Saturday, May 31

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Bewitched marathon on TV Land this weekend! tee hee It takes so little to entertain and keep me happy. They say only getting up to 75-80 today?! Its 7:30am now and already 63 and not a cloud in the sky. I sure hope it doesn't go up into the 90's. We need a break from the heat and its not even June yet. Close, but not yet. Where has this year gone?! I can't believe half the year is almost gone. Well... I guess I'm full of intelligent things to say today, aren't I?! LOL!! I'll be back when I have something to talk about... which may be next week at the rate I'm going! LOL! Have a good day everyone!

Friday, May 30

Busy day! Nothing too exciting... I cleaned, went to lunch with Mom then ran errands, then came home and worked my 1.5 hours. Its amazing how much I can get done here at home vs. work with all the interruptions. I've got my monthly status report done and ready for my boss to review it on Monday. I actually have a class in Salt Lake on Monday, Word 2000 Level 3 (sounds fun, huh??) but I will go in to the office before to do a few things before I go. Aren't I just dedicated? tee hee My Mom forgot to tell me that my sister-in-law Patti's x-husband died this past Sunday!!! She's got 4 kids by him (GREAT kids) and I love them to bits. He's been ill for the past year, due to diabetes and not taking care of himself for years. I thought it was strange that none of the kids came over for dinner on Memorial Day! The small funeral was this morning but we didn't go - even though I wanted to be there for the kids. I feel bad for their loss, but in another way I'm glad he's out of Patti's life now, he was really rotten to her. In my opinion, my brother is the best thing that ever happened to Patti and Patti is by far the best thing that ever happened to my brother. They've been together for nearly 11 years and have really blended into a great family - 6 kids in all. Anyhoo... I'm off to visit everyone! Finally!! :-D

Thursday, May 29

YAY the day is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a good day and I got a lot done. I have 1.5 hours left of my 40 to work though, so my boss said it was OK to bring the financials home with me and work on my reports here for that long... I'll do that tomorrow. Right in the middle of the day, a last minute meeting was called at our main local office about some ISO 9001 compliance/certifictation thang my company is doing. So that did throw a bit of a curve into my day but oh well, I got paid to sit there and try to stay awake. There has been some staff turn-over at the main office. My good friend Cindy doesn't work there any more and I'm so sad about that I can't even say but she's still my friend no matter where she works. Anyway... this woman named "N" who has pretty much taken over things for two offices (merging into one soon). I have been warned that she's a trouble maker, likes to stick her nose into where it doesn't belong and is a major control freak. I really try to make my own judgements when it comes to people, but she makes me nervous, could be the 6th sense kicking in. Even when talking to her on the phone Tuesday and yesterday she started stepping on my toes. Like I needed my hand held or something. I hate to break it to her but I've been with the company for over 8 years and know my job and do my job. MY BOSS is my boss, not her. There may be some trouble there, and I know Tim won't stand for any of N's crap. Today after the meeting, N said something that really bothered me. I hadn't even met the woman and she comes up to me and tells me she lives about 2 blocks from me from me. Here's my question. What the f*ck is she doing getting in MY personal file and seeing where I live?! Maybe it had something to do with some HR stuff since my yearly review is due soon and she noticed my home address - I HOPE that's all it was. I was really taken aback and didn't know what to say other than "Oh really? Small world." My boss was standing right there and heard it, and I thought about telling him on the way back to our office that it bothered me, but then I thought maybe I'm just being a ninny. I'm going to take a cool shower and relax for the night. It reached 100 again today UGH and I'm feeling oogy. I'm really too tired now to even sit here and blog hop - so that shows how tired I am... I'll catch up with everyone tomorrow. Toodles!
This movie clip is an absolute riot! Goofy Cats I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes!
I'm soooooo glad today is my Friday! Woohoo! I actually managed to get some decent sleep last night which felt good, but I actually cheated and took a Xanax and watched one of my tapes of Brady Bunch tee hee. I love that show, but it does put me to sleep (usually). Me has lots of things to do today but I think I should be able to get it done if I don't find any major errors in the financials. I got a call from my doc's office last night about some blood tests I had done on Tuesday. I have to go in for more this afternoon. My iron levels are staying in the same range (still low) but my inflammation rate is off the charts. 1 month ago, it was at an 11 (which is extremely high) then 2 weeks later it dropped to a 6 which is good. Now its up to 25. I about shit. So they want to find out why its so high. My joints are feeling pretty good, so its most likely my stomach. Sigh. In the famous words of my friend Sandi, "It will get better." I've got good doctors and am in good hands. So I'll stop in for the other blood tests on my way home tonight and should get the results back by early next week. 3 for Thursday is up if you'd like to play along! My answers are on my Meme site. Enjoy your Thrusday!!! I will be around to visit you tonight and tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 28

