Monday, April 28

I'm here in Salt Lake at the conference. Its going well, and am having a good time, but I'm sooooooooo exhausted! There's a bubble bath about to be ran in about 5 minutes that has my name on it. I'm not really too impressed with this hotel. I was really spoiled at the Marriotts I stayed in. One bad thing, its a non-smoking room and some asshole (don't want to offend any smokers out there) smoked in here and it STINKS. I've had the maid service in here 2 times already with the air purifier and its not getting rid of it. Its really making my allergies come out. If this person wanted to smoke in the room, they should have been in a smoking room. Grrr. Anyhoo... the hotel didn't even give me a welcome snack like they were supposed to. Rude. This morning I ran into my old boss Mike O. (who now lives in Detroit). It was sooooo great to see him, and we're going to have lunch tomorrow to catch up. He couldn't believe how much weight I'd lost, he hardly recognized me. Then another guy (named Mike S.) who used to work in my organization was a speaker in my track this morning. I went to say hello and he looked at my name tag and his mouth dropped. He was sort of a snob when he worked there, kinda rude to me and he used to make fun of my weight. I LOVED it when he saw I wasn't that huge girl anymore. Sweet. tee hee He just stood there oogled as he was asking about a mutual friend. We had a luncheon speaker today, who was actually Dave, the guy I went to Boston with last week. He's so entertaining. Then we had two more session of speakers, then Trudy, Shanae and I just went to get a sandwich. I decided I needed a t-shirt to lounge in in while here (I forgot to pack one) so we found a fun little shop in the mall. I got me an Oscar the Grouch one! LOL! Its a perfect shirt for the end of the day. I'm rambling and so I'm going for that bath now. I hope everyone is having a good week so far! Catch you all later! *hugs*

Sunday, April 27

Swiped this from Ginadapooh What's in a name? Name Street USA Karen (Greek) ~ meaning ~ Pure ~ motivation ~ Aims to achieve their goals. ~ character ~ Is able to forgive readily ~ feelings ~ Will stay calm at times of crisis ~ intelligence ~ Forward thinking ~ spiritual ~ Hopeful and trusting ~ nature ~ Someone who is genuine ~ inherent ~ You are always composed Hmmm... interesting... ;-)
My body is rebelling! It knows it has to leave again today and doesn't want to. But I'll make it go. I'm the boss even though it seems to think its the boss at times. I'm meeting Trudy at 2pm and we'll drive down to Salt Lake, get checked into the hotel, register for the conference and then attend the 4pm meeting to get instructions for the rest of the week. This conference is really a lot of fun to work at, the attendees are friendly. I will most likely be exhausted by the end of the day, since I'm an introvert and people really do wear me out. So, I don't know how often I'll blog or be visiting everyone, but I'll try! Anyhoo... I'm just about packed again. I just have to pack the last minute things and hope I don't forget anything. Its not like I totally unpacked from the last trip anyway! LOL!! I did laundry and just repacked it! I plan on spending time cuddling with my cat before I go so she'll still love me. Poor baby - she gets so stressed when I'm gone, and I'm stressed being away from her. Mom and Dad take good care of her and I'm grateful for them. Yesterday my Mom and I went to run a couple of errands, had some lunch too. I was craving cheese enchiladas (surprise, surprise) but I shouldn't have had the chips and salsa. They're becoming a big no-no for my stomach which really sucks. I came home after that and just vegged the rest of the night and was in misery. UGH. Tummy is finally starting to settle down now. I get a phone call from my ex BF Robert last night. He calls on occasion to keep in touch, see what I'm up to, etc. We broke up 7 years ago (my decision), then he spent the next 4-5 years calling about every 6 weeks to see if I was ready to come back yet. HA! Anyway... he's been seeing a lady for the past 2 years and that's cool, but now he's saying that she's being stubborn and too independent so things are rocky. Shit. So guess who he asks out?! Yup, me. I told him I'd go to lunch with him maybe in a couple of weeks but I'm not getting back together with him now or ever. I'm really struggling with even wanting to go to lunch with him. He started talking about not wanting to live anymore, he's so miserable. Aren't we all?! I told him that too. I told him to quit feeling sorry for himself and just take 5 minutes at a time like the rest of us. I know he's hurting, but he's playing the same old guilt games that he used to and I'm not falling for it. I really don't think he realizes just how strong and how much I've changed over the past few years. He's got a rude awakening. I'm not a push-over like I used to be. My sister Kathy is having knee surgery tomorrow, and my poor Mom has to take care of her. Mom is so not looking forward to it. Kathy is such a major boob about everything, and who knows if Kathy's husband will be around to help out - even with their baby. Kathy won't get up and get moving like she's supposed to, she's too lazy. She's milking this thing for all its worth, believe me. I know surgery is never easy, been there done it, but there's a difference between people who "love the attention they get from surgery" and those who don't. Have a great week everyone!! Much love to ya all!

