Saturday, December 14

I'm DONE, I'm DONE, I'm DONE CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went this morning and finished the two things I needed to, and then met Linda for lunch and some "fun" shopping. Nicole never showed, I hope nothing was wrong. She mentioned something about having an open house of some sort, so we figured she just got wrapped up in that. So, Linda and I ate lunch and caught up on things. Its been over a week since we've had time for more than a 5 minute "heyhowareya" conversation so that was nice. Then we went into Rainbow gardens to see all the fun things. This place has so many gadgets for the kitchen, decorations for the home for every day or for holidays. Christmas is of course the biggest of the year, they have the whole back side of the store filled with just trees and tree decorations. Its incredible. They have the most gorgeous angels, candles, etc., I could just browse all day... and almost did! LOL! Well, for about 2 hrs anyway! Linda and I had so much fun in the "cards" reading all the rude and crude ones. She stocked up on them, and bought several great ones. She ended up spending around $70 by the time she left! I on the other hand, had another "first" moment this Christmas season! I didn't buy ONE thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There were lots of great things, but nothing I needed or needed to get for anyone else. Linda was shocked... and so was I really at my self control! I came home and got right into sorting things out, wrapping or bagging things. Its all DONE. Cards were finished last night, even cards that went with these gifts. So, as far as gifts go, I'm DONE. Oh, did I mention I'm DONE?! Not to rub it in or anything, but I'm done! Well except for the baking next weekend... and helping Mom with the Christmas Eve festivities. Now I feel more like myself again, on track and organized. I've really felt "off" this year for some reason, my memory has been crap. So, just in case I "forgot" anyone, I do have a couple of "quick" gifts, but I think I have done well. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!