Sunday, December 22

I decided to give my old friend Lisa a call this afternoon! I've been meaning to for quite some time but haven't done it for one reason or another. Lisa used to be my cubical mate when I first started working where I do now. We hit it off right away. She was so funny and quite an extrovert - which helped bring what little extrovertedness I've got in my introverted soul. She instantly became my partner-in-crime. We played pranks constantly and she'd get blamed and I would be the innocent party. Perfect partnership tee hee Anyway, her husband is in the Air Force and got transferred to New Mexico just over 4 years ago. Lisa and I have kept in touch every so often and it was so good hearing her voice today and catching up on things. She's still so funny and a good friend. I'm so glad I called her!!!! Her and her husband are moving again in January, to South Carolina. She invited me to come visit...hmmm... I just may have to do that! I also had a great chat with Sara this afternoon. She's a great lady! OK... I'm off now to get a couple of things done before I go to bed. Have to work tomorrow... ugh!