Saturday, April 26

I made it home safe yesterday. I had a great time in Boston. Dave, Les and I went to a BEEF restaurant called Durgan Park Thursday night to eat. It was a really cool place to eat, they had huge rows of long tables and you shared the table with strangers. They had the Durgan Park Prime Rib cut that looked like something Fred Flinstone would have eaten! LOL! OMG - huge. Dave and Les had the smaller cut, and I had to settle for mashed potatoes and carrots. This restricted diet stuff really sucks at times. The restaurant was loud, noisy and full of energy. Lots of fun. After dinner we walked around the market place and saw a couple of things before heading back to the hotel. It was so cold, windy and rainy that we didn't even go out to see any sites that afternoon. So, I'll get to see more in May when I go again. The flight yesterday was good, right on time and I had a row to myself to stretch out. The movie was Antwon Fisher which I thought was a really great movie. Then I broke out the laptop computer and watched a couple of episodes of the "Keeping Up Appearances" DVD set that I bought myself at Barnes and Noble. I needed to spoil myself a bit. Its so good to be home, I can't even tell ya... my cat missed me so much and she hasn't let me out of her site since I got home. We actually went to bed at 6pm last night, I couldn't keep my eyes open a minute longer. I woke up a few times during the night, but finally woke up about 6:30 this morning. I'm doing my laundry now, and getting caught up on some things. Tomorrow I leave for Salt Lake to work at a conference until next Thursday night! I will get as much rest as I can today, after I get all sorted and some errands ran... then maybe I'll be re-energized for tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 23

I am still having a great time here in Boston. Dave, Les and I hit a HUGE Barnes & Noble, the mall, and then went out to eat tonight. I need to start packing my stuff since we need to check out of this hotel in the morning, so this is gonna be a quicky post. I need to vent a bit. I just got an e-mail from Greg, who needs me to make some travel arrangements for him tomorrow. Excuse me, I'm 2100 miles from home, all the necessary forms and paperwork are at the office where HE is. He's such a dumbshit sometimes I could strangle him. I wrote back, and told him to get Cindy from our main office to help him! DUH!! I can't do a friggin thing from here. I seriously want to knock on his head and ask if anyone is home sometimes. Of course he CC'd my boss Tim on the e-mail, and I replied to both Greg and my boss. I bet Tim is thinking the same thing I am. DUH! OK... I best get packing so I don't need to get up so early in the morning. Good night! I miss everyone and will hopefully catch up with you all this weekend - before I'm off on another trip on Sunday. Although this is a local trip, I'll still be away from home for another week. Ah well, its a nice change of pace!

Tuesday, April 22

Well, I'm Boston!!! Yahoo!! My flight yesterday was good, we had to go up into Canada due to bad weather near Chicago, but that was OK, since we got two movies. Maid in Manhattan and Two Weeks' Notice. The flight wasn't too crowded, so that was nice. Traffic was unbelievable good getting to our hotel in Burlington (near Hanscom AFB, where the workshop is being held). Dave drives like a true Masshole, its great. He's been to this area a few times before and zoomed in and out of traffic and knew just where he was going. Now, he and Les travel so much together, they're like an old married couple - its so funny. They even admit it. They're a great couple of guys. The workshop got off to a good start today, and the best part of the day was when my good bud Colin was able to meet me as I arrived at the building, then later he took me to lunch!! Thanks again, Colin! YOU'RE the BEST! We ate at a quiant place called the Colonial Inn. Good food, good company, what else could ya want?! Tonight Dave and Les wanted to see a movie at the local mall, but I'm staying in, doing some work, playing on the ever-so-slow net, ordering room service, having a great old soak in a bubble bath, and watching TV. This humid weather is really bothering my RA today, so I'm taking it easy tonight so I can have fun the rest of the time. We'll galavant tomorrow night around here, then Thursday night we'll be at the Long Wharf Marriott right in Boston. Hope everyone is having a good week!! :-)

Sunday, April 20

I just got back from eating dinner at my brother J Dee and sis-in-law Patti''s house for Easter. Yummy food, ham, potatoes & gravy, and homemade rolls. There was lots of other stuff that I couldn't eat though but that's OK. What I had was delicous. All their kids were there, and it was great to see all of Patti's kids and grandkids. I hadn't seen them since before Xmas. Everyone told me how great I look (the weight loss) which made me feel good. My friend Robin called and told me that her hubby had got my car done. It was the ingnition coil and a couple of modules that had gone bad. I'm sooo grateful to this man for all the work he's put into it this week, and he only charged me for the parts. I owe them dinner at least so I'll take them out when I get back from all my travels. So, my car is home, safe and sound. Its still missing a bit, but he thinks it should work itself out, because there was more fuel injector cleaner left than gas since it was sucking gas so bad in the last tank and it probably clogged a plug up. So, I've asked my Mom and Dad to drive my car while I'm gone to get the cleaner run out. Oh, how my Mom loves to drive my car since its a standard. Well, I'm off to Boston in the morning! I'll try and update as I can, and if I get a chance pop around to see how everyone is doing.
Happy Easter everyone! Relax and enjoy your day!

