility. BUT they're not sure because they haven't found it. They're "assuming" it will show up. I'll believe it when I see it. So aggrevating. All I can say is Fed Ex is getting some dings in their reputation for this. Not just me, but 50 students and 2 instructors... plus all those who are reading this. I know no one is perfect - least of all me, but its ridiculous that there is so much carelessness/neglect going on in a company like that, when we PAY them A LOT to do their jobs and do them well. Anyhoo... today is gonna be pretty busy again and I need to get to it. Hope everyone has a great day!

Monday, March 17

The really really mad/ugly side came out of me today. Fed Ex lost 3 out of 6 boxes of workshop materials that were supposed to be delivered to Ohio this morning at 10:30. The workshop starts at 8am tomorrow, with 50 students. I talked to 3 different Fed Ex reps, each tracking one of the packages. Needless to say, they've all been ripped new assholes, and they probably wish they'd never come into work today. I was livid enough to spew venom. My boss sat back and listened to me, and applauded every time I got off the phone. I know shit happens, but this is unexceptable. One box was broken open, one box was seperated from its airbill, and the other one at long last has been found and is on its way (but won't arrive until tomorrow morning - as the workshop starts). They say they're still searching for the other two, to find out what happened to them. Fed Fucking Ex - thank you for ruining my day - as well as making a workshop so nice for 50 people. Bravo. They say they won't charge us for the lost boxes, but that doesn't do any good when it comes to getting the materials there. This is one of the main reasons I HATE waiting until the last minute to get things done, no room for errors. I talked to the project manager and he was starting to blame the whole thing on Larry for not getting the materials to me on time, but it wasn't the case (this time - tee hee) due to schedules of Larry and two other consultants getting the materials done, it was impossible to get it to me sooner. Kinko's did a great job getting the job done on time and I made it all clear to the project mgr. I've got such a headache! Thanks again Fed Fucking Ex! I know... calm down, calm down... count to 10,000 and maybe I will be. OH! got a meeting! gotta run so I'm done bitching. ;-)
Happy St Patrick's Day! Yaaawn and stretch! UGH, I hate Mondays! Its always so hard getting out of bed, but I managed to drag my ass out. I'm here at work, and was looking at my list of things to do today. Trying not to get stressed, I'll just take one thing at a time. My boss, the Timster, will be in today after being gone a week, so he'll have lots of "Karen-do's" for me, (oh boy!). I really don't mind, Tim is such a good boss. I'm going to get started on my database work! Have a great day!!!

