Monday, September 30

Ladies and Gentleman... GAEKWAD is back!!!! Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Missed ya, P! Today was my Great-Uncle Warren's funeral services. I've got to say - this man was amazing. I always knew he was incredible, but didn't realize just how incredible until today. He was so generous and loving, always respected people no matter their station. Its really kind of sad that we don't really SEE people for who they were until their funeral and hear how others thought of him and the reasons why. It makes you want to go up and hug all your relatives and people who are special to you and tell them how you feel. My Dad's twin sister came, she's got cancer (this is her third round with it - two were in her stomach, now it is in her spleen) but she's a courageous woman. So cute - sweet little lady. She's going out to West Virginia in a couple of days to see my Uncle Don who also has cancer (in his kidneys). My other Uncle Keith was there for a little while and he's got cancer of the prostrate, but had to leave for his #21 of 35 radium treatments. Things happen in threes, right? They're all doing well and they've got fighting spirits. My Uncle Kent and his wife Anne were there as well. Anne has always treated me with some sort of "coolness" for some reason, not sure why. But she blew me away today. She came up to me, asked "Karen? Is that you?" I smiled and said yes and how good it was to see her, then she said "My, what a beautiful young woman you've become!!" Wow. I about fell off my feet. It really meant a lot for some reason coming from her, and she was quite sincere. Its only been about 2 years since I've seen her, and I know I've lost a lot of weight and FEEL better about myself (not so shy either), maybe she felt like I was more approachable? Who knows... it made me feel really good, none the less! Now, here's the question of the day. Why do parents (mostly Mothers) find it necessary to explain or exploit or mention their children's health problems? Hmmm??? Every relative that I was talking to, and Mom was near... they asked me "how are you doing?" she'd pipe up and say, "Karen has really had some rough days, she's got Rheumatoid Arthritis!" LOL!! UGH! Here I am, in the company of at least 2 relatives with cancer and she's bringing up my RA??!! All I wanted to say "I'm fine, thanks. How are you?" Last weekend my Mom did the same thing with my Aunt Lou Jean. She asked how I was when I first saw her, and Mom pulled me over and grabbed my calf to show Lou Jean all my itchy blisters! UGHHHH!!! STOP!!! How old am I?! It makes me feel like I'm about 5 and she's showing off my cuts and bruises! LOL!!! She doesn't do it in a malicous way, she's a sweetheart to the core (until she gets mad at ya, then look out). I just don't get it...
I was just chatting with my friend Sandi, catching up on weekend stuff when our friend Linda came up to join in the conversation. All of the sudden, Sandi looked down at Linda's chest and said, "What happened? They're... they're..." and I jumped in and said "Gone??" Sandi said, "Yes, they're gone? What happened?" Linda gasped and said "Oh, I didn't wear my push-up bra today!" We were all giggling, then we decided as well as not wearing the push-up bra, her blouse was too big. Then Linda said, "Gee, do I look line one of the boys now?" (meaning the guys in her office) I started to laugh and said "Well, yes... they're certainly going down that direction!" *snicker* Linda said that was much worse than what Sandi said, but we all had a laugh over it...still I think I'm in a bit of trouble with Linda for saying it. Monday Mission! 1. Who has authority over you? At work, my boss the Timster. In life?? Hmmm... no one I guess. That's scary, very scary... *snicker* 2. Where do you go to get a feeling of community? At work, I guess is about the closest thing to a community feeling that I can think of. 3. What do you do, or have you done, in your life that "goes against the tide?" Lots of things. I try not to stand out in a crowd but yet, I don't like following the crowd either. 4. Guilt can be a powerful weapon. Those who have mastered its power can very good at getting what they want. Have you ever used guilt to get you what you want? Have you ever had it used on you? How did you react? I hope I haven't because I hate when people hold guilt over me! 5. I was walking through the mall Friday night and saw a lot of teenagers who dressed really wild and just acted like idiots - not caring who was looking or what others thought. And I remember being that way, having that kind of freedom. I must have looked like a fool then too. Did you ever do anything in public with your friends as a teenager that you would never do today? Tell me about that. LOL! Hmmm... how about everything! tee hee Lots of embarrassing moments that I look back and ask myself "why did you do that?" What sticks out in my mind is taunting/teasing a guy named Dwayne. I feel horrible about that. He had these funky looking eyebrows, did sort of a swoosh upwards and I made fun of him. So, Dwayne I'm sorry! 6. I don't watch the television show "Survivor," but I did notice they allow each contestant to bring one "luxury item" to the deserted island with them (make-up, a book, etc.). If you were to go to an island for three months, what five "luxury items" would you bring and why? A laptop computer with lots of extra batteries and a hell of a phone-line-free internet thingy. I'd have to blog about all the others and what idiotic things they did. (sorry, don't like the show at all) 7. If you would have had a choice, in which time period would you have like to have lived? Why? I'd stick with the current time period. Although if I could visit a time period, that would be the Medieval. I love the knights and castles. BONUS: Where do you dare me to draw the line? Ohhh.. don't draw the line... keep going... yeah, that's it! *snicker*
Go play the Daily Dose!! I did!

Sunday, September 29

Daily Dose by John T Describe your perfect Sunday dinner. Pot Roast, with delicious potatoes and gravy... don't forget the carrots. Along with home-made dinner rolls. Mmmm! What do you usually do on Sunday? Get up, workout, do laundry, play on the internet, watch TV, read or putter around, doing what ever the mood strikes me. Try and stay awake so I don't have a more difficult time getting to sleep Sunday night.
Sunday Stumpers 1) Is there a big goal left unattained in your life? What is it? Yes, have the love of a good (and naughty tee hee) man. 2) Are you doing (career-wise) what you imagined you'd be doing 10, 15, 20 years ago? Not sure about that. Can't really remember what I wanted to do 10 or so years ago. ?? I just went with the flow... and ended up where I am now. I'm sure I was guided to where I am now though, I've met some of the best friends I've ever had at work or associated with work. 3) When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? I wanted to be a Veternarian like my Grandpa. 4) Do you frequently adjust your dreams and goals as you go along? Yes, I think I do. In the past few months/year have really finally figured out what I want! 5) What was your favorite TV show as a kid? Did that have any bearing on what you wanted to be when you grew up? I'd have to say the Bewitched re-runs. I still want to twitch my nose and fix things. Sunday Op-Ed 1. Disney Forget Mickey, where's Winnie the Pooh?? 2. Busch Gardens What theme park and beer company share a name? 3. Sea World Where can you find Shamoo???
I'm feeling quite yucky today - was ill last night/yesterday afternoon as well. My stomach isn't liking me at all. Was feeling a little better when I woke up this morning, made me some yummy hashbrowns and my tummy liked them for a little while, but now its starting to rebel again. Must have stomach flu or its my liver acting up still. Will go lie down for a bit and see if I can get the world to quit doing the little spin. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Saturday, September 28

I got a package in the mail today from Colin Inside were some CDs that look great - 4 of them Aerosmith, yeah!!! More music to drive G the cubiemate nuts with. But the BEST part... was as I reached down to the bottom of the "package" where I found not one...but TWO mouseballs! WOOT!!! Yes, I'm sick and need help.
While visiting Kate, I saw this link to Sex with Dr Phil OMG - its hillarious!!!!!
Thanks, Emma for this test! What's your cat's true identity? Here's my cat's results: This just in! Kitty subject is known to be hyperactive and sporty. Suspected incarnation of Mickey Mouse. Keep away from the catnip.
Saturday-8: "East Meets West"
  1. If you are an Eastern/a Western, what do you think of Western/Eastern world and people? Eastern world is quite different, different customs, etc., but I think people are basically the same, have the same wants and needs.
  2. Which one you prefer: Eastern or Western food? Why? Western - I'm a picky eater!
  3. What qualities you admire the most from the Eastern people (if you are a Western) or the Western (if you are an Eastern), if there's any? Loyalty to family.
  4. Do you feel more comfortable with those people of your own rather than people from another race(s)? No, not really. I try not to think "races" but take people as they are. I feel more comfortable with people I know but certainly not because of their race.
  5. Have you ever experienced a cultural shock? What is that? Or if you haven't, have you ever "shocked" someone with your culture? No, not really. I went to England and found their culture quite nice. That's the only place outside of the U.S. I've been to.
  6. Are you interested to learn about other people's culture? Why and what is that (language, art, etc)? Its always nice to learn about different cultures, but I don't actively go out and learn.
  7. Some of us are not the native of the country we're in right now. We are here because of our ancestors. What is your original heritage? Do you still celebrate your original heritage traditional events? Do you mind to tell us what do you and your family usually do on those days? You can share us a picture or a link if you want. The National Holiday we celebrate is the 4th of July. We usually have picnics, spend the day with family and friends, and watch fireworks at night. I really don't know of any "traditions" that were passed down from past generations. My heritage is mostly English, German, Scottish, Irish, and Danish.
  8. Tell us the most famous belief/myth/saying/quote/joke (just anything!) of your culture/heritage! Utah sells the most lime Jello in the world. It goes in all the wonderful Jello salads that are made here.

