Tuesday, December 31

Well, isn't this just a fine how-do-you-do. I noticed on my zonkboard a message from this dude named Sean telling me that my site angers him?! Well, thanks Sean... I'll be sure to give a rat's ass what you think! This is my space just like you have your own space. Have a great day and a wonderful New Year. Make sure to spread more cheer to fellow human beings that you don't even know. Mwwwaahhh! Big kisses you sexy thing, you!
I just had a funny experience... I was headed down the hall, and had to pass through two guys I work with because they were working on a community daily crossword puzzle. We had Tom - who is a very sexy guy (married and older damnit), very viral ex-army macho guy and then Kasey who is an engineer but cool. Both were stuck on the last two clues. One of which was "Life-drawing subjects" and the letters already there were: N U _ E S. I had to solve this for them... hello MEN... NUDES! ROFL!!! The both cracked up when the realized that's what it was. I laughed and as I was walking away, Tom said, "Yeah, how sad is it when a woman has to come by and solve NUDES!" So funny... Its snowing like mad! Apparently it quit for a while this morning after I arrived, then when I went out for lunch with Cindy, it started coming down again. By the time we were done with lunch it was horrible. Its still snowing 2 hours later. I think I'll be heading home very soon. Hopefully by now the plows are out and things have calmed down some. One other thing - as I was coming back onto the base, they had a "dangerous roads" sign up. Yes, coming onto the base - not leaving. LOL! And they were right! I could barely go 25. The roads off base were a lot better than on. Which is OK really, the speed limit is 25-30 anyway. I hope everyone has a great night tonight - drive safely if you're going to be out and about!
I made it to work! Had a yucky night, but I'm feeling a bit better this morning. Snow really started coming down as I left the house, in some spots was "white out" conditions which was pretty scary with the wind blowing the snow every which way. Yet most people still drove like it was a spring rain storm. Pisses me off! It looked like it had started out raining, but any person knows with a bit of common sense AND winter driving experience that the roads can turn to ice in a blink. The temperature dropped about 4 degrees in less than a minute. Duh, people! Slow down! One guy was riding my ass which made it harder to see the road - there were two other lanes he could have passed me, that is what really irked me. I was in the far right lane not the passing lane. He finally went around me - I was following 2 other cars and we were all doing about the same speed, nice and steady, just like everyone else should have done. One day they'll learn - and I hope its not at the expense of their life or someone elses. So far its pretty quiet here at work - YAY! I've got plans to go to lunch with my good friend Cindy who's back to work. I've got to call her this morning to see if we're still on. Not much planned tonight - going out to dinner then back home to veg! Typical New Year's Eve for me... sigh. Now if I only had a very sexy guy to cuddle up with... *snicker* Maybe next year... What is everyone else doing tonight??

Monday, December 30

OK, lazy day #3. I am feeling mucho better this afternoon - and just not because its the usual time I'd be home from work... tee hee Mom used to marvel at the quick recovery we as kids when we'd be home sick from school, soon after 3:15, we'd start perking up. I slept for about 3 hours this morning, and felt a lot better, so I sat here and typed recipes for my Mom. One of my Aunts is putting together a family cookbook, so I told Mom I'd type the recipes in. 25 recipes later, I started feeling poorly again, so I let her finish up the last few. I laid on the couch and watched The Rookie. Now I've eaten dinner and will soon be heading to bed to snuggle down in and watch another movie before drifting off to sleep... haven't decided which one yet. While Mom was down here typing, she mentioned that there was an article in yesterday's paper on Blogs. Oh boy... she knows I have one, but has never asked to see it, and I've never offered. There's just some things that Mom shouldn't see... tee hee. Although she loves me no matter what, I don't want her seeing this. This blog is my personal thoughts, a place where I can rant about anything... and honestly there's things about me that she just wouldn't understand. I hope she doesn't ask. Meanwhile, I mentioned a blog for her. I told her it would be a great way for her friends - and other relatives to keep in contact with her, and see what's going on day to day. Rather than sit and type a few e-mails, voila, stories told and comments can be made! She said it was an interesting idea and she'd think about it. I think it would be good for her - an outlet of sorts since she's got a lot of stress with Kathy here. Oh, speaking of Kathy. I've just got to giggle over this. She's trying sooooo hard to be a good girl and win Mom and Dad's good graces. She took Mom's car out yesterday and washed it. She's washing her dishes immediately instead of letting them sit and fester. Then today, she started in on me. She started to blame me for the stomach ailment she has today, saying I gave her my bug... and I said, "Well, Kathy if I gave you my bug, you'd have had it since November. Me thinks that you've got a bug, and my problem is a wee bit more serious." Then she paused for a minute, I could see the anger in her eyes getting worse, then she took a deep breath, and said, "Oh yes, you're right... you've had my sympathy all these past weeks, and today you sure have more of it. I know just how you feel." (yeah right!!) WTF?! My knees about buckled! I said, "thanks" then I headed back downstairs. I got down here and started giggling! This woman knows what deep shit she's in, and perhaps she's finally realizing that we, her family are all she's got to rely on. I'm not holding my breath... but having her nice, even if its "fake" is better than her screaming and spewing her venom. LOL!!!! I AM going to work tomorrow, I am, I am, I am. G'Night all!
I got up this morning... felt like crap... got in the shower, hoping it would make me feel better and get my behind moving...no such luck today, soooooo... screw it, I'm staying home. Work will just have to wait. I suppose during the holidays is the best time to be out sick, since things are quiet. I turned my computer on this morning and my Norton Anti-Virus alerted me that I've got a Trojan virus in my explorer.exe file and it could not be repaired! WTF?! Excuse me, but isn't this what I pay them for - protection and for things to be repaired!? Luckily my good friend E works at Sophos and is helping me with the file to see if it can be removed. Next year when my Norton is up - I'm going with Sophos! Norton also has you "pay" for phone technical support when its their problem! What a load of crap is that?!!! Grrr! Update: E was able to help me - I'm going to delete the infected files, run Windows Update and then go to ZoneAlarm.com and download some protection against this happening again.

Sunday, December 29

Just call me Karen... the Queen of Laziness! The only constructive things I did were my laundry and took a shower! I needed this rest so much. I feel like I can tackle my Monday... well, as much as anyone can! Its another short week - work two days, have one off, work one more, have three off... hmmm... me thinks I can handle it! I hope everyone had a great weekend!! Thanks for everyone's comments from the previous post! You all ROCK!
I've just learned something that makes me so damn mad! Some stupid idiots are harrassing a friend, saying she's a bad mother because she's got piercings and tattoos. Seriously, who the fuck do they think they are judging someone like that?!! Anyone who knows this woman, who READS her blog KNOWS how much she loves her kids, and how she's constantly putting them first in her life. She's one of the best mothers that I've seen. Sounds to me like these so-called-human beings need to quit judging others and look towards themselves. I guess some people don't have anything better to do than try to tear others down - makes them feel better about themselves in a sick way. I've got a tattoo - and 5 earrings in each ear... do those things make me a bad person? Do they make me a tramp? Do they make me less of a person? I don't think so! But I guess to some people they would think so. The tattoo is very meaningful to me and I like the earrings... they're part of who I am but don't make me bad. So there.

