Sunday, December 30

Uh oh... time to start thinking about those New Year's Resolutions again... so here we go: 1. Continue to try and get a life. 2. Take more chances and break out of the safe little world in which I exist. 3. Go to England! Woohoo! OK, so this is something I've planned for a long time, and finally the year is here! 4. Get those irritating, sick people searching for p**ped panties away from my Blog. The idea is beyond me. The sniffing panties (even though I don't personally practice it) seems to be much more normal. 5. Don't be so hard on myself... believe me, easier said than done. I'm my own worst enemy. 6. Be more charitable all year around, not just the Holiday Season. 7. Blog about more interesting things... which kinda goes hand in hand with getting that life. 8. ....??

Friday, December 28

Best quote about Christmas that I heard all week came from my friend Nancy..."Christmas is like sex with my X... lots of hoopla and build-up then its done before you know it."
Christmas Eve family party was nice. We had 18 bodies ranging from ages 7 to 67 plus 2 babies. Lots of food, even though we toned things down. We ate... then played a fun pass present around game, opened and traded the funny gifts... some held onto their presents as if their life depended on keeping it... the Pepsi and Mountain Dew trucks were the highly coveted items. I ended up with a dream catcher making kit...oooo... can't wait to dig in and make one. ;-) I think I may let my 7 year old niece have it when she's over next. Christmas day was pretty good too. Mom and Dad spoiled me (and everyone!) more than they should have. After opening our gifts, we made the trip out to each of my brother's houses to see their kids. Then home to a nice, quiet house. I put things away and crashed from exhuastion. I worked Wednesday and Thursday... days that I hoped I could play catch up, but it sure didn't turn out that way. I kept really busy and didn't even get bored!! I think Monday will be just as crazy. My boss is really frustrated with our corporate contacts people not doing their jobs in a timely manner so our contract with the gov't isn't in place as of yet! It was supposed to have been done by Dec 21 but it didn't even get started until yesterday. Thanks Judy! Appreciate your timeliness in this matter... sure would like to come into work on Jan 2. I could always go sit in our local office, twiddle my thumbs and charge my time to overhead. Too bad I can't charge the contracts people directly... I cleaned and put all my Christmas decor away this morning :-) Nice to have it around, but nice to have things back to normal. Mom has been working for 2 days putting things away from upstairs. This afternoon I took a short nap and was awaken by the sound of her falling down the last 2 stairs!! She's all right, thank goodness!! I'm sure she's going to be mighty sore tomorrow.

Sunday, December 23

Its been such a lovely day today! Nice, quiet, and soooo relaxing. I even took a 2 hour nap! :-) Love those Sunday afternoon naps. I was just flipping through the digital cable channels and came across the old show "Rudolph's Shiny New Year"! I got all excited... some childhood memory flashes hit me! Right after this show is "Rudolph and Frosty"!! I'm set for the night's entertainment. Hey, you do what you gotta do sometimes. Watching these types of shows seems to bring back the magic of Christmases past. One of my favorite movies to watch this time of year (or anytime of the year really..) is National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. What a riot. Happy Holidays everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 22

Ahhhh... the baking is DONE! All cornpops are divided out into care packages for all my siblings and their families as well as the spicy chex mix. :-) Salsa turned out is a little tamer than I normally make, but has fantastic flavor that I didn't want to mess with. Now comes Monday... the Christmas Eve meal preparations. Mom has declared that we are doing it simple this year. Thank goodness! Its about time... every year that I can remember we've had the entire kitchen counter and a long table filled with food - for around 18 people. We always have a ton of leftovers and it takes longer to divy up the leftovers than it does to clean up the dishes. About 5 years ago, I had Mom sign a document saying that next year she wouldn't over do it.. impossible to hold her to it. One thing led to another and before we knew it, we had the same amount of food as the year before. This year we REALLY are cutting back. We're having honey baked spiral ham (YUMMMY!), homemade rolls, soup (two kinds, Tortilla and cream of potato), frogeye salad, little smokies (simmered in cranberry sauce - sounds strange but is soooo delicous), potato chips and dip, tortilla chips and salsa, pickles and olives. I know she'll stick to it this year because she's bought all the groceries and won't be going out for more. Mom was really my favorite person yesterday... she me made peanut butter fudge... peanut butter is one of my weaknesses and I don't eat any chocolate (except for the white chocolate)! I got to lick the warm fudge from the spatula after she was done spreading it in the pan... pure heaven! I'd like to have the whole pan for myself, but I'll share with the family, 'tis the season after all!

Friday, December 21

Ewww... tomorrow comes the baking! I'm making 9 more batches of cornpops, probably 4 batches of spicy chex mix, and some homemade kick-ass salsa. Hoping I can get it all done in one day!
The blog has really suffered this week. Not one entry! Sunday was a shitty day beyond shitty days, so we won't discuss it because it involves the sister Kathy. Monday was better, but so crazy at work. Seemed like I looked at the clock at it was time for lunch, looked up again and it was time to go home! I love it when the time speeds by like that... Tuesday was much the same. We did have our office Christmas party on Tuesday, and it was a lot of fun. We all brought white elephant gifts... I donated some golfer's toilet paper. We all drew numbers and who ever had #1 started by opening one gift. The person that had #2 could pick a present already open or get another gift... and so on. If someone took your present, then you got to open a new one. I had #36 of 37 so... I pretty much had the pick of the game. I had my eye on a singing reindeer until a pair of massage balls were discovered... I seem to be attracted to pairs of balls of any kind... just special that way. So, I got the balls! #37 got the reindeer and seemed pleased with himself. There was a guy who got a tube of hemmaroid cream... he was so pleased... it was so ironic because this guy is the biggest pain in the ass in the entire office! A few of us got quite a kick out of that! Couldn't bring myself to blog when I got home... didn't even look at the computer! Wednesday was just as crazy at work... came home and was all ready to blog then the power went out! The power was out from Brigham City to Layton... which is about 40-45 miles. Seems that two power stations blew. Took 2 hours to get power back, but soooo nice to have it back. Really makes you appreciate power when you do have it. Mom was right in the middle of wrapping presents when it went out, but the trooper lit a hurricane lamp and went right on wrapping. That's dedication for ya! We had a quarterly meeting with the management yesterday morning and the rest of the day was crazy as hell. Last night, total and complete exhaustion hit, I layed on my bed and didn't move. Got up this morning and cleaned... then went into town and met my good friend Robin for lunch. The last of my Christmas lunches!! I think I've had 8 in the past 2 weeks. Quite a few for someone who doesn't go out to eat much... but it was nice catching up with friends and trading presents. I've got a group of really terrific friends, very fortunate :-) Then after lunch, went grocery shopping and then snuck into the local Hastings (video, CD's, book store) and found a nice little stocking stuffer... the compilation of Pink Floyd, best songs, should be sooo good! I also found some cheap videos, movies I already have taped, but tapes are getting a bit worn.

Saturday, December 15

Something just occured to me... yes, you'd better sit down... I wonder if SOME of my bitching about Kathy is a way to vent my frustrations about my life... hmmmm... could be! Rheumatoid Arthritis isn't easy to deal with and I do need some sort of an outlet for how frustrating day to day life can be. OK, I am willing to admit SOME of it is just my own frustration. Having her here so much does interfere with my rest and relaxation but it doesn't really give me the right to bitch about it all the time. My apologies to my readers. I'll do my best to quit bitching so much... I do have other things in my life to talk about. I must say that this blogging thing is great therapy!
Oh crap... I just hate it when I go to post my Blog and I get an error! GRRRRR!!! I spent the majority of the day baking my goodies for work. I made about 25 dozen cookies (5 different kinds)and 9 batches of my famous Cornpop treats... well, OK its not MY recipe... got it off the package of Corn Pop snacks (not the cereal). They are small morsels of heaven... and have the ability to make one's problems seem to disappear. Easy to make, which makes a lot of my problems disappear. If you want the recipe, just e-mail me! I'm exhausted but happy to have all of this done. I'll have another 9 batches of Cornpops to make and then about 4 batches of Chex Mix, hot and spicy to make next weekend. Kathy has already started to beg for the Chex Mix... maybe I'll tell her I'll make her some if she'd GO HOME. She was gone the majority of the week... while I was at work naturally, but is back again. She stayed the night last night because her husband was having a friend over... now why she can't be home while he has 'friends' over non of us can figure out... but she is still here as of 2:43pm. I'm praying very hard that she'll go home very, very, very soon. But really why should she? She's got Mom and Dad to tend her child and a bed that she can sleep on and not have to get her ass out of it for anything other than going to the bathroom? GRRR! On the brighter side of things, Christmas is fastly approaching and I've got all the prezzies bought, wrapped and delivered :-) One of the biggest things I enjoy about Christmas is seeing someone's joy from a gift that I gave them. My Mom keeps asking me what I want... I started to say "Obsession shower gel and lotion" and she beat me to it by saying "don't tell me Obsession shower gel and lotion." Sheesh! I don't know what else I'd want her to get me... she doesn't do well with picking clothes out for me and she'll be hurt if I say 'give me money' because she likes shopping for gifts. Quite the quandry.

Friday, December 14

Activities for the weekend: Baking, baking and more baking. Going to make cookies and some of my special buttery cornpop treats for people at work for Monday! The family stuff is going to have to wait until next week. Exciting life, I know...
Been a long week... been either too exhausted or too busy to blog! Tuesday my TV went out, so I ventured to Wal-Mart for a new one (Merry Christmas to ME!)... had Xmas lunches everyday this week except for Monday, so I'm feeling quite popular... the festivities will continue on into next week. One really good thing this week, is Kathy has been living at her very own apartment... imagine that... Life is good... until she comes back... don't mind visits, just not extended visits. :-) Its snowing yet again!

Sunday, December 9

Well, the bitch is back... actually she never really left... that's right, Kathy is back. Some lame excuses for having to stay the night... which includes the mornings because she can't drag her ass out of bed until 1pm. So tired of her being here and her crap! UGH!!

