Sunday, December 15

Ooo, have had a lovely day. So, I'm feeling relatively re-charged! Just vegged in front of the TV for the most of it. Watched Grease for the umteeth time - just love that show, a couple of shows I'd taped during the week, and just finished watching Sweet November (sniffle, sniffle!). One of the shows I'd taped was John Doe. This is such a good show! I love it - its on Fox, on Friday nights. The guy is sooooo sexy too... Mmmmm... This last show was really intense. My friend Robin called me to see how I was doing, she's such a sweetie. I've been pretty worried about her too, so I'm glad she called. I always feel a bit funny calling her on the weekends (don't want to interrupt hubby and kids time) but am always thinking of her. She's had a lot of serious chronic pain because of an old neck injury. She's been to one doctor after another, and now has started going to a pain type clinic. I really hope this doc can help her. It was so great to chat with her, and catch up. Robin and I are twins from different mothers, I think! We usually finish each other's sentences and have so much in common its spooky. We've set a lunch date for Friday and will exchange prezzies. We also drew each other's names for our girls' night out group the Motley's $10 gift exchange, and we'll do that Thursday night when the group gets together for that little Xmas party. OK... getting mentally ready to deal with Monday... another class... Salt Lake traffic... possible snow storm... UGH.