Saturday, December 28

I gotta bitch about something - then I'm going to resume my otherwise pleasant day. My sister Kathy, her good-for-nothing-asshole husband Ellis and their baby didn't come home last night. No note, no phone call, had Mom's car. Mom and Dad were up most the night with worry. Where were they - were they in an accident, did harm come to them were going through their minds. How selfish can people be? Finally about 9:30 this morning, Kathy finally called Dad to tell him they were on their way home. Yeah, right. Dad was furious and told her if she didn't shape up, he was going to put a leash on her. LOL!! Now, I'm sure being 39 years old and having your Dad tell her this didn't make her a happy camper. They're so selfish - I can't stand it!! I come and go as I please, living here in the basement, but I always let them know where I am - out of courtesy so they don't worry. Kathy and Ellis finally came home a few minutes ago. Mom and Dad are gone, and I was upstairs eating when they walked through the door. I didn't say squat to them, and they didn't say squat to me. Ellis held the baby so she couldn't see me so she wouldn't squeal with delight (she loves my blonde hair!). They went straight into their room. But now that I'm back downstairs, they're up in the kitchen making a mess no doubt. Mom just called to let me know she and Dad were going to a movie, and asked if K&E came home, and I told her just barely. Mom was fuming - but relieved that they finally came home with HER car and it appeared no harm came to them. Ellis has a car - but its sitting in the driveway broken. He's got his mechanical degree that he earned while in prison but has never put it to good use. Well buddy, now is your chance. Get the car running and get the fuck out. Dad was pretty upset with them the other night - guess he has finally gotten his fill of them draining everyone financially, physically, and emotionally - and told them they needed to get their own place. Its about time. Its not going to happen over night, since they have to pay off their previous land lord (where they were evicted) and save money for a down payment. Its a start. Now with Dad being fed up - I'm sure things will start to get ugly again with Kathy. Dad has been "on her side" from the beginning, constantly being manipulated and put him and Mom at odds, as well as me because Mom and I had seen it all along. Ahhh... justice is finally coming. Karma is powerful, my friends. Use it wisely. I don't wish badly for them, I really don't. I want them to build a safe, happy, loving home for their child. She deserves that. I want to see Kathy get back on her feet again, both emotionally and career-wise. She's got her PHD in pharmacology for hell's sakes - use it! I would also like to see Ellis become the man he says he is. OK, enough bitching... back to my pleasant day... deep breath.
I've been a complete bum today. Have hardly done a thing... ahhhhh... love days like this. Vegging, watching movies, puttering about - doing anything I feel like... ahhhh... taking a nap... ahhhh...

Thursday, December 26

I'm so glad I came home this afternoon. It was just what I needed. I changed clothes, laid on my bed under a couple of cozy blankets, Ashley at my side and we slept for 3 hours! LOL! I didn't move. My ear hurt like hell when I woke up from laying on the same spot. Ashley actually slept for another hour or so longer than I did. Ya know, I'd love to be a cat in my next life - with a Mommy like me of course to spoil me. I still feel pooped, but am feeling better. Tomorrow is cleaning day, and then I've got some errands to run. I'm thinking I'll go spend my gift certificate that J Dee and Patti gave me and buy "The Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood" and a CD perhaps... I've also got my Victoria Secret's GC to spend! Oooh! Might wait on that a bit though, until I know what I want. tee hee
Ya know, sometimes I just need to say screw it. So, screw it - I'm heading home! I've got all the things done I wanted to today, and really can't work on anything else until next week. So, I'm outta here! Woohoo!!
I made it into work today! It was tough, I really had to force myself out of bed... if I didn't have to pee so bad, I probably would have stayed in bed! LOL!! Yeah, I know, too much information. Today looks to be a quiet and productive day. I still don't have the workshop materials - and won't have them until next week, so I'm taking today and doing some year-end things. I'm just not going to worry about those workshop materials - its Larry's ass, not mine. He's over 3 weeks late, so its a good thing we allowed for some "room" in our schedule, but this is going to make things really tight. Can I just tell ya that I love my new coat?! Its sooooo toasty warm! I didn't shiver once and its 26 degrees. Happy Boxing Day to my friends in the UK, and everyone else have a great day too!

Wednesday, December 25

Ahhh... peace and quiet! The festivities have died down at long last. LOL!! Last night's family Xmas Eve party was nice, we had loads of food as always and all my siblings along with their kids came (including two of the great-nieces). We ate, then played a gift game and everyone stocked up on goodies then went home. Everyone was gone by 8:30, then Mom and I cleaned everything up, then helped Santa out with the stocking stuffers. I don't think I remember my head even hitting the pillow last night, I was beyond exhausted. We got up this morning, fixed a huge breakfast - which I ate more of the breakfast than I did for dinner last night! LOL!! I guess I get one meal to be a piggy. But, no lunch for me - I'm still full! We opened presents after breakfast and it was fun to see my niece's first real Xmas. She was so cute, not knowing what to do with all the new toys. I got my cat Ashley some new Catnip toys and she was soooo high, it was hilarious! The old kitty still has it in her to be a wild one from time to time. She crashed big time though, she hasn't moved for 3.5 hours. But she's still breathing, so I know she's alive. LOL!! She is doing what I need to be doing - not moving a muscle. I got some lovely things, a coat, Obsession gift set (yummy!!), M*A*S*H Season #2 (Thanks Pete and Emma!!!), a blanket, a wonderful foot massager (thanks Ashley - who I know has been saving her allowance all year to buy it for me!), socks, sweater, etc., etc.! It was so good to see everyone liking what I got for them as well. That's what I really like about Xmas - giving and seeing the joy it brings others. Mom, Dad and I went over to J Dee and Patti's (bro and sis-in-law) to see them and the boys. Santa sure stopped at their house. They gave me a picture of their whole family! Its so nice! I need to find a frame for it. One of my nephews, Trent proposed to his girl friend this morning! How fun to propose on Christmas!! They just had a baby girl in November and they've decided to get married in the early summer. We were going to see my other brother and his girls, but they had other plans... which is OK, because I gave them their gifts last night AND I'm tired! I plan on being an utter and complete bum the rest of the day!!! Merry Christmas!!! I hope everyone is having a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 24

Happy Holidays!!
Ohhhh the humiliation. Not a good morning. LOL!! I've never had to give a sample of such a bodily fluid ever. How embarrassing. I have to take it to the hospital lab this morning. I didn't have a plain brown lunch sack to put the jar in *snicker* so I put it in a Xmas bag. The irony!! Merry Christmas! OMG, I crack myself up sometimes... but hey, gotta see the humor in life.
Here's the poem I talked about yesterday. Merry Christmas, Loved Ones ..... by Body.Mind.Soul Faces I have never seen Hands I have never hold Words that only can seen in my computer. I see your smile as I have seen your picture but I want to feel more I want it to shine my days. I owe everything done by your fingers every time you write to me or leave me a message. Your words strengthen me beyond your thought and expectation but I want to feel more - I want it to be heard by my ears. Merry Christmas, dear friends. Some people might not understand the friendship I have with you and I should say it is more beautiful than the friendship I have in real life. You entertain my body, you dig into my mind, you dance in my deepest soul. But I want to have you as my friend not just in this virtual world but I hope that we fill each other's days in the real ground, face to face. I also wish that one day I can deliver my Christmas wish for you in person. I want to look into your eyes, giving you some warm hugs holding your hands and shouting to you how much I adore our friendship how much I thank you for your love. I thank God the day we found each other and may He bless you more than the abundant blessings you have given to my body, mind and soul. To a stranger like me.