Sunday, March 16

I had a pretty good day today. I woke up, started my laundry then had a chat with Colin and Connie. Then I finished my doily (YAY) and laundry, then made some homemade soup. I came back online and had a fun chat with Connie and Ked. Ked's bro mooned Connie earlier on cam, and I got a little jealous so I asked that he do the same for me, so he did! ROFL! What a guy... Connie asked him earlier to show her the "sun", but he declined. She cracks me up. Nope, no sunshine today. *snicker* I have just relaxed the rest of the afternoon. Nothing exciting. Keeping Up Appearances is on BBC - so I'm gonna go watch it. G'Night!
Question of the Week by Sara Make us Laugh Don't you think that we could all use a good laugh these days? I don't mean cheesy old jokes, blonde jokes are okay if they aren't retold over and over again, make sure they are fresh ones! I'm talking about side splitting, rolling on the floor laughing, spit water on your computer screen jokes. Tell at least 2 on your blog. If you don't have a blog, please leave your two jokes in the comments! They should be kinda clean, no graphic or dirty ones, please! ANSWERING MACHINE AT MENTAL HOSPITAL:"Hello, and welcome to the mental health hotline.... If you are obsessive-compulsive, press 1 repeatedly........ If you are co-dependent, please ask someone to press 2 for you.If you have multiple personalities, press 3, 4, 5 and 6. If you are paranoid, we know you are and what you want. Stay on the line so we can trace your call.If you are delusional, press 7 and your call will be transferred to the mother ship. If you are schizophrenic, listen carefully and a small voice will tell you which number to press.If you are a maniac-depressive, it doesn't matter which number you press, no one will answer. If you are dyslexic, press 9696969696969696. If you have a nervous disorder, please fidget with the pound key until a representative comes on the line. If you have amnesia, press 8 and state your name, address, telephone, mother's maiden name. If you have post-traumatic stress disorder, s-l-o-w-l-y & c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y press 0 0 0.If you have bi-polar disorder, please leave a message after the beep or before the beep or after the beep. Please wait for the beep. If you have short-term memory loss, press 9. If you have short-term memory loss, press 9. If you have short-term memory loss, press 9. If you have low self-esteem, please hang up. All operators are too busy to talk to you.If you are menopausal, hang up, turn on the fan, lie down and cry. You won't be crazy forever. If you are blonde, don't press any buttons, you'll just mess it up." ******************** A good pun is its own reword. A man's home is his castle, in a manor of speaking. Dijon vu - the same mustard as before. Practice safe eating -- always use condiments. Shotgun wedding: A case of wife or death. A man needs a mistress just to break the monogamy. A hangover is the wrath of grapes. Dancing cheek-to-cheek is really a form of floor play. Sea captains don't like crew cuts. Does the name Pavlov ring a bell? Condoms should be used on every conceivable occasion. Reading while sunbathing makes you well-red. When two egotists meet, it's an I for an I. A bicycle can't stand on its own because it is two-tired. What's the definition of a will? (It's a dead giveaway.) Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana. A backward poet writes inverse. In democracy your vote counts. In feuda! lism your count votes. She had a boyfriend with a wooden leg, but broke it off. A chicken crossing the road is poultry in motion. If you don't pay your exorcist, you get repossessed. With her marriage, she got a new name and a dress. Show me a piano falling down a mine shaft, and I'll show you A flat minor. When a clock is hungry, it goes back four seconds. The man who fell into an upholstery machine is fully recovered. A grenade thrown into a kitchen in France would result in Linoleum Blownapart. You feel stuck with your debt if you can't budge it. Local Area Network in Australia: the LAN down under. He often broke into song because he couldn't find the key. Every calendar's days are numbered. A lot of money is tainted. It taint yours and it taint mine. A boiled egg in the morning is hard to beat. He had a photographic memory that was never developed. A plateau is a high form of flattery. The short fort uneteller who escaped from prison was a small medium at large. Those who get too big for their britches will be exposed in the end. Once you've seen one shopping center, you've seen a mall. Those who jump off a Paris bridge are in Seine. When an actress saw her first strands of gray hair, she thought she'd dye. Bakers trade bread recipes on a knead-to-know basis. Santa's helpers are subordinate clauses. Acupuncture is a jab well done. Marathon runners with bad footwear suffer the agony of defeat. The poor guy fell into a glass grinding machine and made a spectacle of himself.

Saturday, March 15

You are a ladybug. Very motherly and kind, you
instinctively take care of those you love.
Chicken soup for a cold, chocolate ice cream
for a nasty breakup, and the like. Just be sure
you don't accidentally boss anyone around.

What bug are you?
brought to you by Quizilla LOL! got the link from Steph I'm so tired! Have been all day long... even though I cleaned my bedroom from top to bottom and all in between. It needed a good cleaning. I had to keep laying down every few minutes, but I kept plugging along. Then I finished, at lunch, had a nice nap and shower. Nothing exciting happening, I'm just blog hopping and watching Robin Hood on the TV. I hope you are enjoying your Saturday!