Friday, December 7

Well, the shopping is done! I made my list and went to town. I like to get things done early so I can enjoy the holidays, but for some reason this year I've been quite the nervous nelly about getting it done NOW. The only thing left is to get my nieces and nephews the usual gift cards, but I need to wait for my sister Susie to go in halfsies on those... or hey, we may decide to just to cash. Cash is good. Now comes the wrapping of the gifts, most will go in gift bags. Closer to Christmas will come the baking. UGH
Oh, what a scream! Mom came downstairs to put her laundry in the dryer... I was waiting inside my bathroom listening for a scream... all of the sudden, I heard a sort of a gasp/screech as Mom put her hand in the box of Bounce. She felt the spider (gasp) and then she saw it (screech). *snicker* then she called me by my full name! LOL! I love it. I'm still in posession of the little critter because I grabbed it after she set it on the dryer. I'll have to plot my next hiding place for the critter.
The spider war continues. Just after Halloween, Mom put a fake black spider under a pillow on my bed. It did look real, I didn't scream but I did jump. I never said anything to her... I just took the spider and placed it in some fabric pieces that Mom would be sewing soon. I waited all month of November for the pile of pieces to move... she finally got a chance to do some sewing this week. Funny, she never said a thing to me about the spider... then I found it this morning under a towel in the laundry room. The war continues.... I placed the spider in the box of Bounce fabric softener sheets. tee hee In the summer months, we plant rubber snakes around the yard.
Notice the new button on the right. I'm now an official Zee Lister! Much better than an A or B Lister, was never into that anyway. I'm too much of a goof. My sister Susie went to get her hair done yesterday by my old school chum Kass. Kass gave Susie an envelope for me, which contained some thing we'd written in the 9th grade. I opened it and read it, it was a letter/poem to our 9th grade History teacher Mr. Morris. Oh my God! I had tears streaming down my face from laughing so hard!! Mr. Morris was a strange creature indeed. We constantly made jokes about him - a matter of survival. It was either that or never go to class and flunk. Kass was one true friend in my school days - she brought me out of my shy shell and made me like life. We were always up to something, giggling about this or that... drooling over a guy or plotting how to get a guy to notice us. I could tell her anything and she never judged me. I should really get together with her and talk about old times. Last night was Girl's Night (my group of close friends) Christmas party. We had a great time, lots of laughs but we couldn't stay long as the weather was turning bad and we needed to head home. We were also starving because the club kitchen was closed due to remodelling. How rude. Last night was just one great night. I got home, and all evidence of my sister Kathy was GONE. She moved into her new apartment. WOOOHOOO!!! She's up to something though - she called me (on the phone when she was right upstairs!! LOL!!) the other day and told me that the reason she was staying here in the house instead of the motel with her husband, was because Dad loves baby Elyssa so much. She wouldn't want to deprive him of time with her. I about choked to keep from laughing. Then she proceeded to tell me that she was so worried about Mom because she was looking so tired lately... hmmmm.. would that be because Kathy is a lazy ass and Mom has to clean up after her and tend her baby so much??!! Duh! I got the feeling she was making excuses for her behavior... like she was trying to clear her conscience?... why on earth did she tell me these excuses if she didn't have a guilty conscience? Me thinks she's up to something for sure.

Monday, December 3

Note to self (and others who read this): Don't spill your Spaghetti-Os on your keyboard. That's what I get for being pressed for time and being hungry... actually desperate to be eating Spaghetti-Os in the first place. ;-)

Saturday, December 1

The Saturday Wal-mart Experience! I kept asking myself, "who's idea was this to come to Wal-Mart on a Saturday before Christmas?" and I had to keep answering "your's you silly goose!" I was feeling ambitious today and wanted to get some more shopping done. I asked Mom and Dad if they wanted to go to Wal-Mart with me and both of them said yes. Now I knew Mom would, but Dad?? Come to find out, he could either go shopping with Mom and I OR stay home and babysit baby Elyssa. Dad LOVES Elyssa but Kathy and her husband Ellis were trying to pawn her off on someone while they went out for the day. Dad decided it was high time that Kathy and Ellis took responsibility for their child and they could just take Elyssa with them OR wait until he got back from Wal-Mart. They chose to take Elyssa with them. Dad made a comment in the car that "we have a life too and they need to respect that". Miracles never cease. :-) Its good to know that Mom and Dad are FINALLY realizing that Kathy takes advantage of the Grandparent Babysitting Services. Dad really hates shopping, so that shows how much he's getting fed up with the whole Kathy & Ellis situation. Anyway, back to the Wal-Mart shopping experience. We got a pretty good parking place - not in the north forty. But I can tell you that people are so rude! Mom and I were standing waiting for the Welcome Lady to get a shopping cart for us, and 3 people butted right in front of us. Finally I went around one lady and grabbed one myself. What happened to waiting your turn and being polite?? Guess its to be expected around Christmas, being the season and all. People forget what its all about. I'm sure I got cut off at least 20 times trying to get through isles while trying to find things. I'm surprised I didn't come out with bumps and bruises from all the people bumping in to me... next time I may decide to wear protective gear. Not that I was being slow or obnoxious, just trying to shop. Some people use their carts as weapons! 1 hour later, Dad said he'd had enough and was going to sit in the car. It took Mom and I about 30 minutes later to finish what we needed to do, then get through the check out counter. Lesson Learned: Never go to Wal-Mart on a Saturday during the month of December. Although I am happy to have the majority of my shopping DONE, I'll never do that again!
Had a pretty good day yesterday. Got my cleaning done, then took my Mom to lunch then shopping. Mom is becoming my cheese enchilada buddy :-). Dad never eats in a Mexican restaurant (he only likes home-made tacos!) so Mom is happy to go with me, especially if its my treat. I'll never catch up to all the meals she's treated me to though. Shopping was nice, not too crowded and we got the things we intended to - my trunk and the backseat of my car was full. We got home, and here comes my sister Kathy and she just watches Mom and I unload everything... then after my 6th trip downstairs she finally asks, "Oh, did you need some help carrying that stuff downstairs?" Duh! But wouldn't want her to break her streak of not lifting any fingers to help... although I still fight not to lift a finger in her direction. I suppose I shouldn't complain because she and her husband moved out of their apartment Wednesday and Thursday and I couldn't help (one of the good things about having RA is I can't lift much). Kathy and the baby are staying here until Dec 6 (when their new apartment is ready) but her husband is staying in a flea bag motel. Fine with me. Yesterday he called and asked to borrow Mom and Dad's portable heater and an extra blanket because he was freezing. Everyone got quite a chuckle over that. After shopping and unloading the car, I settled in for a nice quiet night. I watched 5 episodes of my soap opera "Days of Our Lives" in 2.5 hours. I forwarded through the story lines that I'm not really into - like all the teen romances. I'm getting sick of the teeny boppers taking over the majority of the show these days while the grown ups are in the background. I want to see more of John and Bo... oh and let's not forget the new Brady cousin Colin who is very nice. There's a big story on the horizon... I wish they'd just get to it and let the teenagers grow up!

Friday, November 30

Yesterday, this area of Utah got dumped on with a huge snow storm. It didn't quit snowing all day and well into the night. When I left the house at 4:30am there was already about 4 inches and the further South I got, there was about 6 inches. Hill AFB and Salt Lake always seem to get more snow and rain due to the "Lake Effect" from the Great Salt Lake. Driving to work was nerve racking, but I made it and really glad I got there when I did because the people coming in after me had worse conditions. I finally left work about 11:00am because I had a strong feeling that if I didn't go home then, I wouldn't make it home. Maybe it was just nerves, but I've learned not to ignore those 'feelings' because they usually are right on. Anyway, I got home safe and sound. The freeway wasn't bad but the side roads were a mess. I got home and stayed here. I decided to get part of my cleaning done and get the Christmas decorations up. Nice snowy day for such an activity... I could think of something 'better' to do, but that sexy man J is too far away! So, I got all my decorations up and they've got me more in the Christmas mood. I do really enjoy the holidays, if I can get the majority if my shopping done before hand so I'm not stressing out. I have done quite a bit so far. My Mom usually depends on me to help her get things ready for our big Christmas Eve family party so I'll get my stuff done well in advance. Last night after I turned my lights out, I could see a warm glow coming from my window well. I knew Dad had turned the Christmas lights on. So, I put my sweats on and went outside to see the beautiful lights in the snow. It was sooo beautiful. One of my favorite things about Christmas are the lights! Todays plans are getting the rest of my cleaning done, then to run some errands... if I can get out of my neighborhood that is. Its still snowing in the mountains, but can't tell if its snowing down in the valley yet - too dark yet. I can't remember having a storm like this in years, especially in November!! Where ever the storm is headed next, people beware.

Monday, November 26

I'm home sick today and bored out of my mind. Couldn't stay in bed for one more minute. I've got a sore throat, nothing that's killing me or anything, but I thought it best to stay home. Only a slight fever and don't feel like complete shit so I'm sure its not strep, although I have those cute little white spots. I can feel my glands snap and rub every time I swallow. I'm drinking lots of hot Tang and its soothing my throat. I may get some hot lemonade later. Old family remedies that work well. I wish I could have a shot of whiskey but can't do that cuz of my RA meds. Bummer... I could really start feeling great. ;-) Dad always says "You've got to sweat it out!" Which is really true I think, because once you really get sweating, your fever usually breaks and it helps get all the poisons out of your system. My cat is keeping me company - she's such a loyal companion. Especially when I'm sick, she's extra cudley. She even tries to follow me into the bathroom, which she does from time to time, but not like this. I leaver her on my bed thinking she's totally zonked and next thing I know, she's scratching and meowing at the bathroom door.

Sunday, November 25

The weatherman finally made a correct prediction about snow... so far we've gotten about 2 inches and the storm doesn't look like its done with us. The mountains look like they're getting dumped on. Winter is finally here, although it didn't even feel like we had much of a fall since its been so warm and dry. The colors were beautiful but not quite as brilliant as they usually are... but still doesn't compare to back east from what I hear and the pictures I've seen. I just noticed that my post from last night has disappeared! I don't remember what I wrote, but know I DID write something.

Friday, November 23

Thanksgiving was pretty good. Mom and I prepared most of the meal together, then my sister S came over about an hour before to help finish things. Sister K sat on her ass the entire day, didn't lift one finger. I would have liked to lift a finger in her direction when she announced to everyone that she helped out by 'staying out of the way'. But I remained calm and just started clearing the table. Her husband E didn't join us for dinner, I suppose he wanted to stay in their dreary apartment and enjoy the solitude. I told K that we all would enjoy some solitude around here, but I don't think she caught my meaning. She kept trying to stir up trouble all day long, whispering little jabs about someone in the family in who ever's ear was close (except Mom and Dad's, of course). The rest of the family came over in the early evening for pie. They all stayed for a couple of hours and visited, which was nice, but I was soooooooo happy when everyone left. Don't get me wrong, I love my family just not all at once in a small space. My niece H was being her typical self... come to think of it, she and K have a lot in common in trying to stir up trouble. She's 12 going on 20. UGH. Today I didn't go shopping!! So not in the mood. I did work on my shopping... it kept getting longer and longer... it started to depress me so I stopped. I do have the majority of the Christmas shopping done, I have picked things up all year long. I'll have quite a bit of baking to do, but that will have to wait until closer to Christmas. I could start making cookies and freezing them, but I don't trust K not to eat them while she's living here. I'll have to wait until Dec 6 to start. Yes, I am soooo looking forward to that day! More than Christmas itself at this point!!!!