Monday, December 23

I found a way to scare my boss out of my cubical! I came back from a co-worker's cubical. I needed to ask him something so called him over. When I got in my cube, I found a Victoria's Secret gift bag on my chair! So I picked it up and looked inside. There was a very small gift box in the bag. I picked it up and said "Oh, cool! I got something from Victoria's Secret!" He looked at the box, and said "That's my cue to leave, anything that small from Victoria's Secret can't be good for me to see!" It wa actually a gift certificate from my friend Debi! She's such a sweetie! Ooohh... what to buy, what to buy ME.... I called back to Tim and told him the coast was clear, it was a certificate. I could hear his relief in his voice when he said he'd be right back over. He sure made it back to his cubical in a hurry... me thinks he may have ran back! I got home and did a couple of things, getting ready for the family party tomorrow night. Then my sister Susie called me and while we were chatting, she was unpacking some special candles she'd ordered. All of the sudden, she said "Karen, I can't get these penises off me!" I about choked and asked her WTF she was doing... turns out they were packing PEANUTS. She told me I was pervy. LOL! Maybe so... I got a good chuckle out of it!
Mondays suck. But this particular Monday, I must admit that the good outweighed the bad significantly. The majority of the bad happened this morning, mostly by being at my doctor's for 3 hours and finding out that something we thought was a yucky (could say shitty tee hee) side effect of a medication I was on and had a reaction to 3 months ago, wasn't getting any better so now I have to see a specialist to find out what's going on. I get so frustrated some days but its best to find out what's going on and deal with it. I have to take a sample of bodily fluids to the lab tomorrow. Hi-ho-hi-ho to the lab I go carrying my little brown bag. But the GOOD! 1. Sara nominated my blog the "Blog of the Week". Wow, I'm so honored and feel really special!!!! *tears in eyes* 2. Colin sent me a virtual boquet of flowers with a funny card - with Santa on it wondering if I'd been naughty or nice... *snicker* Yes, we do know the answer to that question. *tears of laughter in eyes and heart touched at the thought* 3. Soul Wrote a beautiful poem for all her online friends (me included) for Christmas. Incredible poem!! *more tears in eyes* I would like to post it here if she will let me. I've also received some other cards from others - which are just as special to me. Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart. The holidays are so hard for me to get through, not having that someone special in my life, but every single one of you who leave comments and thoughts is making it all easier. *tears spilling over* I just hope that I can spread half of the joy you all have given me! I also wanted to add that I am grateful for my family and know how lucky I am that they are so close to me. I know that there are a lot of people who don't have the luxury of having family close - or none at all, or can't count on them.

Sunday, December 22

I decided to give my old friend Lisa a call this afternoon! I've been meaning to for quite some time but haven't done it for one reason or another. Lisa used to be my cubical mate when I first started working where I do now. We hit it off right away. She was so funny and quite an extrovert - which helped bring what little extrovertedness I've got in my introverted soul. She instantly became my partner-in-crime. We played pranks constantly and she'd get blamed and I would be the innocent party. Perfect partnership tee hee Anyway, her husband is in the Air Force and got transferred to New Mexico just over 4 years ago. Lisa and I have kept in touch every so often and it was so good hearing her voice today and catching up on things. She's still so funny and a good friend. I'm so glad I called her!!!! Her and her husband are moving again in January, to South Carolina. She invited me to come visit...hmmm... I just may have to do that! I also had a great chat with Sara this afternoon. She's a great lady! OK... I'm off now to get a couple of things done before I go to bed. Have to work tomorrow... ugh!
There's a cute little Christmas wreath at Sara's site that you can save to your computer... and she got it from Maria. Go get the wreath at either one of their sites and spread the Holiday cheer!
Thanks for all your comments on my post last night!! I shall not let that bitch ruin my Christmas. If she even tries to eat any more of the things I made, I'll make like the Soup Nazi (from Seinfeld) and say "No pops for you!" or "No mix for you!" LOL! One good thing about me getting so pissed last night is that my blood pressure went up to a nice healthy level! Just gotta look on the bright side of things... No end in sight of when Kathy and her asshole husband will be moving out. Neither one is looking for work. Kathy is trying to get disability (for bipolar and narcolepsy) and Ellis is finally getting the unemployment that he believes was "owed" to him for getting fired from Wal-Mart for beating up a customer. Yeah, its owed to him all right. Charges were dropped, and Wal-Mart has offered his job back, but he's not budging. Slimeball. People like him infuriate me. They can work but won't. He doesn't even care about his wife and child to support. He and Kathy are both so selfish and I feel so bad for Elyssa (their baby). I know they're not really happy here, but aren't really making any moves to leave. Why would they really though, Mom and Dad are chief babysitters and Mom cleans up after them. Its too hard on both my parents - and its wearing on them. Mom speaks up when she gets fed up, then she becomes the bad guy. Dad won't do anything, which I don't understand. He's tried to talk to Ellis about getting a job but he won't listen. If I were my Dad, I'd tell them to "shape up or ship out" like he told us kids growing up! OK, enough bitching... on to some Christmas pics!!!! I took some pics of the decorations around the house last night. All images are clickable. This is the outside of the house
This is the Christmas tree upstairs. It takes my Mom over 2 days to set up all her decorations upstairs - they're everywhere! LOL! She's very festive. I crocheted the Angel on top of the tree.
Mom's Christmas Village
My decorations in the basement where I live. This is the ceramic manger scene that I made a few years ago:
Here is my little fiber optic tree and lots of decoration. The ceramics are ones I made as well:
Here is a ceramic tree that my Mom and I made for my Grandma years ago... when she passed away, we got it back. This is in my bedroom and I've surrounded it with my Saraphin Angel Collection.

Saturday, December 21

My Christmas spirit has just gone right out the window. I'm so fucking pissed off at my sister Kathy I could scream! I spent the better part of the day today - feeling like SHIT - getting all my baking done. Kathy doesn't do shit around this house yet seems to think she has the right to get into what ever she wants and eats it. I made 10 batches of the corn pops and 4 batches of the Chex Mix. All the while I was making this, Kathy kept coming into the kitchen and sneaking some of what I was making. She kept saying, "This is so good. You better hide it from me." Yeah, no shit I better hide it from her! I asked her to please stay out of it - it was for Christmas! I bagged up some of each to give to by two brothers and other sister as part of my gift to them and their families. They're boxed up and safe. (at least they better be!) I had a huge bowl of each left over, which was for Christmas as well as New Year's so we'd have snacks around. I had these two bowls out in the garage. I just went upstairs and there was Kathy - with the big bowl of corn pops in the kitchen, eating some and feeding them to her baby. I just about shit when I saw that half that big bowl was GONE. I grabbed the bowl, put the lid back on, glaring at her while doing it. She had the nerve to tell me how much they were enjoying it. I said "Well, gosh, thanks. I'm glad that I could spend the better part of the day doing this so you could enjoy it. Now we're going to be short for Xmas." THEN she said "Oh, I could go to the store and buy more stuff..." I didn't even respond to that. I was too furious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I took the corn pops outside, only to find that almost half of the chex mix was also gone. How the fuck can anyone eat THAT much junk in just 5 hours?! GRRRRRRRRRRRRR I'm sure that asshole husband of hers helped eat all of it, which pisses me off even more. The lazy, ignorant bastard. I came back in the house, grabbed my car keys and put both bowls safely in the trunk of my car.
I forgot to mention earlier that I got to throw my first snow ball of the year today. Dad was outside playing with the snow blower, and Mom had his lunch ready so she asked me to go tell him. So I went out, didn't have any shoes on and was yelling his name trying to get his attention... finally I had the brilliant idea to grab some snow and throw it at him. It worked! LOL!! It missed him unfortunately, but it was close enough to get his attention! *snicker* I really wish we'd get about 2 feet of snow dumped on us this weekend so I could go out and play a little bit. Its been ages since I've done a snow angel and been able to eat some yummy fresh (not yellow!!) snow. Mmmm... I actually broke my foot one year, going out to get some snow to eat! LOL!! Like a ninny, I didn't have any shoes on (yes this is normal for me if at all possible), and snuck outside to get some snow. I was heading down the back deck stairs when my foot slipped on some ice. I went down and landed at the bottom of the stairs. I had a huge bruise across my lower back where I hit the stair, and the impact of my foot hitting the deck, fractured it... but I didn't find this out for about 2 months! Whoops... Lesson learned: If you're going to go outside in your barefeet and get some snow, go out the front... don't mess with the deck stairs. LOL!!!
Today turned out to be a not-so-good day for me to do my baking! I started about 8am, and by 9am I was really dizzy and almost blacking out. I had to keep sitting down. About an hour later, Mom told me to check my blood pressure. It was 77/48. 48 is waaaay too low. I took my High Blood Pressure meds about 6am, and 4 hours later is when it peeks. Boy was it peeking. We're guessing that the new RA meds I'm on may be lowering my BP and with me exerting myself by running up and down stairs, stiring things, etc., made it drop lower. I kept taking little rests while things were in the oven, and about 2 hrs later the BP was back up to 88/69 (YAY 69!!!) I just took it a few mins ago and it was 90/62. I know I should have called the doctor, and I would have if the BP hadn't started coming back up. I see him first thing Monday morning so I'll mention it to him, and tomorrow I'll behave - not even gonna work out. Maybe he'll just have me start taking half the dose of my HBP meds. So, by 2:00 I was finally done. I saved quite a bit of time by making the chex mix in the microwave instead of the oven. I had to split one batch into three to get it to fit in the microwave, but it worked out. Here's a tip: higher wattage microwaves: 2.5 minutes stiring after 1.25 minutes. The first bowl kinda got too done in the middle. LOL!!! Live and learn... After I was done, I fell asleep for a while, then got my ass up and showered. I'm feeling like a new woman!
Today is baking day. I'm making my corn pop treats (10 batches) and Chex Mix - hot and spicy - about 5 batches. I know it doesn't sound like all that much, but it is. I'll be so glad to get it done. We actually got some snow yesterday! It snowed from about 12 to 6pm but only about 3 inches stuck down here, but I'm sure the mountains got dumped on. I sure hope we get some more snow today and tomorrow while I'm home and don't have to drive in it. Happy Saturday!!! 4 Days before Christmas!

