Tuesday, December 17

OHHHH! I'm nearly dead... tired... I had such a crazy day, but very productive. I guess the idea behind being so busy is that I'm very motivated to get things done. I still have a lot to do this week, and Shanae is being a doll and helping me with the database and that helps me a ton. I'm waiting for a HUGE slide presentation for a workshop as well as all the appendices and exercises so I can check the formatting and make it look consistent. I was supposed to have them first thing this morning, but that didn't happen - but I won't tell the people I'm waiting on that I was too busy to work on it today anyway... SO they promised tomorrow morning for sure - and showed me where the files were on the network so I could start on the appendices and exercises. I have to hand them off to Debi by Thursday afternoon, that's my goal anyway, we'll see if it happens. Drop dead date is Monday. So not exciting... too busy to get into any trouble even. I did break away to have lunch with a couple of old friends which was nice, we exchanged prezzies and I had my favorite - cheese enchiladas... cha, cha, cha. It snowed most of the day, but didn't really "stick" just enough to make the roads scary in some places. As I got home, it was really coming down and is NOW sticking. Tomorrow morning should be fun if this keeps up - but... we need the moisture AND the snow for a white Christmas. Tomorrow will be another crazy day. I have a doctor's appt (for the clinical trial I'm on), another Xmas party at lunch, a meeting right after lunch, then try and get work done between all of it! LOL! Good thing I go in at 5am so I can get some work done before I go to the doctor. I haven't even been able to visit ONE blog today! I'm so bummed! I will take a few mins now and go visit, so if I don't get to you - I'm sorry! I will catch up later - I promise!