Thursday, November 22

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!

Wednesday, November 21

My Mom told me that she was planning a trip to Salt Lake on Friday to visit with my Aunt J that is there from California (who is staying with my cousin). She said she'd like my sister K, baby E and myself to go along... hmmmm... lemme think... I don't get along with this Aunt very well, she's always telling me 'what I need to be doing' and she and K are sooooo much alike (that explains a lot of the apprehension right there) so they get along famously. If I went, I'd be miserable but... if I stayed home, then for sure K would be completely out of the house. Hmmm... what shall I do?! I know!! I'll stay home!! What a fab idea!! Well, Thanksgiving is almost upon us. I got home from work early this morning, and got a few things done. I even managed to get a nappy in! Ahhh... nice afternoon. I think I slept for about 2 hours! Tomorrow Mom and I will have the last minute things to do. I'll have to finish my frog eye salad, yes the name sounds digusting but its quite good. Its made with pasta (tiny penne (sp??) pasta) that has to sit in a pineapple juice, egg and sugar mixture over night. Tomorrow I'll add pineapple, mandarin oranges, marshmallows and whipped cream. We'll do the turkey breast, potatoes, gravy, relish tray and warm up the banana squash, yams, and stuffing. Voila! Dinner will be served. My sister S is bringing the ham. Oh, the ham! She bought a honey glazed spiral ham. Pure heaven. I get the fun of setting the table. I always enjoy it, really I do. We'll use my Mom's beautiful red dishes (that will be MINE when she passes on) and gold flatware. I don't go to the extreme of making turkeys out of napkins though... that's where I draw the line. ;-) There will be plenty of turkeys at the table already.

Tuesday, November 20

Picked up the new Creed CD today at lunch, then listened to it most of the afternoon. I must say that I like it, like it a lot. It bothered my cube mate so its definitely a hot CD! The single My Sacrafice is such a great song. OOO! 4.25 hours left to the work week.. ahhhh!! The first "Official" shopping day for Christmas starts on Friday. Do I want to get up and fight the crowds? Hmmm... no, I think not. As E reminded me I said the same thing last year and went out shopping. I didn't go 'early' so the crowds weren't horrid and picked up a few good deals. So lets say that I'm not planning on going out this year, BUT can change my mind. Mom may drag me out or sister K will DRIVE me out of the house. Shopping would be the lesser of the two evils there. She is being better and leaving me alone this week... I think she had a 'talking' to about keeping her butt upstairs.

Sunday, November 18

Mom is feeling lost. We got the news that the two brothers and their families won't be joining us for dinner on Thanksgiving. One brother, due to his wife's brother passing away recently and her mother needing her there. The other brother, because of his little shit son T who has to go to his other grandparent's house because the next 2 Thanksgivings since he'll be on a mission. BFD. You see, we're the 'unfavorite' side of this brother's family... which is OK with me considering what an ungrateful little shit T is - I'll be able to enjoy the day much more without him. Ah well... there will still be 6 people for dinner and everyone else will be coming for pie! Mom was feeling really sorry for herself when she said "Well, maybe I won't even make pie." That shows you the extent of her hurt and dismay. But I think she'll get over it and will be making too many pies as usual. Not having so many guests for dinner is a huge relief for me - since I'm the #2 cook. We'll make just enough for ourselves and then to have lots of leftovers. Its tradition. :-) Tuesday is Pie Day at work. I'll be making a cherry cheesecake pie. Yummy!
Finally saw Shrek! It was sooo funny - loved it. Highly recommend it.
Having a pretty relaxing weekend despite the fact that my sister and her baby are back staying upstairs... they were gone for 2 days. Despite the excuse that K is scared (totally paranoid) that her land lady will do physical harm to her or the baby, now they are here because the baby picked up a virus and the doctor told K not to take her home to a damp basement apartment. Which could possibly be true since the virus is causing little E to have raspy breathing. Oh well... they have been quiet so far. I've just stayed down here and not let them bother me. I'm putting some foam rubber in the heat vents to block out more of the noise coming from upstairs. I've got the heat vents covered with cardboard anyway since it gets too hot down here in the winter. I'd rather have it a bit chilly then dive into a nice warm snuggly bed with lots and lots of blankets. Still no *major* RA flare ups - woohoo!! I'm still achy as hell in the mornings and my hands and feet hurt throughout the day, but not bad enough to take pain pills. Relaxing and stretching seem to be helping keep it under control. I've also discovered wrapping my hand when the knuckles are swollen helps a lot too - to keep it slightly immobile. This week will be Week #6 with the new medication - 2 - 6 more to go before we know if its working or not as far as modifying the disease to prevent joint damage. I actually won't know for certain until Jan 2 when I go see my Rheumatologist. My company dumped my current health insurance for 2002. At first I was really freaking out - wondering how it would effect the doctors I see, etc. I'm hoping that things will work out OK. Pre-existing conditions don't play as a factor which I'm grateful for.

Friday, November 16

I went to see the movie "Shallow Hal" today. The story line was good, I think but a lot of the exaggeration about "fat" people was bad. They had one chair break and one booth in a restaurant fall apart when the "fat" girl was sitting in them. Like that ever happens. They also had her eating all the time. I saw the making of the movie on a HBO special one night and they made this movie sound very sympathetic and realistic towards heavy or "not so good looking" people and how the world treats them. This movie really didn't. It wasn't sympathetic at all, if anything it made fun of them. The part I did like about the movie is how the inner beauty of the people was showed. I don't think I'll see this movie again. All in all it was a good day though. L and I (and her niece came along) went to lunch and had a chance to do a bit of shopping. I went into one of my favorite stores, Bath & Body Works to get some of my favorite Tranquil Sleep body mousse and lotion. Much to my surprise and dismay, their whole line of aromatherapies changed. They now have Vanilla and Lavender Sleep products, which are basically the same as Tranquil Sleep, but the smell isn't quite the same. I'm bummed. I still bought some and hope I'll learn to love it just as much as their old stuff. I wish they'd just leave some products the same!! Why fix something when its not broke, as they say?!

Thursday, November 15

I'm much calmer tonight about the whole K thing. She was actually gone today - off celebrating her husban'd b-day so things are nice and quiet. YAY! But, she'll be back tomorrow. The whole thing with her staying here is she's scared of her land lady. She's being totally paranoid but there's nothing I can do. My parents told me tonight that they're tired of her being here so much too, but she's their daughter and they want to help her. So, I'll just stay down here in my safe haven and try and ignore the fact that she's here. If I can just hang on until Dec 6 then I'll have it made. I'm looking forward to tomorrow. I'm going out to lunch and a movie with my friend L. We haven't been out to play for ages and this will be nice and relaxing I think - just what I need right now, a day out to play. :-) I stopped off to get my brother-in-law a gift card from the local video/music store and found a couple of CDs for me - to make myself feel better I suppose! I bought the Default CD Fallout (they sing "Wasting My Time") and all their songs are produced by Nickelback so the CD should be good. I also bought an old Cult CD Sonic Temple with "FireWoman" and "Sweet Soul Sister" on it. Have to give them a listen while I'm cleaning tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, November 14

I need to rant and rave a bit about my favorite sister K. She is so bugging the shit out of me I can just scream. She's taking such advantage of my parents and their good hearts. She and her husband moved out (after living here for 9 months), K had her baby and they were out this house for about 2-3 weeks. All of the sudden, they start having problems with their land lady - or one thing or another so K and the baby start staying here at night (while her husband works graveyards) and pretty much here all day too. (Note: I live in the basement of my parent's home - pathetic I know, but I pay rent and help out around the house, etc and I'm poor) The Baby waking up all hours of the night, crying, you know, the usual baby things. But of course, K is sooo tired so Mom and Dad get up with the baby. Free babysitters 24 x 7. Tonight I get home, and was fixing myself something to eat - some leftovers. She came into the kitchen and this is how the conversation went: K: Oh, what's for dinner? Are you fixing that for me? Me: No - this is for me. K: I wish you would make some sloppy joes, I'm really craving them! Me: You can cook (thinking "What the F*CK are you telling me this for? I've been at work for 11 hrs and the last thing I want to do is cook something for YOU who's been sitting on her ass all day long!!"). K: Oh, but you're such a good cook and I don't remember how to make them. Me: I tell her how to make them. (thinking "What a snow job" but it is true! I'm a much better cook than she is because I do know how to cook and she's too lazy to). I leave and come downstairs to my safe haven. No sooner than I sit down here at my computer does she come downstairs to get into the food storage room. She starts asking me "Is this all you guys have is this and that..." I couldn't bring myself to answer. She was making fun of the variety of macaroni that Mom has in there. I so wanted to say "Excuse me, but you are eating HER food - what the hell are you complaining about?" Free room and board and she has the nerve to bitch?! I thought I just better keep my mouth shut or it would mean World War III. She's got a wicked temper and if I did say anything, she'd play the "MOM!! Karen just said..." shit and make me out to be the bad guy. No thanks. She also told me that they're moving out of their apartment on Nov 30 but can't move into their new apartment until Dec 6. Guess what that means? UGH. They'll all be living here! SCREAM!!!!!. Xanax is going to be my friend that week!! I hope I don't suffer any permanent damage or don't injur one of them. Gotta keep my stress under control. GRRR! Mom and Dad are so sympathetic toward K and she is really taking advantage of them in all sorts of ways. They're not helping her, they're enabling her. She needs to get off her ass and get a job now that the baby is over 2 months old. She always comes up with some excuse.

Monday, November 12

MUCH happier today. Had to work, but that's OK. I got a lot done and stayed pretty busy. I got a call from a friend who did have the day off, and we went to lunch to my favorite Mexican restaurant. Cha, cha, cha. LOVE those cheese enchiladas. :-) Had the best day in a long time as far as my Rheumatoid Arthritis. I'm enjoying every minute! Ahhhh!

