Friday, January 31

I feel really bad. Mom and Dad had to cancel their trip to Idaho. Mom was really looking forward to it and I hate to see her disappointed. I'm relieved that they're not going though to be honest, I just couldn't face the weekend alone with K & E. But I still feel bad for Mom... she said they'll go in the next month or so and things will probably work out better anyway. She was feeling guilty about not being home on Sunday for my b-day. So I guess things have worked out for the best. My Dad's twin sister Joannie and her husband Ted came up from Salt Lake today to go to lunch with Mom and Dad and I was invited. So... who am I to pass up an invitation to lunch? Joannie is such a sweet lady. She reminds me so much of my Grandma, I found myself tearing up a couple of times because I miss her - I miss both my Grandmas - and Grandpas of course! My Dad is so much like his Dad so its funny that he and Joannie are twins, yet so much like each one of their parents. Lunch was nice, we met at the diner where my sister Susie works. I had breakfast! Yummy! My visit to my general doctor went well. He was glad I came in because of the concern about my blood pressure dropping. So he's put me on half the dose that I was on. He gave me more pain pills - YAY! He actually was surprised that I hadn't asked for any before now (Oct 2001 was the last prescription!). I just don't like taking them unless I really need them. I don't want to become addicted, that happens too easily. I still have quite a few percocets, but I'm flushing them (oh the horror, I know!) because 1) they're over a year old and 2) they make me sick and 3) its not good to give these things away to people. I was talking to Susie about it this afternoon on the phone and she told me not to let Kathy get wind that I've got them or she'll want them. I laughed and said the reason I still have some is that she didn't know about them - or actually where I keep them! Kathy actually found my hiding place once and stole a bunch of Xanax from me, but since I put a REALLY nasty note where they were hidden and found a new place, nothing has been touched. My doctor also gave me something new to try for my RA, in place of the Celebrex, but I got thinking about it and I don't think I better take it until I talk to my RA doc about it on Wednesday. Since I'm on the clinical trial, I don't want to do anything that would mess with the results. BUT after he sees the condition of my joints, he may pull me off the study anyway since things have gotten worse. I have my idea of why things have gotten worse though, and they involve one of the meds I was on for 2 weeks. It was an incredibly beautiful day today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I kept thinking, this can't be January 31. It just can't be. It was 65 F!! Sooooooooo sunny and gorgeous!!!! When I got home this afternoon, I actually got a blanket, spread it on the deck and read for a while. Spring Fever big time! Even though its been such a mild winter for us, I'm still finding myself having the winter blahs. I want to see GREEN, I want to hear birds chirping, the whole nine yards. ahhhh... but alas, this will not last long. A storm is headed this way. Happy weekend everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yawn! I got up about 4am and took a pain pill, then went back to bed for 3 hours! Felt good to sleep in, especially with the pain pill working a bit. Still a bit in la-la land but moving about easier. I'm going to do a little cleaning but not going to over do. I'm washing all my bed linen, including the waterbed mattress cover. I probably should have waited another week or so to do that, because with my hands hurting its gonna be hell putting the mattress cover back on. Ah well... Looks like my weekend isn't going to go as planned. Kathy doesn't want to go to Idaho with the parents. Mom feels bad, because I actually cried like a boob last night when she told me that Kathy wasn't going. Just all my emotions busted out. I'm so tired and feeling rotten and was really looking forward to a weekend all by myself to re-energize and to run around naked if I wanted to. *snicker* Now I've got to deal with Kathy without Mom and Dad around and I really don't think I can handle it. Even though I live downstairs, I still have to go upstairs to eat and I'll have to see her messes up there which is a real sore spot with me. I can't stand messes. Mom is the same way and cleans up after her. Me on the other hand refuse to clean up after her - she's such a pig. There's still a small chance Kathy will go - Mom was going to ask her again, but I doubt it. I'm really surprised that she's not going, because with her not going with Mom and Dad, she's losing her permanent babysitters and will have to care for the baby 24 hrs a day... which worries Mom too. Mom said Ellis is supposed to help out, but he doesn't do much but make more messes. Sigh. Shit. Damnit - I'm losing the nice goofy effect of the pain pill now just thinking about all of this. LOL!! I gotta get my ass busy anyway and maybe can work off some of my emotions. I'm really OK, I'm just hugely disappointed and now the lovely weekend I was looking forward to has been blown to hell. I'll try and make the best of it. I'll just lock myself away down here and pretend Kathy and Ellis don't exist.

Thursday, January 30

My weekend has begun! YAY! The week went amazingly fast when I look back. Today was a lot crazier than I thought it would be, but it worked out OK. I got quite a bit done. Monday is going to be busy, busy, busy but I'm trying not to think about it. I want to enjoy my weekend. I'm so glad that I was able to work my 40 hrs this week, and not take any sick leave. Next week will be a different story with the the other scope I'm having on Tuesday, then my RA doc appt on Wednesday. I'm so lucky to have health insurance. I'm scared to find out how much my portion will be for the scopes though! My boss told me that I could bring some work home on Monday night to work on Tuesday before I go in for my scope, that way I won't have to take so much sick leave. Yes, I *could* work next Friday to make up the time, but I doubt I will want to. This morning, I forgot to write about the nice surprise I had in my cubical! Debi (one of the sweetest ladies on this earth) had put little birthday cake confetti on my desk with a note "Happy Birthday on Sunday!" Then there was a big ribbon on my monitor, and a pretty gift bag with a card. The gift bag contained a gift certificate so I get to go shopping. YAY! Its to a store that has the cutest sweaters, and I seem to be addicted to sweaters and Debi knows this. My two favorite cardigans have come from her and that store. Sandi came to see me after lunch. She came into my cubical with the most sad look on her face, like the world was falling apart. First thing she said was how sorry she was. I had no idea what she had to be so sorry about! Then she said she felt awful because she'd left my gift at home. I just laughed! I wasn't expecting anything and I told her she didn't have to get me anything... but she said she wanted to. Anyway, I told her Monday would be fine! Even my family isn't celebrating my b-day until Monday. So its no big deal. When I got home today, I found a box from on my bed! Yipeee!! Something from Emma and Pete! I've also had a big box sitting on my floor for the past 2 weeks from Colin and the Lovely D. How sweet are my friends?! You all are spoiling me! I'll behave though - and not open them until Sunday morning. I am so looking forward to the weekend. Mom and Dad are going to Idaho, and I'm HOPING and PRAYING that Kathy and the baby go with them. That would be the BEST birthday present ever. To have total and complete peace and quiet. To have a total KAREN weekend, a do whatever the fuck I want weekend. To not have to deal with Kathy and her shit. If she goes to Idaho, then her husband will NOT be staying here. I don't trust him and I refuse to stay in the house with him without Mom and Dad around. I hope it works out!! I soooo need a Karen weekend. OK - I'm beat! I'm gonna go get comfy and watch 4 episodes of Days of Our Lives that I taped! G'Night!!
Larry has partly redeemed himself. He showed up at 6:30am this morning to finish the materials up for the CD. In the 8 years I've been here, this is the first time I remember seeing him here before 9am. LOL! So, I'm a lot calmer now and think I'll be OK time-wise. I also took a pain pill earlier, so I'm sure that's got a lot to do with me being calmer too. *snicker* I really needed the pill, I'm really hurting again today. This has got to stop! Grrr!
Well, I can't say that I'm surprised when I came into work this morning to find nothing on my desk from Larry. I'm so pissed. I don't understand why this keeps happening. Yesterday afternoon he was so close to finishing and he said there would be no problem with finishing the stuff so I could start burning those 100 CDs. Now, his problem has once again become mine. Although it really shouldn't be my problem, it always seems to turn out that way, whether I try not to make it my problem or not. Now, whenever he decides to come in, I'll already be hours behind. Grrr. I'm so not in the mood for this today! He's chosen the wrong person to let down today. This pic is really too cute fo him, but it still fits the situation.
OK, enough bitching... I'll start working on my database stuff and get that all done because I'm sure once I get the materials I'll have to use both my PCs to burn CDs.