Saturday, April 19

Don't you just hate it when you're trying to find one thing that you know you put in a certain place, but now its not there? I can't find my small umbrella! ARRRGGHHH! I know I put it in my closet but can't find it now. I do have other umbrellas, but this is a travel sized one and I need to take it to Boston with me. I'm gonna drive myself batty until I find this stupid thing - and no doubt once I do find it, take it to Boston, then I won't need it. Sounds about right, huh? LOL! So, you see I've started the packing - I'm obsessive. LOL!! Now if I can find that damn umbrella.
I went to get my iron IV yesterday and my general doctor kept me waiting for 45 minutes, he came in, looked at my blood tests from last week, said "I need to check on something, I'll be right back." He saw other patients then came back 25 minutes later and finally gave the IV to me. It took 5 fricking minutes. I was so mad - I wish he would have had his nurse do it if he were so busy!! Anyway, he's still concerned that the iron isn't coming up. I told him that it is the UC that's causing the problem and that I'm starting the Remacade in 2 weeks. He was really glad that I'm starting it. I came home, got Mom and we did the lunch thing and ran some errands. I've got everything I need now for my trip to Boston - at least I hope I haven't forgotten anything! We'll find out when I get packing tomorrow. But knowing me, I'll be to anxious tonight and start packing. tee hee I've already got my laptop and workshop things all packed and ready. Spare battery charged and all. I'm so obsessive about being prepared. LOL! Here are a couple of pics I thought I'd share. Awww!

Enjoy your Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 18

Yesterday was completely nuts, but I managed to get everything done - I hope! I was so exhausted by the time I got home, I didn't even read any blogs- bad Karen. I'll catch up today/tonight after I get all my errands ran. I got a call from my old boss Gordon yesterday. He got another job with another company a few years ago, and now he's back with my company and has been for the last couple of years. He works out of the main office, and has had a tendency to try and take advantage of our friendship by asking me to do things to help him out, which is fine BUT he needs to follow the proper chain of command, which is to go through my boss Tim. Anyway, Gordon called to ask me if I could help out with another office on base while a lady is out on medical leave. I'm a team player and willing to help out any way I can, but there's a limit to my time and this lady performed other duties than I do, so I may not be much help. Gordon mentioned some other people from the main office that didn't have much to do all the time, but he wanted me to help out since he knew I'd get the job done. Does that sound fair?! Here there are people who have the time that could take care of things easier than I can and he's bugging me. I brought up the fact that I'll be out of the office for 2 weeks, and would have so much to do when I returned so chances were slim that I could do a whole lot. I also mentioned the tiny fact that he should be clearing this with Tim. I got off the phone and told Tim what was going on. Tim wasn't too happy about it either, because he knows how busy I am. Gordon finally e-mailed Tim and asked him. Tim told him very politely that my job comes first. If I do happen to have a few minutes to spare then I can help, otherwise get one of the others to help. They really should just bite the bullet and get a temp in there. I did get some GREAT news though. I called the lady at my RA docs office who takes care of the Remacade appts and insurance stuff, just to see if there was a chance that I could set up and appt for when I get back in 2 weeks to get started, since I was pretty sure the insurance would approve it, since they did last year. She said she was just about to call me, she got approval back!! Yahhoooo! So I start with my first treatment on May 5. It will take 2.5-3 hours for each treatment. The date for the first treatment isn't the best, its the first day I'll be back in the office but I need to get started. I'll go back to work after the treatment and probably take my laptop and do work while I'm sitting there. Then my second treatment will be on May 13. We'll schedule my next appt after that, I think its either a month later or another 2 weeks, I can't remember. I'm just so happy its working out.

Thursday, April 17

I decided to check with my insurance when I got home last night to see what my "out of pocket"/coinsurance expenses that are remaining so I can be prepared (or at least not shocked) for what my portion of the Remacade treatments will be (still pending approval). Since each treatment (will need 9 treatments in the first year!!) is $4000 and my portion will be 80% of that, up to my coinsurance amount has been met for the year then they'll pay 100%. I got the best news. For "in network providers" which my RA doc is one, I have met the $1250 max already this year! I was soooooo relieved. So, fingers crossed that the Remacade will be approved - I don't see any problem with it being approved, especially since it was approved last year and that I will be using it for two problems. 3 for Thursday questions are up, go play. My answers are on my Meme page. I have loads to do today. I've got to finish up some things, and make sure I've got all I need for the next two weeks. Laptop is pretty much ready to go, except I have to fill out some paperwork so I can be allowed access into the base network from the outside. Hopefully they'll process the paperwork right away so I can check my e-mail and have internet access next week! Have a great day everyone!! P.S. Have I mentioned how wonderful you all are lately!? You truly are. Thank you as always for all your support!!