Friday, September 27

We just got news that my Dad's Uncle Warren passed away late last night/this morning. I'm trying not to be too sad because Uncle Warren lived 100 years, had a great life and he went peacefully. I will miss him, but I'm thinking of the fabulous reunion that he's having right now with his two wives, his parents, , my Grandpa & Grandma, and his other siblings. Services will be held on Monday and he had asked my Dad to conduct and speak before he died. It will be hard for Dad, but I know he'll give a great tribute to Uncle Warren. I love you, Uncle Warren, rest in peace.
Friday Five 1. What are your favorite ways to relax and unwind? Get in my favorite comfy clothes, get in my recliner or bed, watch TV/favorite movie or read a good book or workout. 2. What do you do the moment you get home from work/school/errands? I usually change my clothes, and get to my workout. If its my "night off" from working out, I'll change clothes and relax. Check my e-mail, etc. 3. What are your favorite aromatherapeutic smells? Lavendar, vanilla, or the smell of a good man. *snicker* 4. Do you feel more relaxed with a group of friends or hanging out by yourself? Probably hanging out with myself, although I am quite relaxed around my friends. I'm just more relaxed by myself. 5. What is something that you feel is relaxing but most people don't? Probably working out. Its not really "relaxing" but it helps me get the stress of the day out so I can really relax when I'm done. TGOF {TGOF®: Just 'cos #4} 1. (Living ) is expensive 'cos (so many things are needed to live ). 2. I am more of a (introvert ) 'cos (that's how I am ). 3. (Hard rock ) music rejuvenates me 'cos (it gets my blood pumping ). 4. One good advice is (be kind to others ) 'cos (it will eventually come back to you ). 5. (Omega 3 (yuck!!) ) is a good health supplement 'cos (its good for my joints ). 6. Too much (fat ) is not good for my health 'cos (it makes me sick ). 7. (PEANUT BUTTER ) is my favorite spread on bread 'cos (its delicious and sooooo smoooooth ). {TGOF®: Do you believe?} 8. Do you believe that there may be supernatural beings inside or passing through YOUR home? (i.e. perhaps a good-spirit or just an unrest soul, lurking about) Elaborate more. I've felt the presence of spirits, whom I believe to be close relatives who have passed on, but not all the time. Just on occasion. Its definitely a good spirit. 9. Do you believe in retribution? (i.e. if talk or say something to someone, you get it back yourself/ falls back on you.) Happened before? Yes, it does happen. I usually regret saying something bad about someone because it does come back. This may not be really the same thing, but for example, saying something to my sister K about something happening in my life ( thought was in confidence) was told to my other sister S. It did get back to me and the details were all messed up and I ended up getting mad and hurt. I no longer confide in K. 10. Do you believe you are put on earth for a purpose? (what do you think is YOUR purpose? Just guess, even if you have no clue.) I believe we all have a purpose, I just haven't figured out what mine is yet. But then again, we may not find out in this life what that purpose is. That's the way life is.

Thursday, September 26

Oh - one more thing I discovered while messing around with my blog earlier - is how to turn the PING (when my page has been updated) option on! I just feel brilliant tonight, just brilliant. OK, quit laughing... This should make my many, many readers overwhelmed with excitement.
Here's a big THANK YOU to Emma, of Rain Design for my new Blinkie!!! I love it. (see below is now my signature) I was so excited to get it this morning in my e-mail... and the wonderful Colin loaded it on his server. It only took me 45 minutes.. well OK maybe 30 minutes to figure out how to get my existing signature to go away (without losing the rest of the blog) and have the Blinkie replace it. AHA! I did it. I outsmarted it... or at least just messed with it enough and finally found a solution that worked! So, thanks anyway Tiara, for your offer to help, I did it! Can I just say I'm proud of myself here?? OK, I'm proud of myself. I had a pretty good day at work, although quite busy. I didn't get half of what I set out to do finished because of interruptions. BUT some were good interruptions. For one, my boss Tim has been trying to get training for me, cubiemate Greggie Pooh, and for himself out of the revenue that we generate through our contract. We work hard, we deserve to get some benefit of training from this revenue we work hard to generate. The company will also benefit greatly in us getting training because A) it makes us more valuable as employees, 2) it makes us more valuable and supportive to the customer, and iii) it helps us grow as human beings. I'm sure there are lots of other benefits but I'll stop there. So anyway... Tim has been hounding the division manager to make a decision THIS week because time was running out. The training I requested had a REALLY great deal and it expires tomorrow. GP and the Timster will both need to travel for their training and the longer they DM takes to make a decision, the more expensive the airfare is going to be, etc. Now there's a problem with our DM having to go to his boss for authorization to spend such funds. UGH. I hate corporate politics. They think they found a way around the problem, but wouldn't get it resolved today. BUT since my training is only $849 for 18 months of classes - all I want to take, he said to go ahead and register. So I did! The company will pay for 5 to 6 days (depending on the budget, but at least 5 days) of salary to attend 5 to 6 1-day software/application classes. I can take alllllll the other classes I want on my own time in the next 18 months. There is also a huge possibility that this same time next year, they'll agree to pay for me to take more classes and pay my salary since the training is already paid for. What a deal. This place I'm going to is in Salt Lake (just an hour drive away) and it offers HTML classes - two levels! WOOHOO! I'm definitely going to take those on my own time. I really want to learn HTML. Ahhh... I'm off for the weekend. I was going to be ambitious and do part of my cleaning tonight, but got distracted with the internet again... tee hee.
Oh my dear friend Colin, what would I do without ya? You're the best! Colin called me at work this morning and really made me laugh. He's sending me some CDs along with some mouse balls. Now these mouse balls - I actually have started collecting them. Yes, I'm sick. It actually started out as a joke around here at work, that I needed some "balls" to play with... and its now escalated to the point that I collect them. I have about 16 (have to have even numbers because they should come in pairs after all). Colin's mouse bit the dust the other day, and I told him I wanted the ball out of it... so he's sending me two! Woohoo! Anyway, he called me and told me that he's putting the balls in the bottom, so I'll have to dig down deep in the package because after all, that's how it should be! Cheers, Colin!

1. The fall foliage is here in all it's glory. When you were little and your parents piled you kids in the car to go off "leaf peeping", did you: A. Or did you say, "Yippee, we're going to go see the foliage!"? B. Scream in horror and yell, "Oh no, another foliage season!" C. Or did you say, "If they're gonna make me do this again, I'm gonna make 'em pay for it." Yippee, we’re going to see the foliage!!! 2. If you remember, what three places did you visit to look at the foliage? A canyon called Sardine canyon (between Ogden and Logan), Ogden Canyon, and the Yellowstone area. 3. Did you collect any leaves and keep them in a scrapbook? What were your three favorite colors? If you did, keep a scrapbook do you still have it? I used to collect leaves, but didn’t keep the scrap book. My three favorite colors were the red, orange and bright yellow. Didn’t like the brown – yuck. 4. Do you still like to view the foliage? And, if you have kids, do they like it, too? Does your significant other (or other members of your family) like to view it with you? I still do love seeing the foliage, love to go for drives up the canyon still, either alone or with my sister Susie, or whoever else wants to go! 5. What were three things you liked to do once you had all the leaves raked up? Jump in the middle of the pile, throw the leaves back up in the air and stand under while they fall back, and stuff them down the backs of other people’s shirts. BONUS: If you could pick just one place that you haven't been to during foliage season, where would that be? New England area. Its pretty here, but I hear that its even more so back east because of the moisture the colors are more vibrant.