Phew its HOT outside!!! 100 degrees. I about died when I saw that. It sure feels like it. I will be taking a nice COOL shower shortly then heading to bed early to see if I can catch up on some sleep. I really don't feel all that tired for being up so early this morning, or at least it hasn't caught up with me yet. I really kicked ass as far as getting stuff done today. I still have a lot to do on my financials but hopefully they'll balance OK in the morning. I can't believe this week is almost over, it has really gone by fast. Holiday weeks usually don't seem to go this fast for me. I had a great lunch with Robin today. She's such a special friend and so good to me. I'm going to have lunch tomorrow with another friend, Sheri who's a sweetheart... one place we always have to go is Fiesta Guadalajara but I will behave and not have any chips and salsa, BUT I will still be able to have my cha-cha-cha cheese enchiladas. I hope everyone had a great day!
I'm completely nuts. I couldn't sleep so I decided to come into work an hour early. My mind would not shut up, and my stomach was giving me fits so I just said screw it, and got up. 4am. I'm here at 4am. I've got so much to do though so this gives me an hour of extra quiet to get some of it done. So... here I go! Happy Hump Day!!!

Tuesday, May 27

What a day - I'm pooped! I managed to get quite a bit done, and wasn't stressing out about getting it all done. Its still going to be one busy week though. I've got a ton of customer service stuff to do tomorrow as well as my financials, but one thing at a time. I'm planning on having lunch with my friend Robin and am looking forward to seeing her and catching up. See... I do have my priorities straight, I'm not letting the work interfere with play time. We're having a heat wave here in Utah, its jumped from cool temps to hot and I'm not adjusting very well. Its almost 90 right now. UGH. Hot, hot, hot. I know we don't have the humidity that some places have and I am thankful for that fact. Keep cool - I'm gonna go a blog-hopping!
Boston Pictures! This is the Duck (bus/boat) that Colin, D and I took for our Duck Tour.
This is our Captain/Tour Guide Major Tom Foolery. He was such a "Quack Up".
This is me, taken from the Observation Deck in the Prudential Building with Boston in the background.
Colin at Dick's Last Resort as the "Big Pig"
Well, that is all for now. Today is my first day in the office in a long time and I've got a zillion things to do! I hope everyone has a great day!!

Monday, May 26

Happy Memorial Day! Well, I've spent the majority of the morning going through my pics from Boston and printing the good ones. I do have about 4-5 fav pics that I will post tomorrow after my good bud Colin puts them on the server. We had such a great time. I had a pretty good day yesterday, I got lots of rest and just puttered about. We're having a small family BBQ this afternoon. My Dad is making his famous Dutch Oven potatoes. OH BOY! Sliced potatoes, bacon, and cheese in the dutch oven. Mmmm nothing like it. We're also having hamburgers, baked beans, etc., The potatoes will be my meal though and that's OK with me. Mmmm Mmmm can hardly wait! Nothing much else planned for today besides helping Mom get dinner ready, to be a bum and play in the sunshine a bit. I hope everyone has a great day!