Wednesday, April 16

Got back from my RA doc. He was so glad to see my progress with the clinical trial medication, but with the problems with the ulcerative colitis not getting any better and it causing so many nutritional problems, we had to make the tough decision to take me off the study and put me on Remacade (which will help both diseases). They have to double check with my insurance first to make sure it will be covered (it was last year so it should still be covered this year). He increased my prednisone from 10 to 40 mg a day to help with the UC and RA until I can start the Remacade. I'm anxious to get started on it. I'm hoping once its approved, I can start the first part of May when I'm home from all my traveling. Fingers crossed!! Its going to increase my medical bills - but I need to do this. I feel good about the decision. I've had a pretty good day so far, been getting stuff done. One of the managers asked me to produce a flyer to be given at the conference in a couple of weeks announcing a new document we just finished. I made one up, and it was approved on the first draft. YAY! I'm waiting on some workshop slides now, to print off for a workshop in May so I'm relaxing a bit. I have my laptop, and its being set up for my trip to Boston and the conference. I need to burn a few CDs of several files so I have them with me in case I need them. No real word on my car yet. Jerry told Robin a couple of things last night while she was half asleep, the compression is fine, but a valve has gone bad (if Robin remembered right) but there was more that she couldn't remember what he said so she'll have to tell me tomorrow.
The yogurt container strikes again *squirt*. Just call me Monica...suspicious-looking substance splattered on a black dress. Thank God for those Shout Wipes! LOL!!!
Happy Hump Day everyone! YAY! Week is half over!!! I'm sitting here at work, eating breakfast trying to get motivated to do something. I've got a lot to do, but things are on the down-hill slide as far as getting things done before I leave. Today is my last day of being Queen Supreme around here since my boss will be back tomorrow. HEY, wait a minute... I should be Queen Surpreme whether he's here or not! LOL!!! Just kidding... Queen Supreme isn't everything its cracked up to be. With Timster gone, people come to me with questions. Luckily I've been able to answer them! I rule! I've got an appt with my RA doc today, so we'll see what he and my gastro doc worked out for an aggressive treatment. No more pussy-footing around here. Have a great day!!

Tuesday, April 15

I left work at noon today. I hadn't really felt all that great this morning, really weak and tired. By noon I was exhausted so I decided to come home. I got home, got in my jammies and started to watch "Maid in Manhattan" that my sis Susie let me borrow. I fell asleep during it (from pure exhaustion, not a boring movie) and woke up a while later and watched the parts I missed. I really liked the movie, but I wish there had been more shenanigans than there were. I'm feeling a lot better now, but still tired so I'm going to make it an early night and probably watch the movie again! LOL!!
No news on my car yet, Jerry had to work 12 hrs yesterday, so he'll look at it tonight. I just hope its something that can be fixed and easily or I'm up shit creek. *sigh* Found this quizzie at Bev's.
I scored
on the classic 400 Point Purity Test!
Take the test here!
Yesterday was crazy. I kicked ass as far as getting things done though. My boss and other cubie Greg are gone for most of the week (my boss will be in on Thursday) so even though they're gone, I was so busy. I am Queen Supreme but with no one to rule. tee hee I've got a lot to do this week since I'll be out of my office for the next two weeks, so not a lot of play time. I'm hoping today will be calmer than yesterday though. One of the things I had to do yesterday afternoon was to go up to my old building to pack up our documents that were in a storage room... its finally time to move them. So, while I was there I stopped in to see my buddy Brian and Linda was there too. Brian gave me a big hug and then Linda poked her nose out of her cubical and she acted OK, but she didn't even bother to get her butt out of her chair to give me a hug - and I didn't go give her one. She told me how great I looked, then in the same breath told me I needed to go get new levis. Levis I was wearing were ones that fit me nicely now. Sheesh. Whatever. I got several compliments on how I looked yesterday so *phhttt*. I saw my friend Nancy and chatted for a while after I'd packed some stuff up. I had one file cabinet emptied, then a very nice guy Kent said he could move the other two cabinets full. YAY. They'll get a forklift and a moving truck to finish it up tomorrow. Dad's b-day party was nice last night. Very quiet though, my bro J Dee, his wife Patti, my sis Susie, and my niece Elyssa were the only ones there (while I was there) besides my parents. We had a nice visit. My other brother was coming later after I went to bed. It was SO great not to have my sis Kathy and her hubby Ellis there. Supposedly, Ellis had a couple of job interviews (choke, choke, cough, cough). When Dad told Susie where Kathy was, Susie said "You mean that's where they SAY they are." ROFL! We all cracked up about it. They're such liars, we can't believe anything they say. I think the whole thing was a ploy not to be home for Dad's party because Ellis doesn't like crowds. Poor baby. Well, I'm off to work! Have a great day!

Monday, April 14

Dad apologized last night for yelling at me and being so rude. He said he just gets so frustrated at times, and that Mom and I aren't the cause so he shouldn't be taking it out on us. Mom and I told him we're frustrated beyond belief about Kathy and Ellis too, and we're all at our breaking point. Dad said I could borrow his car since I had further to go, and he and Mom would use the Blazer. He decided not to go to Salt Lake after all, since his twin sis has other plans. I called my brother last night, to see if I could borrow that jeep, but he wasn't home... but I did get to talk to Patti! Its been ages since I've talked to her. We talked for about 45 minutes. They did actually just sold the jeep, which is good, they've been trying for months to sell it. Happy 69th Birthday to my Dad (and my Aunt Joan). We all chipped in and bought him a big canopied swing for the deck. He's wanted one for years. Dad and Ellis put it together Saturday night, so I'm guessing that he tried to have a "Man to Man" talk with Ellis while they were out there and that's what caused Dad to get so upset. You can't have a "Man to Man" talk with Ellis when Ellis isn't a "man". He's a selfish child who thinks he's a man. Anyhoo... the family will get together tonight for Strawberry Shortcake. That's about all for now... I need to get some work done this morning before the mailman comes. Have a great Monday!

