Sunday, December 29

I've just learned something that makes me so damn mad! Some stupid idiots are harrassing a friend, saying she's a bad mother because she's got piercings and tattoos. Seriously, who the fuck do they think they are judging someone like that?!! Anyone who knows this woman, who READS her blog KNOWS how much she loves her kids, and how she's constantly putting them first in her life. She's one of the best mothers that I've seen. Sounds to me like these so-called-human beings need to quit judging others and look towards themselves. I guess some people don't have anything better to do than try to tear others down - makes them feel better about themselves in a sick way. I've got a tattoo - and 5 earrings in each ear... do those things make me a bad person? Do they make me a tramp? Do they make me less of a person? I don't think so! But I guess to some people they would think so. The tattoo is very meaningful to me and I like the earrings... they're part of who I am but don't make me bad. So there.