Wednesday, January 29

Holy shit! I can't believe I went all day long without posting anything here! LOL! My brain was out to lunch. I managed to do the Wednesday memes but blew this off. I didn't really have all that much to say anyway... I would have complained horribly this morning because my joints hurt so bad that I had to take pain pills while I was at work. I know, I shouldn't have gone into work, but I really couldn't stand the thoughts of staying here moping around when I wouldn't have felt any better. So I figured that I'd go to work and be paid to be miserable and do some work to get my mind off the pain. It sure seems like my blog has become a complainer's paradise lately with all my health stuff. I'm really trying to keep a positive attitude and concentrate on getting well. I made an appt with my general doc for Friday because I think he needs to re-evaluate my high blood pressure meds since my BP has been dropping so much AND I'm out of pain pills. Actually the last pain pills he prescribed was Oct of 2001 so they're over a year old, sooooo I'm not supposed to keep them longer than a year anyway so I'll get some more pills while I'm there. I also wanted to make sure he was in the loop about all my other problems as of late. I came home from work tonight and headed directly for the bathtub where I soaked in hot water and lovely LUSH bath stuff. I had the cotton candy scent, it felt sooooooooooo good!! Ahhhhh! I almost didn't get out, but my skin started to pucker. tee hee I fixed dinner, ate dinner and soon I will shuffle myself off to my nice warm and cozy waterbed. Last night I was asleep by 6pm and I'm thinking I'll do the same tonight. I'm so damn tired! 6pm is only 1.5 hrs earlier than I normally go to sleep so in that context its not *that* early since I get up at 3:30am to be to work by 5am. Tomorrow is my FRIDAY! YAY!! I've been enlisted to burn 100 CDs for two workshops next week, and that will be my number one priority tomorrow. Larry WILL get me the files tonight - they should be sitting on my desk right now, or will be soon so I can start burning first thing in the morning. Fun, huh? I made labels for them and they'll look pretty spiffy. It shouldn't be too bad of a day tomorrow, the only other stuff I need to do is my database work. I ran into one of my flirting buddies today, Joe. He's such a funny guy - and pretty sexy. We tease each other once in a while when we see each other in the hall. Today, he saw me and got this look in his eyes and a huge smirk on his face. I asked what he was thinking... and he said he couldn't tell me, it was too bad. So I said, "Thanks, Joe. Now all sorts of naughty thoughts are going to be running through my mind wondering what you are thinking." We laughed and went our seperate ways. Just as I was going home, I was just coming out of the restroom as he was about to go into the men's room. He got that look on his face again, and asked me if I ever figured out what he was going to ask me. LOL! I said, "No, but I sure had fun trying to figure it out." Then he said, "OK, I'll tell ya... I saw you earlier and the first thing that came to mind is wondering if you were wearing panties under your dress!" I cracked up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He turned all red and was laughing too. Then, I said "Joe, the answer is no. Just nylons." We both just laughed and he said "I really gotta go now!" He turned around really fast and went into the restroom. Hmmm... I think I got him! SCORE for me! OK... I'm off like a dirty shirt!

Tuesday, January 28

I actually accomplished everything on my to-do list today at work! What a great feeling, now I can go home without thinking of all the things I'll need to finish tomorrow. I still have work to do, of course, but no little project hanging over my head. I even managed to do all my Tuesday memes. I'm so impressed with myself! I'm not up for much tonight, just going home, getting something to eat, checking e-mail and going to bed early to read or watch TV and hopefully will fall asleep early, a little extra sleep will do my body good. I went out to lunch with some girls and a couple of guys from work today. We had a lot of laughs. I ate more today at lunch than I have in about 3 weeks but still have half of it left, but that's OK, I'll have it for lunch tomorrow. That's about it for now... TTFN!!
I'm in a better mood today! My RA isn't hurting me quite as bad - to be honest it was really painful to even type yesterday but my fingers are feeling a lot better today. I'm here at work, trying to get in the mood to do some work. Yesterday was Mom's birthday. Sunday I made a big pan of lasagna for her dinner last night, and I went home an hour early to get it into the oven and get the rest of dinner ready. Well, I got home and Mom had baked her peach cobler (her chosen b-day treat) and turned the oven off. Well, when I went to turn the oven back on, nothing happened. But of course I didn't even realize it until 30 mins later. Dad checked the ignitors and the broil came on, but not the baking one. Gas wasn't even coming through. So, dead oven. We ended up ordering Pizza Hut! LOL! It was good though. Mom and I joked around and said that now we could put the lasagna in the freezer, then have it for my birthday dinner! Not a bad idea actually, but she said she may not be able to wait that long if the oven gets repaired. It was a nice night. My brothers, a couple of their kids, and sister Susie came over. Kathy, her so-called husband Ellis and their baby Elyssa weren't there (which I loved), but they should have been there for Mom. Supposedly Elyssa had her physical therapy appt, Kathy had her "therapy" appointment and Ellis went along. They were gone all afternoon. Finally about 7pm, when the party was winding down, Kathy finally called and said "I'm filling out paperwork and will be home in a while." What a load of BS. They disappear like that all the time, and always have some lame excuse about where they've been - in MOM's car. Just goes to show just how selfish they are - to miss Mom's party. Anyway, I think Mom enjoyed it. Susie and I bought Mom a bubblegum machine. She's wanted one for years and I found one in a catalog and ordered it for her. She was soooooo excited!!! She laughed and got tears in her eyes. That made me feel good. This machine takes money so now she can make some money to buy more bubblegum AND perhaps a treat for her. OK... me best get to work now! Hope everyone has a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 27

A friend of mine just sent me these and I thought they were so funny, I had to share them! A Gastroenterologist claims these are actual comments made by his patients while he was performing colonoscopies........ "Take it easy, Doc, you're boldly going where no man has gone before." "Find Amelia Earhart yet?" "Can you hear me NOW?" "Oh boy, that was sphincterrific!" "Could you write me a note for my wife, saying that my head is not, in fact, up there?" "You know, in some states, we're now legally married." "Any sign of the trapped miners, Chief?" "You put your left hand in, you take your left hand out. You do the Hokey Pokey...." "Hey! Now I know how a Muppet feels!" "If your hand doesn't fit, you must aquit!" "Hey, Doc, let me know if you find my dignity." "You used to be an executive at Enron, didn't you?" "Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?"
Every have one of those days when you just don't feel quite yourself and don't feel like blogging? Well, I'm having one of those days. I'm OK, really... just don't have much to say other than complaining and I really don't even feel like complaining! LOL! I think I'll blame it on being a Monday... yeah... Mondays suck. I do wish everyone a great day though! I hope we all get through our Mondays!!