Sunday, November 11

I'm grouchy, therefore, I will not blog! Trust me, you'll thank me.

Saturday, November 10

Watched the movie Cats and Dogs. Cute movie and pretty funny. I didn't like the way the cats were portrayed as the 'evil' ones though. The discussions of Thanksgiving Dinner are starting. What are we going to do, where are we going to have it, what are we going to eat, etc. Every-other year we have dinner at my brother's house and that was last year... so, hello people! Its the year for the parent's house. Not a hard decision. As for what we're having? The usual?? Turkey and stuffing, ham, potatoes and gravy, yams (yuck), veggies, salads, homemade rolls and pies, plenty of pickles, olives, etc. Don't get me wrong, I like Thanksgiving. We always have WAY too much food and all that preparation for a dinner that is over in a matter of 45 minutes. After dinner the usual tradition of everyone getting up from the table, claiming pure misery and disappearing to the basement or some other corner of the house, leaving my Mom, sister S, sis-in-law P and I to clean up. As soon as we get everything cleaned up, the others mysteriously start re-appearing as quickly as they disappeared earlier, and hungry for pie. Its almost like they have radar. This will be the first year in probably 15 years that all siblings will be under the same roof for Thanksgiving and Christmas. My sister K has been out of the state for years and didn't ever come home for the holidays. I think Mom and Dad are really excited about everyone being home. With Thanksgiving comes the ceremonial house cleaning with my Mom. Which includes cleaning carpets. I usually am the one to clean them for her, but it looks like this year is out because of the RA. I don't want to see Mom clean the carpets though, its too hard on her too, as well as Dad. But if I know Mom, she won't be satisfied unless the carpets are clean.

Friday, November 9

All right, Gaekwad we need to talk! What's the deal with quitting your blog?? I'm so bummed!!!
I had a cleaning frenzy this morning. Since I haven't been able to clean *really* good the past few weeks, I went nuts today. It was driving me nuts... it feels so good to have it done, such a feeling of accomplishment! But I'm paying for it tonight. I'm sore as hell... but relaxing and will behave the rest of the night. Its been 7 whole days without a major RA flare up. YAY!! :-) Although some of my joints are swelling, they're not painful enough to take a pain pill - hate the way my mind goes fuzzy with them ... yes, fuzzier than normal, and that IS possible. Even though I haven't had any major flare ups this week, I've still been a bitch from hell at times - achy and soooooo tired/exhausted. Also frustrated that my body is doing things its not supposed to and not cooperating with my mind. You know its bad when I can't stand being around myself. Fortunately I've got great friends and family that put up with me. I rented some movies - which seems to be the only way to keep myself entertained these days on the weekends. Blockbuster loves me. Bridget Jones Diary: so funny! Saw it in the theatre and loved it so had to see it again... I shall have to buy it... Angle Eyes: very good movie, I really enjoyed it. More of a love story than I got the impression of from the previews, but that was OK. Bit of a tear jerker, but ended good. So E, if it comes out in the UK, rent it! Legally Blonde: cute movie. Wasn't a laugh-a-thon but funny. Shows that blondes can be brilliant - I liked that! Cats and Dogs: haven't watched it yet... review to follow...

Thursday, November 8

Yesterday at work, all access to the internet as well as outside e-mail was knocked out for over 5 hours by an auto accident that occured off the base. Sure makes it easy for someone to purposefully sabatoge the communications. Major security breach in my opinion! Not a good idea to have a single point of failure, but this is how the AF wants it. The communications sector wants total and complete control. So when something like this happens, not just one building goes down, but ALL buildings go down.

Wednesday, November 7

Ever had one of those days when the piddliest thing can set you off? Well, having one of those days. I came sooooo close to telling several people where they could shove it today. I kept silent, finished work, drove home and now I'm going to lock myself away from the world for the night. I HATE being this grouchy! I'm exhausted, so that's probably all it is. To bed I go!

Saturday, November 3

I heard about this website RA-Access for Rheumatoid Arthritis on TV. Not much information on the website itself, but you can request more information and newsletters - its free!
In the past two days, 12 different searches on both Yahoo and Google have brought people to my blog for the term "pooped panties"!! Who the hell is looking for this type of shit (no pun intended)?? I thought MY life was pathetic... ;-) So if you're one of these people MOVE ON no pooped panties here... NOT sorry to disappoint you.

Friday, November 2

Ho, hum... busy couple of days. I worked most of the day today to make up for being sick on Monday. Really cuts into my weekend. I've got all my errands done though, so all I have to do is get my ass out of bed tomorrow and do my cleaning. My Dad vacuumed for me... which was very sweet. I think he has no clue *how* to vacuum anything other than the middle of the floor. He didn't even go around my cat's litter boxes, can't even tell he did anything. So tomorrow of course I'll have to do it. I sound like I'm ungrateful... I'm not really! I suppose I'm one of those people that if I want something done right I must do it myself! My cat is quite messy and tracks the litter and dumps it out the sides, no matter how many times I've asked her to be careful! and despite the neat little walking boards that I purchased at Petsmart. Sigh. Work was nice and quiet today. I caught up on lots of little things. I was so excited to hear that neither my boss or my cube mate were coming in due to meetings. Then all of the sudden, the cube mate walks in! UGH!! He changed his mind and decided to come in to the office before his meetings. Crap. So he was there for 2 hours then left... not too bad I suppose. He'll be gone most of the week of Nov 12 - YIPPEEE! I don't mind my boss being there actually, he's pretty cool and is a different cubical so he's not always breathing down my neck. Ahhh... so glad its the weekend!! :-)

Wednesday, October 31

I decided (with much prodding of my friends) to dress up for Halloween at work today. I pulled out an old costume that was both easy and comfy. You could say I was a 'horny' girl. I was a unicorn! Didn't win any contests, but by the end of the day I wasn't throwing things off like mad like everyone else getting tired of their costumes. It was a pretty fun day, although I didn't play as much as I usually do on days like this. I just had too much to do and didn't feel up to being a party animal. Maybe next year I'll be better...

Sunday, October 28

I've shocked a family of church-goers. While outside washing my car (for probably the last time by hand this year!) and enjoying the beautiful fall weather. This green mini-van drives by and suddenly slows down while approaching my house. I look up and there are two parents and several children peeping at me through the windows. Their faces almost plastered against the windows. Was I naked? No... just washing my car! Is this a crime? No... don't think so. I started cracking up at the sight of these people... my next door neighbor also happened to be washing his truck and noticed the scene and I heard him start to chuckle. We looked at each other and shrugged our shoulders. I'm a sinner, I know... but I do enjoy to wash my car on Sunday mornings. I also have enjoyed the occasional dirty look from other church-goers, but nothing like this - ever. Woohoo! Success!
I really HATE the time change to end Day Light Savings time. I wish they'd just leave well enough alone. It would be nice to have some light in the evening after work rather have that than in the morning. Grumble, grumble. I'm having a dilema over what to dress up as for Halloween for work. I don't want to go to a lot of trouble, but want it to be fun. Just don't seem to have the energy this year. L and I were thinking of being angels but that idea fizzeled out. It was a great idea, total opposites of what we are! She's decided to be a spider lady which will be cool, she found a costume. I was then thinking of being an old woman cuz that's what I feel like lately... but then its too much trouble to LOOK like one (I've got the walk down though). I may just end up wearing a Halloween sweatshirt and black jeans. Then I'd have to go OUT and FIND a Halloween sweatshirt... I'm pitiful. At least my cubical is well decorated!!! Although the security people put the cabosh on my decorative cool spider web lights! They're hung up, just can't turn them on. Just not the same... Yes, thank you, I'd like some cheese with my whine...

Saturday, October 27

The movies are NOT keeping me entertained... I'm beginning to wonder about thinking about what trouble I can get into. Too much nervous and ummm... naughty energy in my body that needs an escape! Will have to work on that... My cubical at work is full of fake cobby/spider webs. These webs are everywhere! I wore a lacey dress the other day and the web started to stick to my dress. They looked like they were coming out from under the hem of my dress... my friend L and I looked at each other and started to giggle. We both had the same idea that the cobwebs were actually starting to come from ME. Yes, it has been a loooong time and the cobwebs need to be cleared. The next day she came up to me and told me she and another friend were going to buy me a pair of cobweb covered panties... What characters they are... like I need any! I got a good laugh out of it... and face it, I would have gotten them the panties and just not thought about it, if the situation were reversed. ;-)
OK, so yesterday I was in the most pain I think I've ever been in... or at least the worst Rheumatoid Arthritis pain I've been in. I woke up about midnight in a cold sweat and in such pain I could hardly breath. Both my shoulders flared - and my right wrist. Trying to get out of my water bed was fun... managed to finally get out and find my pain medication. I took two and it barely numbed the pain... UGH. Not fun. By yesterday afternoon I was feeling much better. Today is a totally better day. I got yelled at for vacuuming... so promised not to do that for the rest of the day... easy promise ;-) I went to Blockbuster and rented some movies... so now I have to behave... well, as OK, much as I can behave...

Thursday, October 25

AH! Weekend is here. :-D I got a letter from my 21 yr old nephew T-RAV today. I read it and by the time I was done with the first page, I was crying. This young man - who is pretty much like a son to me told me how much I have meant to him and how much he admires me. Thanked me for all I've done for him, etc., etc., Oh, here I go again... getting all misty eyed just thinking about it. We've always had a special relationship but it warms my heart to know just how much he's learned from me... when I think I've done most of the learning from him. Before he came along into our family... first granchild... The siblings or parents hardly ever showed a lot of affection towards each other. We knew we loved each other and were loved, but never said it or showed it. I think the first time T ever said "wuv you Kurn" in that cute little voice, my life was changed forever. It changed the majority of my family as well. Kinda cool!

Wednesday, October 24

Thanks, E for the link!!! Great story about the police in Thailand having to modify their groin protectors due to some groin grabbing! LOL!! If the policemen are cute and single, I'd like to give that a go!!! They better get some butt protectors too... ;-) *snicker*
Call me the financial ass kicker. I FINALLY got things straightened out. Good thing cuz I was getting really frustrated. My boss, the Timster, told me that I could keep my job for another day! Woohoo!! I actually got quite a bit accomplished today which was nice. One more day to the weekend - WOOHOO! If my calculations are correct, I'll have my 40 hours in by 1pm tomorrow!! Ohhh yeahhhhh! Benefits of being an 'hourly' employee. And maybe I'll be ambitious and get all my errands and cleaning done so I can kick back and rest (and hopefully feel good enough to play a bit!) the rest of the weekend. Sister K went home... but is coming back. There is apparently a carbon-monoxide leak in her apartment... hope the gas company gets it fixed FAST. But as long as she stays upstairs, I'll be down here in my safe little haven. No one can bother me in this safe little haven... ;-) I'm pathetic...