Friday, March 14

Thanks for everyone's good wishes for my sis. She did great! They had me follow her around from place to place. There was one orderly that came to get her clothes bag, and asked if he could take my Red Sox baseball shirt that I was wearing too (the one my good friend Colin gave me. I laughed and said "NO WAY, but thanks..." Every time the guy walked by the room, he had to look in and smiled at me. LOL!! He was kinda cute, but probably only about 20! Way too young... although the stamina would be excellent... hmmm... damnit. Should have gotten his number. *snicker* JUST KIDDING! It was all very interesting what they did. When they did the needle biopsy two weeks ago, they put a small clamp where the bad tissue was. Today, they had to go in and put a wire around the clip (I watched on the ultrasound screen -cool!), then the surgeon could go in and remove all the tissue surrounding the wire and clip. We had a good chuckle over the wire sticking out of her boob - wondering if she could pick up radio stations, etc. Then after that was done, we had 2 hrs to wait until the surgeon was ready for her. We just chatted and she snoozed a bit while I CROCHETED!! My hands are so much better I thought I'd give it a try. The nurse kept walking by trying to get me to give her the doily I was working on. I also read from time to time but didn't get as much reading done as I thought I would. The surgery took about an hour, and the doc came out and told me all went well then an orderly came to get me and I went with her to recovery. We were there about an hour then they let me take her home. She didn't put her bra on to come home (and I DO not blame her, I didn't after my surgery either!). She opened the curtain and one boob was taped up with the bandage, and the other boob was hanging so low. We both cracked up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It looked so damn funny! She ended up carrying her empty clothes bag in front of the droopy boob. She let the "perky" one show. Then I said, "Hey Sue - you're a perfect example of "NOW and THEN!" We cracked up again and we kept giggling about it as we were walking to the car. We stopped off, got her pain pills and then a to-go order of Mexican food that she was craving then I took her home. Mom will be going over shortly to spend time with her since she can't be alone for 24 hrs. Susie just wanted to go home, she didn't want to stay here and I can't blame her. Anyhoo... that was my day! I'll try and get around and visit you tonight, but it may be tomorrow. Have a great night! Toodles!

Thursday, March 13

OHOHOHOH! It is soooooo nice outside! I got home about 3pm and headed right outside. Took my CD player, my book, got a chair out and lounged and read. The sun felt incredible! I stayed out for about 45 minutes, then came in because the wind picked up. It was 75! YES! Spring has sprung, at least for a few days. They say to expect snow on Monday. So typical of a Utah Spring. The weather never makes up its mind what its going to do. My sister Susie called me to tell me what time she needed to be at the hospital in Salt Lake tomorrow. 6:30am. So we've got to leave her apartment at 5:30. She's having a lump in her breast removed. She's already had a needle biopsy and we know its not cancer, but they're "active" cells. Just her and I are going down, which is great. Our other sis, Kathy (the pain in the ass) wanted to go down too, but Susie said "No thanks, Karen is taking me and we'll be fine." Good thing, cuz sitting in a waiting room with Kathy for 5-6 hours is more than I could stand. I can't stand being in the room with her for 5-6 minutes! I'm taking my book (historical romance, with explicit naughty parts of course *snicker*) with me, so I will be well entertained. I'm still feeling pretty good, I'm just really tired - fatigue from both the RA and still being anemic. I'm craving meat like crazy... yeah, OK, you guessed it, a couple types of *meat* and the books I read really doesn't help with getting rid of one of the types of cravings. *snicker* I'm going to be a good girl and head to bed early tonight. I've got 4 episodes of Days of Our Lives to watch! Toodles!!!
YAY Blogger is finally working! I just finished posting this weeks 3 for Thursday. My answers are on my Meme site (button-link on my side bar). Go play! Wow, what a CRAZY day I've had. But its been good. I just have a few more things to do before I go home in 2 hours. Its nearly 70 degrees outside, and I'm leaving work at 2:30 (I'll be done with my 40 hrs then). I plan on driving home, changing clothes, grabbing my book, and sitting out on the deck for a while and bask in the glorious sunshine! Ahhh! I'm feeling just as great as I was yesterday. This is so wonderful! I slept so good last night, not waking up every time I move (because of the pain) is a luxury. I guess one thing about being in so much pain, is it sure makes you appreciate the little things! Well, I'm off to finish my work! I hope everyone is having a great day!!