Sunday, January 26

Question of the Week by Sara Have you ever wanted to go sky diving or surfing? What about flying a plane? No, never wanted to do any of those things. Flying in a plane is enough for me. What are some of the dreams you have, the things you want to do before you die. I'd like to travel more and see more of the world. Experience some new things.
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Saturday, January 25

There's been an upside to being so sick. I've finally come off my plateau and have lost weight again. YAY. Don't recommend this method of losing weight by any means but its nice to see my clothes getting bigger. I'm suffering from saggy butt syndrome today when I put on a pair of jeans! LOL! Looks like tomorrow I'll need to go through my closet and get rid of the big, and hopefully can fit into the next size down. I tried on a pair of black jeans that were ever so tight a month ago and those fit so I'm thinking the other jeans might fit too. I'll be running out of dresses that fit soon too which will mean shopping. Damnit *snicker* Oh how I hate to have new clothes. Just kidding of course! I decided to take a pain pill earlier and I'm glad I did. I got some relief and had me a nice nap while snuggled up in my favorite quilt on my bed. Ahhhh. Nice way to spend an afternoon!
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My personality is rated 19.
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what does that mean? Others see you as sensible, cautious, careful & practical. They see you as clever, gifted, or talented, but modest...Not a person who makes friends too quickly or easily, but someone who's extremely loyal to friends you do make and who expect the same loyalty in return. Those who really get to know you realize it takes a lot to shake your trust in your friends, but equally that it takes you a long time to get over it if that trust is ever broken.
I just love Saturday mornings. Its MY time to catch up on all the blogs I read that I don't get a chance to read much during the week. While bloghopping this morning, nearly every time I go back to my site to get to the next link, a pop up window for Clicksites (to search the web) comes up - I'm about to go apeshit on it! WTF?! I really, really, really hate pop ups! I know - there are programs out there that will stop them, I just need to invest in one. Me thinks I'm cranky today. My joints are beyond sore and have been getting steadily worse the past couple of weeks. I'm thinking that this may have been caused by the medication called Q something I was taking before my "test". I did some research on it, and it is for taking certain medications out of one's system - one of the medications it listed was Arava, which was one RA med that I had that bad reaction to a few months back. So, I think that it might have been taking my current RA meds out of my system ?? I haven't seen my finger joints this bad in months and they're waking me up at night because they hurt so bad. My left hip, left knee, left wrist, and both shoulders and feet are bad today too. I'm not taking the Q stuff any more, so I'm hoping things will get back on track. I suppose the joint pain could be complicated by the ulcerative colitis as well though, as that is one of the symptoms. So I just may be getting a double whammy. I don't have much planned today, just going to take it easy and catch up on the TV shows I taped during the week... and of course take me a nice nap!

Friday, January 24

This quote is by far one of the best I've read in quite a long time. I found it at Susan's site. "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, pee in it, and serve it to the people that piss you off." Classic.
Same shit, different day here in my world! But I'm feeling better than I did yesterday. Thanks again for everyone's support!!! I truly get tears of joy in my eyes because my heart is warmed by all of your comments. Ked called me last night to see how I was doing, and we chatted for about a half an hour! She's so funny and cool! I found an article on Ulcerative Colitis last night on Web MD. Very interesting article. It said that people with ulcerative colitis usually have abnormal immune systems - hence my Rheumatoid Arthritis. So, my lovely immune system is probably behind this whole thing. I'm going to attempt to clean this morning! Then I've got to run to Sam's Club later on with Mom to get a few things, and run to get my prescriptions at the pharmacy. I imagine by then I'll be ready to come home and crash. Mom is a little bummed this weekend, she'd (along with my Dad) planned on going to Idaho to spend the weekend with her sister but it didn't work out that way. Then I suggested that they go up to Idaho next weekend and she said they couldn't do that because its my b-day next Sunday. I told her to go - they'd be home Sunday afternoon anyway. So, it looks like they're going to plan on it. It would actually be an incredible birthday present to ME if her and Dad took Kathy and the baby along with them! LOL!! Mom said she was going to ask Kathy if she did want to go - I hope she does! OK - gotta get cleaning!! Hope everyone has a great day!

Thursday, January 23

I'm overwhelmed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for all the supportive comments and good vibes you all are sending me. I can feel them! I've been home for nearly 3 hours now, I took a nice nap and have just been resting. On the way home, my Mom and I stopped off at the diner where my sister Susie works and she fixed me a pancake and a scrambled egg (the nurse suggested it and it sounded incredibly good). Mmmm... tummy liked it very much indeed. The test went well - they gave me a shot in my IV, I closed my eyes and next thing I knew, they were taking the scope out. The staff was incredible and made me feel very comfortable. The best part (other than the drugs!) was a nice warm blanket they put over me. Ahhh. They explained everything really well, although I'm glad my Mom was there with me to hear the results with me because I was still a little out of it. I've got ulcerated colitis. My colon is very inflammed and irritated, and filled with fiberous and granual type stuff so they're doing a biopsy on that (not cancerous though!). The doctor said, "No wonder you've been so sick!" I still need to have the other scope done (down the throat) and he'll check for anything that could be complicating things. He's given me some pills to take 4 times a day that will hopefully try and calm my colon down and ease the inflammation. They took some blood to check my electrolite levels, etc., too so he's being very thorough. My very dear friend Colin called me just a few minutes ago to see how I was. YOU'RE the BEST, Colin!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks again!!! (yes, I know, I'm racking up the demerits on the thank you's tee hee) OK... I think I'm going to go rest some more and watch Grumpy Old Men. I got the idea when talking to Colin, him saying they're having a heat wave in Boston today, up to 25. Then I got thinking of the song "We're having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave..." and that song always reminds me of the movie. So, there ya have it. Hmmm... me thinks I'm rambling. TTFN - and thank you all again!!!

Wednesday, January 22

I've been lax about posting today! Shame on me. It wasn't a very good day - I guess having a semi-good day yesterday caught up with me, with a vengance. So... I managed to work until 1pm and got the things that Timster needed done today, then I came home and crashed. I took the first dose of the cleansing meds about 2pm and the last 3 hours have been most fun to say the least. I still have one more dose to take, then drink 32 oz more water, take some pills, then go to bed if I can. I'm so anxious to get this test done and over with. UGH. I'm sure I'll be OK, I'm just nervous about what they will find - or won't find.