Wednesday, September 25

Damn pussy farts! I just got a really big laugh... My Mom came downstairs to talk to me and was standing by my recliner (a.k.a my cat Ashley's recliner) where Ashley was laying on the top (her perch). All of the sudden, my Mom gets this really awful look on her face as Ashley was swishing her tail and hitting Mom's arm, causing a bad smell to waft upward. Ashley farted!!! Too funny... hmmm... well... maybe you had to be here.
Why is it that when you make a hard decision and feel like you need to limit communication with someone, not for your sake, but for theirs. I had to do this yesterday. This person (who I’ve known online for all of 2 weeks?!) relies heavily on friends and quite honestly felt like I don’t have the time or energy to be one so heavily relied on, so I felt I needed to limit communication. I felt horrible about it, but I felt I needed to do it. I hate hurting anyone or letting people down. This person needs more than I can give. I'm human. Now. Because of this decision I made to limit communication, I’ve hurt this person enough that it was mentioned on their blog, not just one post but two. Which is fine, freedom of expression. But it came across in such a way that I intentionally hurt them and utterly ruined their day/week/life. It also came across to be like a “jab”. Like – “look what this “friend” did to me” and “she’s not going to talk to me any more” when I was talking about limiting communication (to e-mail only instead of IM), not ending it. And “Thank god for all my real friends.” I also thank God for all my real friends. Friends that wouldn’t blame me for making a tough decision. Well, I don’t need friends like that - friends who strike back after being hurt when it was not intentional. I feel like I'm back in Junior High School. The last thing that was said was “I’ll just wait and see if you e-mail me.” Well, after what’s transpired, I don’t think its going to happen. I really thought about not posting this, but ya know what? I decided to get this out to vent my frustration and hurt feelings, or even in my own defense if need be. Not to make light of this situation, but I wonder if I’m going to be black-balled now in the blogging community??!! So, I’ll end this with saying. People will believe what they want to believe, I know in my heart that I didn’t mean to hurt or cause any pain. Anyone who really knows me and is my true friend (and is worth more than a pinch of puppy poop) knows that.
Stupid question of the day asked by my cubemate. "Hey Karen, do we have to shred documents aren't marked "classified" or "proprietary"? Answer: (only in my mind, of course) "Gee, Sherlock. You tell me - you're the one with the Top Secret clearance!!"
I've been quite the busy girl this morning...I've accomplished quite a bit. I also got A LOT done yesterday and felt like I got things done for a change. I'm taking a break right now while I'm burning some CDs for my boss on my main computer. Damn it - hate it when I gotta burn CDs so I can't do work on that computer. tee hee I've actually got lots more to do today but have the important things almost done. The rest of the day I plan on working on database stuff and getting things DONE and caught up... I'm never really totally caught up, but nice to feel that I'm not drowning. Hope everyone has a great Wednesday! HumpDayHump Act IV Scene IV: *We are in line at Target trying not to impulse buy all of the cool little trinkets they put right there at the checkout counter. Bastards! They know I can't resist.* Quiet on the set!! Roll tape..... and....ACTION!! Christy: I love word games. I am a crossword junkie and those search-a-word things are king! I also love word association. Like when I saw white I think of glue which then makes me think of how much I love office/school supplies. Always have. It's a quirk. What does "white" make you think of? Why? You: White makes me think of snow. The beautiful snow just after it falls all sparkly and clean. Don't like the COLD that comes with it though. Nothing like being able to stay home in your jammies and curl up with a good book, or better yet a man one a snowy day. Christy: I love scents. Every once in a while I catch a scent that reminds me of my grandmothers or my mom or a special friend. It takes me back to a special place in my soul that warms me for a second. My mom smelled like Sand de Sable or Skin Musk perfume when I was young and I am always reminded of her when I smell those scents. What smell reminds you of your mom either now or how she smelled from your childhood? You: Smells of fresh baked bread or cookies reminds me of my Mom. She's a wonderful baker and cook. When I was younger (when she didn't work) she'd always have treats for us when we got home from school. Good memories. Christy: What are you going to do today? You: I've have to work! Yuck! Christy: I like to think of myself as fun to be around, carefree to an extent, funny, pretty and kind. What do you like to see yourself as? What do you hope others see you as? You: I think I'm a pretty fun person, but have my bad days or 'calm' days when I just like to wonder about and not say much. I hope others see me as a fun person, one they can count and be there for them. Christy: Photography is so much fun to me. I have some new pictures up from when the kids and I went to our playground. Do you have a favorite photo? Do you have it with you? Can I see it? You: I don't have it with me, but I do have a favorite picture of me when I was about 4. I was such a cute little stinker back then... don't know what happened to me though! LOL!!! Christy: I saw the Banger Sisters last night. It was okay. I would have rather rented it. I suppose I was expecting it to be more eventful or close to the caliber of Thelma & Louise. I loved that movie. What movie that is out now would you like to see? You: OH! I wanna see the Banger Sisters too!! Yes, I loved Thelma and Louise too. The other movie that I really want to see is Sweet Home Alabama, it starts this Friday. Christy: Kids are both home today since my daughter has a small fever along with a little cold. Do you like the new layout? You: Oh, sorry your kids are sick! I hope it doesn't turn into something bad. Yes, I LOVE your new layout!!!! CUT!!

Tuesday, September 24

Wow, what an incredibly GORGEOUS day outside. I just took a short break and went across the street to get a salad and it is sunny, temperature is perfect, little breeze, fresh air. Mmmm... REALLY difficult to pull myself back in to work, but I had to. Sigh.
This or That 1. "Gone With The Wind" or "The Wizard of Oz"? We're off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz! 2. "Toy Story" or "Shrek"? Shrek! Loved that movie! 3. "Saturday Night Fever" or "Grease"? GREASE is the word, is the word, is the word. 4. "Casablanca" or "Citizen Kane"? Casablanca shweetheart. 5. "When Harry Met Sally" or "You've Got Mail"? You've Got Mail! I liked the faking the orgasm scene in the other one though. Funny. 6. "Forrest Gump" or "Titanic"? Titanic! 7. "Pretty Woman" or "Working Girl"? Liked both movies, can't choose. 8. "The First Wives Club" or "Thelma & Louise"? Hmmm.. both really good, but First Wives Club was funnier. 9. "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory" or "James & the Giant Peach"? Willy, baby! Gotta have Willy! *snicker* 10. "Legally Blonde" or "Bridget Jones' Diary"? Both were funny, but I'd have to say Bridget Jones' Diary was better. I guess I identified more with her.
I was going through our database here at work, and came across a name that really struck me funny. Ms Bobo Lu. Reminds me of the Ricky Ricardo song! I think I'm tired and need about another 12 hrs of sleep... gonna be a long day at this rate! My boss had to come over to see what I was giggling at so early in the morning and he got a chuckle out of it too, so I know its "just not me".
Tuesday Too 1.) In this fast paced world we live in, is stress keeping you from realizing your full potential? It could very well be... can't say for certain. 2.) Due to the nature of question number one, it is suggested that you answer it anyway you can, and then leave your own question for the next person, or persons to answer in the comment. On the other hand, you could just hit the back button. HUH???????? Too early to follow that... next question... 3.) What's really on your mind? My mind is jumbled with thoughts... can't quite make sense of it all.

Monday, September 23

Oy! What a Monday... I was so busy that I really didn't feel like I accomplished one task that I set out to do... or did I? Ummm...yes, I think I did manage to complete a couple, but sure didn't feel like it. I kept getting interrupted by annoying cubemate. Stupid questions like "do you have any clip art/pictures of germs?" Hmmmm... well... NO. Should I start collecting such things? Apparently so. What does germs have to do with testing software? I know "bugs" do, but germs?? All righty then... Mr. G is one one of his deeeeep thinking technical kicks. Whatever. Let him do what he wants to do... as long as he quits asking me stupid questions. But, he wouldn't be G if he didn't ask stupid questions. OK, Colin... when are ya gonna move to Utah and move in that cubical, huh?? Come on, pack up D, your animals and get out here. I scarcely had time to read any blogs (barely had time to do the Monday Mission!) or do anything fun in any way shape or form. I just hate it when work interferes with my play time. The monthly birthday treats were a smash. Everyone raved about my salsa and the 7-layer dip. Made me feel good. I didn't have one drop to bring home. Oooohh... I'm TIRED! I'm sooooo glad Monday is over! 1 day down, 3 more to go.
Monday Mission 1. When I was young, my Mom would always drink a cold Dr. Pepper in the morning. Me, I can go either way. I like a Cold Frappucchino in the Summer months and switch to warm Mocha Espresso in the Fall. Do you like to drink warm beverages in the morning or do you prefer yours cold? I mostly prefer my beverages cold in the morning and all day long. Occasionally I'll have a hot drink though... especially if I'm sick. 2. Have you ever been so upset with someone that you wanted to get revenge? What did you do? Or if you didn't, what would you like to have done? Yes, I've wanted to get revenge but then after I cooled off, I didn't go through with it. I decided I didn't want to sink to their level. Now, with jokes, I WILL get revenge eventually, but that is all in fun. 3. Sometimes I can look back at my past and see so many things that I was too naive to take advantage of. A time where I could have moved ahead in my career if only I'd chosen to move, the High School girlfriend who said she would do anything if I just asked, and so on. Looking back, are there any opportunities you missed out on that you can see now but didn't realize then? Yeah, I really should have tried harder to stay in college - worked harder to make more money so I could go. I also really should have applied for some scholarships, but never bothered. 4. Today I tried on my black slacks, and they are just a skosh too tight (yeah it's a real word, look it up). Of course, I wore them anyway. Are there any clothes you refuse to throw away even though they don't (and never will) fit? Why do you keep them? I keep them because I am trying to get back into them... willpower! Others things I wasn't fond of, I've given to charity. 5. Although my speech classes eliminated most if it, I still have a little Okie accent left. I say "Git" instead of "Get" and "Collar" instead of "Colour." Do you have an accent? Are there any phrases or words you say that tip folks that "you aren't from around these parts?" I'm not sure what exact words, but some people have said I've got a slight Utahn accent?? I don't hear it! LOL!! Hey Colin - help me out on this, will ya?! 6. Speaking of phrases, it really drives me nuts when folks say "very unique" (Unique has no degrees, it is either unique or it isn't) or "irregardless" (not a real word). Are there any words folks misspell or incorrect uses of words that simply drive you insane? Their, there, your, you're. Get them straight! UGH!! tee hee 7. I am guilty of using pet names a bit too often, like "honey," "babe," and "sweetie." However, currently, no one uses any pet names on me (and I think I'd like one). Are there any pet names that you like to be called? Any you don't? Do you (or did you) have any pet names for your partner? I like sweetness, sweetie, babe, hon, or darlin'. I don't like baby or girl, babydoll, or bitch! BONUS: Why you so fly? I'm so fly and don't know why.

Sunday, September 22

OOHHH! Scooby Doo is on. Nothing like Scooby and the gang to cure the blues! I also forgot to write that I finally got around to buying and seeing Monsters, Inc. I LOVED this movie! Sooo funny! If you haven't seen it - you need to. This is a movie all ages will love.
I had quite a busy morning. I had to make fresh salsa and a 7-layer dip (beans, meat, salsa, guac, sour cream, cheese, and onions) for work tomorrow. Its time to celebrate the September birthdays and this is my month to volunteer to bring treats. I like to do something different because we have so many sweets month after month, we need a change of pace. I actually did this last year and it went amazingly well. I didn't have one drop of salsa or dip to bring home. Its amazing how fast these people can snarf things down. The salsa turned out really well... despite it being REALLY hot! Yummy! I don't think its the 3-Alarm batch like last time, but sure is a kick-ass hot. I'm having a blah day today. Not really up to being around people... I think its my introvertedness at a high. I feel drained. My energy has been zapped. So, I'm spending the remainder of the day away from everyone (as much as possible). This morning was kinda tricky staying away from people. I was upstairs making the salsa and dip, and my Mom and my Aunt LJ were in the kitchen making breakfast and chatting. LJ kept asking me a question about each ingredient I was putting in the salsa! Then why I don't measure things, why I do this and don't do that. Because I want or don't want to! Then Mom kept closing the pantry door each time I turned my back (I was still getting things out of it, and putting them away!) Leave the fecking door open and I'll shut it when I'm done! (I didn't say it to her quite that way... I was nice) See, so the little things are setting me off. Best just to be off on my own. I really hate when I feel like this. Tomorrow will hopefully be a better day...
Sunday Stumpers 1) Do you find yourself at a crossroads at this point in time? Yes. I finally know what I want and now I'm struggling with how to get it. 2) When making a decision, how much thought do you put into it? Oh, I'm such a thinker and worrier. I go overboard in both departments. 3) Was there a single moment in time that brought everything into focus for you? What was it? It really happened over time, didn't hit me all at once. 4) Do the people who mean the most to you know how you feel? Yes, I hope they do. I strive to tell them. 5) Have I told you lately that I love you? No, not for a while... Sunday Op-Ed 1. Porn What is a career that pays well, but can ruin the rest of your life? 2. Gay Bars Where can you find the almost perfect man? 3. Drool What is the that cold thing against my cheek on my pillow? EWWW!

