Saturday, December 21

My Christmas spirit has just gone right out the window. I'm so fucking pissed off at my sister Kathy I could scream! I spent the better part of the day today - feeling like SHIT - getting all my baking done. Kathy doesn't do shit around this house yet seems to think she has the right to get into what ever she wants and eats it. I made 10 batches of the corn pops and 4 batches of the Chex Mix. All the while I was making this, Kathy kept coming into the kitchen and sneaking some of what I was making. She kept saying, "This is so good. You better hide it from me." Yeah, no shit I better hide it from her! I asked her to please stay out of it - it was for Christmas! I bagged up some of each to give to by two brothers and other sister as part of my gift to them and their families. They're boxed up and safe. (at least they better be!) I had a huge bowl of each left over, which was for Christmas as well as New Year's so we'd have snacks around. I had these two bowls out in the garage. I just went upstairs and there was Kathy - with the big bowl of corn pops in the kitchen, eating some and feeding them to her baby. I just about shit when I saw that half that big bowl was GONE. I grabbed the bowl, put the lid back on, glaring at her while doing it. She had the nerve to tell me how much they were enjoying it. I said "Well, gosh, thanks. I'm glad that I could spend the better part of the day doing this so you could enjoy it. Now we're going to be short for Xmas." THEN she said "Oh, I could go to the store and buy more stuff..." I didn't even respond to that. I was too furious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I took the corn pops outside, only to find that almost half of the chex mix was also gone. How the fuck can anyone eat THAT much junk in just 5 hours?! GRRRRRRRRRRRRR I'm sure that asshole husband of hers helped eat all of it, which pisses me off even more. The lazy, ignorant bastard. I came back in the house, grabbed my car keys and put both bowls safely in the trunk of my car.