Wednesday, March 12

The 14 year old girl from Salt Lake City that disappeared back in June, Elizabeth Smart was found today - alive and walking on a street in Sandy (a city in the Salt Lake area) with a man and a woman. They were dressed in long clothes, and veils - Hebrew type of clothing. The man was Brian David Mitchell (aka Emanuel) and the lady his wife Wanda. They are described as religious fanatics and possibly mentally ill. There will be a press conference in a few minutes, but basically, they kidnapped Elizabeth, took her in the mountains to hide out until things cooled off, then went to San Diego for a while, then Atlanta. What they're doing back in Salt Lake - who knows. It will sure be interesting to find out. Wow - what a miracle. After 9 months she was found ALIVE and appeared to be unharmed physically.
I'm a little behind posting this morning. I've been really busy printing things and burning some CDs. I have a ton of database work to do, since yesterday there were errors and it took a while to get sorted out so I've got to finish it all today. I don't have to see my RA doc today (yipee!), the appt has been postponed until they get the clinical trial meds in, which should be next week. I cannot believe how good I feel today! I'm still still and sore in some joints, but no major pain! I have a feeling this prednisone pack is behind it - as well as everyone's prayers and support. I woke up about 3am and had to pee. I was out of bed and half way to the bathroom when I realized I practically jumped out of bed and was moving faster than I have in months! Tears of joy started rolling down my face. Incredible. Just incredible. Have a super fantastic day!!!

Tuesday, March 11

Ohhhh... life would be so good... (pics are clickable, then maximize the window for FULL yummy view)
Oh yeah baby... get down and dirty...
Mmmm... stamina...
Right there... you got it!
Give it to me right here...
Full steam ahead! But alas... that's me, second one on the left.
I know there's no such thing as a perfect man, but its sure nice to have a little fantasy now and then - and for the men out there, who are looking for the perfect woman, its the same thing. Oh wait! I'm supposed to say "here I am!". OK then, HERE I AM! *snicker*
I got a call last night from Melody - who runs the clinical trial and assists my RA doc (Dr B). She said that Dr B had spoken with the gastro doc Dr L yesterday. They've decided to put me on a mega dose/pack of some type of prednisone to see if they can get my ulcerative colitis to settle down, as well as get my joints to de-swell, and basically buy me some time until next week when I start on the "real" clinical trial med (to suppress my immune system that is causing all this shit) since they're pretty sure I was on the placebo before. So, I start by taking 6 pills throughout today, then taper off one each day forward until I'm down to none. I feel good about it, and really hope it helps. I still have to take all my other 8 (I think!) meds on top of this... what a pill popper I am ;-) but I gotta do what I gotta do. Melody said I'm still very anemic and may have to have more iron IVs than what was planned, but we'll see how I do after next week. If the can get the UC under control, its likely that I won't need any more iron IVs. I get to go this afternoon for #3 out of 4 weekly IVs. Its not bad really, just takes a few minutes. I've got a lot of database stuff to do this morning, and then this afternoon I have to put some workshop materials together once I receive them - he has a deadline of noon. My friend Linda called yesterday and said she wanted to come down and see our new digs then we'll head off to lunch.

Monday, March 10

OMG - I just had the biggest laugh on my way home. I was driving behind this big truck and just in front of the trailer hitch (under the truck) there was a red sack swinging with two balls in it. I don't know what the hell it was but I sure know what it looked like. I got up as close as I could at a stop light just to see it, but it still looked like *uh hum* testicles. Maybe it was the guy's good luck charms, who knows. When I got home, I had a package from The Cinnamuffin Candle Company. I ordered two candles, the Cinnamuffin and the Butter Rum Crunch scents. Ooooohhh they smell soooooooooooooooooooo good! I was going to use these for gifts but have changed my mind. I'm keeping these babies for moi!!! Liz also put a little something extra in there for me, a banana nut muffin candle and its so cute! If you haven't gone to see all the fun things she has, you need to! I can't wait to light them! Mmmm!
I'm a day late... but here's the Question of the Week by Sara. Eating Do you have any quirky or odd eating combinations? (Like fries in a Wendy's frosty?) Tell us about that. Oh yes, absolutely had to have fries with milk shakes!!! Lets see... hmmm... potato chips dipped in pork and beans - better yet baked beans! Or are you extremely picky about what you eat? What do you not like, cannot stand? I am actually a very picky eater. I HATE seafood of any sort. I don't like onions, mushrooms, or most veggies. Picky about how things are cooked - mostly because of my diet restrictions.
At the request of Colin, I am updating my blog. tee hee I'm feeling sooooooooooooooo much better today. That extra dose of prednisone really did the trick... as well as letting myeslf feel shitty and let my negative feelings out. The pain isn't very bad this morning, and I'm very grateful and my attitude has been properly adjusted. I can face my Monday. Nothing *major* to do, just a lot of catch up and database work to do. I may even have a chance to work on my financial spreadsheets to do some cool stuff I learned in my Excel classes. I did get really irritated this morning when I got an e-mail from my dork cube mate Greg about the names of my financial reports. The gov't guy sent out a broadcast message telling everyone that our monthly status report was posted in the intranet. Greg is such a dork sometimes I could slap him up the side of the head. We work for a commercial company. The company is in Fiscal Year 04. We're contracted to the gov't, and they're in Fiscal Year 03. Therefore, since the gov't is our customer, then we name the reports GFY03 (for gov't fiscal year). Greg asked if the reports should be named FY04. He CC'd my boss Tim on the e-mail, and that made me giggle. Tim is probably thinking the same thing I am - "DUH, Greg!" So intelligent... yet such a dork. OK... I need to get busy! Have a great day everyone!