Saturday, September 21

Nothing like going without power for five hours to make you appreciate it when you get it back! Apparently an underground cable went out and caused our neighborhood's power to go out, about 109 homes from what the power company said. I was SO bored, but kept myself entertained by reading a romance novel and listening to CDs on my walkman. My day turned out pretty well, I didn't feel that great, but decided to take my Mom and my Aunt Lou Jean to do a bit of shopping and then to lunch. I'm crazy to even think about going shopping with these two, because they're slow at shopping... but I thought I figured, what the hell. We went to a couple of places is all and then to lunch. We went to my fav Mexican restaurant (they love it too!) and had cheese enchiladas... cha, cha, cha. We drove home, then they went off to do more shopping while I took a short nap. I survived and did enjoy their company... they're both great ladies.
Saturday-8: "The past, present and future"
  1. Yesterday, I... was sad.
  2. Last year, I... started to feel alive.
  3. Five years ago, I... felt really alone.
  4. Today, I... am OK.
  5. Tomorrow, I will... be better.
  6. Next week, I will... keep the faith.
  7. Next year, I will... hopefully be happy.
  8. Five years from now, I will... hopefully have all I've ever wanted in life.

Friday, September 20

Now THIS is damn funny! Found it via Lilly. Haven't laughed that hard in days!
OOOHHH! I'm tired! What a crazy and busy day I had. I managed to get my cleaning done, then I jumped in the shower and got ready for my day. First off, I met my buddy Brian at his house so he could put the new O2 sensor on my car. That went well, then I drove back near home to have the emissions rechecked where I'd taken it before (so I wouldn't have to pay for it again!) and waited for an hour (which was OK, first come, first serve) for them to retest it. Good news - it PASSED! Woohoo!!! Yipee!! Yahoo!! So, I drove downtown and paid the taxes then got my new sticker! Then I ran to the grocery store and did some other errands... then went to get my hair cut. Whew. May not sound like a lot written here, but it sure felt like it. Then I came home, unloaded everything, fixed something to eat and here I am. Now I'm gonna relax and do some bloghopping while waiting to talk to the J man. Have a good weekend, everyone!
Wow... nothing like getting 10.5 hours sleep to do a body good. I don't think I moved all night long! I was soooo tired, that was the first decent night's sleep I've had in a week. Ahhhh... Friday Five 1. Would you say that you're good at keeping in touch with people? I'd say I'm pretty good, not the best when it comes to older friends that I grew up with, for instance. 2. Which communication method do you usually prefer/use: e-mail, telephone, snail mail, blog comments, or meeting in person? Why? For those who I'm closest to, I prefer in person or telephone. The ones who are long distance, e-mail and telephone definitely although I wish they were closer. Getting comments on my blog always brightens my day, and I hope the ones I leave brightens their day. 3. Do you have an instant messenger program? How many? Why/why not? How often do you use it? I use Yahoo the majority, because I have it at work. MSN Messenger automatically pops up at home because I have MSN for a provider, but I do chat with new friends on that on occasion. I also have ICQ which I rarely use... I just like Yahoo better. 4. Do most of your close friends live nearby or far away? The closest live near by, but do have 2 really fantastic friends that live far away. 5. Are you an "out of sight, out of mind" person, or do you believe that "distance makes the heart grow fonder"? Well, in some situations, it can and others it doesn't. I guess it depends on the type of relationship. {TGOF®: Just 'cos #3} 1. I think children are (great ) 'cos (they're someone elses ). (just kidding - sorta! tee hee) 2. (Itching ) drives me crazy sometimes 'cos (its miserable ). 3. It hurts me when (people I trust lie to me ) 'cos (its hard for me to trust ). 4. (Peanut butter ) is so addictive 'cos (delicious ). 5. I've always wondered (what's going to happen tomorrow ) 'cos (I don't know what's going to happen ). 6. (Friends ) strenghtens me 'cos (listen and care about me ). 7. I've waited so long (for true love ) 'cos (I've never been ready for it ). {TGOF®: First things first!} 8. Have you ever won FIRST prize at anything? (do tell more) (If your answer is 'No', do you honestly think 2nd and 3rd placing are also 'winners', Why?) I won a first prize ribbon for my Snickerdoodle cookies once when I was 12. I know - pretty lame. I don't enter too many contests, if any. 9. Who was the FIRST "super-star" (i.e. singer/actor/someone famous) whom you had a 'crush on' (if you remember), when was that, why and do you still have a crush? The first one I remember having a crush on was Donny Osmond! AAHHRRRHGGGG!!! NO I DO NOT still have a crush! 10. Who is FIRST in your life? (be honest: if you're not-so religious, do tell who exactly is FIRST and foremost of importance) I don't have a single person who is first - yet. My family and close friends are first.

Thursday, September 19

I just got home from Girl's Night. I was really disappointed for Renate though. Linda and I were the only ones that showed up. Renate and I were actually the only ones there for the first hour, Linda got stuck at work late. Anyway, I can udnerstand that people get busy and sometimes not make it, but this is the 2nd year in a row... and this was planned 2 weeks ago. We had a pretty good time, not a lot of laughs but nice to sit and catch up on things. I got there at 4:00, and the bar inside the club usually opens at 4:30. I could have gone outside and got a drink of water (I really know how to party!), but I decided just to wait until the bar opened. Well, the bar doesn't open until 5:00 now, which really sucked... so when Linda got there, she was hungry and the bar still wasn't open. We waited about 10 more minutes then Linda got pissed and went to talk to the manager... it didn't do any good so we left. There's no decent places to eat on the base so we ended up going to the shopping center behind the club and eating at Taco Bell! LOL!! What a nice b-day dinner for Renate, huh? Oh well, at least she had a couple of beers at the club! Linda and I bought Renate an angel and she was really happy with that too, so I guess not all was lost.
What a CRAZY day its been. I don't know where all this work came from... I thought I knew all of what I needed to do today but things kept cropping up. I'm so glad its my "Friday" for the week. Yeah... I get Fridays off, I know you all feel really sorry for me. My day is just winding down and I'm going to go out with the girls after work to the club here on base. We always have so much fun and lots of laughs. We're celebrating Renate's birthday tonight (it was yesterday). I was in the hallway earlier and ran into a old BSing buddy, Russ. Let me tell ya... he is probably the one guy in this building that I'd do. *snicker* He's so sexy... but unfortunately I'm really not his type and he's shorter than I am. When we were catching up, Nancy came into the hallway and the three of us chatted... and of course the conversation went south a bit. Nancy told me a new pick-up line. "Hello, I'm Karen with Fed Ex. I'm here to check your package." Classic! I'm gonna use it on a certain someone, I think! Well, I'm off like a dirty shirt! -- "Pretty in Pink" by the Ducky.

1. Name 3 things that make your skin crawl. Spiders, snakes, bees! 2. Name 3 things that freak you out. When one of my dreams actually happen, people who can do freakish things with their bodies, the super natural (ghosts, etc.). 3. Name 3 things when you were a kid you thought were hiding under your bed. Big green hairy monsters, spiders, and a sibling out to scare me. 4. Name 3 sounds that drive you nuts. Buzzers, nails scraping a chalk board, and rap music. Bonus: What was one really scary experience you had that you'll never forget? When I was about 10 years old, I was at my friend Carol's house. We were outside on her trampoline with her sister Caprus and another friend Deann. We were telling scary stories and talking about the devil and stuff like that. Carol's parents weren't home, so we had the house to ourselves. We got hungry so we decided to go in the house. As we were climbing the stairs, Caprus was first and I was behind her. As we looked up at their front wooden inside door, that was cracked open, Caprus and I suddenly saw a black gloved hand on the handle shutting the wooden door. Now - there was a screen/glass outside door that remained closed. The black gloved hand just disappeared. The other two girls never saw the hand, but we were all freaked out, big time. I'll never forget that feeling of evil, it was so scary!