Friday, December 20

Pics from our Girl's Night last night. L-R: Linda, me, Robin, Wendy and Renate
Robin and me
Robin being naughty with her Christmas Water Weenie... such a bad girl. Now ya see why she's my friend!
Wendy and Renate shaking their weenies tee hee
I just got an e-mail from my friend Robin asking if it would be OK if her husband Jerry joined us for lunch today. I wrote back and said "absolutely!" Then she wrote back and said "Jerry will be glad to hear that, he thinks you're very entertaining." I wrote back and said, "Who, me?"! LOL!!! That just made my day...
Was having a pretty good dream this morning, I was with a guy at a party and he got a drink called Ooba Kalooba (what ever the hell that is!) so I took a little taste and said it was pretty good, but then told him that I thought it would taste better on him... so we started to kiss. Very nice kiss... he told me that the Ooba Kalooba definitely tasted better on me too, then the kiss deepened... then my damn alarm went off! SHIT!! I couldn't even fall back asleep to finish the dream, I had to get up and come into work. Shit, shit, shit. Sigh. Last night was a blast, we giggled and laughed and talked. I've got pictures, and will post them later this afternoon. Meanwhile... here are a couple of pics Linda took of me on Wednesday. Have a great day everyone!!
Me about to lick my Santa sucker... it was safe, the wrapper (aka the condom tee hee) was still on *snicker*

Thursday, December 19

Hey... its GIRLS' NIGHT tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOHOOOOO!!!! Time to misbehave...
I had a great lunch today, it was actually a "going away" for a guy that I work with. I sat in a big booth with 5 other people - and we had a blast. Just chatted about our Xmas party yesterday and the gift game we played. We discussed the "hot" items that everyone was fighting over - the one item I wanted but didn't dare take it away from the lady who had it (she would have thrown a fit - and after all, she wanted it for her kids...who am I to take toys from children?!) - it was the Nimbus 2000 from Harry Potter. This broom makes noises... this broom *vibrates* which is why I wanted it *snicker* and I didn't fool anyone sitting at the table today... they didn't believe me when I said it made cool noises. They said they heard my snickers over the vibration yesterday when checking the broom out. I guess I'm just gonna have to go in search of this broom. LOL!! I got a cheap thrill from the infamous fan under my desk... it was hot and stuffy in here so I turned it on. Oh yes... I always forget how fun it is until I turn it on for the first time. *snicker* Then I went over to see Linda and my buddies Brian and Adrian were over there working. Brian got up from his chair and grabbed me and stuck his tongue in my ear! LOL!! Bad boy... I guess I've been asking for it for the past month or so, I've gone over and tickled his ears then when he makes a move to get up from his chair, I run away. So, today he got me - and messed my hair up so I had the *just laid look* not quite, but close! Adrian gave me a CD he made of Christmas songs, which was nice! Have a good night!! I am so ready for a good time with the girls - been far too long since we've gone out and caused some mischief!
Thanks for all the comments last night :-) I had an early night and just relaxed and watched a movie before falling asleep. Ahhh... I'm still pretty tired this morning (but who isn't this time of year?!), but have a much better attitude towards the whiny-assed boob Larry. If he doesn't get the stuff done, then he doesn't. He'll be the one with the problem - not me. The workshop manager is aware of his delays... So, I'm not feeling quite so stressed today, and it feels good. I've still got some materials to gather for the CD we're giving at the workshop so I'll continue to work on that. Oh, and our January magazine came yesterday so I have about 300 to mail out to new subscribers and updated addresses. Oh boy... I'm sure Shanae will help me when she comes in, she's been such a sweetie to help me with the database and seems to be happy to have things to do. Right now, I'm eating my delicious banana, and listening to some great tunes that my good friend Colin sent me. The man keeps me in good music. I'm listening to Must right now, and next on the list is the new Matchbox 20. Thanks, bud!! Awww... Colin put this up on the server for me - isn't it cute?! Have a fantastic Thursday!!! One more thing - 3 for Thursday is up - go play!

Wednesday, December 18

One of the whiny-assed boobs (Larry) here at work just about got his butt kicked my moi today. I am so pissed at him - he was supposed to have his workshop materials to me on Dec 9. I was nice - gave him an extra week, so the materials were supposed to be given to me on Monday, so since I wasn't here, that actually gave him an extra day. I was really busy yesterday working on other things, so it gave him yet another day. I was supposed to have the stuff first thing this morning. Did I?! Nope... which was still OK, because I had some other stuff to finish up first thing this morning. So, about 8:30 this morning, he said I could work on the "Appendices" and 3 of the 20 sections of slides and told me where I could find them on the network. Well, wasn't that nice of him... so now I've got the Appendices done and the 3 sections. He's supposed to have the rest of it to me in the morning... and he was supposed to work on them this afternoon... now where is he? He's MIA (missing in action). I told him - no ifs about it - I have to have all day tomorrow to finish it. He started whining about how he thinks its dumb that he has to have his materials ready 2 weeks before the workshop... good question. Its got to go through me, then I have to hand if off to Debi to be reproduced and readied. I told Larry that Debi and I would like to have a holiday and get this stuff done. That kind of shut him up... GRRR! I guess there's nothing I can do, so I best not stress out about it. Its not MY problem - its his and he's trying to make it mine. Whiny-assed boob. On the good part of the day: I went to my doc appt, and got my second "conditioning" shots, and will see them again on Monday, and I think this is when I get taught how to give myself the shots... ooohhh fun ;-) They're tiny little needles, smaller than Dad's insulin syringes so I don't think it will be a big deal. But she said I couldn't give the shots to myself in my ass (damn!! more cushion there!) but would do it in my stomach and legs. Then I went to this office's Xmas lunch. It was a lot of fun and we played a present game and Debi and Dan played their wooden flutes (can't remember what they're called). I snapped a pic of Debi just as she made a mistake and everyone blamed me for the goof - it was pretty funny... but it wasn't my fault really. tee hee My friend Linda gave me a really cool gift, its a tiny radio controlled car! LOL!! What a riot!!!!!! Hey Colin - if you thought I drove that baggage cart bad - it ain't nothing compared to how I drive this car! Bad hand-eye coordination I guess... now I understand why I don't play video games very well. I'll have to take the car home and practice - and drive my cat nuts! I'm pooped! 30 minutes left and counting before I can go home!