Sunday, March 9

Man, do I feel shitty today! I had a flare up last night and its still bad today. I had to take two pain pills this morning and they're not doing much other than making me woozy. I was naughty and took two prednisone this morning (only supposed to take one) but damnit, I'm so tired of hurting! I'm really trying to keep my positive attitude, but I think today I just need to let myself feel shitty. I hate feeling shitty, I hate feeling angry and frustrated and all these other negavite feelings, but I need to just feel them, then I can get on with things. Tomorrow will be more positive and be a better day. I WILL go to work and WILL be cheerful - even on a Monday.

Saturday, March 8

Oh I had a heavenly afternoon!! After lunch, I managed to go outside and get in the hot tub! It was 20 minutes of pure heaven. I just sat back and let the jets work their magic! Mmmmm... incredible. I haven't been able to get in lately because I couldn't manouver my legs/hips. I also got a nice surprise when I tried on my swimming suit - it was a little on the big side! Time for a new one, YAY! Then I came in, showered and laid in my recliner with my cat and took a nice nap. Nothing much happening tonight, just going to watch some TV or a movie. I hope everyone is having a great weekend!
OMG - I over did things yesterday and am paying for it today. Its definitely a pain pill type of morning. I'll be OK though... I shall behave the rest of the weekend... maybe. *snicker* Dennis - one of my faithful readers - sent me this picture, he thought it would go well with the other snow sculptures I had up a couple of weeks ago. So naughty... but... I couldn't resist! Thanks, Dennis! I watched Scorpion King last night and I've got to say I was really surprised by how good it was! The ROCK is so damn sexy too. I kept having to wipe my chin from drooling. Yummy.

Friday, March 7

I got my cleaning done today - YAY! I took things easy, but was able to do a more thorough job so it feels good to have it clean. I just love things to be clean - something I inherited from my Mom. I rested for a while, then got ready and headed to town to run my errands. I had a gastro doc appt and not much change from last week, so he's got to figure out what to do with me. He's going to call my RA doc on Monday so they're both on the same page, which I feel better about. I need to call on Tuesday to see what they decide. I got my hair done too!! She highlighted it in two different shades, my original color (dark blonde) and blonde. I really love the way it turned out. Then I just got a trim, because I've been growing it out. She's a little concerned that my hair has gotten thinner, but its no wonder with all my body has been through in the past few months between the RA and the stomach probs. I could have fallen asleep when she was shampooing my hair, I don't know what it is about it, but it relaxes me beyond belief. She even shampooed it twice because I was enjoying it so much. I saw my nephew Adam while I was there too, he got his hair cut while I was waiting for the highlights to take effect. He's going to the Sr Prom tomorrow night. My little buddy has grown up. He and his bro Travis are so special to me. I paid my bills last night (so depressing), and ordered my prescriptions through a mail-in order place, where I'll get a 90-day supply. The co-pays are killing me month by month, and I found out I had the benefit of the 90-day supply, so I'm taking advantage of it. I paid $400 in co-pays though which REALLY hurts all at once!! Holy Shit! But, doing it this way, I'll save $130 every 3 months. From now on, I'll put away $65 from each pay check for the next go-around. It won't be hard since that money (and then some!) would have been going to the pharmacy anyway. I'm going to be a bum tonight and watch the Scorpian King. I borrowed the DVD from Susie last weekend and haven't been able to watch it yet so tonight is the night! Good night!! :-)
TGIF! It feels so good to be home and not have to go into work today. Although I have lots of "work" around here to do! I also have a doc appt as well as a hair appt this afternoon. I watched 4 episodes of Days of Our Lives last night and just relaxed. Ahhh... I fell asleep a little on the early side, and slept pretty good. Nothing much to say this morning, so I'll just say Happy Friday!!