Wednesday, September 18

Hey! I made it to work today! I'm still itching like crazy, but my breathing is improving. I'm actually glad to be here keeping busy instead of home thinking of nothing but how bad I itch ;-) Yes, I must be sick! LOL!!! HumpDayHump Act IV Scene III: *We are in the car headed to the bookstore for a poetry reading which will include some of your writings! Woohoo!* Quiet on the set!! Roll tape..... and....ACTION!! Christy: Man! Freaky! Did you hear that New York's lottery drawing pops up with 9-1-1 on 9-11 attacks anniversary? That was just too dang weird. Do you think the lottery is rigged? Karen: You're kidding!! I didn't hear about that! It could have been rigged, but on second thought, there are some pretty freaky things that happen in life. Gives me chills! Christy: A friend and I say the same things at the same time more often than not. We are on the exact same wavelength it seems. Do you have a friend like that? You: Yes, my friend Robin and I tend to finish each other's sentences as well as we rarely have to explain why we feel the way we feel about certain things, we both know. I think we are twins from different mothers. Christy: I believe in ESP. That a person can just sort of know in their head what the other person is going to say without maybe being conscious of it. Do you? You: Absolutely. It happens to me a lot as well... I have a slight ability, and have been told by several people that I need to develop my talent. Scares me though. Christy: More often than not I know who is on the other end of the phone before answering it when it rings. Have you had any freaky extrasensory sorta things happen to you? You: Yes, I have the same sense about phone calls, or rather if its someone that I don't want to talk to. Thank God for Caller ID too. LOL!!! I'll have senses that I need to get out of a place quickly, like I sense danger or something bad is going to happen. I don't question it, I get the hell out of there. Christy: I would love the power to become invisible whenever I wanted to. Wouldn't you? No? What "superpower" would you like to have? You: I'd want to be like Samantha on Bewitched. Twitch my nose and I could do anything. I'd use my power for good though, never evil. Christy: My favorite superhero when I was little was Wonder Woman. My mom helped me make a headband and bullet repelling wristbands out of tinfoil. I was cool, lemme tell ya. Who was yours? I also loved Twiggy on Buck Rogers "beeedeebeedee beep" You: I'd have to say Wonder Woman as well... she was really the only one I can remember. Christy: Oops! Gotta bolt! I have to head to the kids' doctor to get immunization forms for their school! See ya later! BTW, what could I do to make the site better or is there anything wrong about it that you can see? I always love your advice. You: Probably more space for your posts. Its hard to read them in such a small column. I love your colors and graphics... its always a nice place to visit. CUT!!

Tuesday, September 17

I got a call from my doctor's office today to check on me (which I thought was nice!!) and to tell me they found out some info on Remacade and how my insurance pays for it. They will pay 85% of a treatment, then when I meet the $1000 maximum (out of my pocket amount), then they'll pay 100%. Now, here's the kicker. Each individual Remacade treatment is... get this... $4000. Yes, you read right. $4000. The first 8 weeks, I have to have 4 treatments then after that once every 8 weeks. Good thing I was sitting down when they told me this. I'm not starting it quite yet - I'm still thinking about how I'm going to come up with my $1000. I'll have it met by the 2nd treatment. I'm also going to talk to him at my next appointment to see what all my options are. Holy shit! This stuff must be better than gold!
This or That The name's the same (sort of), part deux... 1. Portland, Maine or Portland, Oregon? Portland Oregon is closer to me, so I think I'd like to see it first. 2. New York or New Jersey? New York! 3. Van Gogh or Van Halen? Hmmm... Van Gogh I guess. Never really got into Van Halen. In fact if one of their songs comes on the radio, I'll change it. Don't think I'm getting old in my taste of music, they just get on my nerves. 4. Bill Clinton or Bill Gates? Neither!!!!!!!!!!! 5. Leonardo daVinci or Leonardo DiCaprio? DiCaprio! 6. "American Pie" or "American Idol"? American Pie! Loved both movies!! Laughed hard! 7. George W. Bush or Curious George? Curious George... he's such a sweet Monkey! 8. Billy Joel or Billy Idol? Oh! Billy Idol! 9. Donny Osmond or Donald Duck? Donald Duck! 10. Dr. Seuss or Dr. Kevorkian? Dr. Seuss!! Tuesday Too 1.) Are you willing to remain silent on something you strongly believe in, in order to avoid confrontation with your friends or family. Why would you, or wouldn't you do this? I would remain silent if the issue was one that I knew I'd be hitting my head up against a brick wall on. Sometimes keeping peace is necessary. If the person is willing to listen and respect my opinion then I'll speak up. 2.) Do you think trust is necessary for a "real relationship?" Do you trust easily? Do you find your faith in others is usually justified, or have you been betrayed one too many times? Trust is absolutely necessary. No doubt about it. I don't trust that easily, but I do rely heavily on my intuition. My faith in my close friends is almost always justified, and when I am leary about someone then it usually ends in betrayl. 3.) Have you bought something on ebay, or another auction site? Tell us about your experience. Was it positive or negative? What did you get? Would you do it again? I haven't ever bought something on an online auction - never even bid. Doesn't really interest me.
OK, I'm in hell. These so-called red bumps all over me are actually little blisters that itch like mad. I tried to go to work today. I really did. I got up got in the shower and the water stung like crazy!!!!! I had a really rough night as well. Besides the itching, I kept waking up in cold sweats and just plain miserable so I'm gonna stay home. My doc's office finally called last night. They're thinking that my liver enzymes can't be at a seriously high level, since I was on the meds for 3 weeks and this is the first sign of trouble. So, I have to take mega doses of benedryl until my breathing goes back to normal and my itchy blisters go away. UGH. If any of my symptoms get worse I'm to call them immediately or go straight to the ER. In the mean time, he doesn't want me on anything new until the Arava is out of my system. I have an appointment on October 7 and hopefully by then they'll have authorization from my insurance company to go ahead with the Remacade treatments. YIKES! 3-hour intravenious treatments. Scares the hell out of me, but if it helps me, I gotta buck up and do it. Also having tried all these other meds without success should help the fight with the insurance. OK - done whinging! Hope everyone has a good day!

Monday, September 16

Its 5:33pm and I'm STILL waiting for the doctor to call me back. I called the doctor's office at 1:30 to let them know I'd be going home soon and to call me at my home number. Now, why haven't they called? Its so frustrating!! I'm miserable and worried about what I need to do to get this crap out of my system! AARRGGHH!! I'm still ITCHING!!!
I am ITCHY! Seems I'm having a reaction to my new RA meds, Arava. I've contacted my doctor's office and the nurse said it sounded like liver toxicity (I have a couple other symptoms as well) which this medication has been known to cause. She said she'd call me back after she talks to the doctor. That was 3 hours ago. Sigh. So here I am, red spots all over me looking and feeling like the Chicken Pox Queen waiting for them to call me back. I also had trouble breathing, but not severely (taking benedryl)... since I'm OK I don't need to rush to the ER unless it gets worse. Did I mention that I ITCH?! UGH! Waiting, waiting, waiting. The nurse said the he'd probably just give me a med that will flush this out of my system so I'm not very worried, I just want to know what we need to do!! The benedryl is making my quite loopy (more than my natural loopiness). Weeeeee!!!

What lesser-known Simpsons character are you? Thanks, Ariel for the link!
Monday Mission 1. Do you have a favorite piece of poetry or prose written by someone else? Care to share it? I really don't have any favorite poetry. Hmmm...?? 2. In High School, did you enjoy creative writing? Do you currently do any other writing in addition to your Blog? I didn't enjoy creative writing at all. I only write on my blog. 3. Have you ever noticed that the Blog entries you least expect to get the most comments do, and those you expect to generate a lot of feedback don't? Which Blog entry of yours surprised you by getting a lot of comments? Which one did you think would generate a lot but didn't? I love to get comments, and some days I get quite a few that I didn't expect while others I don't get any. Can't pick any particular post. 4. Sometimes you get a chance to make a lifestyle change that has a huge impact on the course your life takes. That is, a moment where something became very clear to you, and that realization changed your life, such as: the need to leave a relationship, to stop an addiction, to bond with someone, to start a new career, and so on. Have you ever had an "awakening" moment in your life? Yes, I've had several actually. Sooner or later things will come to me, and I'll realize its time to move on and put things behind me. To not live in the past, but for the present and future. 5. Then there are other times where you can have a huge impact on someone else's life. You suggest they see a doctor, stop them from taking that last drink, or maybe just say some kind words at the moment. Have you made a lasting positive impact on the life of someone else? I hope I have. My friends tell me how much I've helped them. 6. Are there any charities or organizations which you support? How did you come to be involved with them? I usually give money or gifts to local charities and unfortuante families at Christmas. I need to remember to do it all year long. BONUS: Hey cutie, what's up with this attitude? Oohhh.. yeah, I got quite an attitude today! Wanna try to adjust my attitude? *snicker*

Sunday, September 15


You Are a Cybernormal!