Tuesday, October 23

A couple of interesting referrals from search engines: *Fart sniffing girls. Are there any out there??? Hmmm... probably must be somewhere... not here though, sorry. *Balls and pheromones. Do the pheromones come from the balls and/or somewhere else?? Anyone know the answer?? I'm curious now...
Two words for my sister K: GO HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's been staying here for yet another day... this makes 8 out of the past 9 days. GO HOME, GO HOME, GO HOME!!!!
UGH, what a day... just as I was THINKING I'd solved all the financial quandries, I found another area where I'm off. Sigh... I'm getting tired of this shit. All the construction cones are FINALLY gone!! Woohoo! Road construction is done for the winter. 3 lanes were open on the freeway, I almost didn't know how to act getting home in 25 minutes vs 40! Is it really only Tuesday???

Monday, October 22

Today was quite an adventure... about 6:30 am we were evacuated from our building, no one knew why - just that we were to leave. The meeting point was in the parking lot across the street - which is next to a cafeteria/restaurant. Unfortunately the restaurant filled to its maximum capacity within minutes... not like I'd really want to be in there since I HATE crowded places. I'd type the phobia, but I can't think how to spell it right now, brain dead! My jacket was in my car - great place for it, huh? The parking lot was blocked off so I couldn't go get my coat. So, I stood in the nice fresh, crisp air. Not really too bad, wasn't shivering... just had goose bumps and I'm sure my headlights were on FULL beam if ya know what I mean... There were a couple of gentleman who offered me their coats (nice to know there are still some gentleman out there) but I declined thinking we'd go back in the building any minute... well, almost 2.5 hours later we were let back in. Feet were frozen but quickly thawed. The time went very quickly really, caught up with friends about their weekends and chatted with people I don't see very often. Got to admire the one really cute guy (in my opinion) in the building - and his ass. Enjoyed that very much ;-) I want to ask if he's packing heat in his pants but I keep my self control. tee hee I have one rule I stick to: don't date anyone from work. Found out this afternoon what all the hub-bub was about. There was a guy who was working over time and suddenly took very ill - and they suspected Anthrax. Hmmmm... doesn't Anthrax symptoms take days to surface?? But I'm glad they weren't taking any chances.

Sunday, October 21

Colin in Boston requested a story of how I got the nickname Toad. Its really not an exctiting story but kinda funny if you know me. So, here it goes: I had a dream one night that I was a female mud wrestler, which included having the great body that fits in the bikini and looks damn good (yes, it REALLY was a dream!!). My stage name was Little Toad... when it came time for the wrestling match, there were men everywhere crowded around the ring cheering, drunk, etc. The usual scene in a bar like that. A male volunteer came into the ring wanting to roll around with two women in the mud. In the end, we whipped his ass (details are a bit sketchy so I can't elaborate). He was NOT begging for more... I made the mistake of telling my sister and a friend about it, so they started calling me Toad. But I think the meaning has sort of changed a bit over the years... It could be that people think I'm a horny little toad... hmmm... could be... My dream of a personalized license plate would read HRNYTOAD.
Sunday activities: Laundry, lounging, Sunday dinner with parents, aunt and probably my sister K and baby who have been a permanent fixture here for 5 days. Enough already... GO HOME! She figures she's got free babysitters and its starting to annoy me, as much as I love little E, I need my rest and can't be looking after her or hearing her cry. My nerves just can't take it these days. She doesn't cry much, only when you change her, bathe her, and when she's hungry. Its starting to grate on my nerves. Just seeing people in general really! ;-) I'm going to my sister-in-law P's brother's viewing tonight, (he passed away last week) with my other sis S. The drive through Sardine canyon this time of year is soooooo beautiful! All the fall colors in full sight. I'm still trying to decide whether or not I'm going to the funeral tomorrow... so I better go tonight so I can pay my respects at least once. Haven't gone anywhere with S in quite a while, so I think it will be nice to get away from everyone else. I love my family dearly, don't get me wrong... but I need my solitude for at least one day... but that's not gonna happen this weekend so I might as well get used to it. I a bitch or what?? Sure feel like one, or maybe that's just my guilt talking.

Saturday, October 20

All righty P, getting my thoughts together here, as per your orders! ;-) My thoughts are quite muddled at the moment... just finished having dinner with 18 relatives - aunts, uncle, cousins and brothers, sisters, nieces, etc. What a house full. Quite a huggy bunch too, which isn't good when my shoulder hurts like hell. Doesn't do any good to pin a note to my shoulder that says "do not touch" they still gave me a full hug, even as much as I tried the half hug. One cousin gave my upper arm a squeeze and I had to bite my lip from screaming... made my eyes water and had to take a pain pill. I know she'd feel like shit if she knew, so we won't tell her... good thing she doesn't know about my blog. So glad to be down here in my nice, quiet haven. Just me and my pussy cat hanging out, watching Ally McBeal reruns and waiting for J to come online. Check out Gaekwad's pic. I voted a 10, so he should be nice to me... and thanks to E for the link too. He's gotten quite a few 10's and is quite proud... and I'm proud to know him. :-)

Friday, October 19

Oh yeah baby! Nickelback CD Sliver Side Up! Found it, bought it, listening to it. Great CD so far... but I haven't been able to get past song #2 "How You Remind Me" yet... gotta keep backing up! I also pre-ordered Creed's new CD, coming out on Nov 20 - can't wait!!! Had a pretty good shopping trip with Mom and Aunt LJ. I'm exhausted, but it was relatively painless. They usually shop for HOURS on end, but seems that as they're getting older, shorter trips are in order. I may go shopping with them more often. We also went for Mexican food... tummy is HAPPY.
Ahhh... Fridays... love Fridays... no work for 3 whole days. :-D I'm actually feeling well enough today to get some things done! YAY! My Aunt is coming for the weekend, and she has a list of things she wants to do. One of them is to go eat Mexican food. I'm IN! I'll take her and my Mom to my fav Mexican restaurant... Mmmmm... Cha, cha, cha. I was there yesterday and had the delicious cheese enchiladas... I'm thinking I can do a repeat today. Then a bit of shopping. There is one CD that I MUST have. Nickleback's new one with "How You Remind Me" on it. Can't wait for Creed's new CD to come out too, MUST have that one!! LOVE CREED!

Wednesday, October 17

My sister-in-law's brother passed away last night from a long, tormenting illness. So sad, but at least he's not suffering any more. Things happen in 3's. Another gentleman (that I knew growing up and his wife and my Mom are great friends), also passed away from cancer. So, there's the 3. All within a week. The first one was my old boss Dr. C. Strange but true.
I have a weakness for peanut butter... one of those things I just HAVE to have... I discovered some Fiddle Faddle Popcorn with Skippy Peanut Butter... MMMM! Could hardly wait to get out of the store to try it. Yes, I did get back to work before I tried it, I'm proud of myself. I could have opened the box right there in the store and try it, but decided I wasn't THAT desperate. It was pretty good actually, but I was hoping for more peanut butter and less sweet. My friend Sandi found something at the local military BX - popcorn with white chocolate (another one of my weaknesses). She bought me a package and it was pure heaven. Better than the peanut butter, but not quite as good as sex. At least I'm thinking sex is still pretty great, been so long I'm having trouble remembering it... but that's another story.

Tuesday, October 16

Holy shit - the brother-in-law just dropped by and was so cheerful, he actually KISSED me on the cheek (face)! Good thing I was sitting down or else my knees would have buckled.
Feeling more like myself today... I finished decorating my cubical for Halloween (yes, already!) by putting the cobwebs all over. The webs came complete with cute little black spiders so I planted them on 3 lady's keyboards. 2 out of the 3 jumped. I got my jumping spider out and set it by the candy jar. It has a long tube where you pump air into the spider and it jumps. I got a man reaching for some candy, he about jumped out of his skin. It was great. I have these cool spider webs that light up, but was told they're 'illegal' to have in the building, fire code. I'm so bummed! I put them up anyway and just not plugging them in. If they have a tizzy, they can bite me. They can't catch on fire without electricity! It was an absolute gorgeous fall day today! I totally spaced Boss' Day today, so L and I snuck out and went to the store "All-A-Dollar" and went wild. Bought our bosses balloons and candy. The Timster (my boss) was quite excited. I love making people's days like that!
Turns out the guy from Price, UT was making the whole story up about the envelope containing Anthrax. How desperate (AND STUPID) does one have to be to go to such lengths for attention and to scare people?? I hope they nail his sorry ass to the wall for that.

Monday, October 15

What is this world coming to?? Idiots everywhere. The Anthrax scare is horrible - and if everyone doesn't be careful, we can all end up in trouble. One example, a man in Price, Utah (some po-dunk little town) receives an envelope today filled with white powder. What's the first thing he does?? He goes and shows all his neighbors what he got in the mail. He exposed himself as well as countless others to possible anthrax. HELLO?! Shouldn't we call the police?? Hmmmm... would be my first instinct. There was a man who stole a single-engine airplane in Idaho (borders Northern Utah), flew it to Utah and dropped a pipe bomb on I-15 (our freeway). Luckily it didn't explode. Not sure where exactly it was dropped yet, details are still sketchy. What is the matter with people? Seems like this terrorist stuff is bringing all the closet terrorists and sickos out into the world. What ever happened to "live and let live"??

Sunday, October 14

I've just added another link to the right, Cuddles - my friend J from the UK! YAY!!