Thursday, March 6

Woohoo - its nearly time to go home! My week has almost come to an end. I had a really productive day, and it feels sooooooo great, I can't even tell ya. I still haven't had to take a pain pill today, even though I suspect I over did things a smidge and will later. I got everything unpacked as well as finished my monthly status report and some other little projects. My boss really kept me hopping this morning with things he needed done, since he's gone next week. The Timster is a funny guy. Now that he's in a cubical with me, he's so much chatty than he was when we were in seperate cubes. But I really need to make sure he's talking to ME and not muttering something to himself. LOL! He cracks me up. One other good thing about him being in this cube, is that Greg isn't driving me nuts. Greg has Timster to talk to and "discuss" things with now... such deep thinkers these two. I'm off like a dirty shirt! Have a good night everyone!
It seems I just sat here for 45 minutes in the dark for no reason! Larry just came in and turned the lights on! Dan's door wasn't locked after all - I just must have not turned the handle hard enough! Let there be light!
I'm here at work, sitting in the dark. The only light coming from my two computer screens and an overhead desk lamp. LOL! The light switches are in one of the front offices that belongs to Dan, and it seems that he had a lock put on his door yesterday... I don't think he comes in for at least another hour and a half. Hmmm... well, I've been told I do my best work in the dark! *snicker* Too bad there isn't a sexy guy here with me. I am having such a good day so far! I'm hurting, but not bad enough to take a pain pill! . In fact, the last pain pill I took was last night before bed. I know its hugely because of all the healing vibes, prayers, and thoughts from everyone. You all kept me going when I was at the worst. Its going to be another busy day today, but hopefully I can get all the priority stuff done so I can enjoy my weekend. My Aunt Lou Jean came down from Idaho last night. She slept on the couch downstairs (where I live) and I got up around 10 to go potty and she was up reading so we chatted for a little while. She's such a dear. I just love her to pieces. She and her daughter Brenda are taking my Mom with them to Southern Utah for the weekend. Mom really needs to get away. Mom is still so worried about me, she's asked me at least 10 times this week if I'm sure it will be OK if she goes. I told her to pack her bags. Besides taking such good care of me, she's also had to deal with that lazy sister Kathy of mine so she really needs a break. Lou Jean told me last night that she was needing to get away from Kathy. Dad will still be home, so it will be interesting to see how things go. I'm really not gonna worry about it... I'll stay downstairs as much as I can and just concentrate on getting well, and perhaps doing some things I've been needing to do. OK... I've babbled enough... I need to get some work done. Have a great Thursday!!!

Wednesday, March 5

Woohoo - I made it through the day. Busy but everything went well. I was able to do quite a bit of work on my financials and got all my errands ran. I went to the RA doc, and I failed the joints test, which is a good thing - because its one step closer to getting the meds I need to be on. There's a chance I'll be able to start the real stuff (instead of the suspected placebo) next week, if not it will be the following week for sure. He was pleased to see me doing better than I was last week. I have one more day to work, then its my weekend - YAY! Do you know what that means? I'll be able to catch up with everyone! Yippeee! I feel so out of touch.
Today is wild already. I've got my financials to do, on top of trying to finish up a couple of other projects. I also have to run some errands for work, then go to my RA doc appt. Just busy - no time for any play. I'm glad that I'm having a pretty good day pain-wise though, because I've got a lot of running around to do. Happy Hump Day!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 4

This is yet another quicky post... it was a long day and I'm beat! Sorry I haven't been around much, between work being nuts and still not feeling well its hard to get around to visit everyone... BUT I am thinking of you all! *HUGS*
I was so tired last night I forgot to write about a couple of things. During the pizza party, I got up and got me a piece of cheesecake - which was very naughty of me, but its my weakness - and the fact that it was left over from the Feb birthday treats from last week that I missed. My cubemate, Greg piped up and said, "Look, Karen has her piece of birthday cheesecake, so now we can sing to her!" Oh shit... and so they did. So embarrassing... but made me feel special. As I was taking some things out to my car yesterday, I ran into that Mike guy . I was pushing a big cart, and he asked me what I was doing. I said "Moving, obviously..." he didn't know my org was moving so he had to ask all about it. Sheesh... I kept moving... then I ran into him again on the other side of the building. When it finally dawned on him to ask if I needed some help, but I declined. Ick. I'm so glad I'll never have to see that guy again - at least I hope! Well, I best get my body busy and get to my Feb stats. Have a great day!!!

