Saturday, July 28

Pretty good day all in all. Got up early, cleaned, talked to J (my honey!), worked out, talked to J again, laid out, etc. My nephew T called me and we chatted for quite a while, then he announced he had to go take a sh*t. Thanks for the warning - so glad he wasn't at my house!! Then he called me back and proceeded to tell me how things came out. Oh my G*d! I hate to admit this, but he takes after his Auntie as far as his sick sense of humor... but he OUT DID me on that one! I joke about farts, but I don't like to discuss taking a sh*t with anyone. LOL!
What a HOT day! I was hoping things would start getting cooler by now, looks like its not gonna happen. UGH. If it would get not get over 85 that would be PERFECT.

Friday, July 27

Tell me this - what good is a spell checker when it doesn't work???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So, all in all, it was a good day. Found some sandles, walking shoes, Jockey undies and tank tops (and lots of them!!), etc. Couldn't find any demin shorts (that aren't so short that they crawl up your butt). I wanted some because my friends make fun of my shorts now cuz they're getting big and I look like I have a saggy butt. Trust me on this - the butt is not saggy... big but not saggy. Working on the big part - therefore, my shorts are getting too big. So, I look at the saggy butt as a good thing, but was hoping I'd find some cheap new shorts. Didn't happen.
Went shopping with my friend L today to Park City's outlet mall. Had a great time. The funniest thing happened though - or at least what I THOUGHT I saw was the funniest thing! We were shopping in the Hanes/Legs/Bali store. I was standing in line to purchase an item, while L was a few feet away walking along a wall of white panties. I looked back to see where she'd gotten to, and I see her (or what appears to be) her sniffing some white panties! I did a double take and realized she was wiping her nose with a white handkercheif. Then I started to giggle but muffled it (NOT an easy thing to do for me, but I didn't want to snort and look like a complete idiot) since she was far away. When she came over to stand in line with me, I started to giggle again but had to wait to tell her what was so funny until we got out of the store. An older woman (who wouldn't appreciate me discussing sniffing panties) was standing behind me. LOL!! So, we got outside of the store and told her what I thought I saw. Then we both busted out. Then we laughed about it on the way home too. If you don't think its as funny as we do, I guess its a 'had to be there kind of moment'. Thank goodness L IS NOT a pantie sniffer! I'd have to seriously re-think our friendship ;-) tee hee.

Wednesday, July 25

What a busy day at work!! I'm beat! It was me to the rescue pretty much all morning, putting out fires. I should have become a firewoman.

Tuesday, July 24

There was actually one guy in our building that was the most disgusting human being to ever walk the halls. His name was Ralph - but we called him Chester the Molester (not to his face, of course!) because he looked like the type. It wasn't so much his looks (which by the way were pretty sad) but his attitude. He'd walk down the hall farting away, not hiding it at ALL and it was a daily occurance (no one laughed, but ran the other way!!). He's also talk to himself, at least we think he was talking to himself... never quite sure because he'd wait until you passed to say something and when you answered or said "what?" he'd look at you like you interrupted a conversation! Total sick man. He'd look at all the women like we were lunch or something - totally creepy!! UGH! Anyhoo... he got his a** fired. Thank goodness - now we can walk the halls creep free and best of all, no fart fests!
I was talking to my boss about a project we're working on - and right in the middle of a sentence, he farts! He immediately said "Excuse me!". The AMAZING part was... I held a straight face and pretended I didn't have any idea why he said that. Oh, I was so impressed with myself that I didn't crack up right then and there. Yes, dear readers, farts make me laugh... that is as long as they're coming from my remote controlled fart machine, or like the one today that 'snuck' out. I'm a sick woman, I know.
I'm a rotten Utahn! Today was the blessed Pioneer Day and I didn't celebrate one bit. I even worked! But I wasn't alone - several people worked today... since its considered a 'state' holiday, we don't get paid.

Saturday, July 21

Life today has been kinda tame. Just puttering around doing little projects and getting sun. Nothing exciting! I should talk to my honey in a little while, so things may get exciting then! :-)
Went to see "America's Sweethearts" yesterday with my buddies. I thought it was a great movie - really funny. Recommend it. Then we went to dinner and laughed until my stomach hurt. If the people around us were listening, then they sure got an ear full. One teenage girl kept looking at us like we'd lost our minds. Then one guy kept leaning back a bit, appeared that he was trying to hear. He was out with a couple that were probably his parents and was wanting a bit of lively conversation - who knows! We sure had fun!