Friday, October 12

Oh my hell! New website referrals: Google: "Licking my butt clean" and Yahoo: "Pictures girls in pooped panties". There are some seriously SICK people out there. I get the usual 2-4 of 'pantie sniffing' type referrals per day... but ya know, that's getting kind of boring. Its good to see that Gaekwad moving up on the list for the "free beast porn". Congrats P!! ;-)
Coming soon! Colin's Blog!!! YAY!
Today started off on a nice note. I got up, got some breakfast and was going to check my e-mail while eating my yogurt. I turned on the computer and a flash came out of the back of the tower. Yes, the power supply had blown. I took the tower to get it fixed, and was so grateful to them for fixing it then and there... 10 mins and it was done. No charge either - love warranties! The day got better when I took my Mom to lunch and then ran a couple of errands with her. She commented on how this war is bringing back memories of her childhood and WWII. She was only 5 or 6 at the time, but remembers the loud sirens to warn everyone it was a 'black out' and her mother gathering her and her 2 sisters to hide under the kitchen table and sitting there until the threat had passed. She said the uncertainty is very unsettling, which I agree. My Mom is one great lady - very sweet and tender hearted. I'm also lucky to have a great Dad as well, don't want to leave him out! He had knee surgery a couple weeks ago and has been naughty. Doing things he shouldn't be doing, going up and down stairs, etc., before he should have. Mom has been on his case but it doesn't do any good. Last night while eating dinner, he told her "Dear, I think I've been over doing things. I'll start taking things easy now." It takes them a while to figure things out... ;-) No offense to MEN out there, we women just naturally have more common sense. Well, MOST women. There are some women out there that worry me more than me.

Thursday, October 11

Its been a terribly BLAH week, so I won't go into details. Haven't felt like doing much at all, I've gone to work, then home to crash. My old boss Dr. C passed away on Sunday from a brain tumor. So sad! I'm off to the viewing now, should be standing room only type crowd. He was a great man and will be missed.

Sunday, October 7

So yesterday was a low point. This arthirtis pain was starting to get to me, so I decided to have a Karen day. I got in the hot tub and soaked for a while, then took a nice hot shower. I went to the local Blockbuster and rented 6 movies. A Knights Tale, Someone Like You, The Mexican, Sweet November, Double Take, and Exit Wounds. I ended with Sweet November (excellent movie and Keanu looks soooo fine) and had a nice long cry - long after the movie was over too. Quite ridiculous at the time, but sometimes you just gotta let loose. This morning I got into my e-mail and my friend J in the UK sent me some virtual flowers - so made my day! Thanks again J!! :-)

Friday, October 5

Hey Colin - you tall and extrememly sexy man in Boston.... WHERE'S YOUR BLOG????? I'm waiting and need entertainment!! And no, Carol didn't tell me to say that. ;-)
Nothing much happened today, I got up and managed to do some dusting and clean my bathroom. Someone will have to take pitty on me and do the vacuuming. I chatted with E over the e-mail while I was limping around being busy. Then I went to my general doctor and he prescribed some pain pills to help me survive the next few months until the new medication takes effect, which is 8-12 weeks! I ran (or limped) some errands then came home. Crashed for the afternoon and slept for about 3 hours. Ahhhh... this is the life. I really don't like sitting around when there are things to be done, its frustrating that my body won't cooperate. I do have to keep my chin up and my good attitude or it will make things worse. Deep breath. Cheezy grin. :-D
Last night after work, the girls (a group of my buddies) went to the club for an evening out. We celebrated Renate's birthday and it was pretty fun. We had a lot of laughs, although we weren't our usual selves. The manager didn't even come around to harrass us, guess we didn't draw enough attention. At least while I was there... I was the first one to leave cuz I was soooo tired and feeling like shit. It felt so good to laugh though - and with great friends which makes it even more great. :-)

Wednesday, October 3

Today is the day for discoveries... I discovered a fun thing in the hot tub tonight. But.... I don't think I'll share it. I'll keep you wondering if it was sexual.... or not. ;-)
I did discover the REAL secret to getting an emergency appointment. I was telling the nurse all the trouble I had, and she said, "All you have to do is ask for me directly and I'll review your chart and see that you get in to see the doctor." Holy shit - what a novel idea! What do they need the receptionist for?! Front Office Bitch? Yes, I am indeed cranky today...
I saw the doctor today. He is putting me on some medication... supposedly this medication was first used to cure malaria. Hmmm... but I'll give it a shot. One side effect that is rare, that could be bad is it messing with my periphrial vision. So, before I start taking the medication, I have to have a baseline eye exam then have periodic checks. He took some more blood and will check my thyroid levels and see me in 3 months unless I need him sooner. He also thinks I have some type vascular disesase too... how nice is that?! I dont' know if that will show up in my blood or what. I'm too young for this shit.

Tuesday, October 2

Yesterday I encountered the rude receptionist from Hell. I *finally* had enough of the pain, so I called my doctor - the Rhematoid specialist. I told his receptionist who I was and what I needed... telling her what an incredible amount of pain I was in. She proceeded to tell me that the next available opening was November 30. I then added that the doctor instructed me to come in if I had a flare up, she ignored me. I told her that I already had my 6 month follow up scheduled for Oct 18... she said "Well, I suggest you keep that one then and not take the Nov 30" DUH. I asked again if there was *any* way to get me in. She said "No, you can call back tomorrow and each day after that to see if there was a cancellation." I very sarcastically said "Thank you soooo much." and slammed the phone down. This morning, I decided I was ready for a fight with this bitch... but as she answered the phone, I (very nicely!) told her who I was, and reminded her that I'd called yesterday. Then I told her, "I need you to pull my chart, and verify that the doctor told me that I needed to come in for more blood tests when my RA flared." I was on hold for about 5 minutes, then she came back on the line and said, "He can see you at 10:20 tomorrow." Woohoo! Success!!!

Sunday, September 30

Read the articles that Mom had about fibromyalgia.... hmmm... nope, don't think so. In my opinion, articles like these aren't very reliable.
Uh oh. Mom is doing some magazine article reading again... she's come across 2 articles that describe an autoimmune disease called Fibromyalgia. This disease had symptoms a lot like I'm experiencing with Rhuematoid Arthitis (which is also autoimmune)... which I was diagnosed with a little over 8 months ago. I was told I've got a specific type that moves from joint to joint, not staying and destroying one particular joint. So, Mom's thinking I was misdiagnosed because of these two articles... hmmm... she could be right. The medical profession isn't 100%. I shall ask my doctor when I go in on the 18th... if I can make it that long. I *really* should have gone in this last week, but its so difficult getting an appt. I could have gotten one, I suppose... I've been told I can be a pain in the ass when I want to be. I really hate living on percocet - although its a fun pain medication, I don't like being dependent on it or like feeling goofy all the time. I'm goofy enough naturally, don't need any more in my life. Today (and yesterday) were better days. My right shoulder is bothering me as well as my right jaw. Yeah, figure that one out. I can't open my mouth very far (good thing?!) or bite down. Soft foods for me. I've discovered the hot tub again... haven't used it all summer or last winter because its too blasted hot. Dad is now keeping it at a nice 98 degrees which is PERFECT. I've made good use of the jets (all right - no, not sitting on the jets!!!!) the swirling water. Ahhhh... it may start to become a part of my daily routine. I come out of there so relaxed and fingers and toes all pruny. Then I take a nice long shower to get all the bromide stuff off of my skin. That's the life. Agenda for today: Rest, lots of rest and laundry.

Friday, September 28

Speaking of Fart machines, this brings a fond memory back to me... My friend L and I found some fart spray and just had to buy it. We thought "Wow, how cool is this? Farts in a can! Oh, the jokes we can play... and just in time for April Fool's Day." Well, turns out WE were the fools. We were out in the hall way at work, walking past all these closed doors to the manager's offices... spraying the fart spray under their doors as we went... laughing almost hysterically... trying to be quiet. We were trying to do the impossible. As we finished the last of the doors, we discovered we could smell this AWFUL smell coming from our hands. The cans LEAKED on our hands! Which of course made us laugh even harder. We could hardly stand. We finally made it to the restroom and washed our hands, washed them several times... we went back to work, and noticed we could still smell this shit (literally!!). We tried lemon juice, scented anti-bacterial gel, anything we could get our hands on... still stunk. A couple hours later, I had a brilliant idea. Try some Formula 409 cleaner. What do you know... it worked! We were so relieved. Went back to work, started smelling it again... smelled our hands, nope, they were OK... finally figured out the smell was coming from our keyboards! We immediately got new keyboards. I think we laughed harder about the stuff getting on our hands than we did spraying the spray under the doors. Hillarious! Happy April Fools' to us. We haven't tried this trick again, but when we get brave enough, we'll use rubber gloves. :-)
What a crap week this has been... glad its over. I will be a good girl and continue to recooperate. UGH. I did find out how the rest of the fart machine story went - after I handed the controls over to Nicole last week. She had me laughing so hard I had tears rolling down my face. Apparently, all Thursday afternoon, Nicole kept setting the fart machine off (hidden in Benjamin's cubical). Every time someone would come in and talk to either Pam or Benjamin, Nicole would set it off. This continued through Friday. At lunch time, Nicole, Janna and Pam all went out to lunch. As soon as they reached the outside door, Pam said (with MUCH relief) that she was sooooo glad to be out of there. When asked why, she replied, "I haven't been able to concentrate on work all day long! That Benjamin keeps farting! Oh, and the SMELL!!" At this point, Nicole and Janna could hardly contain themselves, but they held on... The fart machine is a remarkable toy, but there is NO SMELL. Talk about the power of suggestion!! Pam still has no clue there was ever a fart machine. Benjamin doesn't work there any more, so we can't ask him how he felt about it all... maybe he thought it was Pam and was too big of a gentleman to say anything?? Or... maybe he was taking advantage of the noises and actually making some of his own, which would mean there *really* was a smell?? We may NEVER know...

Wednesday, September 26

I made it to work yesterday... had so much stuff to do! Then last night my right wrist flared up... hopefully this is IT for a while... my brother had me try this cool thing that sends electric shocks through your body aligning the electrons (or something!) which forces healing right away. So, I gave it a shot... it was pretty funky at first but took quite a bit of the pain away. I was able to go to work and stay all day today. Its quite sore tonight so I need to ice it again. Gotta love this disease... I can think of other FUN things to do with ice! Yes, use your imagination... ;-)

Monday, September 24

OK - enough is enough. I had to stay home from work today due to my hip and my left wrist flaring up. It causes the tendons to swell, therefore messing with the mobility of my fingers (and OH the pain!!!!). Its much better now, but fingers are still stiff and hand is hurting. I spent the day in basically in a haze... slept a lot. I hope I can go to work tomorrow!! I don't think I can STAND one more day not being able to do *something*. My cat is taking advantage of my weakened condition... she thinks she can have a treat every time I get out of bed. Or maybe she's just happy that I'm moving??!! Not sure.