Tuesday, January 21

Its been a pretty good day today. I'm exhausted and feeling a bit sick, but nothing compared to the last few days. The doctor's office called to ask if I could come in early on Thursday, 6:30am vs. 9:30am. Hell yes!! Anything to get this over and done with. They also went over all the instructions with me for my yummy clear liquid diet tomorrow and my adventure tomorrow night. Those of you who have had a colonoscopy will probably know what adventure awaits me, I can only imagine and its not going to be fun. I guess I'll take a book with me! LOL! I've been working on getting some workshop materials ready for a workshop coming up in February. I'm working with the sweetest man (Dr J.) He is such a pleasure to work with, his materials are in such good order and on time!! He's even sat and chatted with me about my trip to England. He saw the pics on my screensaver and asked about it. He and his family have been there several times, and loved it just as much as I did. I'm pretty much done printing the materials, and am working on some materials for the workshop CD. Hopefully I'll get it finished up tomorrow. The Timster will be back tomorrow! He's been gone since Jan 7, so it will be good to have him back. Well, 30 minutes left and I'm outta here and going home! Have a nice night all!
I made it to work today! Oh now that's sad, me being excited about work? Let me clarify it. I'm happy to be feeling a bit better and able to come to work! Been here 2 hrs, so far, so good. I still have lots of time ahead of me, and I'm taking things nice and slow. Shanae is being a dear and going to do the database stuff for me. I've got a workshop to print materials for and get ready. So I figure, that's more of a priority and I need to concentrate on getting that done, in case I need to go home later.

Monday, January 20

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Now these holiday type of Mondays I like! The downside of it, is when I go back to work tomorrow, I get slammed with a Monday and Tuesday all rolled up into one. It may be a bit crazier tomorrow too, since I haven't been in the office since last Tuesday. I've been checking my e-mail so at least I know nothing catestrophic happened. I really don't want to think about tomorrow... I want to enjoy my day today! No plans really, just more rest and relaxation. I hope everyone has a fantastic day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Sunday, January 19

Snagged this quiz from Ulrika. My result will come as a HUGE surprise. LOL!!
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I've pretty much been a slug once again today. I'm having a bit of a better day today, although my blood pressure was down again but at least my stomach behaved for the most part. I watched some of my fav movies on HBO and Starz while taking little cat naps. Miss Congeniality, Fools Rush In, Serendipity, Just Visiting, and part of John Q. I taped John Q last night but didn't watch it all the way through yet. I'm so excited for the 2nd season premier of Coupling on BBC America tonight! YAY! I'm so totally addicted to this show! I keep seeing the advertisement for the 1st season being on DVD... maybe I'll finally have to break down and get me a DVD player! LOL! You'd think for someone as addicted to tv and movies as I am, I'd have one. Maybe my family will love me and pool their money to get me one for my birthday. A little bit of tension with Kathy and my parents today. It seems that my BIL's (Ellis) car blew up last night (after he *fixed* it) and Kathy had to go get him. She was gone a good 2 hrs, and Dad was pretty pissed so he called her (she had his cell phone) and told her to get her butt home. She told Dad that Ellis wasn't ready to come home yet, and Dad said, "Then leave him there and come home now." They weren't too happy about it *snicker* Isn't that a shame?! I went upstairs to fix me something to eat a little while ago, and walked in on Kathy and my Mom discussing it. Kathy was so mad, and saying things like "Ellis doesn't even want to live here, he thinks he's a bother." Ohhhh how much I wanted to say "Its about stinking time that he is seeing things correctly!" But I held my tongue out of respect for Mom (she's asked me not to get involved). I went back downstairs while my dinner was cooking, and went back up a few mins later and Kathy was packing up the baby and putting her coat on. Mom asked her where she was going and Kathy said "Out. Just out." Then walks out the door. Mom went into the living room to see exactly where "out" was and to make sure it wasn't in her car. Kathy actually had my ex-sister-in-law come and pick her up. Buh bye then. Kathy and Ellis just keep digging themselves in this hole, and soon no one is going to be there to help get them out. They're burning ropes all over. OK - enough bitching! LOL!! Tomorrow is another day off - YAYYYAYYAAYYAYA!!
Question of the week from Sara Is there anything in your life that you want to change? Past, present or future? How would the change you make effect your life now? If it's a change in the present, why haven't you changed it yet? If it's a change in the future, you have learned something from a past experience, what was it? I believe things happen for a reason, so I really don't think I should really *want* to change anything that happened in the past. But if I were, I'd probably try harder to attend college and get my degree. I'd be better off financially now. My future change would include having true love in my life and to be happy. I really should have re-thought eating the chips, salsa and cheese enchilada last night though! I really would have gone back and done that differently! LOL!!

Saturday, January 18

Oooohhhh man! You wouldn't think that showering, getting dressed, doing hair, putting on make up would take as long as it did today. I had to keep laying down every 5 mins or so. Then I rested for about an hour before I even dared venture out to the store. I was waiting for my Mom to come home anyway to take me. I didn't even dare drive. Then of all things, I was craving Mexican food. LOL! Go figure - being so nauseated but chips, salsa and cheese enchiladas sounding incredible. So, we went to dinner before the store. I brought 2/3 back home with me, but it did taste really good. We went to the grocery store and pharmacy to get the things I need for Thursday and a couple of things for Wednesday since I'll be on a clear liquid diet. Jello, broth, and juice it is. Mmmm... can hardly wait. Actually its pretty close to what I've been eating for the past few days anyway. Now that I'm home, I'm completely exhausted! It was sooooo nice getting out for a while though! I was going a bit stir-crazy. As Mom and I were about home, I saw a very familiar car drive by. I almost wasn't sure if it was wishful thinking, dreaming, or seeing things OR if it was really who I think it was. It was my so-called bro-in-law. He actually FIXED his car. The one that has been sitting dead in the driveway for about 2.5 months. The BEST part was, he was in the car and driving away! Another moment! Now if he'd just stay away, but that would be just too good to be true. *snicker*
I got the nicest surprise last night! Kate called me!!! We had such fun chatting - she's such a sweetie!!! I'm so glad we finally had a chance to talk! You totally made my day, Kate!!! I'm not feeling half bad so far today. I need to venture out to the store later on, so I hope I feel up to it. I think I'll wait until this afternoon though after a nice nap! Here it is only 7:30am and I'm already planning my nap! LOL!! Have a great Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, January 17