You know how to find all the online action. But you only respond if you have a strong attraction. You've got to step up, if you want to get down or dirty.Or you might not get laid again - until you're 30!
Are *You* a Cyberslut?
Thanks to Trishkin for the link.
My Dad's Unlce Warren (who turned 100 years old in June) is in the hospital with fluid around his heart and pneumonia. He's doing a little better, but I don't think they expect him to live very much longer... but you never know with him. He's got such spunk and is an incredible man. He reminds me so much of my Grandpa too. When Uncle Warren was about 92, he was pulled over for driving 80 in a 65 zone and "tailgating" a semi. LOL! The Highway Patrolman asked him how old he was and if he knew how fast he was going. Uncle Warren told him "I'm 92 and I was going about 80." Then the HP asked if he's ever had a speeding ticket before. Uncle Warren said "Nope. Not a one." So the HP let him go with a warning. He didn't want to spoil his good record! LOL!! I'm gonna be a bum today... I don't even think I'll get out of my pajamas! I'm not working out, my shoulders flared yesterday and are still bothersome so I'll work out tomorrow after work instead. Ahhh... a nice relaxing Sunday. I hope everyone is out there enjoying their day!!
Sunday Stumpers 1) Have you ever been offered something or made an offer that seems too good to be true? What was it? Hmmm... stumped on this one. 2) Do you have at least one good friend who really "gets" you? Do you "get" them? Yes, we finish each others thoughts and sentences. Don't even need to explain why we feel the way we feel to each other. Its almost like we are twins from different mothers. 3) What's the strangest thing you've ever done for a friend? Shaved her legs. She was recovering from surgery and needed them shaved badly. Then she asked if I'd rub lotion her feet so, being the wonderful friend I am, I did. 2 weeks later, she admitted that having her feet rubbed really turned her on (and always had). I will NEVER touch her feet again. We got such laugh out of that, we still crack up everytime we remember it. Her feet are 100% her husband's responsibility. 4) What is the toughest thing you've ever done or been asked to do for a friend? I was asked to do something when my childhood friend was going through chemotherapy for Hodgkins Disease. Thank God she survived and I didn't have to do it. 5) What's the best piece of advice a friend has ever given you? Or what did they say that brought things into focus for you? Do what is best for me... listen to my heart. Sunday Op-Ed 1. Peanut Butter What is the best thing to spread on your banana?" *snicker* 2. Jello "What is sold more in Utah than anywhere else?" 3. Moon "Where will you fly me???"

Saturday, September 14

Sexy Saturday Is it ok to make-out with someone whom you've just met a week before? Yes/No..and explain you're answer! Yes, if you feel enough for the person to make out! Sometimes that thang is just there, I say go for it.
Went to see my nephew Adam play football last night for his high school team for their Homecoming game. He played both offense and defense positions, and made a touchdown! But unfortunately, someone on his team was "holding" so it didn't count on the scoreboard, damn it! He scored though. That was his last game since he's been playing with an injured shoulder and he has to go in for surgery next week. Its gonna be pretty ugly from the sounds of it, but hopefully he'll be able to play basketball. I'm so proud of him - he's such a special guy. I sat by my nephew Travis (who I'm also very proud of) at the game and he kept me laughing. There were some girls behind us standing around and being really obnoxious. We made fun of them, it was great. Some of the things they were saying were too dorky. Saying things like "I can't believe that those dancers are out there on the field for 2.5 minutes doing sexually explicit moves. They make me so angry!" Well, shit... what do you think any dancers do?! Then the "I didn't know that football teams ever lost their own Homecoming games." DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its pretty much a disgrace when they do lose their Homecoming games, but it does happen. Anyway... after many dirty looks and rude comments, the girls finally left. Then after they left, we thought of instant way of getting rid of them, and that would have been if Trav would have farted! ROFL!! He's a crack up!
Saturday-8: "The way you make me feel"
  1. All of the questions this time are really really simple. They are all about how individuals have made you feel. So first question is, when was the last time a single individual, all alone, was able to make you very happy and what did the do? That's hard to answer - people do little things for me all the time that make me happy, any little gesture makes me smile.
  2. When was the last time that a single individual made you very angry all by themselves? Who were they and what did they do? That would have to be a person in management at our main local office... asking me to do something that was not my job (it was a management problem, not mine). Long story.
  3. When was the last time an individual made you know that your were loved beyond a shadow of a doubt? Who were they and what did they do? Was it a confirmation of something you already felt or did they show you something completely new? It was a confirmation, my Dad gave he a hug this morning.
  4. When was the last time an individual guaranteed that you would never feel that they cared about you again? Who were they, what did they do and do you still care about them? ????
  5. When was the last time that an individual totally did something that absolutely confused you? Who did it and what was it? How did you react to the confusion? Confused!
  6. When was the last time that an individual just made you laugh out loud? Who was it and what did they do (standard questions Are they always or have they for a long time been a comedic relief in your life? My nephew Travis, last night. He's just a crack up... yes, he's always been a comedic relief in my life.
  7. Of all the people who may (or may not) have a place in your heart forever, who was the last one to get in there and solidify their place? What was the one thing they did that seems to have put them over the top? There are too many to mention... so many special people in my life. They're always there for me, therefore in my heart.
  8. The last question is two parts. For one, who was the last individual who made you feel like you where attractive and how did they do that? Also, when was the last time someone made you feel like you were "sexy" and how did they do that? Which do you appreciate more? The J man... he just makes me feel sexy by how he talks to me. He told me how good I looked. He makes me feel sexy and attractive. I like both.

Thursday, September 12

Colin and I have this thing going (not a THING, just a thing). He doesn't want me to thank him any more for any of the hosting he does for me, or any nice little thing he does. He's one of my greatest and most dearest friends. I have to thank him! I just gotta! I've tried to thank him in other languages but he catches on, then I started saying TA but then he got a British slang dictionary and figured that one out. Anyway, we were chatting today and he did something again for me. I said TYVM (thank you very much). I stumped him for all of about 2 minutes. Then he told me to quit thanking him yet again. I just can't help it! Anyway, so being the little shit that I am (I was really on one today!!) I called him at work and the first words out of my mouth were "Thank you!" We had a good chuckle over it, but he said he'd get me back. Not just once, but twice. I just got the first pay back. It was an e-mail for a Ogden Police warrant List. My name was numero 4 (of 75 in the search), for unpaid parking tickets! Colin, you are an absolute RIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see what the second "pay back" is!! It really is such a shame we can't work in the same office! Hey Colin.... THANK YOU for that! *snortle*
I got this pic from Colin yesterday and it made me think of all sorts of yummy and naughty thoughts. *snicker* Got nuts? Had a pretty good day today, aside from a little problem with getting support from our main local office. I made a stink about it and 2 hours later it was resolved by a "support plan" sent out via e-mail. My boss thought it was great! As I was leaving today, he said "Oh sure, stir up trouble and then leave for me to deal with the mess you've created." He's such a funny guy! He's the best boss! It wasn't "my mess" it was "management's mess" and I just told them they needed to do something about it. I wonder if I'm gonna get pulled onto the carpet on Monday when the division manager gets back? tee hee Uh oh, Karen could be in trouble. Cindy - if you're reading this, huge hugs to you and I hope things work out for you. I support you 110%. I took my car in to get it inspected and my emissions tested. Everything passed but the idle test on the emissions . Shit. I came home and called my buddy Brian, the computer and car whiz. I told him what happened and he thinks its the O2 sensor. He'll take a look at it on Monday. I hope he can fix it for me... I sure don't need a mechanic's bill right now. But this is what happens when a car gets old, despite how good of care you take of it. Things just go wrong. I really wish I could afford a new car, this ones gotta last me a while longer.

1. What are 3 things that make you smile or brighten your day? Friends saying hello and/or helping feel better when I’m down, any kind gesture, and my cat. 2. What are 3 things you like to do to make others smile? Say hello as I pass by, assist someone that needs help, or perhaps cheer up someone who is down. 3. What are 3 things that always give you pleasure? Helping people, spreading joy, and of course sex!! *snicker* 4. What are 3 things that truly make you happy in life? Friends, family and a love (fingers and toes crossed!!) Bonus: When you're grouchy or depressed what snaps you out of it (besides a double dose of Xanax, Prozac, or Zoloft)? Definitely a double dose of Xanax...but if I can’t choose that one, it would be my friends giving me a hug and giving me a shoulder. I also like to go off on my own and think things through. I like to get lost in a good book or movie. I hate being grouchy so I usually tend to not want to be around people. I can’t even stand to be around myself then, so I don’t know how others can stand me! Oooo... can't forget about a nice loooong bubble bath!

Wednesday, September 11

This is a memorial of all those who lost their lives in both tragedy and heroism and to those who loved them. I'd also like to thank all the people who work to rid the world of terrorism and work to protect us.
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Tuesday, September 10

Happy, happy, happy birthday to my dear friend Tiara!!!! Stop on by her blog to wish her a very happy birthday!
This or That 1. Paper or plastic? Plastic - its easier to carry and better when it comes to reusing it. 2. Stripes or plaid? Stripes, vertical! 3. Baseball or football? Football... but then again baseball is nice too with all the "bats and balls" *snicker* 4. TV or movies? Both have their good points. I do love to get lost in a good movie though. 5. Craig Kilborn or Conan O'Brien? Eh, take or leave either of them. 6. Amazon or Amazon! 7. Yahoo or Google? Google!! 8. Star Trek or Star Wars? Probably Star Wars, but only the first (original) two. 9. Cats or dogs? CATS! 10. Is that for here or to go? To go, please!
We were supposed to get our carpet cleaned here last night at work, so we picked EVERYTHING off the floor, which in my cubical is A LOT of heavy boxes. So... I come in this morning and what do I find? They did the hallways where NOTHING had to be moved, yet our room hasn't been touched. Sheesh!! Supposedly, they’ll finish tonight. But, on the bright side, I have boxes stacked up on the counter between my bothersome cubemate and I. I've got my own little cubical fortress here and don't have to be bothered with him (as much usual anyway!) today! Maybe I’ll just have to leave these boxes up for good. He’d still find a way to get around them though, damnit! I could always do this! Been a pretty good couple of days. I may have something really exciting coming up in my love life, involving a special someone I’ve been talking to for quite some time (romance off and on while we’ve been deciding what we both want). I don’t want to share it with everyone quite yet because I don’t want to jinx it! Fingers and toes crossed!

Monday, September 9

Thanks, Trishkin for this link!

Which Sesame Street Muppet Are You?
Which Sesame Street Muppet Are You?

Which Toe Are You?
Which Toe Are You?

Got this quizzie link from JellyBeans
What Flavour Are You? I taste like Bread.I taste like Bread.