Tuesday, December 17

Its Colin's birthday on Wednesday, December 18 - stop by and wish him a very happy birthday - and give him some virtual spankings.
OHHHH! I'm nearly dead... tired... I had such a crazy day, but very productive. I guess the idea behind being so busy is that I'm very motivated to get things done. I still have a lot to do this week, and Shanae is being a doll and helping me with the database and that helps me a ton. I'm waiting for a HUGE slide presentation for a workshop as well as all the appendices and exercises so I can check the formatting and make it look consistent. I was supposed to have them first thing this morning, but that didn't happen - but I won't tell the people I'm waiting on that I was too busy to work on it today anyway... SO they promised tomorrow morning for sure - and showed me where the files were on the network so I could start on the appendices and exercises. I have to hand them off to Debi by Thursday afternoon, that's my goal anyway, we'll see if it happens. Drop dead date is Monday. So not exciting... too busy to get into any trouble even. I did break away to have lunch with a couple of old friends which was nice, we exchanged prezzies and I had my favorite - cheese enchiladas... cha, cha, cha. It snowed most of the day, but didn't really "stick" just enough to make the roads scary in some places. As I got home, it was really coming down and is NOW sticking. Tomorrow morning should be fun if this keeps up - but... we need the moisture AND the snow for a white Christmas. Tomorrow will be another crazy day. I have a doctor's appt (for the clinical trial I'm on), another Xmas party at lunch, a meeting right after lunch, then try and get work done between all of it! LOL! Good thing I go in at 5am so I can get some work done before I go to the doctor. I haven't even been able to visit ONE blog today! I'm so bummed! I will take a few mins now and go visit, so if I don't get to you - I'm sorry! I will catch up later - I promise!
Today at work has been beeeeyooonnnd busy! I barely have enough time to pee, let alone post! I just had a minute before I headed to lunch with friends. Hope everyone is having a great day - I'll post more later if I'm not too dead tired. TTFN!

Monday, December 16

Made it to Salt Lake and my class this morning without snow - YAY! Class has been pretty good today, learning some new tricks about Word now. There's only 8 students in the class and everyone is pretty much up-to-speed and no one holding the class back so its rolling along. Just got back from lunch, I grabbed a sandwich and ate it in the car while reading my book. Then I got too cold so I decided to come in and play on the computer a bit. The wind is starting to whip up - looks like the storm they predicted is on its way in, just a day late. My left shoulder, wrist and hip are bothering me today - the shoulder and wrist are the worst... shoulder feels like its flaring, but I'm trying to baby it. So, that's about it... nothing too exciting happening. I'll go blog-hop now with the rest of my lunch hour. Hope everyone is surviving their Mondays!

Sunday, December 15

Ooo, have had a lovely day. So, I'm feeling relatively re-charged! Just vegged in front of the TV for the most of it. Watched Grease for the umteeth time - just love that show, a couple of shows I'd taped during the week, and just finished watching Sweet November (sniffle, sniffle!). One of the shows I'd taped was John Doe. This is such a good show! I love it - its on Fox, on Friday nights. The guy is sooooo sexy too... Mmmmm... This last show was really intense. My friend Robin called me to see how I was doing, she's such a sweetie. I've been pretty worried about her too, so I'm glad she called. I always feel a bit funny calling her on the weekends (don't want to interrupt hubby and kids time) but am always thinking of her. She's had a lot of serious chronic pain because of an old neck injury. She's been to one doctor after another, and now has started going to a pain type clinic. I really hope this doc can help her. It was so great to chat with her, and catch up. Robin and I are twins from different mothers, I think! We usually finish each other's sentences and have so much in common its spooky. We've set a lunch date for Friday and will exchange prezzies. We also drew each other's names for our girls' night out group the Motley's $10 gift exchange, and we'll do that Thursday night when the group gets together for that little Xmas party. OK... getting mentally ready to deal with Monday... another class... Salt Lake traffic... possible snow storm... UGH.
After I get my laundry done, and my workout done, I'm not gonna do squat. In fact... I'm even considering not doing the workout! I'm so friggin tired - the last couple of days has really taken it out of me. I best behave or I'm gonna bring on trouble. I'm just gonna kick back and maybe watch some movies or read... or both! I really don't have much to say, I guess I'm just really exhausted, physically and otherwise. I need to recharge my batteries, so to speak. No, the ones in the vibrator are just fine *snicker* I know you were thinking that... Here's a pic of a Santa gone wrong... (its clickable for larger view, as usual)
Enjoy your Sunday!
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Saturday, December 14

I'm DONE, I'm DONE, I'm DONE CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went this morning and finished the two things I needed to, and then met Linda for lunch and some "fun" shopping. Nicole never showed, I hope nothing was wrong. She mentioned something about having an open house of some sort, so we figured she just got wrapped up in that. So, Linda and I ate lunch and caught up on things. Its been over a week since we've had time for more than a 5 minute "heyhowareya" conversation so that was nice. Then we went into Rainbow gardens to see all the fun things. This place has so many gadgets for the kitchen, decorations for the home for every day or for holidays. Christmas is of course the biggest of the year, they have the whole back side of the store filled with just trees and tree decorations. Its incredible. They have the most gorgeous angels, candles, etc., I could just browse all day... and almost did! LOL! Well, for about 2 hrs anyway! Linda and I had so much fun in the "cards" reading all the rude and crude ones. She stocked up on them, and bought several great ones. She ended up spending around $70 by the time she left! I on the other hand, had another "first" moment this Christmas season! I didn't buy ONE thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There were lots of great things, but nothing I needed or needed to get for anyone else. Linda was shocked... and so was I really at my self control! I came home and got right into sorting things out, wrapping or bagging things. Its all DONE. Cards were finished last night, even cards that went with these gifts. So, as far as gifts go, I'm DONE. Oh, did I mention I'm DONE?! Not to rub it in or anything, but I'm done! Well except for the baking next weekend... and helping Mom with the Christmas Eve festivities. Now I feel more like myself again, on track and organized. I've really felt "off" this year for some reason, my memory has been crap. So, just in case I "forgot" anyone, I do have a couple of "quick" gifts, but I think I have done well. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!
I blew it. Yesterday would have been my Grandmother's 92nd birthday. She passed away about 4 years ago, and was a wonderful writer - so much of a sense of humor and very creative. Anyway, I was talking to Listener a couple of weeks ago about poems and I mentioned my Grandma's poems and said that I'd post one of my favorites she'd written on her birthday... damn. I spaced it yesterday. I remembered her birthday, but spaced the poem. So, here it is. She'd written this for a friend of hers to go along with a Christmas present for the lady's husband in 1955. Dearest Darling As you look at me with your bold gaze, Ihope your strong emotions I will faze. Behold, my slender neck and throat, Upon my slim legs you can gloat. I'm yours to have and hold forever more, My slender body you'll adore. No longer the long, cold nights you'll fear, Hold me close and very near. Squeeze me gently and be kind, Stroke me, hug me, I won't mind. My gentle warmth will make you glow, My limpid pleasures you will know. You'll find of me many a use, But treat me tender, I can't stand abuse. And as you go along your way of life, Please, don't mention me to your wife. Just let me of your life be a part, To warm your feet, if not your heart. For I can tell you truly to your face, I can never your sweet wife replace. -DHH (It was about a hot water bottle!) OK, plans for today! Meeting friends Linda and Nicole for lunch at the Greenery and then shopping at rainbow gardens. I will finish up the loose ends I have from yesterday then come home and sort through everything. Have a great day!

