Monday, December 23

I found a way to scare my boss out of my cubical! I came back from a co-worker's cubical. I needed to ask him something so called him over. When I got in my cube, I found a Victoria's Secret gift bag on my chair! So I picked it up and looked inside. There was a very small gift box in the bag. I picked it up and said "Oh, cool! I got something from Victoria's Secret!" He looked at the box, and said "That's my cue to leave, anything that small from Victoria's Secret can't be good for me to see!" It wa actually a gift certificate from my friend Debi! She's such a sweetie! Ooohh... what to buy, what to buy ME.... I called back to Tim and told him the coast was clear, it was a certificate. I could hear his relief in his voice when he said he'd be right back over. He sure made it back to his cubical in a hurry... me thinks he may have ran back! I got home and did a couple of things, getting ready for the family party tomorrow night. Then my sister Susie called me and while we were chatting, she was unpacking some special candles she'd ordered. All of the sudden, she said "Karen, I can't get these penises off me!" I about choked and asked her WTF she was doing... turns out they were packing PEANUTS. She told me I was pervy. LOL! Maybe so... I got a good chuckle out of it!