Sunday, April 13

Isn't it amazing, how one of the most important people in your life can say just a few words to you and can make you feel like a complete piece of shit? I went upstairs a few minutes ago to ask my parents if I could borrow a car tomorrow (and the next few days probably), and my Dad blew up at me. He said he "wished I had consulted him before leaving my car somewhere and putting them all in a bind." Thanks Dad. I had no choice but to leave my car, because I shouldn't be driving it. Then he said he and Mom were planning on going to Salt Lake tomorrow to celebrate his birthday, but now since I needed a car, they couldn't do it. Despite them having TWO cars and only needing ONE to go to Salt Lake. Then Dad left the room, and Mom told me not to take it personally, he's had a bug up his butt all day long and she's been the one he's been crappy to, now I've joined the ranks too. It made her feel a little better knowing it wasn't "just her." I hate having to even ask for help, to inconvenience anyone. Mom said I could take her Blazer, and that they would make do. I feel so damn guilty now, because of what Dad said, despite knowing he's in a "mood". I tried to call my brother, in hopes that maybe I could borrow my nephew's jeep he's trying to sell, maybe get some exposure for it to be sold, but he's not home from church yet. That way, no one is inconvenienced. My nephew has another car already so it might work out.
*hugs* and thanks for everyone's support yesterday! I feel so bad for my brother and his kids, but they are doing well considering all they've been through. My brother actually went out on his first date last month, which was good to hear. I had a pretty relaxing day yesterday for the most part. I went outside, washed my car and basked in the sunshine on the deck for a while. I came inside, took a nap, showered, then read a book for most of the evening. This morning, I took my car out to my friend Robin's house. Her husband Jerry offered to check it out to see if he could figure out what's wrong with it. He said he thinks its a compression problem, and he needed to go buy a new compression guage because his was broken. Hmmm... yeah, that made me feel guilty, but he said I gave him a good excuse to go buy a new toy! So, I left my car there, and he'll work on it the next few days and see if he can figure it out and get it fixed. Robin and Jerry are surely two wonderful people! So, now I've got to sort out a way to work for the next few days. Hopefully Mom and Dad will let me borrow one of theirs. I guess that's all for now... kinda in a blah mood today. I hope everyone is having a great Sunday!

Friday, April 11

The Breast Cancer Site is having trouble getting enough people to click on it daily to meet their quota of donating at least one free mammogram a day to an underprivileged woman. It takes less than a minute to go to their site & click on 'donating a mammogram' for free (pink window in the middle). This doesn't cost you a thing. Their corporate sponsors/advertisers use the number of daily visits to donate a mammogram in exchange for advertising. Here's the web site Click here Thanks to Kat for posting this information. Its so important to detect and get early treatment. Don't take life or your health for granted, its too precious. Tomorrow (April 12) will be the 4th anniversary of my sister-in-law Lisa's death. She had breast cancer, and it later spread to her brain fluid. She later died of complications of the cancer treatments. She left my brother and 4 children behind, despite fighting like hell to beat the cancer. To show my respect and love for Lisa, I'm not going to write tomorrow. I love you, Lisa. Rest in peace.
Its just like Christmas today!!!! I actually got a Christmas present from my good friends Jacky and Bob from England! LOL!! It was mailed in OCT 2002 and I just got it. To think of where it has been, and why it took so long to get here really makes your mind wonder. I've been getting my towels and magnets too from the exchanges that I participated in too, so much fun!!!! I've loved everything I've gotten. The ladies are so great! The sock exchange is coming up, so I'm excited for that. The gastro doc is pretty much at a loss of what to do with me, since I'm on the clinical trial meds for my Rheumatoid Arthritis, there's not a lot he can do. So, I need to talk to my RA doc on Wednesday and tell him we need to get tough with the uclerative colitis. There's got to be something that they can do, even if it means taking me off the clinical trial and going on Remacade. I gotta do something, I'm tired of living like this. The gastro doc is starting to get really worried about my weight loss, since I'd lost a lot since they weighed me last. The nurse said "whoa!" LOL!! I've got it to lose, but its not a very healthy way to lose it. I'd rather get feeling better, get my energy back, and work out again and get it off that way. Working out is such a good stress reliever for me too. My iron IV went OK, Dr. M took more blood. He's concerned that the levels of iron aren't coming up quite as fast as they should, which he thinks is due to the UC, but wants to make sure. So, I'll go back again next Friday for the results and more iron. I came home after my appts and picked Mom up, then we went to lunch. We decided to try Blimpies and I had a roasted Club Sandwich (with just meat and cheese - can't have the raw vegies cuz of my stomach, grrr). It was really yummy, but I could only eat half of it. So, now I've got dinner too! We hit the Wal-Mart, the pharmacy, then went to get Mom's hair cut. It is absolutely gorgeous outside so me thinks I'll go out and enjoy it. Take a book out on the deck and bask in the sun for a little while! AHHH! Spring!
Good Morning! Its FRIDAY! Woohoo!! I'm on a tight schedule this morning, I have just a few minutes before I gotta get my ass in the shower and head off to two doc appointments. I did all of my cleaning last night except the vacuuming so I'll do that when I get home later. In the mean time... here's some entertainment! Cracks found on a Navy Helicopter.
Join the Red Cross... I know I want to!
Have a great day!!!