Sunday, September 23

So in the middle of the night, my right shoulder decided to hurt... looks like I'll be living on pain pills for the next day or so... HATE this. Achy all over actually... looks like the Rheumatoid Monster is here and is forcing me to behave and not do anything today but ice my shoulders every 20 mins. I LOVE to relax, but not like this. :-( On the brighter side of things, the Leave it to Beaver Fandamonium Marathon is on all weekend! Woohoo! I love this show and am finding my self laughing out loud at a lot of things... hmmmm... is it *really* that funny or is it the pain pills??

Saturday, September 22

Arthritis attack in my left shoulder... on pain pills... feeling quite funky... so I'm not going to Blog while under the influence. No thanks are necessary. ;-)

Friday, September 21

This is a cool story about Search Dogs that are helping to find survivors of the WTC. (Thanks E for the link!)

Thursday, September 20

Well I made it... I was done working at 12! Woohoo! I busted my butt to get things done (to a point where I couldn't do any more work on the presentation until my boss does his part). So my weekend has begun. I spent the afternoon cleaning so now I can coast the rest of the weekend... just do what ever my little heart desires... not going to be too exciting, so don't get your hopes up... Had a really funny thing happen today... I took a banana and some peanut butter (yes I have a THING for peanut butter). I was dipping the second half of my banana in the peanut butter... took my hand away from the banana and ya know what it looked like?? (That little nobby at the bottom of the banana stayed in the peel, so there was a hole at the end.) Yeah, OK... use your imagination. I instantly started giggling and called my friend S to come see it. My NOSEY cube mate Greg was there... and he asked what I had to call S down to see. Like I was gonna show him! So I made up some lame excuse. Well, it was all funny...maybe you had to be there... or totally tired to appreciate it. Day two of the fart machine went great... they still haven't figured it out. I handed the remote over to Nicole so she could finish the job for the afternoon. She was awstruck by the power...

Wednesday, September 19

One more day... just one more day until my weekend starts...oohhh... one more day. I can do it.
My friend S told me that she caught some guy (that I work with) checking out my ass today. Although I'm flattered... I'm having trouble believing that he had the 'look of lusting' on his face. Now THAT is funny! I was wearing a dark purple velvet dress, maybe he liked the way the velvet hugged my butt?! Hmmm... don't know. But I got a huge laugh out of it. Don't get your hopes up, this guy is in his 40's and married with kids. OFF the market.
Had a pretty good day today, although I'm soooo tired! A new fellow prankster Nicole (just moved into a cubical near me) and I set the remote controlled fart machine up to get a lady Pam that sits in the cubical with her. We set it far back behind her desk drawers and kept setting it off every so often through out the day. She still has no clue its a fart machine, but thinks it was a guy that sits by her. She made the comment that he was awfully quiet today, maybe he's not feeling well. Nicole and I just about busted up then, but we held it in... we'll continue on through tomorrow... this is the longest anyone has ever gone without finding the speaker! So funny!!! No, she's not blonde. ;-)

Tuesday, September 18

I'm so brain fried, I can't think of anything to say... not even to babble like I usually do!

Monday, September 17

Ahhhh... one day down, 3 to go. I've decided to get my ass up at 3:30 am so I can get to work at 5:00 am to avoid the rush at the gates of the AF base. I was only in line for about 5 mins this morning... if I were to go at my normal time, 6:00 I'd have a 45 min wait. Hmmmm... I do believe I'd rather just wait 5 and get up early. It gives me an extra hour to work on stuff too when no one bugs me and gives me MORE to do. I made some killer salsa yesterday and also made a 7-layer dip to take to work today with two huge bags of tortilla chips. It was my turn to take birthday treats in. All I can say is SNARF! All of it was gone in less than 20 minutes!! I was glad they enjoyed it though, and I didn't have to bring any home. Everyone said how good it was... ooohhh... pat myself on the back for being a good cook... when I'm in the mood, that is!! :-) One guy challenged me to a salsa making contest, saying he could make it hotter...This salsa was really good, but milder than I normally make since I work with a bunch of geeky engineers who can be whimps. I took his challenge. Although several people said his salsa is good and hot, they said mine had better flavor. I'll kick his butt!

Sunday, September 16

So I've been running around like a mad woman today getting things done so now I can relax and enjoy my Sunday. :-) Just read E's blog... so glad the P is on his making his way home from Logan Airport. YAY!

Saturday, September 15

I think now that K isn't living here in the same house that we can become friends again. She isn't nasty at all - quite nice in fact. But I don't think we'll be as close of sisters as we used to be because she has violated my trust. Used something I told her in confidence against me. I'm not very forgiving when it comes to someone stabbing me in the back. Guess that's something I need to get over. I can forgive (because NO ONE is perfect), but I'm very cautious and tend to be guarded.
What a day for sleep this was! I am so used to waking up at 4:30 every day to go to work, I rarely sleep past 6:30 on the weekends. Today I slept until 8. I got up, ate breakfast, did some crafty stuff, worked out, laid out in the sun (felt sooo nice - not too hot!) then came inside and slept for 2 hours. Then I helped my Mom get dinner ready for the family dinner. We got together to celbrate my bro's B's birthday, and he's now 42. I'm the youngest of the bunch so I can always say they're older than me!! My sister K brought the new baby over. She handed little E over to me and I held her and fed her. K told Mom to get the camera to take a picture of me - like it was a miracle that I was feeding a baby! LOL! I did it all the time when my nephews were little - no big deal, not hard at all. K is the one that has never been the maternal type, but for never having these instincts, she's doing quite well as a mother. K teased me about E making me want my own baby...ummmmm...noooooo thanks. Babies are sweet and everything, but I like to send them home with their parents. Everyone has always said I'd be a good mother, nice - but again... noooo thanks. I'm quite content with my cat as my child!!

Friday, September 14

I watched the Memorial services on TV today and was truly moved. To see this country and other countries coming together as one against the terrorists warms my heart. I received an e-mail yesterday, as many people did around the US about putting our flags out and putting flags on our cars as a sign of unity and memorium for those who died. It was so amazing to see all the flags, more than you see on the 4th of July. The candle vigils are everywhere, what a tribute. Tears came to my eyes as I was watching them and lit a candle myself.
Here's a link for Useless Knowledge. Some of this knowledge can be useful in some point... interesting site.

Thursday, September 13

Today was a day when I needed a clone and will be crazy for the next couple of weeks. Helping my boss get ready for another workshop, redoing about 500 slides. UGH. I was making some cards to be laminated to go with the workshop, and my boss wanted them printed on heavier paper, double sided, and color. I had to print 40 of these things. First of all, the color printer we have (only about 6 months old) likes to jam paper. So, I tried to tell him that I double sided wasn't possible and I didn't have time to mess around with it so Kinkos could just laminate two sheets of paper together back to back. Big deal?? I don't think so... I get all of them printed off and then he brings up the 'double sided' again. I was about to blow a gasket then and almost asked him who gives a flying f... if there are two sheets laminated together or one? They want the cards to be thick... well, having two sheets laminated together would be thicker than just one sheet. He kept saying, "Well I think we should at least try and to double sided...". I finally told him that if he thought I had the time to spend messing with the color printer, then I would. Guess what... I won. :-)

Wednesday, September 12

Yesterday, we were evacuated from our building (I work on an Air Force Base) because of a box that was left on the bed of a pick up truck. The bomb squad was called in along with their robot to blow up the package. We were out of the building for about an hour and a half and were let back in after the box was blown up. Today, we find out that the package was someone's lunch... a ham sandwich! Unbelievable! We were evacuated again today, but for nuts and bolts. Good thing they didn't blow that box up, it could have done some major damage, a hell of a lot more than ham! I'm really thankful for our military - they do take their job of protecting us seriously and do a great job. It takes a certain kind of person to be willing to die for their country and to protect the citizens.

Tuesday, September 11

The terrorist activities today have made me ill. My prayers to those the family and friends of those who died and to those who were injured. May the bastards who did this pay dearly for what they've done.

Monday, September 10

I must say hello to that tall, gorgeous man named Colin from Boston. I hear he's ALL THAT and a bag of chips. :-) Hi sexy!
I've just come from seeing my new niece! She is so cute!! Such a precious baby... but doesn't make me want one of my own. ;-) Very good baby - so far... we're all hoping (including her parents) that she doesn't inherit their dispositions and tempers. Of course they'd deserve a child just like them. Hmmmm... maybe THAT's the real reason I don't have any kids. Having another one of ME running around could be scary.... very scary.

Sunday, September 9

I think I'm ready to face the dreaded Monday... but I won't know for sure until I'm actually at work, in my chair, looking at all the work that has piled up for me over the weekend.
I am feeling much better today... was out washing my car which is a Sunday morning ritual. Mostly because its a nice quiet time in the neighborhood... and because it pisses the people off who drive by and see me doing something to break the Sabbath. I just smile as they give me dirty looks. Cheap thrill, what can I say. I watched the last of the 6 movies I rented for the weekend. 3000 Miles to Graceland. It was OK... don't think I'll go out of my way to see it again, although Kevin Costner and Kurt Russell are yummy.
I think I have lost total faith in the mechanic shop I've been taking my car to for years. First problem was them telling me my front brakes would need to be replaced soon (which turned out the back brakes were worst than my front!). Second problem I noticed this morning... I went to check my oil and discovered my radiator over flow bottle was bone dry. There should have been about 2 inches of antifreeze in it... you trust these mechanics to make sure there's enough antifreeze in the radiator after they flush the damn thing. I'd say three strikes you're out... but not in this case. I depend on my car too much and need to trust who I take it to. May not seem to be a big deal, but it is to me. So, I'll be looking for a new mechanic.

Saturday, September 8

Add Hannibal to that movie list! Wooo - what a movie! Bloody, graphic, a little on the scary side, but excellent. I watched it during the light of day though! I know I'm a whimp.
Movies watched today: Family Man: Good movie, but not as 'funny' as everyone said it was, but a good movie. Nicolas Cage looks yummy. :-) Wedding Planner: better than I remember it... Matthew McConauhey is just soooo damn sexy. Still being a bum! Life is good, although still not feeling all that well. Stupid sore throat will not leave me alone. Don't know if its my immune system attacking me again or if I've picked up a bug.

