Monday, December 16

Made it to Salt Lake and my class this morning without snow - YAY! Class has been pretty good today, learning some new tricks about Word now. There's only 8 students in the class and everyone is pretty much up-to-speed and no one holding the class back so its rolling along. Just got back from lunch, I grabbed a sandwich and ate it in the car while reading my book. Then I got too cold so I decided to come in and play on the computer a bit. The wind is starting to whip up - looks like the storm they predicted is on its way in, just a day late. My left shoulder, wrist and hip are bothering me today - the shoulder and wrist are the worst... shoulder feels like its flaring, but I'm trying to baby it. So, that's about it... nothing too exciting happening. I'll go blog-hop now with the rest of my lunch hour. Hope everyone is surviving their Mondays!