Friday, December 13

Mom and I were shopping for 6 hours today. Yes, 6 hours! I'm soooo dead. I did get everything on my list (except for gift cards and one other small thing that I'll pick up tomorrow) and stayed within my budget. Wow, what a day though. The entire trunk of my car was stuffed, and them part of my back seat as well. Mom let me pick out my Christmas present, one thing I "need" and have been wanting, which is a nice winter coat. My other winter coat is way too big and the other coats I have are short. I need a longer one. I found a beautiful suede coat, teal in color. Its fluffy yet not bulky and was 50% off. LOL! Now the really fun part comes in sorting the things, and wrapping them or "bagging" them, which I intend to do until I run out of bags, then I'll have to wrap what's left. I hate wrapping, I suck at it. LOL! Now I think I'll head off and take a nice hot shower to easy my weary and hurting body and go to bed early and do my Christmas cards while catching up on "Days of Our Lives". I lead such an exciting life, don't I?! tee hee
Dear Santa, I have been a good girl. It really wasn't my fault what happened at Linda's Christmas party. It was Colin who spiked the punch with too much Sex on the Beach. I can't help it if I drank 6 glasses. It was so good---smelled and tasted just like vanilla. I thought it was funny when I put Sandi's shirt on my head and danced the funky chicken on the chair while singing `Feel Like Making Love'. I didn't mean to break Linda's CD player and don't know why Linda would sue me for stealing. I don't remember calling Randy's wife a cute sheep---even though she looked like one with blue eye shadow and red lipstick! And when I threw up on Robin's husband's tongue, it was only because I ate too much of that pizza. After all that fun, I admit I was a little tired. So I fell asleep on my way home and drove my Blazer through my neighbor's bedroom. I don't think that was any reason for my neighbor to call me a stinky cat and have me arrested for assult! So, Santa...here I sit in my jail cell on Christmas Eve, all sensuous and horny. And I'm really not to blame for any of this funny stuff. Please bring me what I want the most---bail money! Sincerely and run yours, Karen (Really a nice girl!) P.S. It's only 5 bucks! Go here for your letter.
Life is better this morning. Xanax and a good nights sleep does wonders. I think I'm ready to face my day now. I've got to get my cleaning done, then Mom and I will go on a marathon shopping run and hopefully get it done. I've made a list (and checked it twice - at least) and I think I'm organized now. I'm meeting friends tomorrow for lunch and some fun window shopping. There's a place here called Rainbow Gardens that has the coolest stuff. OK!!! Off I go!!! Have a great day!!!!

Thursday, December 12

OK, on one hand I'm really glad I made myself go to my class today... but on the other hand, I ended up irritated as hell. I learned a lot about the more "complicated" stuff on Excel, but thanks to people in the class who took this class before taking levels 1 and 2 prior to this class were really on my shit list. For us who knew Excel pretty well, but went through the levels 1 and 2 anyway (and soooo glad I did cuz I learned a bunch of nifty tricks - in Excel tee hee), it wasn't fair. The teacher had to keep stopping, explaining things that were covered in the first two classes - AND there was even one lady that had NO concept what so ever (well, maybe a smidge) of Windows!!!! She was sitting in front of me, and oh how I wish I had a big stick to poke her with every time she said "Now how did you do that?" I wasn't the only one that was getting pissed off. In the time that the teacher took to explain things from other classes, I managed to read 95% of the blogs that I've got linked on my site - and that is a lot. Time that he could have been having us do more examples of the formulas and macros... but noooo... I was quite cranky by the time I left. I realize that its not completely these people's fault, but the "account executives" who schedule them for the level 3 class without having them take the other two first. I let them know how unhappy I was about this on my evaluation form. The teacher Jonathan probably was as frustrated as the rest of us - but he also wasn't as "skilled" as the other teacher I had for the other classes. He had to keep looking at his reference manual for the "step by steps" so... I dinged him on that too. Not to be a bitch, but to help him improve. I was cussing and swearing at assholes on the way home, pretty much got all my crankiness out (of course the windows were rolled up so they didn't hear me) but it was nice to let the words fly... I stopped off at the grocery store to get some corn pops for the treats I'm making (before the store ran out of them!!), and was feeling pretty good wheeling the cart around the store (no snide comment, Colin tee hee), then I got to the check out and the checker dude was humming/singing "Winter Wonder Land" in a shooby-doo-doo-bob-be-bob and he really struck a nerve. He was scanning the lady's groceries in front of me, and I stood there and swear my eye twitched from holding back my temper. ROFL! It was so irritating, I can't EVEN describe it. I took a few deep breathes, then calmed myself... then he started talking about the transaction and thankfully quit singing!! Then by the time it was my turn, he, the bag boy and I struck up a conversation about paper or plastic, then onto what I was doing with all the corn pops. LOL!! I was fine by then. I guess I'm just so damn tired and not feeling well - OH and PMSing I would guess, as well as HUNGRY... LOL!!! I bet it might have been funny to watch Karen go boom! Now I'm sitting here, looking back at it all and thinking how silly it was to get that irritated!! I'm still feeling a bit stressed, and keyed up so I think I'll be naughty and take a Xanax... well, not naughty really, these types of situations are what I've got them for. I just don't like to take them unless I really need them, but ya know, from how I acted earlier... I need it. I guess one of these wouldn't hurt either... but that aint gonna happen, so I guess the Xanax it is.
I really very easily stay home and not do a damn thing today, but I won't. I'll go to my class. Have a great day everyone!!!

Wednesday, December 11

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I am sooooooo tired. What an exhausting day. Work was beyond nuts, trying to get things done. Then I was gone for 3.5 hours to the doctor (some included travel time and going to another office). I stopped off for some lunch, came back to the office and snarfed about half of it, then I had meeting... then came back and finished my lunch about 2pm! I didn't get everything done I really needed to but ya know what? I don't care. I'm too tired. I got the really important stuff done, and the rest of it will just have to wait until next week. I hope my brain is alive enough to concentrate on my Excel Level 3 class - we're supposed to get deep into the formulas and complicated stuff. The way my head feels now, I'm in trouble. Yeah, OK... I'm into smilies today... The doc appt went pretty well. I got my first shots of the trial medication - two shots, one in each arm. These are the "conditioning" shots, and next week (I think!!) Melody said that she'd show me how to do the shots on my own and it will be a higher dose. The needles are so tiny though - only about 3/4 inches long. Even smaller than my Dad's insulin needles! The shots she gave me stung like hell, but the prick wasn't bad. Melody was giving me a hard time about the book I was reading - I'm a romance novel addict - and she asked me if the book made me all tingly. LOL!! I told her that I was hoping I'd get to the tingly parts soon... So I told her she better take my blood pressure before I got to that point. I think I'm off to read a couple of blogs then I'm heading to bed... sorry if I don't get around to everyone's... will catch up soon... Here's one of my favorite Xmas pictures...
Whew - no time for play today! This is gonna be a quick post while I'm running a query on my database... have sooo much to do today, finish financials, reports, etc., UGH. I also have a doctor appointment today, for that clinical trial I'm starting for my Rheumatoid Arthritis! I'm really excited about starting it - and hopefully getting some relief. I will be gone around 3 hours I imagine since I have to get x-rays as well as see the doctor, and the clincial trial coordinator so she can show me how to give myself the shots (FUN!) and give me instructions... then have to run back here, have a meeting. I'm going to be in classes tomorrow and Monday so today I HAVE to get this stuff done... Oh - database is done with the query... gotta run. I hope everyone has a GREAT day - I'll catch up with everyone when I get home tonight.