Monday, March 3

OHOHOHOHOH... I'm soooooo tired! Busy day! We got the group pic taken, and it was kinda fun. We went to the Hill Air Force Base Museum and had it taken in one of the hangers. Then I went back to my office and started getting my PC taken apart and put some very light things in my car. We had a fun pizza party and everyone just sat around and chatted and laughed. I have so much stuff to put away still, but was able to set up my PCs and part of my desk. I'm just taking one box at a time and will work as I have time this week and next. Its my report and financials week so its going to be crazy anyway. Oh, shit! I have to do my Feb stats in the morning. Grumble. ;-) So... I'm off to bed early - I'm sure I over did things today despite trying to behave. Good night all!
I decided on the new burgundy dress for the pictures today. I showed it to my sis Susie last night and she flipped over it. I don't feel quite so frumpy in it today, I guess it helps having the nylons and shoes with it, so help complete the outfit. tee hee I'm not having so much pain today, which feels so great. But then, I got up at 2am and took a pain pill ;-) gotta do what I gotta do. I figured I'll be moving about quite a bit today, since we'll be finishing moving offices/buildings today. At least I hope so - I'm ready to go. We're having a pizza party here at lunch time - as both a reward and a farewell to this building. It should be fun. Even though this move has been a pain in the butt, I think it will turn out to be a good move... especially since it should save me about 5 to 10 minutes travel time. Have a great Monday everyone - if that's possible ;-).

Sunday, March 2

I'm kinda having a dilema. I usually don't fret much about this sort of stuff, but I am today. I think that I've had too much time at home! LOL!! Tomorrow at work, our group is having a picture taken. I'm stressing out about what to wear. I've got a new burghandy skirt and top that is crinkly rayon and lace. I've had it for a while but haven't been able to fit into it - but now I can! YAY! Its really pretty, but now that I've tried it on, I wonder if I look like frump girl. Not sure if its the right outfit for the picture. I have other dresses, but don't really want to wear any of them for the picture - dunno why. This is definitely one of the reasons women drive men crazy and to be honest, I'm driving my self crazy.
Question of the Week by Sara "They Say" We have all heard the Old Wives Tales, "they say" things and the superstitions. List at least 3, you can list more if you want, of things you have heard. Telling an actor to break a leg instead of good luck on a performance. Don't step on a crack or you'll break your Mother's back. If a black cat crosses your path, you'll surely have bad luck that day.
Good morning! I'm up bright and early to take my meds and eat breakfast. I know - I'm sick. I also wanted to catch up on blog reading (since I've been behind) while I'm doing laundry. I had a pretty good night last night, my cousin Teria and her husband stopped by for a visit and it was good to see them. I really over did things yesterday and Friday, and it caught up with me last night. I'm still doing OK now though. I shall behave today and be a bum, I swear. I hope everyone is having a great weekend!!