Thursday, April 10

Good Morning! I'm soooooooooo glad its Thursday!!! Its MY Friday! 3 for Thursday questions are up, go play if you'd like. My answers are on my Meme page. I'm feeling a lot less stressed today. My car was still a pain, but its not getting any worse, so that's a good sign I think! I talked to my brother too, and he said I really needed to use up the whole tank of gas so all the injector cleaner would go through (makes sense, huh! LOL!). He said I needed to take it on a drive to Salt Lake or somewhere on the freeway to keep up the high RPMs. I'm still going to have Robin's hubby look at it though if he's willing this weekend. I had some yummy naughty dreams last night that woke me up in the middle of the night. Oh boy... I like to day dream about those naughty dreams! LOL!! Maybe that's why I'm in such a good mood today. *snicker*

Wednesday, April 9

What a long day! I'm beat... the good news is, I made it to work, ran a couple of errands, and home again without my car leaving me at the side of the road. Its still acting up. I was talking to my friend Robin about it, and she said she'd ask her hubby to take a look at it this weekend. He works on cars all the time, so hopefully he'll be able to figure out what's going on. The mechanic yesterday said that everything looked good up to the point where his computer didn't trace things any more, which is the modules and the fuel injectors. *sigh* Who knows... my brain is dead and I'm exhausted from being stressed about it. I got me a new paper shredder at work. NEW TOY! It shreds to confetti! The confetti can be used for evil purposes, and would be so hard to clean up! So people in my office better be nice or they may find their cubicals decorated with some confetti!. tee hee Good night!
I went to pick up my car yesterday afternoon, the tune up and the motor mounts being replaced cost me $350. Lovely. Then I get in it, start it up, start driving and it starts shaking and running rough - same frickin' thing it was in there to get FIXED for, but was actually not quite as bad. I got out of my car and went back inside and told them it was STILL doing it. The mechanic took it for a test run and came back and said "You're right." DUH. So, he hooked it up the the computer and couldn't find anything. BUT he said there were two things his computer didn't check for. Fuel injectors and the modules. Great. Now, I had a module replaced about 18 months ago and those babies aren't cheap. But it wasn't really acting quite the same, and the mechanic thought its most likely the fuel injectors. So he said to go get gas and buy some injector cleaner. So, I did. They said to drive it for a couple of days (ARRRGGHHH) and hopefully that would take care of the problem, if not... take it to yet another mechanic and have it looked at. I was so nervous driving to work this morning, but I made it. It runs smooth, then rough, smooth, then rough. Some places I had it floored to even keep up to speed on the freeway. I'll see how the rest of the day and tomorrow goes. I think I will call my buddy Bri though, and ask him what he thinks. I'm quite pissed about having to spend $350 already, money I really don't have. But, it was about due for a tune up, and the motor mounts did need to be replaced, so... what do ya do? I need to win the PCH sweepstakes is what I need to do. My nephew Travis stopped over last night to show me his new toy. My sis Susie was there too, she dropped over for a few minutes. Travis bought him a motorcycle. Brand new. Its a Kawasaki something that starts with a V. Such a beautiful bike, crome and black! After he learns how to drive it properly, he'll take me for a ride on it. Weeee! Well, I best get to work. Hopefully I'll have time to stop in and say howdy, if I get a break. Have a great day!

Tuesday, April 8

Swiped this from Jen You are a Priestess!

Take the "How Do You Use Magic?" test! Written by Brimo
Good morning! One day of the week down. Nothing to bitch about this morning, tee hee. My sandwich was left alone, and I can't wait to eat it for lunch. Homemade wheat bread, homemade pear jam, and peanut butter. Mmmm. Been craving it for 2 days now! I do have lots to do this morning, and if I can get it done, I may be able to take a break and do some blog hopping! Have a great day everyone!