I've really been out of it today! I just realized I did my memes but didn't post anything here. I've been lounging around, not feeling up to much. I managed to do some dusting and cleaned my bathroom - which took about 4 hours in all because I kept having to lay down. I just probably should have left it alone like I'd planned. Oh well... still have to deal with the vacuum at some point. It can wait. I called the gastro doctor's office this morning to let them know how I was doing. I told them that things had slowed down some, but the stomach cramps are awful. Nate (the PA) said that he got the tests back from earlier in the week, and everything is normal. No infections. Damnit. I was kind of hoping that's what was wrong. So now I really have to follow through with the colonoscopy and the down the throat one (can't remember what that's called). Nate also said "Something is really going on then." Ummm... Yeah... I wanted to say "no shit" but he was really concerned so I refrained. tee hee I wish I could say no shit! ROFL! OK - maybe that was a bit more than you wanted to know! Anyhooooooooooooo... my colonoscopy has been moved up to next week. Next Thursday to be exact. I'm scared but I also need to know what is wrong with me! I realized that I had a dentist appt the same day that next week, so I called the dental office to reschedule my 6 month check up. I feel bad that I won't get to see my hygientist Annette before she leaves to have her baby. We scheduled it last year just so I could see her before she left. The receptionist Diane gave me a bad time about needing to reschedule. So, I told her that I had some tests that had to be done that were a wee bit more important than getting my teeth cleaned. She persisted so I said, "I'll probably be home sleeping off the anesthetic, but if it was that important to her that I come in..." She said, "Oh, no! I didn't realize..." See mouth? Insert foot. *snicker* I hope it doesn't spoil her dinner. My nephew Adam is playing basketball tonight and I am not feeling up to going. I'm still so weak. I'm so bummed. I love watching his games. Sigh.

Thursday, January 16

I just realized... I don't have to be back to work until TUESDAY! WOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO! I think I'm going to need the extra days to rest though. I'm gonna be lazy. I'm even re-thinking my ritual "Friday cleaning". You know I must be sick if I'm thinking of slacking off the cleaning. I probably will do the bare minimum and just say screw the rest. I'll see how I feel in the morning. Its been a pretty good day. I've lounged around a lot, took a couple of naps, did some blog-hopping! My head is feeling pretty clear right now, so I may just finish the historical romance novel I've been reading, "Warcloud's Passion" I hope my senses can handle the *good* stuff. LOL!! I gotta say that my Mom has really taken such good care of me the past 2 days. I don't know what I'd have done without her. She made sure I always had something to drink, and would make me the food I was craving. I think she has made more trips downstairs in the past 2 days for me than she has in the last month! LOL!! She's just now gone to the store for me because she thinks I need some drink, like Gatorade to replenish my electrolites. I told her I could probably wait and go tomorrow but she insisted. My Dad was sweet enough earlier to go get me a vanilla milkshake for lunch today. I have such wonderful parents. I don't know what I'd do without them. I'm so lucky!
I'm feeling a bit more human today! BUT I'm not going any where. I'm very weak and still have a slight fever so I'm staying put. I'm burning up quite a bit of my leave, but that's why I have it for cases like these and vacations. Although vacations are more FUN. I got on the scale this morning and saw that I'd lost 5 lbs in the past 2 days or so. Now, I've lost weight in the last month, but the scale hasn't shown it (people have said it, and my clothes show it). So it seems I'm finally coming off this plateau. I can think of better ways to lose weight though! LOL!! Not pleasant. Not pleasant at all. Anyhoo... the questions for 3 for Thursday are up, go play if you'd like.

Wednesday, January 15

Thank you all for the get-well wishes!!! I can't say my body is in better shape this afternoon, but my spirits sure are after reading all of your comments!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll be around another day to visit all of you and catch up! *HUGS* Pam - Jello juice is just watered-down jello (drank warm!!). The gelatin settles the tummy and its easy to drink cuz its liquid. Sounds strange, I know... but it works - usually! I also heard back *finally* from the gastro doctor dude today too. I guess my message/plea for help got lost yesterday. Anyway, he told me to try the medication 2 times a day instead of just once. Hopefully that will do the trick or at least give me a little bit more relief. I'm supposed to call him on Friday and tell him how I'm doing. I'm hoping by then he'll have my first test results back too. I HATE being sick damnit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its a total and complete waste of my time. I'm starting to feel like all I do is complain and I HATE that too! It will get better. It better get better! Grrrr! ;-)
OMG - I feel like shit. Yesterday at the workshop, I started getting a bad headache, and was a little nauseous. I had soup for lunch, which sounded really good, then about 2pm I started feeling really sick, so I decided to just go home. I couldn't concentrate on the workshop. Well, I left in the nick of time because as soon as I got in the parking lot, and opened my car door, I got sick. Oh the humility. Tossed my lunch, literally. I slept most through the night, between sieges of my other problem and getting up to drink jello juice (Mom's remedy). I'm still feeling quite rough so I don't think I'm going to attempt to go to the workshop this morning, which really bums me out because its a good workshop. Maybe this afternoon I'll feel up to going, hopefully! OK... off to give myself my shots and to go back to bed! Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, January 14

I'm overwhelmed! Sara mentioned me on her blog today, about the Bloggin' Lovefest!! She's one fantastic woman!! We hit it off right away, feels like she's a kindrid spirit. So, along with her, I want to add everyone that is on my Daily Reads and Other Reads. I would add think links, but I'm sick (am just online to check my e-mail before I go to bed - yes, I'm an internet junky)... not being lazy! I really have come to care about all of you!!! You are all such great people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Is the weekend here yet?! Yeah, I know, its only Tuesday. I'll be quiet the next few days since I'll be in the project management workshop. I'm looking forward to it, but my stomach isn't liking me again today, so I hope it settles down. I hate this. The meds the doc gave me worked pretty well on the weekend, but now all hell is breaking loose again. I will call him today and see what he thinks. I was going to wait to see how today goes, but screw it, I'm calling him this morning when his office opens. Have a great day everyone!!!

Monday, January 13

This will come to a surprise to no one that knows me. I HATE MONDAYS! Work hasn't been too awful, but just having the "I hate Monday" mentality. I am here today under protest. tee hee I'll be in a workshop the rest of the week, so I do need to be here today. I'll be coming into work at my normal time for a couple of days, and working until its time to go to the workshop though so its not like I won't be here at all, but I'll be here when most everyone is not. Did that make sense? I think I'm rambling... Anyhoo... my friend Sandi has returned today from a month of being on vacation! YAY! It was so good to see her and to catch up. She's so wonderful and always makes me laugh. Our internet here at work has been hosed all morning, I've gotten a couple of messages on Yahoo IM, but they take so long to get to me (if I get them at all) and my messages aren't being received. Drives me bonkers. I know Yahoo is to blame sometimes but today was definitely our internet. So - those of you who sent me a message, I wasn't ignoring you!!! OK... will... get... back... to... work. UGH.