I am a staple in almost everyone's diet. Friends like me are a complement to any other friends I get on with almost everyone, remaining mostly in the background, but providing substance when it would otherwise be lacking. What Flavour Are You?
Having a crazy day here at work... love Mondays... Hope everyone has a great day... and here's a fun pic that will brighten your day. It made me smile.
Monday Mission 1. Where were you and what was happening in your life the moment when you first became aware of what was happening at the World Trade Center in New York City last September 11th? What was the first thing you did when you heard the news?I was at work, and a lady that I work with came asked me where the nearest TV was, she'd just heard from her husband that something had hit the WTC. So we all found a conference room where there was a TV and sat and watched the 2nd plane hit, then news reporting that something hit the Pentagon. It was like watching a movie, yet trying to grasp that it was real life. I had tears streaming down my face in disbelief then for all those who died and their loved ones. 2. When those truly responsible for the attack are apprehended, what do you think would be the most fitting form of justice? They should suffer the same and worse terror and death as their victims, if that's possible. 3. This will probably be much like when our parents respond to "Where were you when JFK was shot?"- an event never forgotten by those who were there. But how do you think the history books should present the 9-11 attacks? Should it be included for all future generations? How can we truly convey the shock, the outrage, the emotions and pain of that day to the children of our children? Yes, most definitely. This event changed the world. 4. No one in that building, in the Pentagon, or on the planes (other than the terrorists) knew that 9-11 would be their last day to be alive. For me, it brought home the reality that I could be gone at anytime, without any warning. Now, I really want each day to have some value. Did the events of 9-11 bring about a change in the way you live your life? Its shown me, as any other disaster or life threatening event that life is precious. Its too bad we have to be reminded of it by tragedy. 5. Several who loved to fly in planes will not step foot in one anymore. Many parents are more protective of their children. A year later, do you find yourself feeling more secure than back then? Or is it just a matter of time before something else happens? I feel more safe knowing the security is tighter but am not terrified that one will be highjacked. A terrorist attack could happen anytime, anywhere not just with planes. We can't let them paralyze us in fear. 6. The best way for me to honor the those impacted by the attack will be to refrain from any media that day. No papers, no radio and especially no television. Others will light candles, and others will attend special services. What, if anything, will you do to personally reflect on the tragedy? I will put a tribute for those who died by putting a couple of graphics on my blog, but will not blog that day. Otherwise I will try not to dwell on all the suffering but revrently celebrate life. Life goes on and we need to remember that there were many survivors as well. 7. One of the visuals that touched me the most were the walls and walls full of hand made "Missing" posters. What image will you always have in your mind when you recall the events of 9-11? The flag that still stood at WTC. BONUS: Who's gonna come around when you break? All my friends and family. Can always depend on them.

Sunday, September 8

Sunday Stumpers 1) Many people make resolutions to change certain aspects of their lives or personalities, but few resolutions are kept. Why do you believe it is difficult to make changes? I think we know that we "should" make certain changes but don't really "want" to. It takes an incredible amount of will power to change some things and since most of us are creatures of habit its really hard to break habits. 2) What are the most difficult changes you yourself have tried to make? My diet. I've done quite well, but most of the changes I had to make. I eat a basically low fat diet and try to eat healthy. I've had complete success in dropping chocolate and soda pop from my life. I'm to the point where neither sounds good in the least. As for fatty foods, I slip once in a while with gooey cheese enchiladas, etc., but for the most part, the deep fat fried foods smell makes me ill. Yuck! 3) Are you seeking truth and wisdom? How do you go about it? Yes, I think I have been all my life. I think the key is to listen to my inner feelings and pay attention to what is happening around me. If I listen closely enough, it will come. 4) If someone has hurt you terribly, do you tell them? What's the best way to do that? I try to calmly tell them they've hurt me... its not easy because I'm a very emotional person and have trouble expressing myself when I'm hurt. 5) Are you allergic to anything? What? Is it a new allergy or one you've had since childhood? Other then medications and seasonal allergies, bee stings (since childhood) and cigarette smoke which has cropped up over the past few years.
Sexy Saturday better late than never... Have you ever watched porn before? Yes or no? If no, explain why! Ummm... yes, I have. Not the beasty type but have watched the "Debbie does Dallas" type. Why? Because my ex wanted me to watch it with him. Sunday Op-Ed 1. Snoring Whoa, was that you snoring in the next bathroom stall at work or did you have some major intestinal problems?? 2. Laughing Have you ever laughed so hard you actually peed your pants? 3. Crying Why are you crying? Its not like we can't go get you another remote... even a better one if you want!

Saturday, September 7

Why is it sometimes people have no concept of being thoughtful of others? They seem oblivious to causing someone discomfort? Last night at the football game, I was sitting behind some woman who decided to get her stadium chair out. I had NO leg room at all. We were at the top and I had no where to go. I had to sit at an angle and my hip was squashed and really hurting. My sweet sis-in-law Patti kept scooting over - which was causing the entire bench to have to scoot over - infringing on their space. Just because this ONE woman had to have her fecking stadium chair. They should be outlawed in small spaces. This woman kept sliding over in my direction, rocking her baby, oblivious to little old me behind her. I have bruises on my left leg where that damn chair kept bumping into me. I really don't like to bitch, but this woman REALLY pissed me off, she also had the air about her of a snotty rich bitch. Everytime she bumped into me, I wanted to say "Oh, I'm sorry... am I in your way again?" But I didn't... she kept talking to Patti (having to reach across MY legs to get Patti's attention, yet cramping me even more!) so I didn't want to cause problems... but sheesh! How rude can a woman be?!
Saturday-8: "Family Ties"
  1. When and where was the last time the entire family went on vacation? How did you get there? We went to my Aunt's cabin near West Yellowstone... I think it would have to be about 20 years ago. We travelled by 3 cars.
  2. If you have brothers and sisters... do you feel that your parents favors one over the other? Why? I don't really think they favor one over the other, never really have. But its a fact that they do get along better and deal with some more than others depending on personalities. I'm sure they try not to put one's needs over the others but its been happening for the past 2 years with one sister that's having a bad time... sometimes it seems they forget there are others who are having problems in the family because they're so blinded by her manipulations. I don't think its intentional though on Mom and Dad's parts.
  3. Tell us about that annoying aunt/uncle. You know the one... Probably my Aunt Jan bothers me the most, she likes to tell every one what they need to do and how to live their lives. She can be a real turd at times.
  4. Since we didn't chose to be born into the family given to us... What are the pros and cons to the given arrangement? Pros would be that you're grateful (hopefully) for the family you have, learn to love unconditionally. Cons would be to have a member that clearly doesn't belong in your family and one that causes havok.
  5. When did your Mom or Dad have "the talk" with you? Was it beneficial, or was it a joke? ...Have you even had it yet? Actually Mom never had "the talk" with me!! The word "sex" still embarrasses the hell out of her. I asked her once about 15 years ago why she never did and she said "I figured you knew all if not more than I did! I hear you and your friends giggling about things..."
  6. What family member do you credit your strength from? My parents, probably my Mom more than my Dad because we're more alike and able to communicate better. We both have very tender feelings but we also have a very strong back bone when we have to.
  7. Would you travel cross-country, to deliver a "package" that you have been asked to deliver without looking at it for your family? [I stole that idea from some movie trailer I just saw, hehe] If they paid my expenses! Actually there would be one sis and one bro-in-law that I'd say no way in hell.
  8. Go ask Mom/Dad about your favorite dish. Give us the ingredients and directions on how to bake, cook, fry, steam or broil it. Thanks :) Go to the nearest Mexican restaurant for cheese enchiladas! tee hee If I did make them, I'd get some chili powder, flour and heat it, then add water, onion powder, garlic powder, tomato sauce then bring it to a boil until thick. I don't use exact measurements, just do things to "taste" Then take some corn tortillas, put some shredded Cheddar and Jack cheese in then roll them up. Put them in a pan, pour the enchilada sauce over them, put more cheese on top. Put in the oven on a medium temperature until the sauce bubbles and cheese is melted. Mmm!