Monday, April 7

I came home, and talked to Mom about the sandwich. She said it would have had to been Kathy, because Ellis doesn't like peanut butter. So... in my mind that makes it worse, because Kathy was raised in this house - and almost 40 years old, I might add - and was taught better. Mom saw the note and empty sandwich bag and left it on the counter for Kathy to see. Kathy didn't say anything to Mom and she's not home for me to bitch out. Not that I should really start bitching her out because after all she's put my parents through, I won't be able to stop. Out of respect for my parents, I won't. If Kathy does happen to say anything to me, I will tell her she owes me $5 for the lunch I had to buy today, and to follow this rule: "if you don't make it, don't eat it." Simple enough rule even for her to understand. I think she's a chicken shit and won't say anything to me, and I'd rather not see her face. I DO love the ideas you guys gave me in my comments though! LOL! Hot pepper flakes/cayenne pepper will be perfect! tee hee Maybe... hmmm... maybe I'll put that in something else that I cook and set it in the fridge as a trap. PERFECT! Bwaahhahhahahaha I'll wait a week or so before I do it so it will come as a surprise. I did make myself another sandwich for tomorrow, but I labeled it. "This belongs to Karen. Make your own." Anyhoo... today was a pretty good day once I calmed down, those Xanax work wonders. *snicker* I got a lot done, but still not all the way done with my internal financials balancing. I kept getting side tracked with other stuff that needed to be done. Maybe tomorrow will be quieter. My car won't be finished until tomorrow. I talked to them this morning and they said, "We checked the one spark plug out and it was still tight, so took it for a test run and it ran great!" RIGHT and a monkey just flew out of my butt! I told them to go a head with the tune up and they're replacing the motor mounts which are wearing. It ran awful for my Dad taking it in so its not just acting up for me. I hope everyone had a great day - and I'll be around to visit soon!
I am absolutely livid right now. I am getting so sick and tired of the f*cking pigs that call themselves my sister Kathy and her asshole husband Ellis. Last night, I made myself a peanut butter sandwich with Mom's homemade pear jam on it for lunch today. I left it sitting on the counter in a sandwich bag. Now, you'd think that it would be safe. But it wasn't. I found the empty bag sitting on the counter this morning. Who would want to eat a sandwich not knowing who made it, what kind it was, and for what reason it was made for?? How big of an idiot would one have to be? Do they seriously think that someone would be nice enough to make them a sandwich and set it out for them to eat? Well, I guess I just answered my own questions. Kathy and/or Ellis. I know its only a sandwich - but combined with the long line of crap and all the other stuff they pull, I have HAD IT. I left a big note, written in marker sitting with the empty bag "WHO ATE MY SANDWICH??? THANK YOU SO MUCH." I think I'm done venting now... thanks for listening. Now I'm going to try and concentrate on having a good day.

Sunday, April 6

Car that might be up for sale soon! I took this pic last weekend, just after I'd washed it by hand for the first time this year. One of my fav things to do.
I'm so frustrated and worried about my car. I hate not knowing what could be wrong or how to fix it... feel helpless. Its only got 149,000 miles on it, and I was hoping it would get to at least 175,000 before I had to replace it. *whimper* Not much planned today. Its too cold outside to do anything, we're expecting snow and it looks like its starting to move in on the mountains now. I may just stay in my PJs all day long! Ahhh! I will shower, but then get into a fresh pair of jammies. Doesn't that sound like a good plan?

Saturday, April 5

Nothing much to write about today, I guess I'm sorta in a blah mood. I did enjoy catching up with everyone last night and this morning. I chatted with Connie and Cin for a while this morning, they're so funny, then I took a 2 hour nap this afternoon. Lazy day...

Friday, April 4

Mom and I had a good day today. We went to IHOP for lunch cuz I was craving breakfast (we didn't go to the restaurant where my sis works - who have the BEST breakfasts because we were on the other end of town). Kane - I want you to know that I behaved and didn't have that stuffed french toast that you mentioned one day, the stuff that I've been fantasizing about ever since you mentioned it. It looked incredible, but with my diet restrictions, cream cheese is a no-no (yes, that means no more cheese cake for me *wimper*). Anyway, I had some hashbrowns, an egg and a pancake which was pretty good, but not as good as my sis makes though. Then we headed off to run the errands. We stopped off at Rite Aid Pharmacy to pick up an RX and saw a sign by some CD-R's, (a spindle of 40, 70 MB) that said 4.99. Too good to be true? Yup. Covering part of the actual dollar amount of $14.99 was a rebate coupon for $5. LOL! Still a good deal, but I was so disappointed when I saw that 1. My heart just sank. They were out of my RX so they had to go to another store to get it, so I told them I'd come back later. When I went to go back to the pharmacy a little while ago, I jumped in my car (we had taken Dad's car earlier), and Grrrrr. Its doing the same thing it was doing Thursday. Loose spark plug, my ass. So I took it back to the mechanic and he tells me that it probably needs a tune up and it would cost $100-150. Sigh. So, its scheduled for Monday. I HOPE that's all it needs, because I sure can't afford any more than that. At this moment I am so wishing I could go out and just get a new car but I just can't afford it. Once I get feeling better and my health is under control, I will probably have to see about getting a second job then I could probably work out getting another car, even a good used one to buy me some time. I hate money troubles! Life would be so much simpler if we didn't have to worry about money. Things could be worse though, so I shall be grateful for what I have.
Happy Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm trying to get my ass moving this morning, I need to get my cleaning done... still, here I sit. Technically I'm still eating my breakfast so I suppose I can stay for a bit longer. I've got a lot to do today, I have to go get my weekly iron IV at the doc, then run some errands. Nothing exciting... I'll see if Mom wants to go to lunch again and run the errrands with me. Have a great day!

