Monday, December 9

I spaced off writing about something that happened last week here at work. I keep my two "lunch time" vitamins right next to my computer - my little yellow mega dose of folic acid and my Omega 3 fish oil (blech!). I left for a little while to go to another office, and knew the pills were right were they usually are when I left, because I saw them when picking up my cell phone to take with me. When I came back, I was eating my lunch, and saw the two pills were gone. I asked my cubemate if anyone had been in my cube while I was gone, and he said, "Just the garbage collectors." I started giggling... I could just imagine one of these people coming in, seeing a couple of pills and thinking "Oh cool - drugs!" Boy, what a "high" they must have gotten from them... I know - I fly high all afternoon - all day for that matter, since I take these things 3 times a day! LOL! My Monday has gone pretty good, I've been really busy but no major problems. I didn't even take a lunch break (but I'm taking a short break now!!!) since I have a long doctor's appointment on Wednesday and don't want to take leave for it - if I don't have to. ANd I've got 3 lunches next week! So I better be good this week. I got so busy this morning that I could barely get away to pee - and when I finally did I had to pee really bad! Just as I was getting to the bathroom door, I saw that Mike guy in the hallway. Damn. I really still need to tell him that I'm not interested in a relationship or friendship, but I had to pee so bad! He tried to strike up a conversation by asking how my weekend was. I said, "Crazy." as I was pushing the restroom door open... the he said "Crazy good or crazy bad?" I said "Both!!" as the bathroom door was OPEN... and then I said "I really gotta pee!" I ran in, and as the door was closing I heard him say, "Well, I'll let ya go then." Well thanks, Mike! I appreciate that! ROFL!! I was surprised he wasn't waiting outside for me when I came out! Sheesh! This is the second time he's ran into me when I'm running to the bathroom - well, OK this was the only time when I really had to go... and he's tried to strike up a conversation. UGH. I sure as hell wouldn't start talking to him when he's outside of the bathroom! If this happens anymore I'll start getting suspicious about him hanging around the bathroom! LOL! Just kidding... he does actually work with people down at the other end of the hall from the bathroom! Hope everyone is getting through their Mondays!!