Friday, September 6

What a crazy Friday! I've felt like a whirlwind today. While I was cleaning - and getting "in the mood" to do my cleaning, I chatted with Emma, Colin, and Trishkin. Its so nice to chat with friends, makes doing things we really don't want to do tolerable! :-) Once I got my cleaning done, I had to run some errands, mostly gathering things for a requested "fun" wedding gift for my friend LaDuska's wedding today. I started off with some ideas in mind, some hand cuffs, small whip, some naughty dice, feathers, etc. I decided to go to a little store down town called A&B Discount. Its a fun little store and they've got quite a few things ad decent prices. They didn't let me down today... I was able to get everything except the feather. When I walked in the door, the owner saw me and said, "Hey! I've got something for you, that I've got to keep behind the counter!" Methinks, OH BOY! The really FUN stuff! He pulled out a package of an "instant picker"! LOL!! Its a little tiny sponge type thing that you put in water and it grows into a penis! I bought 4. Can't wait to show them to the Motley Crew girls... hmmm... maybe I should go back and get a couple more so everyone can have one! Linda will be excited, the last time we were in this store, we told the owner that he needs to get more "fun" stuff. What a guy... He even had some instant pussies "for the busy man" but they actually grow into kitty type pussies, not the other kind. I had to buy two of those. Anyway... so I go to the craft store, the dollar store, the grocery store, and one more store to finish the naughty little wedding gift as well as get some things I needed. It was raining the entire time and I didn't have my umbrella - duh! Now, I'm home and I've got about 20 mins to kill before I need to get ready to go to the wedding luncheon. Then I'll have to run home, change and run to my nephew's football game. Was feeling quite rushed this morning, but am feeling better now that I've got a few mins to kill. I don't know what it is with me about having a lot to do and feeling pressured to get things done... but at times I drive myself nuts. I am always happy once I do get things done though, now I can relax and enjoy the rest of the weekend with this out of the way. Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TGIF!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here's something NEW TGOF by Trishkin {TGOF®: Just 'cos #1} 1. I seem to have (a ton of stuff to do) 'cos (I just do). 2. I wish he would (kiss me) 'cos (I wanna be kissed). 3. (Life) isn't easy sometimes 'cos (sometimes it sucks). 4. Lately, I've been (ornery) 'cos (I'm worried about my health). 5. What is with (slow drivers) 'cos (they drive me nuts). 6. Sometimes (life) is funny 'cos (it likes to play with our minds). 7. I am (tired) 'cos (its been a long week). {TGOF®: In the name of Charity} 8. If you were chosen to be an Ambassador to give away $50,000 to any country of YOUR choice, which country would it be and Why? That's a hard decision, there are so many starving children out there... I guess I'd give it to one of the programs that supports several disadvantaged countries and put it where its needed the most. 9. What thoughts run through your mind when you see a beggar on the street? Do you ignore if they asked for $? No, I don't ignore them. Usually I don't have much of anything to give them! I'd rather give them a sandwich if I had it - then I'd know the money was going to food and not booze or drugs. 10. Do you give $ to charity? If not, what's your reason or excuse? Have you even given some of your belongings away as a kind token to the less fortunate? I give $ to local charities and fund raisers. I've given quite a bit of my belongings to the less fortunate. Friday Five 1. What is your biggest pet peeve? Why? Rotten drivers. They're rude, inconsiderate and clueless. They cause accidents and the should have their licences taken away. 2. What irritating habits do you have? I honestly can't think of one that someone has mentioned! I KNOW I've got at least ONE though! Maybe my need to be organized and needing to have a plan? Yes, that's a good one. I need to plan things out in my mind. Not very good at doing "spur of the moment". 3. Have you tried to change the irritating habits or just let them be? I'm trying to fly by the seat of my pants more. 4. What grosses you out more than anything else? Why? Seeing people chewing tabacco then spitting. EWWWW! Can you imagine kissing this man!? SICK, SICK, SICK! 5. What one thing can you never see yourself doing that other people do? Smoking.

Thursday, September 5

Today was a busy day!! I had a lot of stuff at work to do and that kept me out of trouble for the most part. I wish I could have played more, I just hate it when work interferes with my play time. I didn't get around to visit very many of my fav blogs today... will have to catch up on the weekend. I'm feeling much more myself today, which really feels good. I hate feeling rotten. I went out to lunch with a couple of my old friends and had cheese enchiladas. Mmmm! cha, cha, cha! I just got home from a lovely night. Linda, and the guys in her office (Brian, Adrian, Mark, and Geoff) and their spouses/significant others asked me to go to Salt Lake with them to go out to dinner. Brian's girlfriend couldn't go, so I agreed to be his "date". Geoff and his wife didn't make it, their transmission went out in their car so it was just the 8 of us. We ate at the Chinese restaurant, P.F. Chang's and it was so delicious! I had my sweet and sour chicken (without the breading and deep fat fried) and stuffed myself to the hilt! We all visited and had a lot of laughs. Brian kept poking me with his chop sticks and making me laugh... kept saying "poke, poke, poke" which is a joke that Linda and I always giggle about. Its all about getting "poked" in the back in the middle of the night by "something other" than your man's "finger". Brian said since I was his "date" and he was buying me dinner, then he had "poking" rights! Yes, I blushed as I was cracking up! LOL!! Such a naughty guy, that's why we all love him! Well, I guess I'm off to bed and pay some attention to my poor attention-starved cat! I wonder if she practically knocks me down at the door because she really missed me or is it just because she knows when I get home, she gets a treat?!
Three for Thursday: Around the House. A collaboration between Colin and I (with help from my sis-in-law Patti). 1. What’s 3 things you can do on/in a bed? Sleep, make love (woohoo!), and jump! 2. What’s 3 things you can do on/at the kitchen table? Eat, play games, make love (woohoo!)! 3. What’s 3 things you can do on the stairs? Climb, slide down (bumping your bum along each stair as you go or use a sled for speed), and make love (woohoo!)! 4. What’s 3 things you can do in the shower/bathtub? Scrub, make love (woohoo!), and soak your cares away. 5. What’s 3 things you can do on the porch? Enjoy the fresh air and being outside, read, and… take a nap. Bonus: What’s your favorite “recreation” room in the house and what “recreation” do you like to do in that room? I’d have to say the bedroom. I can sleep, relax, watch tv, read, and if I had a man then we could have some real fun. Leave your URL in the comments so we can see your answers!

Wednesday, September 4

I just got a new 22 inch flat screen monitor here at work! W00T!
HumpDayHump Act IV Scene III: *We are chatting on the phone before I have to head to get the kidlets from school. Husband is out of town......again! I need some company :o)* Quiet on the set!! Roll tape..... and....ACTION!! Christy: When I was a kid, we played so many fun games with the other kids in the neighborhood. We played "kick the can", "hide n' go seek", "Red Rover", "freeze tag" and many many others. Do you remember any of the games you used to play as a kid? What were they? Karen: Yes! I remember those games. We played Hide n' go Seek, Red Rover, Freeze Tag, and put on crazy stupid plays. We always had such a great time! Christy: Things have changed so much. Kids these days aren't safe to roam the neighborhood as we used to. We would go everywhere on our bikes or walking. No place was off limits really as long as mom knew where we were going and knew the family. Could you wander all over as a child? Where was your favorite place to "hang"? Karen: I couldn't wander too much. Mom always had to know "who's house" I was at. I think I hung out at my friend Carol's than anyones, her house was my second home. Christy: I found an awesome site last week while looking for a link to Penny Racers. It is On there I found so many toys I used to play with. Some I remembered and some I had forgotten about like the awesome Fisher Price Little People barn that "Moo'd" when you opened the barn doors and Monchichi's! Remember any favorite toys you used to play with? Are they still hanging around somewhere? Karen: I can't think of what I did with mine! I can't remember for sure, but I may have given them to my nephews. I should have held on to them! Christy: Also on that site were links to old television shows! Does anyone out there remember "The New Shmoo" or "Electra Woman and Dyna Girl"? Too old for you, you say? Well what about "The California Raisins Show" or "Captain CAAAAAAAAAVEMAAAAAAAAAN"? Karen: Oh yeah!!!! Captain Cave Man was soooo funny!!! I loved the Laugh Olympics, Dyno Mut, Jabberjaw, Hong Kong Fooey, Hair Bear Bunch, etc. LOL!!! I used to get up really early on Saturday mornings so I wouldn't miss a thing. I miss them! I catch some once in a while on Cartoon Network. I'll always be entertained by cartoons, I think! Christy: Arcade games back then were so basic but rocked! I was queen at Centipede! I used to play it at the Super Scooper Ice Cream Parlor (did your town have one of those?). Do you remember when Dragon's Lair came out on arcade?? I was psyched but sucked royally at it. I have hardly any hand/eye coordination. Do you like arcade games? Karen: I liked PacMan and Ms PacMan... that's about as far as it went. I don't play any now at all. Christy: I started my exercise regime today, so no fast food for me! Want to head to Ruby Tuesdays for an awesome salad? Karen: Ooohhh! That sounds great - I'm starving! CUT!!!
Enough of this shit. I'm going to quit wallowing and buck up. Thanks Emma for your insight, and support as always... and thanks to Colin and Robin as well! I'm NOT going to sit around feeling sorry for myself, but will pamper myself for a day or so, deal with my emotions and move on.
Sorry for the quietness the last couple of days. I've been in some kind of funky slump or a mild depression. Not sure what my problem is... but not to worry, I'm trying to get myself out of this funk because I really HATE feeling like this. I've enjoyed visiting all my favorite blogs, all of you always brighten my day. TTFN and hope you all have a great day!!

Tuesday, September 3

This or That 1. Tom Hanks or Tom Cruise?Oooo... Tom Cruise! 2. Julia Roberts or Julia Stiles? Julia Roberts 3. Kevin Costner or Kevin Spacey? Ahhhh... Kevin Costner (drool!) 4. Ben Affleck or Ben Stiller? Ben Affleck (mmmm) 5. Sean Connery or Sean Penn? Sean Penn, although Sean Connery is sexy in a old guy sort of way. 6. Jennifer Lopez or Jennifer Aniston? Jennifer Aniston 7. Courtney Love or Courtney Cox-Arquette? Cortney Cox-Arquette 8. Sarah Michelle Gelllar or Sarah Jessica Parker? ?? toss up 9. Michael Douglas or Mike Myers? Mike Meyers! Funny, funny man! 10. Nicole Kidman or (Anna) Nicole Smith? Nicole Kidman. Tuesday Too 1.) What, is it Tuesday again? Wow, how did that happen? Okay then, what is the day most likely to be if yesterday was Monday? I guess that does make this Tuesday. 2.) Now here's a real question for you. What is the most important/significant thing that you have on your plate today? And no I don't mean spinach or potatoes; I mean nuts and bolts. Work, doesn't that just suck!? 3.) Ask me anything you'd like to know, and I just might tell you, or I might not. How are you today? 4.) Is the Tuesday Too person losing her mind? Perhaps... but she'll be in good company, I lost my mind a long time ago. 5.) Is this the end of the Tuesday Too? Methinks, yes.