Sunday, January 12

Question of the week from Simply Sara If you had a week to live, what would you do? I'd spend every minute I could with my loved ones - friends and family. Make sure they know how much they mean to me, and get my affairs in order. I'd want to try and do some things I'd always wanted to do if time allowed, but I think spending time with family and friends is more important than what I'd want to do.
I snagged this from Soul. I Am

Which tarot card are you?
Spiritual enlightenment, inner illumination, hidden power. Link between seen and unseen. Balance of positive and negative forces. Receptivity. Unseen guidance. A young woman sits on a throne holding a scroll labeled "Tora" meaning "law." On her breast is the sign of the meeting of heaven and earth, the Maltese cross. Her crown is the full orb supported by horns, the crown ofthe Mother Goddess Isis, who rules all things changeable, shown by the moon at her feet. Her power, upon which her throne rests, derives from the creative principle of duality, shown by the two pillars of light and darkness. To those who know and love her she dispenses the sweet fruit of the world itself, symbolized by the pomegranites.
I snagged this Inkblot test from Kate Here are my results: Karen, your unconscious mind is driven most by Sexuality What this means is that when your unconscious mind sees an opportunity to remind you of your sexual desires, it takes full advantage of it. Because of this, things that have very little sexual content or that seem sexually neutral to others, may register as sexually charged to you, at least on an unconscious level. Your unconscious mind recognizes the value of sexuality. The reason it may do so, is because of a deep-rooted fear of the opposite ? living a life that is numb to sexual desire or is turned cold by it. You unconscious mind may be trying to avoid this sexual dullness, and so it reacts by swinging to the opposite extreme, strong sexual desire. By sending you these sexual messages on a regular basis, your unconscious makes sure you don't forget about sex. If you view your sexual desire with a positive attitude, you can welcome the vitality and strength sexual thoughts can bring into your life. This would allow you to honor the drive your unconscious has chosen to be an important focus for you. It is a message that you are very much alive, and have a great deal of passion to bring to life. Though your unconscious mind is driven most strongly by Sexuality, there is much more to who you are at your core. ROFL!! Imagine THAT! ;-)

Saturday, January 11

I've come across a really funny show on BBC America, called Coupling. I first watched it last week and just watched two more episodes. I laughed so hard! Its a more naughty Friends type show. Tomorrow afternoon/evening they are running a Coupling marathon, and I plan to tape it, and am hoping they'll run the entire first season's shows. A new season (second) is starting on Jan 19.
I've had a great morning chatting with Maggie and Soul and discovering some great new blogs!!! Maggie turned me on to three, Kane, Theo, and Susan. Then in searching the blogrolls, discovered Moonlight and Magnolia and /var/log/otto. Just love finding new reads! Now my ass is starting to fall asleep so I think I need to get up and move around a bit. LOL! I'm going to fix me some lunch, and perhaps take me a nice little nap. The rest of the plans include watching TV and maybe reading my latest romance novel. But I'm sure I'll be back online later to finish catching up on blog hopping! Enjoy your Saturday!!
Snagged this from Christy peacefull
What kind of dream are you?

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Friday, January 10

I did the dumbest thing this morning! I checked my e-mail from work (that wasn't the dumb thing...) and I got the invoice I was waiting for, so I reconciled it, and set to enter the data in my financials. Like a ninny, I took the original file from the CD I'd brought from work, and saved it to my hard drive, replacing the one file I did all the balancing on yesterday!!! Yes, I said the word Fuck. Now I've got to go and re-do it all! Sheesh... oh well, at least I know it balanced yesterday so now I get to do it again. I've just got home from my doctor's appt. I was quite impressed with Nate, the Gastro PA (I think its physician's assistant). He didn't keep me waiting long - which in my book is great, then he asked me all sorts of questions about what's been happening. He said he thinks I've got some sort of colitis or a severe infection. So, I've got to take yet another totally embarrassing and degrading sample in on Monday. I have also been scheduled for a lovely test on Feb 4 for the lower GI and another one on Feb 20 for upper GI where they will stretch my esaphagus too because I've had problems swollowing so they'll do that while they're in there. I will be put out for both of these tests, thank God! But will only be off of work the one day. Nate also gave me some medication to help me. YAY! I haven't tasted the stuff yet, so I shouldn't be saying YAY quite yet, but if it helps me, I'd drink mud with worms in it even. tee hee Hmmm... maybe I'll re-think that! Oooh! I've got to get my hair done this afternoon! Sheesh! Here I am in another set of comfy flannel PJ bottoms and sweatshirt thinking I was in for the day. I'll work on my financials for a bit then get dressed again... damn it!
My day was made yesterday when I got to talk to Sara on the phone! It was so great to hear her voice, she's such a fantastic lady! I went to bed sort of early and caught up on 4 episodes of Days of Our Lives LOL! But didn't sleep worth a crap and got sick again through out the night. This really sucks and I'm tired of it. I've got an appt with the gastro PA today so hopefully they can figure out what's going on. But I'm sure they'll put me through some awful tests, but right now I'm just about willing to endure anything if they can get this to stop! I gotta get my ass busy now, I've got to get my cleaning done before I go to the appt. Happy Friday everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 9

I could sure get used to working at home! Here I am, sitting in my comfy flannel PJ bottoms and thermal top working away (well, OK, so I'm taking a blog break!) on my financials with Dick VanDyke on the TV and my cat sitting right by me. LOL! I'm in heaven.
Yesterday was nuts. I did actually get a lot done at work, went and got all my errands ran. Getting the sticker for my car only took 5 minutes! It was a miracle! Then I went to my doc appt and learned how to give myself shots! YAY! I did really good! I'll give myself two shots every Wednesday. I'll have to mix the medication with water because its in a powder form within the vile. Kind of interesting how I do it... I just hope I can do it by myself next week. I'll give the shots to myself either in my tummy (where I did yesterday) or in my thighs. I got back to work, had my meeting, sent the report off to my boss for his review, then got sick and had to come home. When I got here, Mom and Dad were also sick - I guess its a bit of a stomach bug along with my stomach stuff I already have, I was miserable and in bed by 4:15! LOL!! I slept for a couple of hours, then was awake for a while then went back to sleep. Had a pretty restless night. I hate being sick. I got up this morning, and felt rotten still, so I thought it best if I stay home. I did get showered and ran to work to get my financials that I need to finish, and some CDs and the labels for the workshop next week, so I can work a bit here at home and get my stuff done! I won't feel as guilty for being home if I'm doing something! LOL!! As I came home, Mom was in the kitchen and told me that Ellis had to take my sister Kathy to the hospital last night. She's losing it. She's threatening suicide and having severe anxiety attacks. They had to give her shots to calm her down, then they sent her home. Mom said they may have to admit her into the hospital today. She's been going to therapy twice a week, once by herself, and once in group therapy and has been back on her medication for about 3 months. She's come home both times this week really upset. Mom told me that she is really freaking out about her situation, not working, having a child to raise, having to live here with Mom and Dad, etc., She's manic-depressive. I know she's ill. I feel terrible about saying what a bitch and how horrible she is, because the probably half of it is the illness. She just needs help. Being put in the hospital may be the best thing for her right now, and I've thought that in the back of my mind for some time. They're going to decide what to do when she comes out of the medication. Its probably a good thing I'm home, so I can help with the baby if they need me to. I'll be fine as long as there's not a "muddy" messy diaper! I don't deal well with that normally but with how my stomach is today, it wouldn't take much for me to lose it! LOL!