Thursday, July 19

Best news of the week - I'm done working for the week! Woohoo! 3-day weekend is here. Tuesday is Pioneer Day here in Utah - state holiday, but no one gets paid for it. Not a lot going on that I want to see, so I might as well work and save my leave for something FUN.
Life seems to be a bit better today. I'm not as exhausted and my spirits are perkier. Guess I was just in a really strange funk. My good friend E has tonsillitis, so here's wishing a speedy recovery!! No fun being ill and I miss talking to her!
Just call me a whirl wind! I got so much dumped on me at work today - and I managed to get all of it done before 12:00 when my boss left for the day. Woohoo! He have me more stuff to do for the afternoon - and most of the next couple of weeks, but let me tell you, I don't mind! After being so incredibly bored last week, this is great. Sick am I? Hmmm... maybe so! I do like to keep busy at work - it makes the time fly by. I'm also learning a new software which is cool. Geek? Hmmm... don't think I'm that good! ;-)

Wednesday, July 18

Driving home today, I studied the other drivers more than I normally do. There are so real dorks out there - its almost scarry to think that more than 80% of these people aren't playing with a full deck! At least that's the impression they leave on me! Can't go the speed limit, can't speed up at a nice rate, don't use their turn signals (like we're supposed to read their minds or something!). Its a wonder that more people don't get killed!
Feeling a bit perkier today. Was busy at work, which made the day fly right on by. One more day... yes, I think I can do it. I do get to leave an hour early tomorrow to go to the dentist, but then again I've got to go in an hour early to make up for it. Nothing like getting my a** out of bed at 3:45 am. I may just say screw it and take an hour leave. I do have lots to do tomorrow though, so I better just go in early. About the trip to the dentist - the hygientist actually... I'm not afraid cuz I've been a good girl and have flossed at least daily and brushed at least 2 times a day. Yes, a fanatic. Having lots of crowns and root canals (due to bad habits and dentist as a child) will turn you into a fanatic! I used to work at my dentist office, so it will be fun to see old co-workers.

Tuesday, July 17

Another boring couple of days - feeling very run down :-(

Sunday, July 15

Life on Sundays is nice. Not much to report, so I won't bore you!

Friday, July 13

The new freeways in Salt Lake are like a concrete jungle! I got on a new entrance today that really wasn't mapped out all that well. Who planned these things - MEN? No common sense, no flow what so ever. You get on and 3 sets of lanes go to 80 and 1 lane goes to 15. As soon as you get on this little road, you have to cross 4 lanes of traffic to get over to 15! Nuts. Not planned well at all. I know that there are cities with bigger concrete jungles and you really have to know what you're doing in order to get around. Yes, I suppose I'm just a small town gal at heart. I'm thankful I don't live in Salt Lake - too much d*mn traffic!
Had a pretty good day today. I had an appt in Salt Lake, so I took my Mom along for the ride and then we went to lunch. Found a good Mexican restaurant that we really enjoyed (cheese enchiladas - YUUUUMMY!). Came back to the home town and ran some errands in the blistering heat. UGH!

Thursday, July 12

I'm going to watch my uncut version of "Road Trip" (at some point this weekend) recommened by P and E - they say its hilarious.
On the lighter side of things, my weekend has now begun! :-) Not that I have such exciting plans or anything, but just being home and able to putter around sounds great to me.
Started out the day in a fragile state - not really knowing why... on the verge of being very ornery. Not feeling like myself at all. After lunch, I started getting a sore throat which increasing got worse. Being that I was so incredibly bored and having nothing to do (feeling guilty that I was wasting the company's money surfing the net, I decided to call it quits 2 hours early. I came home and had some killer salsa (hoping the hot peppers would burn the bad germs away) and then decided to lie down. I thought I'd shut my eyes...and woke up 2 hours later. Yes, I think I'm sick. :-( Hate being sick. Its 90 degrees outside and I'm in here wrapped up in a blanket!

Tuesday, July 10

I'm tired - more tired than usual because I was sooooo bored at work today. I think it takes more energy to find things to do than if I were to just have them to do. I like to keep busy (not overly!). I actually cleaned my cubical today! You should be impressed! ;-)
What is it about human nature that causes one to bring their past relationships into our own relationships? Its so incredibly frustrating to be compared against or judged from someone's past experiences. Experiences that have nothing to do with your own. Sigh. These people are just trying to protect us from hurt - but sometimes they go over board and judge and accuse wrongfully. We have to defend our relationship against their experiences - how f*cked up is that??