Saturday, March 1

It pays to be honest. I decided to call the fabric store and talk to the manager/asst manager and told her what had happened this afternoon. She said that the next time I come in, they'll give me 15% off my purchase and she was so greatful that I told her I'd mail her the signed copy of my credit card receipt. I do feel good about the whole thing, and knew I'd feel guilty if I would have not said anything. She said she'd talk to the girl and apologized for the problem.
I'm bushed! I got up early and did my cleaning! YAY! I took it slow and easy, and didn't do a completely thorough job, that will have to wait until I'm feeling better. After I cleaned, Mom and I went to run errands and had a nice day out. It feels sooooooo great to be able to be out and about somewhat. Its so hard being cooped up for so long. We first went to lunch, to the restaurant that my sis Susie works at, and I had a really yummy hot ham and swiss sandwich and a salad. It was heavenly. Then we went to Sam's Club where we covered the majority part of the store, cart was full and I came out only spending $65 and Mom only $40. Then we made our way to the pharmacy, then to the fabric store. Mom wanted to get some fleece to make a couple of blanket throws. These throws she makes are so cute and so easy! No sewing required! She takes the ends, and cuts about 1 inch wide by 3 inches deep, then ties little knots in the strips (close to the blanket, not the edge). I saw a gorgeous peach piece that I felt like I needed to have so I bought me some. The girl that cut the fabric had all the warmth of a a wall-eyed-pike, but Mom and I just ignored her. We snooped around the store a little bit, then went to check out. The same girl checked us out. Mom went first, then she went off and was looking at some decorations while I paid. I put mine on a credit card, and signed the receipt. Then all of the sudden this woman comes up behind me and starts complaining that she'd been over charged. The cashier started talking to this woman (didn't say "I'll be right with you to this woman while she finished with me), as she gave me my card and receipt, which I put in my wallet. Fine. But she hadn't bagged my fabric, said thank you, come again, or anything. She turned her whole attention to this woman. I got so mad! I reached over the counter, grabbed a sack and bagged my fabric. In doing so, a receipt blew onto the floor. The cashier said, "Oh, here's your receipt." Didn't say sorry for the interruption, sorry for not bagging your fabric. Squat. I put the other receipt in my bag and turned to the lady behind me and told her that she needed to wait her turn, and I stormed out. I heard the cashier say "Oops" as I was leaving. Mom asked me what happened so I told er on the way to the car. Now - here's my deal. I got home, took the receipt out of my bag and guess what... it was the store's copy! Now... should I be nice, call the store and tell them I have their receipt or just blow it off? The transaction went through, they have my number... hmmm... decisions, decisions. If I do happen to call, I could tell the manager how crappy both Mom and I were treated so that could be more fun than just keeping the signed receipt. Hmmmm... *snicker* All I know is I'm not wasting my precious time and energy to take the receipt to them - if they want it they can come and get it. I used to work in a fabric store - for 4 years as an assistant manager. I've done my time in retail and know how difficult it is to work with the public... but then again, most people are really great and don't make life hell. I also know that you should always be as courteous and friendly to the customers - that's the number one rule. OK... done ranting... We carried onto Walmart where I spent another $65 on groceries. Then I had to come home and put everything away - the really fun part. I think I best not do anything else the rest of the night, just rest and watch some TV... maybe work on my cozy new fleece blanket! Have a great night!
Found this at Kat's blog. I also want to wish Kat a very special birthday! Go visit her and wish her a happy birthday! A very special Aquarian Karen is the last of the great eccentrics. The funny thing is, she doesn't know it. She thinks her behaviour is perfectly normal. She sees herself as a pillar of propriety and a paragon of protocol. Karen has strong views about every topic under the sun. There's not a subject she doesn't know about or a moral point she can't pontificate on. Karen is entitled to be a little arrogant. She knows an awful lot about an awful lot of things. She is well versed, well rehearsed, and deeply immersed in the kind of knowledge that we lesser mortals can only dream of attaining. Thankfully, she is there to shed the light and show the way. This, she does generously and patiently, as befits a person of superior intellect. Karen is wise, intelligent and (thankfully) oblivious to irony. Or, at least, that's how Karen is, at her worst. She can't help it. She's an Aquarian and Aquarians are infamous for their occasional outbursts of pomposity. Happily there is another truly delightful side to her. Karen is as honest as the day is long, as generous as the ocean is deep. This is partly where the eccentricity comes from, for a person with such strong opinions Karen is surprisingly willing to please. she is keen to win friends and influence people. She loves to feel that she belongs. She always wants to be in on the action, part of the scene and one of the gang. Rather like Groucho Marx though, she is never sure that she would want to be part of any club that would a member. She is always on the lookout for some new cause to support, or enterprise to sign up to. You might think that this would make her fickle but actually Karen is exceedingly loyal. She may be forever expanding her horizons but she never forgets her friends and she never reneges on her commitments. This is why, despite the highly idiosyncratic nature of Karen's personality, so many people think the world of her. LOL!! Hmmmm...