Wednesday, January 8

Today is gonna be a bugger. I have to do my database stuff, start my financials, leave at 10am to go get a new base sticker for my car (mine expired in 2002 and the guards keep telling me its expired (DUH), I just haven't had time to go sit for 30-45 minutes to get another stinking sticker! BUT I HAVE to today, the guard got kinda testy with me despite me flashing him a smile tee hee), go to our local off-base office, go to my doctors appt, rush back here to a meeting, then finish my financials and hopefully send the reports off to my boss for his review. Sounds fun, huh? I hope I'll get around to visit everyone tonight or a bit here and there when I need a break from my financials! Have a great Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 7

Slipper nylons + slip + slippery dress + stubborn wheels on a chair= sliding off chair and falling on ass. Just picture it. Good thing I've got a bubble butt, I wasn't hurt! Its a damn good thing I can laugh at myself AND no one saw me (that I'm aware of).
I had fight first thing this morning with the &@#^$ color printer. It doesn't like Avery labels I found out. Ah well... the CDs I'm making for the workshop next week will just have to have black and white labels. At least the B&W printer likes me today. The labels (one sheet!!) jammed in the color printer so bad, I had pretty black, blue, pink, and yellow hands after I got the labels out. LOL! Cooool... I seem to be in a goofy mood today. Its better than a grouchy mood... or is it?! tee hee Today will keep me busy, but shouldn't be as bad as yesterday. I had a quick meeting yesterday about the Software Project Management workshop next week, and I get to go - and not just to help with the workshop, but to be an attendee! YAY! More training under my belt. Although I don't manage any software projects, they teach basic PM skills which will be good for me. Its a 3-day workshop, next Tues - Thurs held in a local hotel. It should be a little fun too - Larry and Kasey (the instructors) have already threatened to pick on me. LOL! My black and white labels are printed now, so I better get back to work! Hope everyone has a great day!!!

Monday, January 6

My day turned out a lot better than it started. Linda decided she wanted to go out to lunch for her birthday, so a couple of guys from her office and I went to Applebee's. The afternoon was pretty busy, but I got a lot done. No more grouchies. Tonight I'm exhausted... I'll be around tomorrow hopefully to visit you all! G'Night!!
OK - one more bitch... first of all, I went into my database and there is a feckin' 60 records to insert. UGH! Hello, its Monday. Usually I only have 40 on a Monday. Shit. I'm only on 5 of the 60 and already I've come across 2 people that don't know the difference between PREFIX and SUFFIX. THAT is one of my pet peeves. All together now, PRE means BEFORE and SUF means AFTER. Come on people! Yes my name is Jr. XXXX XXXXXX Mr. Dorks. (not directed at any of you - I'm venting here! LOL!!) Now, this is the kicker. One person doesn't know the difference between FIRST and LAST name. They put their first initial in the last name, and last name in the first name. I really worry about people. How did I know this? Their e-mail address. OK... so maybe I'm not done being grumpy! No I am... really. I'm feeling mucho betta!
I was in quite the grouchy state this morning. Seemed like every little thing irritated the hell out of me. Even my cat who was in a whiny-assed mood. She wanted to come in right after I got out of the shower and let all the cold air in while I was drying off, then I closed the door again, and she sat there and meowed and meowed (she doesn't like being shut in) but though shit, she wanted to come in! Then I finally opened the door back up when I had my robe on and was dry. Then she kept bugging me, wanting her morning treat. UGH! She knows the routine! Not until after I get my contacts in and hair out of the towel...sheesh! Then a few minutes later, she was meowing at the door to go upstairs... I guess she was thinking she was going to get yet another treat from the fridge... wrong. She had her treat! I petted her for as long as I could, so I don't know what her problem was. Then the kitchen door (that leads out to the garage) was open. The lock was set, but the door was open. Now I can think of 2 jackasses that would have left it open, one of them I saw come out of the bathroom out of the corner of my eye while I was in the kitchen. The no-good Ellis, what a horrid sight to see first thing in the morning. THEN someone fucked with my mirror on my car door. GRRRRR! Then, every idiot that was out at 4:30 am, came across my path as I was driving to get gas, then no decent tunes were on the radio. After I got gas, I didn't run into any more idiots. LOL!! I hate Mondays. I'm feeling better now. I had to deal with the color printer this morning, but to my pleasant surprise, no problems. So hopefully today won't be too bad from this point forward. Today is the only day my boss will be in the office for the next two weeks so I'll be busy I'm sure! Have a great Monday everyone!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 5

Oh, a bit of revenge and closure is sooooo sweet! I just finished a conversation with Jason. We (he and "Georgia") talked about how it is to be in unhappy relationships, mostly due to sexual incompatibility. I knew his background - or at least what he'd told me about his marriage so I embellished a bit. I didn't have to lie too much because I do know how being in a bad relationship feels (Robert, a few years ago). Anyway, he kept saying, "wow, I can't believe we have so much in common." Which he actually told ME before. Anyway, he asked me about my history with guys online. So I told him that recently a guy led me to believe that our relationship was going somewhere, had me really excited and looking forward to getting to know him better, etc., then all of the sudden he dropped me without a word and how shitty I thought that was. Then he said it. The thing I was waiting to hear to end this whole thing. Jason: "I wouldn't ever do that to you, that is really shitty." Me: "Oh really. Jason, you are nothing but a lying sack of shit. YOU did that to me. I'm not Georgia. You're a complete prick. You wouldn't know the truth if it slapped you in the face. Now tell me, do you have 3 kids or 2 kids? Are you really seperated or just getting your cheap thrills from talking to other women like this?" Jason: "You've obviously got me confused with someone else." Me: "No, I've got the right guy." Jason: "You said you were from Ogden?" Me: "Yes, I'm from Ogden and no, I don't have YOU confused with anyone else." Jason: "I haven't talked to anyone from Ogden for 18 months." Me: "Oh, I love the selective memory you have. Face it you shit, you've been caught. Tell me, how many women do you lie to every day?" Jason: "Who are you?" Me: "Well, if you can't figure it out, I guess you DO lie to so many women you can't keep us straight. But I guess having 5 identities on ICQ would be a bit hard to keep track of." Fuck off! I've deleted that ICQ identity and will delete my "fake" e-mail address. I feel sooooo vindicated! YES! Woohoo!!!!!!!!! He was a total waste of my time, but oh, how I enjoyed getting a bit of closure. I really don't get this type of revenge often at all! I usually let the universe take care of the scum. But when it comes to revenge and jokes - in a fun way, that's a whole different story! LOL!! Have a great day everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!
Question of the week by Sara What do you consider cheating in a relationship? (ie: phone sex, kissing someone else, web cam pictures, etc.) All of the above definitely!!! Any intimate referrals to a member of the opposite sex, joking in a suggestive matter (if directed at the other person). Hiding any relationship - even friendship is cheating to me as well, that shows me they have something to hide. Joking in a purely platonic way isn't cheating. I truly believe that two friends can have sexual converstations and have it not be cheating on their spouse or sig other. It wouldn't be meant that way, on either side and never cross the line.

