Sunday, December 22

Thanks for all your comments on my post last night!! I shall not let that bitch ruin my Christmas. If she even tries to eat any more of the things I made, I'll make like the Soup Nazi (from Seinfeld) and say "No pops for you!" or "No mix for you!" LOL! One good thing about me getting so pissed last night is that my blood pressure went up to a nice healthy level! Just gotta look on the bright side of things... No end in sight of when Kathy and her asshole husband will be moving out. Neither one is looking for work. Kathy is trying to get disability (for bipolar and narcolepsy) and Ellis is finally getting the unemployment that he believes was "owed" to him for getting fired from Wal-Mart for beating up a customer. Yeah, its owed to him all right. Charges were dropped, and Wal-Mart has offered his job back, but he's not budging. Slimeball. People like him infuriate me. They can work but won't. He doesn't even care about his wife and child to support. He and Kathy are both so selfish and I feel so bad for Elyssa (their baby). I know they're not really happy here, but aren't really making any moves to leave. Why would they really though, Mom and Dad are chief babysitters and Mom cleans up after them. Its too hard on both my parents - and its wearing on them. Mom speaks up when she gets fed up, then she becomes the bad guy. Dad won't do anything, which I don't understand. He's tried to talk to Ellis about getting a job but he won't listen. If I were my Dad, I'd tell them to "shape up or ship out" like he told us kids growing up! OK, enough bitching... on to some Christmas pics!!!! I took some pics of the decorations around the house last night. All images are clickable. This is the outside of the house
This is the Christmas tree upstairs. It takes my Mom over 2 days to set up all her decorations upstairs - they're everywhere! LOL! She's very festive. I crocheted the Angel on top of the tree.
Mom's Christmas Village
My decorations in the basement where I live. This is the ceramic manger scene that I made a few years ago:
Here is my little fiber optic tree and lots of decoration. The ceramics are ones I made as well:
Here is a ceramic tree that my Mom and I made for my Grandma years ago... when she passed away, we got it back. This is in my bedroom and I've surrounded it with my Saraphin Angel Collection.