Friday, September 7

I'm being a TOTAL bum! I actually skipped out on A's football game, I know, bad Auntie. I've got a good excuse... starting to get a sore throat again and sitting out in the cold would be bad for me at this point. This afternoon, I stopped by the local Blockbuster and rented 6 videos. I'm set for the weekend. I've already watched two so far. "Chocolate", I loved this movie. It was such a great story about a mother and daughter carrying on a tradition of moving from town to town bringing chocolate to a small French town... Johnny Depp comes into the town with a nice Irish accent - yum. "The Gift" was really good too, it was a suspense type movie about a woman that has a psychic gift who helps solve a murder. Keanu Reeves was in this and he played a bad man, but I still think he's sexy. I've also rented "The Wedding Planner" which I saw in the theatres... and Ooooo... Matthew McConauhy (sp??)... let's just say, drool. I rented "Hannibal" the sequal to "Silence of the Lambs", and "Family Man" (Nicholas Cage... drool again!), and "3000 Miles From Graceland" (Kevin Costner and Kurt Russell... drool, drool!). Reviews to follow as I watch them...
Thanks to E for this link: Apocolypse Pooh. Such a big Pooh fan, am I!
I *should* be cleaning... but I just can't seem to get myself 100% motivated. Maybe 10 more minutes then I'll get started. My nephew A is starting vasity linebacker tonight at his football game. I'm so proud of him and excited to see him play. I hope their team does well this year. They've gone to a higher populated division so they'll be playing different High Schools - mostly the better ones around the valley. This division is newsworthy - they usually announce the scores on the evening news, so hopefully Weber High won't be known as total losers. They've got the spirit and the drive to play well.
I'm an Aunt again. Elyssa was born this morning at 5:32am. Both Mom and baby doing OK.

Thursday, September 6

I started out the work day being bad again... I got an e-mail from a J. Hung (first name not Will - E's thougt tee hee) and I just about cracked up. I responded to his e-mail, Dear Mr. Hung... it went down hill from there for a while... then as the day wore on, I got involved in recreating some flow charts and was cruising right a long... so I soon got out of my super naughty mood. After work, we girls had planned a night out - to an early movie and then to dinner. Everyone pooped out except for R and I. We had fun without the party poopers! C was sick, so she's not a party pooper. We went to see Rat Race! It was pretty funny... then we went to Applebee's where I had the Asian Chicken Salad - soooo yummy. So now I'm home waiting for news about my sister K and her baby. They induced labor this afternoon, and as of 8:00 PM, still nothing. I called the hospital to see how things were progressing and talked to her husband E. He said that she probably won't deliver until 4 or 5 AM tomorrow. Then the shit had the nerve to say he tried to go home - he was NOT kidding. Yeah right like he's going to leave his wife's side while she gives birth to their child... dont' think so. Its a good thing he doesn't have a car - or a license or he would have gone home. Mom and Dad are down there and my sister S and none of them will give him a lift home. Do I feel like a bad sister for not being there too?? Hmmm... NO, not really. I don't want to be anywhere near K when she starts going postal during labor... I've seen enough of that NASTY behavior growing up and that's enough. The last episode was back in May and it was UGLY. She had a hissy fit because I threw away an empty plastic bottle of hers. She said every cuss word I've ever heard - and a few the neighbors never heard before, bless their virgin ears! Besides, I don't really feel like I should be there since its more of a 'husband/wife' and 'parents' thang. I'll wait until they come home.

Wednesday, September 5

I'm being really naughty (I'm actually not typing a tenth of the things I could... and those of you who know me are probably thanking your lucky stars I don't!) - and rambling on and on...I am very tired... I've been up since 3:30 am and worked 5am - 4pm. Did it yesterday and I've got to work the same tomorrow, so I think I best get my butt into bed!
One interesting thing I've heard of recently... now that I'm on the subject of sniffing yet again... there is a company - or several - that actually sells women's icky panties to men and they're making a killing! How great is that?! Wish I would have thought of it... but its never too late to start up my own company, aye?!
Am I pathetic or what?!
My friend S and I were really on one today... or really when aren't we when we start talking?! She's a good influence (in a naughty way!) on me and is one of my idols. I took a break and went to her cubical to chat for a few minutes. Next thing I know, my cube mate G comes to find me... don't know HOW he found me... he had some "very important information he needed from me". So, I go back to my cubical to see what "very important information" he needed. All he needed was a contract number which happens to be on every single stinking travel order he's had from the beginning of time. GRRR! So, I went back to Sandi's cube to finish our conversation a few minutes later. I asked Sandi how on earth G found me! We both looked at each other and did a 'sniffing' face... she said, he sniffed you out... and not referring to my perfume! We busted out laughing and decided G's new name would be Sniff-Doggy-Dog. Then we decided we now know the *real* reason men are called dogs... its due to their inner sense of smell for those phermones! What a crack up!!!

Monday, September 3

My idea not doing anything today was shattered. My parents needed my help painting. We were able to get one room half done, but it needs another coat tomorrow (and too bad I have to go to work!). I don't mind painting, as long as I can do the roller and not have to do all the trim. By the time we were done, I had white paint everywhere... well not 'everywhere' just on my clothes, legs, arms, face, hair, and even the bottoms of my feet. Luckily the paint had dried on me feet before I went trodding it all over the house. Boy, I'm messy! Took quite a while to scrub it all off. All nice and clean now... and ready to finish my relaxation!
Ever did a search for your name on Google?? I did! The results were astounding... 49,100 entries with my name on them. There was actually ONE that was really me! I was referenced in a project that I assisted in. Wow. It was actually on the first page, but the last thing on the page, so top 10 not too shabby. :-) Although I didn't look at all 49,100 entries I feel good knowing that at least one was me.
Just added some links of a couple cool sites I've ran across. One I got from Gaekwad the ultimate web surfer.
The trick of eating the peanut butter with the banana is to spread the peanut butter on the banana... licking it off slowly before you take a bite. Then washing it all down with a swallow of milk! Perfection.
Ooooh, yes. The peanut butter is just what the banana was screaming for. Yummy. Yes, I have an addiction/obsession to peanut butter. I'm being quite lazy and may not even get out of my PJ's the entire day. Unless I go outside to lay out! Then I can always shower and get right back in the PJ's. I have no desire to do anything constructive what so ever. :-) But then again, days like these I tend to get bored half way through the day and start some project that involves sorting through drawers and closets. Hopefully it won't come to that.
I'm sitting here, eating my breakfast that consists of yogurt, milk and a banana... the banana is definitely missing something... OOO! peanut butter! Be right back!

Sunday, September 2

More on the referring search engines... although this search isn't as funny as the 'pantie' one... I got referred for 'fat butt white woman'!! All four words do appear somewhere in my blog, although not all in one place. I am a white woman, with a big butt (that's dwindling down and will be a smaller and hopefully cute butt one day). The web amazes me.
There is one terrific website called Cuddles that is such a good cause. They raise money and ask for donated items for premature babies as well as for the babies who die. Such an admirable, worthwhile cause.
Its been a nice, quiet Sunday! I even managed to get a nap... and I'm loving the thoughts of not having to work tomorrow (Labor Day!). I haven't been a complete bum though, I washed my car and cleaned the inside as well. It was filthy (on the outside) because some workmen did some asphalt cutting to fill some pot holes in the parking lot at work and got the dust all over... and it didn't just 'blow' away. But, its all clean and sparkly now and safely in the garage where it will stay clean for at least one more day.

Saturday, September 1

Mmmm... you never know what you're going to find on the web... just found a tasty recipe for Peanut Butter Balls. Or at least it sounds yummy... love peanut butter and love balls... what a good combo, Peanut Butter Balls! I must try this recipe... but may try my own variation!
Well, it seems I've hit the big time. I was checking my 'referrals' on my counter and it seems that Google referred to my page for information on "pantie sniffing". I was almost rolling on the floor laughing. My cat looked at me like I'd lost my mind. There was an actual reference to pantie sniffing in a story I told about my friend L and I shopping in a pantie store and thinking L was sniffing panties when she was actually wiping her nose with her hanky. So, if you're looking for info on pantie sniffing, you really should keep on looking... no pantie sniffing going on here... LMAO!
So I'm a bit under the weather today... started getting a sore throat yesterday and really shouldn't have gone to my nephew A's football game (and yelled! and cheered) but I did it anyway. Not feeling so bad that I've got to stay in bed, but just icky enough to be miserable. So, I plan to stay close to my bed or recliner and do something crafty (get started on Christmas prezzies). Have to do it when the mood strikes. Although I'm in the middle of a fab romance novel, I think the crafty bug is biting me. The football game was pretty good - some disappointments though. Our team threw the ball right to the other team 3 times! Made me so mad... but then we got the ball away from them 4 times, so I guess it balances out. We did end up losing by 3 points though :-( A played rather well so it was worth going and seeing him play regardless them losing.

Friday, August 31

Good news about my sister K - not going into labor! The baby is doing great, K just has a urinary infection. She's been sent home and everything will go as planned next week. Despite K and her husband being turds, I'm still looking forward to becoming an Aunt again! :-)
My sister seems to be going into labor a few days early! The doctor was going to induce labor on Sept 6, (which is 2 weeks early but inducing because of the baby's head) but now he's concerned about the pains she's having, so she's in the hospital... waiting to find out what's happening. More news as it happens...
Just got back from getting the final things done on my car... at least final until something else goes wrong. I was told I needed a new muffler and front brakes by the mechanic I take my car to. He could have done the brakes, but not the muffler so I decided to get them done at the muffler place - I was referred by someone. The guy at the muffler place did a much more thorough check of my brakes and showed me that the rear ones needed replacing too. Yeah, so OK, I'd rather be safe. Then he looked at the exhuast system... yup, needed a new exhaust pipe as well as the muffler. Great. So, it ended up costing me double what I had estimated. Ouch. But, now I'm save and its better to be safe than sorry. I really don't think I trust the mechanic I use now - since he wasn't as thorough as he usually is! Kinda makes me nervous.

Thursday, August 30

The weekend has begun! YES!! 4 WHOLE days of not going to work... can I handle it? Yes, me thinks I can. :-D
Just got home from seeing my nephew A play football for his highschool Junior Varsity team. He had shoulder surgery over the summer, so this was his first game that they let him play. He did pretty good, didn't get any 'good' hits in (like I know he loves!) but he didn't injur himself, so he'll play in tomorrow night's Varsity game! My next few Friday nights will include going to his games. I love to watch him play... he plays Full Back and also Outside Linebacker. Don't ask me specifically what those positions are, cuz I couldn't tell you! I understand the basics of the game, no details. While I watch A play, I sit by my brother J and his wife P and catch up between plays - or make fun of other members of our family. Always a good time to be had... unless Mom and Dad happen to be there and give us dirty looks. ;-) We put the fun in dysfunctional, that's for sure.