Tuesday, December 10

One thing I left off the previous post - I wanted to thank all the people out there that have been supportive of what I've gone through (although minor compared to what some of the women and girls went through) and I hope I can be supportive for you all as well.
OK, I need to get this out. I wrote a little about it on the weekend, but feel like I need to write about it all. I’m not writing this as slander – this is MY story, MY experiences, and MY thoughts. This is MY blog to vent or write about what ever I want. If someone is going through – or has gone through something similar, maybe it can help. I hope it can help. Chatting and teasing can be fun – but there’s a line. When that line is crossed, its time to speak out. No one – man or woman (or child!!!) deserves to be put in that uncomfortable position. Children are so vulnerable and if things like this is happening to them, they need to be protected. I thought Chris Powers was a friend – despite my “oogy” feelings. He was so supportive, listened to my problems, gave me advice… little did I know, he was a predator under the pretense of friendship. I should have followed my gut instincts and just ignored him, but he wormed his way in and made me feel sorry for him. I’m fun person – I tease, I like to joke around about a lot of things, and can be naughty – but in a fun way, I never intend to offend anyone, nor am I really serious. Intimacy is very important to me. I thought he was joking around, and I’d joke back. I NEVER told him I wanted to do anything with him. I always made it clear that he was married and I was not interested in him that way. I want to find a man to love – but I’m not some weak woman, I will not be taken advantage of. I may have been taken advantage of in this case, as a friend. I’m angry as hell with him for taking advantage of my friendship. I’m so grateful for finding out what a slime he was before he could hurt me. My heart goes out to those he did hurt. He was so clingy right from the start – offered his “couch” the first time we ever chatted – if I ever came to town. I couldn’t even come online without him IM-ing me immediately a lot of the time… the times he didn’t I was relieved. He was very needy, always saying he had no friends except ones he’d met “online”. “Always wanted to be popular.” “No one likes me.” “Hardly anyone visits my site.” “How can I make people like me?” “No one understands me.” “There are so many rumors going around the net about me, none of them are true.” On that one, I actually told him that they must not understand what’s going on, and it’s none of their business. UGH – I can’t believe I told him that now! I actually can’t believe I talked to him at all now that I see what he was up to – and what he did to other women. He made me feel guilty – for trying to limit communications. (see 2nd post on 9/25/02). He whined about it in one of his posts and ended it with “thank God for my real friends” That pissed me off enough to write a counter post. I couldn’t be the kind of friend he needed, didn’t have the time or energy – he sucked the energy from me. I’d get online to talk to my boy friend and he kept bugging me – he was driving me bonkers. He asked questions about my relationship – personal, sexual questions. Kept making cracks about things he’d read I “like” sexually – mostly from the Memes or funny things I’d say. Kept saying he was going to show up on my door step with a jar of peanut butter and some ice. I’d take it in stride, just kind of do the LOL thing, joke back, etc. (in your dreams, dude) Things said often which made me really uncomfortable hearing all the time – and asked him to stop. He stopped some for a while, and then started up again. * “I love you” * “I’m in love with you” * “You’re so beautiful” * “You’re so strong, I admire you.” * “You’re so sexy” * “You’ve got the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen” * “I wanna make you blush, its fun.” * “My day has not been made until I make you blush.” * “One day you’re gonna have a star by your name on my site” (meaning that he’s met me) Some of the most memorable: * “Shana told me to get nice and horny because she wants to sleep really well tonight, if you get my drift… and you’re the first person I thought of to get me horny.” (get it somewhere else, bud) * Are you wearing a bra? (I answered none of your business) then a few mins later, said “hugs” me like a dummy said “hugs back” then he said “Aha – so you’re not wearing a bra” (asshole!) * “You and your bf should come to FL, stay with us… we have a couch.” When declined – a matter of privacy, he said “Oh, we won’t mind your noises if you don’t mind ours.” (yeah right!!) * “I’m sitting here naked… got any ideas?” (barfing maybe?) I was asked the “cam sex”, and “nudie pics” questions once – I guess I disappointed him when I said that was between my boyfriend and I – and none of his business. When I said I'd talked to my BF on the phone, he made cracks about phone sex - joked around about it - but that was none of his business either - it was between J and I. There's more to do on a phone than have phone sex, try talking sometime. LOL! He’d always say “Shana and I are so much in love, and I don’t keep anything from her.” “We have wild sex all the time.” What I want to know is – where was Shana? Why did he have so much time on his hands to talk to so many women? Why was she allowing him to buy gifts for these women? Why wasn’t he getting the things from HER that he was getting from other women? Unless that’s part of their “key to a happy marriage”???? So anyway – where I go from here... I learn from my mistakes and expecially not listening to my instincts. I hope others will do the same – if you feel uncomfortable, don’t be afraid to assertive and possible hurt their feelings by telling them to leave you alone. Don’t give out personal information unless you are certain you can trust the person. If they are persistent about getting such information, you can be certain its not safe.

Monday, December 9

I've heard said that good can come out of the bad... and even though I've experienced this other times in my life, this last weekend was 100% proof. No matter how many bad apples there are, I think the good apples still got the bad ones beat. HEHEHEHEHE!
OK - I've goofed off enough for tonight - I am sooooooo damn tired and here I sit, still in my dress from work and haven't done a damn thing since I got home. Must_move_away_from_this_computer!!
I spaced off writing about something that happened last week here at work. I keep my two "lunch time" vitamins right next to my computer - my little yellow mega dose of folic acid and my Omega 3 fish oil (blech!). I left for a little while to go to another office, and knew the pills were right were they usually are when I left, because I saw them when picking up my cell phone to take with me. When I came back, I was eating my lunch, and saw the two pills were gone. I asked my cubemate if anyone had been in my cube while I was gone, and he said, "Just the garbage collectors." I started giggling... I could just imagine one of these people coming in, seeing a couple of pills and thinking "Oh cool - drugs!" Boy, what a "high" they must have gotten from them... I know - I fly high all afternoon - all day for that matter, since I take these things 3 times a day! LOL! My Monday has gone pretty good, I've been really busy but no major problems. I didn't even take a lunch break (but I'm taking a short break now!!!) since I have a long doctor's appointment on Wednesday and don't want to take leave for it - if I don't have to. ANd I've got 3 lunches next week! So I better be good this week. I got so busy this morning that I could barely get away to pee - and when I finally did I had to pee really bad! Just as I was getting to the bathroom door, I saw that Mike guy in the hallway. Damn. I really still need to tell him that I'm not interested in a relationship or friendship, but I had to pee so bad! He tried to strike up a conversation by asking how my weekend was. I said, "Crazy." as I was pushing the restroom door open... the he said "Crazy good or crazy bad?" I said "Both!!" as the bathroom door was OPEN... and then I said "I really gotta pee!" I ran in, and as the door was closing I heard him say, "Well, I'll let ya go then." Well thanks, Mike! I appreciate that! ROFL!! I was surprised he wasn't waiting outside for me when I came out! Sheesh! This is the second time he's ran into me when I'm running to the bathroom - well, OK this was the only time when I really had to go... and he's tried to strike up a conversation. UGH. I sure as hell wouldn't start talking to him when he's outside of the bathroom! If this happens anymore I'll start getting suspicious about him hanging around the bathroom! LOL! Just kidding... he does actually work with people down at the other end of the hall from the bathroom! Hope everyone is getting through their Mondays!!

