Tuesday, December 31

I made it to work! Had a yucky night, but I'm feeling a bit better this morning. Snow really started coming down as I left the house, in some spots was "white out" conditions which was pretty scary with the wind blowing the snow every which way. Yet most people still drove like it was a spring rain storm. Pisses me off! It looked like it had started out raining, but any person knows with a bit of common sense AND winter driving experience that the roads can turn to ice in a blink. The temperature dropped about 4 degrees in less than a minute. Duh, people! Slow down! One guy was riding my ass which made it harder to see the road - there were two other lanes he could have passed me, that is what really irked me. I was in the far right lane not the passing lane. He finally went around me - I was following 2 other cars and we were all doing about the same speed, nice and steady, just like everyone else should have done. One day they'll learn - and I hope its not at the expense of their life or someone elses. So far its pretty quiet here at work - YAY! I've got plans to go to lunch with my good friend Cindy who's back to work. I've got to call her this morning to see if we're still on. Not much planned tonight - going out to dinner then back home to veg! Typical New Year's Eve for me... sigh. Now if I only had a very sexy guy to cuddle up with... *snicker* Maybe next year... What is everyone else doing tonight??