Thursday, April 3

My Dad called me at work this afternoon to tell me about my car. He said "Karen, your car has major problems and its going to cost you a lot." I gasp! Then he said, "Its gonna cost you $25, it was a loose spark plug." He was laughing by then, and then got me laughing. What a brat! Anyway, the mechanic said the my engine mounts are starting to wear so I'll need to replace those soon. I need to check into it and see how much that will cost me. I'm soooo relieved - thank you to everyone's good thoughts, they worked! I was so glad to get out of work today, my week is over. YAY! The financials really kicked my butt this week. I've got them sorted for the most part now, but still have to do my double-check balancing next week. Hopefully after I get that done, things will ease up some and I'll have a chance to take a break once in a while. I got my tickets for Boston on the 21st of April! So I'm set! I e-mailed Dave and told him that I was going with him and Les instead of Debi and he said I needed to pass a test first. 1. Go to a specific restaurant, 2. See at least one movie, and 3. Go see where the Revolutionary War started. He said if I said "yes" to all 3 then I passed. So, I passed. Its cool that he and Les are taking me under their wing while I'm out there. I'm soooooo excited to see Colin and hopefully his wife, the Lovely D while I'm out there. Weeee!!! Lunch for sure, and maybe an early dinner. I'll be able to spend more time on my trip out in May, when I'm flying in over the weekend.
My car was acting funny this morning, so I made it a block and turned around and came home. Dad said it sounded like not all 6 cylinders were firing. Great. It started acting funny on the way home last night, but we hoped that it was because of the huge windy rain/snow storm we had and that I got a little water in the gas. Nope. Anyway, Dad let me take Mom's blazer to work today. He's going to call around this morning to see if he can get my car into a mechanic. I sure hope its nothing major, but when a car is almost 16 years old, one can expect things to go wrong now and then. Its been a good car and I've tried to take good care of it. Second thing - I got here, went straight to work on my financials and found the silly error within 5 minutes. When I say silly, I mean stupid, really stupid mistake on my part. I was so mad at myself, yet so relieved that I found it, all I oculd say was "well f*ck me". LOL! I even had my boss help me yesterday to figure out where the error was, I'm really not looking forward to telling him what it was. Maybe I'll just tell him "I found it, aren't I good?" and hope he doesn't ask what the mistake was! He may just laugh. It was probably a good thing for him to go through the financials yesterday anyway, just for a sanity check once in a while. Which we all know - I could use. tee hee Have a great day everyone. Go play 3 for Thursday if you're so inclined. My answers are here.

Wednesday, April 2

Holy shit, what a day. I spent the majority of the day trying to figure out an error in my financials. I'm totally brain dead. I still haven't found where it is exactly, but its my goof and its driving me bonkers. Its not in the labor category - where I thought it may be most of the day - for damn sure, so its got to be in the travel expenses. So, first thing in the morning, I'll get cracking at it again. Hopefully I'll find it fast and get on with the rest of the financial work. I was asked to go to Boston again, to help out with a workshop the week of April 21! YAY! I'm so excited. I'm going with Dave and Les, a couple of really fun guys from work. I'm all set for my hotel, and my flights will be booked tomorrow. Non-stop flights I might add! Another day of not getting around to visit anyone - I hate that. It's not right when work interferes with my fun.
Its gonna be another crazy day... the list of things to do has filled up all the lines in my planner. UGH. Financials day too, to top it off. I'll just take one thing at a time and breathe in and out. tee hee That Michael guy responded to my e-mail. He said he wished he could have spoken to me on the phone again "because I had a lovely voice and he would like a bit more information and would l like to discuss it." I explained (like I did from the beginning) that I'm not a technical person and its best to e-mail the specifics to me so I can ask our experts - so nothing gets lost in the translation. So, he wrote back telling me what he needed - then I sent him the info back, and he e-mailed me again saying he still wants to talk to me more. I finally told him that I'd have one of our experts contact him for further information, because it would be easier. I've passed him off, so hopefully he won't bug me any more! There really isn't any more info we can give him anyway without detailed consulting - which will cost him! I heard one of my old favorite songs from the 80's this morning - "Gonna Harden My Heart" by Quarterflash. Anyone remember them? I need to find the CD with that song on it. My sis had the record and we just loved the whole thing. I hope there is a CD of it, I can't get the song out of my head now. I *really* have to get to work now. You all enjoy the Hump Day!!!

Tuesday, April 1

OK, so that "Michael Hunt" thing was for real. The guy did indeed call Nichole for my number. He left me two voice mails yesterday afternoon after I'd gone home. The first message was to say "thank you" for the info I sent him, and then he asked that I call him this afternoon to "talk". Then the second was in response to the e-mail I'd sent him telling him that Nicole was sorry she disconnected him when trying to transfer the call. He said that "he's looking forward to hearing from me." Does this man NOT realize that this is business and not personal? Uuueeerrrghh. Right - I'm going to call him! WTF?! I'm going to e-mail him and ask if he needs more information than we provided - but that is it.
I made it to work, looked at my "things to do" list and I think I wanna crawl in a hole and make it go away. But it won't go away, it will just pile up so I'll buck up and get things done. I went to Kinko's yesterday, dropped off some workshop materials to copied, and now Greg decides he has another section to add and writes me a note that it needs to be taken to Kinko's. My a&& is does. I don't have time to run to Kinko's today! Grrrr. Either he can take it, or we'll make 14 copies here. It will probably be faster for me to make the copies here than run to Kinko's for that many. Sheesh! Enough whinging... I just got my preliminary itinerary from travel on my Boston trip! W00T!!!! I'm soooo excited!! OK... off to work! Enjoy your day!!!!!!!