Sunday, December 8

I went Xmas shopping with my sis Susie this afternoon... I think I was gone for about 2 hours and it wore me out. Crowds weren't bad at all though, that saved me. We found Mom's new sheets - yeah, I know real exciting Xmas present, but she asked for sheets and a new comforter so that's what we got her. The comforter is coming from a catalog, its beautiful and we think she'll love it. Then we got some really cute S'more kits for three of our nieces and will get some gift certificates to go with them so they can rent a movie. There was a first, ladies and gentleman. I came out of Bath & Body works with spending only $10! Shocking, I know. I've got other ideas for gifts this year, and I didn't need anything other than the anti-bacterial hand soap and it was on sale 3/$10. There was lots that I wanted, but I refrained. Other's gifts needs to come first. tee hee They've got a new aromatherapy out for Sensuality - and it smelled sooooo good. But again, I refrained. Even Susie was shocked. My one joint - my right elbow - that didn't hurt at my last doctor's appointment hurts now! LOL!! From carrying packages - despite taking 3 trips out to the car! That's one thing I hate about mall shopping - having to carry bags all over and take so many trips to the car. Then I had an idea... next time, take an empty stroller with us and dump the packages in there! Hmmm... well I thought it was funny... Next shopping trips: Friday with Mom. Saturday with Linda and Nicole. HOPING that will finish it up. I STILL have to make out my list AND get my Christmas cards done!! UUUGHH! I was gonna do that this weekend, damnit! I'm really too tired to now... so maybe I'll work on the cards a few at a time during the week. Right now, I'm gonna go take a hot shower to ease my aching joints then head to bed early and relax and try not to think of my Monday.
Thank you for all the support about what came out yesterday - its so great that we can all be here for each other. Group hug!! Let me get one thing straight though, we're not slandering anyone, we're coming forth with the truth about what we've been through and the person who has put us through it. If someone wants to defend him - that is their right, just as its our right to come forward with the truth. On to other things! I had a great time and my company Christmas party last night! My nephew Travis went with me, and it was fun having him around and catching up on things. I sat by my friend Sheri that I used to work with (her husband works for the same company I do) and we chatted and giggled about things too. The prime rib was excellent! I was stuffed, and couldn't even finish it. Then Roald, a really cool guy was the entertainment. He sang some really great songs that he'd written. One was a beautiful Christmas song, and the others were funny ones. One song he wrote was "Animal Crackers in Love" and there's a story behind it. Roald has a bowl of animal crackers he keeps in his office. One day a guy found two animal crackers baked together - "joined" and "in love" So he wrote a song about it. One of the lyrics was "you can't eat love" then Roald looks right at me, paused, and said "Well, I take that back - Karen knows that you can eat love, she's got some of those edible underwear!" OMG - I cracked up!!!!!!!!!!! It cracked everyone up. Then throughout the rest of the songs, he made little references to me and the underwear. It was so funny. My nephew thought it was great. Roald said it was because I was in the front row and he had to pick on me. Then one of the last things Roald said, was "Be sure to ask Karen who her supplier of edible underwear is!" The very last song he sang was "I Don't Want a Pickle, I Just Wanna Ride my Motor Cycle." The chorus lyrics go "I don't want a pickle, I just wanna ride my motor cycle, and Iiii don't want a tickle I just wanna ride my motor cycle..." and every time he sang that "I don't want a tickle" Sheri and I just giggled and giggled harder every time he sang it. Then the very last time, he said "Well, Karen obviously wants a tickle!!" OMG - talk about BLUSH! Everyone laughed, then we went home. One of the better Xmas parties really, I'm not one for the big parties of dancing, etc., so this one was great. Enjoy your Sunday!!!

Saturday, December 7

I wasn't going to say anything about this, I thought it was better left alone, but sitting here thinking about it, I felt compelled to say something. I don't like to spread rumors or make accusations but in this particular case, it could save someone from being hurt. Some things have come to my attention about a male-online friend. I am sickened by what I found out. I have asked him to no longer contact me in any way. I don't even want my blog listed on his site. I don't want anything to do with him. Maybe I'm a bitch, but ya know what? I'd rather be a safe bitch than one that ends up getting involved in a sick fantasy or hurt. I really should have caught on to things earlier, but I guess in my emotional state lately my judgement was impared. I should have followed my gut instincts and totally cut things off a while ago and kept it that way. Thanks to Kat and others who have come forward with their stories Robyn, Dania, and Sara things never went any where. Although they never would have gone anywhere because the man is married and I had to keep reminding him of that fact, but he kept saying "Oh, my wife knows what I do, and I don't have any secrets from her." What those two do in the privacy of their home is their business, and I don't want any part of it. I am very concerned about "M", the 14 year-old who is involved with him - to what level I don't know. I really don't want to know, but last night something she said made it all very suspicious and the thoughts really sickened me. If there is something going on and she's fully aware of what she's doing, its her business, but she's a kid for hell's sakes. She's not mature enough to be involved with a man - and really she shouldn't even be talking to a male over the age of 16, and really that's too old in my opinion. For those of you who are just "friends" with him, and he's never made improper advances towards you and sincerely is a friend, then that's great. You can make up your own mind about your relationship. If I lose some friends and readers because of this, then that's OK too, its your call. I'm doing what I feel is right.
Had a change of plans last night! I found out my nephew Adam had a basket ball game!!! YAY!! So my Dad and I went - we were late and missed the first quarter but enjoyed the rest of the game. I really enjoy watching my nephews play sports. Adam has shoulder surgery in October and I'm so happy that the surgery and his recovery went well enough that he could start basketball. He played the entire game, which was cool. The team lost, which was disappointing, and the refs were really pissing me off. Some really bad calls - and some things that needed to be called on the other team that were ignored. It was very all onesided. Idiot refs! Anyway, I'm glad I went to see Adam play, see my other nephew Travis, my bro and sis-in-law. I really needed to get out too. I forgot my camera - damnit, but will remember it next week to see if I can get some action shots.

Friday, December 6

I spent the ENTIRE morning and part of the afternoon setting up Christmas decorations in my basement. I was having a really hard time convincing myself to just get it done and over with, but I got to say now that its all done, I'm glad I did it. Its helping me get more into the holiday mood. I'd forgotten just how cute and fun the ceramic decorations I made a few years are. I should really get back into do that, but don't know when I'd find the time. Poor Mom is upstairs putting up her decorations - where she goes bonkers with all sorts of different things. They're beautiful really - she's got a lovely village and a gorgeous tree. It usually takes her about 2 to 3 days to get everything put up... I was going to help her with some of it this afternoon, but I'm just too damn tired from doing my own today! LOL! Maybe I'll help her in the morning set out the village. I'll take pictures once everything is done and lit up. I think I'm going to have an early night - and watch a fun movie while I'm working on yet another doily. LOL! I just finished #9 and have started #10. 3 more to go - if my calculations are correct I'll need 12 in all. That reminds me, I need to sit down and make a list of things I need to get yet. I just feel very unorganized this year - sort of scatter-brained. Usually by the middle of November or no later than Thanksgiving I have everything worked out and most everything already purchased. Not this year. Oh well. This must be my "off" year. On a totally different subject... this made me laugh...
Happy weekend all!

Thursday, December 5

Woohoo, I made it through the day! I got off (work!!) shortly after 12:15 then drove home. I had decided to get some things ready to mail then run them to the post office this afternoon rather than tomorrow. Fridays are a nightmare at the post office anyway, but add a holiday and its horrid. I came home, got the packages all sorted then went to the post office. I stood in line for all of about 30 seconds! It was such a miracle! I mailed two cards (overseas) and two packages. I WILL work on my other cards this weekend... or at least that is my plan. I am just so tired!!! I've got a sore throat so I'm thinking my immune system is attacking my thyroid again, it feels like that kind of a sore throat, not the deathly ill/flu type. I can't wait to get on the clinical trial for the RA - hopefully the medication will keep my total immune system in line. I just hurt all over - so I'm not working out tonight. Bah! I know I should, because I need to keep my joints moving but ya know what? I'm just not gonna tonight. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day, I need to get my cleaning done, then start with the Christmas decorations. OMG did I just say that?! I really am not in the mood, but maybe once I get started it will get easier. I need to get this stuff done this weekend because next weekend is a total shopping weekend. I need some ideas on what to get the Timster (my boss) and the cubemate Greg. I usually give them baked goods, but I'm cutting back on that this year and want to do something different. Maybe I can find a fun desk decoration/gadget or something. Any ideas?? NO, I'm not gonna crawl under their desks and give them a real prezzie! I know you were thinking that, but don't even go there! LOL! My company work party is Saturday night. I got up the nerve to ask one old chatting buddy if he'd like to go with me, but he said he couldn't because his work party was the same night... well, gave it a shot. So, I'm taking my nephew Travis. He's pretty entertaining and a sweetie so we should have fun. He's excited about the prime rib... and I'll try not to take it personally that he was more excited about the prime rib then spending the evening with his Autie Karen Pooh. LOL! I was in the same sentence, just that I came last - after the prime rib. As I left today, I was saying good-bye to Tim and told him I'd see him Saturday night... he asked, "You mean you're actually bringing someone?" *cringe* I laughed and said "Yes, but not the "type" you're thinking... I'm bringing my nephew!" Boy do I feel pathetic or what?! Here my boss was all excited at the prospect of me bringing a "real date". Shit. LOL!!! Why break tradition now - I've worked for the company for almost 8 years and haven't brought a "real date" yet!
THIS cracked me up!!!! This woman is really funny! Not much to say this morning, I feel like shit but am trying to get over it. I'm exhausted and can't wait for this week to be over - which is, by the way at 12:15 for me today. YAY! Have a good day all!
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