Sunday, July 8

I watched the movie "Bounce". It was good, but I was expecting it to be better. I shouldn't really believe what the blurb writers say about the movie on the back of it. Sigh...
Not a lot happening today either. Its been a pretty laid back sort of weekend. I was able to talk to my sweetie a lot, so that's pretty much made my weekend! Am I pathetic?? Hmmmm... maybe less than I used to be, but than again maybe more! Who knows... right now I really don't care!

Saturday, July 7

Not much happening today... I got up early and went to get a hair cut and some blonde highlights put in my hair. Then I came home, watched the movie "Bedazzled" (kinda cute) then took a nice long nap. Its been much cooler here today, cloudy and threatening to rain. Bits of sunshine, but nothing sizzling. Ahhh.... love these lazy days!

Friday, July 6

I'm being a total slug today. I rented some movies and am kicking back for the weekend. So far I've watched "State and Main" (not very good), "Pay it Forward" (excellent!!), "Proof of Life" (excellent!! and Russell Crowe is so yummy), "Bounce" (haven't watched it yet), and "Bedazzled" (haven't watched yet either).

Thursday, July 5

The 4th of July bash yesterday was pretty fun. 20 people in all - all family and relatives. There was so much food, (it wouldn't be a family dinner with out a ton of food! Mom loves to spoil everyone.). Afterwards, 5 people actually helped clean up! It was a miracle, and I enjoyed that miracle. I need to say hello to one of my adoring fans out there CAROL! This blog is dedicated to you! ;-)
Its AMAZING how much work I can get done with the boss away. I can usually find one hour or two to play some pranks and generally stir up some trouble, but not this week! I was a good girl and got all my work done and now I'm so caught up its scary. What shall I do next week? Hmmm... Boss is gone again for the week, so I guess I'll definitely have to find some trouble to get into. Its been ages since I've played any serious pranks. Oh, sure... I've set up my remote controlled fart machine in the new people's cubicals... but nothing brilliant. Not that the fart machine isn't brilliant - whoever invented this marvel is truly a genius. If you don't have one, I suggest you get one. Its a gas, literally! The last guy I set up said "I can't believe a LADY such as yourself WOULD do anything like that." *snicker* LADY?? He sure doesn't know me very well! Yes, I can be very lady like, but when it comes to jokes, I'm no lady!

Wednesday, July 4

A friend was telling me that some people in Las Vegas have created lakes for small communities and mansions. What a total waste of water. Its so wrong to waste water like that when we have to conserve water. You know they've taken water from Utah and California in order to make these lakes! Vegas is in the middle of a desert for h*ll sakes - if they don't want to live in a desert, then they should MOVE! One of the effects that these lakes have on the weather, is making it humid. Where it was very dry heat before, now its sticky hot. Don't mess with Mother Nature - she'll bite you in the a**!
Well, its here. Happy Independence Day America! In a much better mood today despite the rotten nights sleep I got. Too d*mn hot! July has blasted in with heat too quickly (for what I'm used to) this year. Usually its in the mid 90's, but we've reached over 100 for several days now. Its been very dry as well, which is a huge concern for fireworks. There are restrictions all over the valley, but none in my neighborhood :-( Still, I hope people are extra careful. Wouldn't want any fires!

Tuesday, July 3

On to more positive aspects of the 4th of July... I get to sleep in, I get paid for 8 hours and don't have to work for it, and.... hmmm... can't think of anything else right now, but it will come to me eventually. Oh, yes - seeing the family! I don't get to see everyone all that often.
Oh, the preparations for the 4th of July! Food, fun, family, fireworks and festivities, brings another F word to mind. The fun is sort of ruined by the preparation and clean up of the food - unless everyone pitches in to help, but of course that is unheard of. Stupid people setting off fireworks until all hours of the night - both of which brings me to the other f word. Yes, I have to work Thursday morning, so I'm being a party pooper! I'm looking forward to some nice quiet time roasting in the sun before the festivities start. Ahhhh... my solitude. That is if those stupid birds are quiet. There is a nest of some kind of bird - possibly hawks! in a tree in my neighbor's yard. These birds squak constantly as well as the adult birds protecting them. They need to get a clue that no one wants to bother them! The neighbor's dog kept getting attacked and she was minding her own business! One of the birds buzzed my feet while laying outside but that was the only time it bothered me. Oh, my... I think I'm whining, aren't I?? Nah, I wouldn't do that!

Sunday, July 1

Feeling better! But not a lot to say - shocker, I know! So why did I even log on?? I'm not sure I even know the answer to that question! This Blog thing is definitely addicting!
Feel sorta yucky - not a good day.