Saturday, January 4

OK, finally got around to updating my count down clock and my greetings in the lower left corner. Nothing spectacular, just some of my favorite sayings. Hmmm... what to do today... what to do... I'm not feeling too rotten so far so I may go out and do some running around. There are a couple of things I could do, but we'll see how ambitious I'm feeling in a couple of hours. I should try and work out as well, I've been too lax in that area the last week or so. I know, not feeling well is a good reason, but I'm sure I'll feel much better after getting my workout done, even if I just walk on the treadmill for a few minutes. Need to keep my joints moving. Anyhoo... I've had a little pet project I'm working on. There was a guy (Jason) that I've talked to (online) off and on (mostly off) for the past 3 years or so. We started talking again after Jeff and I broke up. I thought this was going somewhere, he said he was really interested in meeting, and getting to know me better. Fine. He is seperated from his wife and I was a little leary about getting involved with him until he was divorced, but things hadn't gone too far. Anyway, he started acting sort of funny, and all of the sudden just quit talking to me. Ignorning me. Rude. So, I said, fine, I'll leave him alone and move on. Last weekend, I was talking to a friend about him and how I thought maybe he had lied to me about being seperated, and was probably still married. So, I did a bit of checking. I searched on ICQ for his e-mail address, and what do you know, I found 5 different identities. Interesing, huh? For fun, we decided to mess with him a little bit - get a bit of revenge you might say. She IM'd him last weekend and got him all excited to talk to her. THEN I made up a new identity of my own, Georgia is her name. This man is practically eating out of the palm of Georgia's hand. Last night Georgia told him just what he wanted to hear. She seems to be the perfect woman for him. He wants to talk more this weekend about other things he and Georgia have in common. Hmmm and knowing him like I do, there will be a lot they have in common. tee hee I love it. Yes, this is evil and mean, but I love it. I usually don't go after someone like this but I feel its warranted. He needs a taste of his own medicine as the saying goes. Bwwahahahahha He is a such a liar, the number of kids changes as well as their ages. He's told Georgia and I he is seperated, but told my friend he wasn't married at all. I am feeling pangs of guilt though - thinking me playing this game makes me as bad as he is. I'm not going to let it drag on for long, just enough to satisfy my thirst for revenge. Who knows, maybe I'll cut it off now and ignore him. I'll see how it goes. Am I terrible?!

Friday, January 3

OMG - this is good for a laugh!! Sara found it while we were chatting about finding a domain name for me!
There was a 3.7 earthquake last night in a little town called Huntsville last night about 10pm. Huntsville is about 30 minutes from me, up the canyon and on the other side of Pine View Resivoir (see pics of the area on my Scenic Pics page in the Fall). I slept right through it, but Mom said it shook the whole house! LOL! My cat must have slept through it too, because she usually wakes me up when she's freaking out about something. I haven't heard of any damage yet, not very newsworthy I suspect. Its a good thing the dam up there didn't burst! That would be baaaad. The canyon and everything in it would be destroyed. This is a good wake-up call for all of us in the area. The Wasatch Front has a fault line that has been threatening to give way for years. Mom told me this morning that we should all get a 3-day emergency pack ready filled with clothes, medications, water, etc., in case we need it. I better keep something in my car trunk as well, you never know when you could be stranded somewhere.

Thursday, January 2

Had a quicky doctor appointment this morning. Was only gone from work for 1.5 hrs instead of the usual 2+. Fine with me... but my boss made a crack about him wanting to talk to the doctor's office about not keeping me long enough. He loves me. LOL!! Half the time was traveling, and most of the other half was waiting. But that's OK, I had a new book with me to read... yes, another naughty historical romance. This one is set in the old west with an Indian Brave ooohh... mmmm... sexy. ANYHOO... back to the doc appt. I got my shots, and then got the test results of last week's test. The two things my doc checked for were negative, so now we can rule out the easy stuff. I'm set to see the gastro next Friday, but will see my RA doc again next Wednesday for the weekly appt. Fun, fun, fun. This day is cruising on by, even though I really don't want to be here. Only 2.5 hrs left. YAY. I turned in my timecard for the last two weeks today. I only "worked" 32.5 hrs out of 80. The rest was holiday (16 hrs) and comp leave (31.5 hrs) Wow, I didn't realize I took that much time off, but I guess I did cuz I was sick on Monday. I could work tomorrow if I wanted to... but I don't, so I'm not! This is what my leave is for! I haven't really taken any time off since May anyway. Linda called me today sounding like death warmed over. She and her husband went to England for Xmas, and came back Sunday. Since then both have been really sick with bad, bad colds. Linda could hardly talk, but she said she sounded better than she had all week! They had a blast and partied constantly. No wonder they got sick ;-) But sometimes its worth it! Its good to have her home again, and I'll be glad to see her on Monday. Its her b-day on Saturday and I'm hoping her present arrives in time! I had to order her one of those comfy sweaters too, but in Lavendar... and while I was at it, I ordered me another one! Hahahaha!
Its Thursday, but sure feels like a Monday! I managed to make it into work today - hurray! I've got a doctor's appt this morning, and I should get some test results - that will either be the answer or rule some things out. I still have an appt with the gastro guy next week. Oh boy. My appt today should consist of either more shots, or it could finally be the day that I'm shown how to give shots to myself. They'll do blood tests too, to make sure my immunity and liver function levels are OK. Then, its back to work! Its my sister Susie's birthday today - Happy Birthday, Sue!! Not like she'll read this but its the thought that counts. She's coming over for dinner tonight so I'll see her then and give her the presents I got for her. I found a really cool glass dragon figurine and a really great sweater. This sweater is incredible. I ordered one for me, and its the softest, cosiest sweater I've ever found. Its as soft inside as it is outside... one of those sweaters ya wish you could go without a bra with cuz its sooooo nice. tee hee Anyway, the catalog that I ordered it from, sent me another one by mistake and I was going to send it back, but then Susie commented on Xmas how much she loved mine, so I'm giving her one too. We'll be twinners, but hopefully not on the same day! LOL!! Have a great day! I best get to work! UGH.

Wednesday, January 1

I've done some reflecting on the past year today, as I was putting away Xmas decorations, and reading some blogs. I started to blog about 1.5 years ago, at the prompting of my friends in England, Pete and Emma. I'm so glad I did. It first started out to be just a place to write about day-to-day things, share fun sites I'd found, etc. But its evolved into so much more. I really can't believe how much all of you have come to mean to me. I'm so blessed to have come across so many great people via the blogs... and in other ways. Its incredible. I can't express how much everyone's support, fun comments, and just stopping by to say HI means to me. You are all wonderful people!!! I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Here's to a great year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!