Sunday, May 25

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Yesterday turned out to be a really good day. Mom, Dad and I went to the local cemetary first to late sis-in-law Lisa's grave and put some pretty bright yellow flowers, then we headed for Salt Lake, stopping off for lunch along the way. Dad called his twin sister to let her know we were in Salt Lake, and her and her husband came out to my Grandparent's graves to meet us for a visit. My Aunt Joanie is so cute, such a sweet lady that reminds me so much of my Grandma. Then we headed to the hospital to see my bro J Dee. Poor guy. He's doing really well though, considering how long he was in surgery and all they did to him. He was really anxious to just get home, and as we were leaving, the doctor said he could go home! Its going to be a long and tough recovery time though, I think he's going to be a difficult patient. tee hee He can't twist, bend or lift anything for 3 months. UGH. Its gonna drive him nuts, he's the type that is always on the go. I want to go out and wash my car and play in the sunshine if we have some to play in today... fingers crossed! Have a great day!

Saturday, May 24

I'm going to spend the day with my parents today. We're going to Salt Lake, mainly to see my brother who is in hospital down there (back surgery) then we're going to the cemetary where my Dad's parents are burried to put flowers on their graves. I'm looking forward to spending time with Mom and Dad today, away from the daily things. The weather is supposed to be absolutely gorgeous again so it should be a nice day all around. Its funny, as I was sitting here writing this post, thinking of my parents and how wonderful they are. It amazes me how fortunate I am to have been brought into this world and raised by such incredible people. Just when I think I love them more than I could, I realize I love them even more than just a minute ago. Have a great Saturday everyone!!!

Friday, May 23

I'm baack! I'm so glad to be home, I can't even tell you! I got home really late last night. I've had one crazy day today, getting settled back in, laundry, cleaning, running errands, etc. I'm exhausted and its not even 7pm! Yesterday was crazy, trying to finish the workshop early. We had a 5:45pm flight we had to catch from Boston to Salt Lake. So, we knew we had to be out on the road no later than 3:00 and even that was pushing it. We left Hanscom AFB at 2:45pm and was told to take 95 when we probably would have been better taking the Mass Pike. We cruised along at a pretty good pace until we reached Boston, then it took us 1.5 hours to go less than 5 miles. We got to the airport 1 hour before our flight. Luckily, my boss the Timster is a Delta Medalion member and since Larry and I we able to check in with him, and we breezed through security. The terminal we left from had a small security station, which is SMART. Thank you Logan airport for finally getting smart and splitting security up into smaller sections. So, we made the plane. Whew. I'd ordered a bland meal ahead of time, and guess what they gave me?! Spaghetti and meatballs, salad, fresh fruit, and a plain rice cake for dessert! The only thing I could eat was the rice cake. LOL!! Lesson learned: call Delta and have them explain before hand which special meals mean what. Because I don't get how spaghetti and meatballs can be blander than the chicken everyone else had. So, I had a rice cake, and the stewardess gave me a small roll too. She felt really bad, and really tried to accomodate me which was really sweet. I did have a breakfast bar with me too, so I didn't starve. When it came time for snacks, she gave me 3 bags of pretzels because I could eat those! The movie on the plane was "About Schmidt" and I fell asleep so I can't say how it turned out. I was just so tired, I don't think it had to do anything with the movie. Hmmm... me thinks I'm yammering on about nothing so I'm going to go watch some TV and splatter for the night. I have missed everyone so much and WILL catch up with all of you this weekend.

Wednesday, May 21

Don't you just hate those kind of nights when you can't sleep worth shit?! Here it is, 5am and I can't sleep. So I've at least got 30 mins to goof off before I need to get ready for my day. The workshop is going really well, there are a lot of good people attending and I'm learning somethings about project management that I can apply to my job as well. Larry, Timster, two other guys that are here from our office too (on different business), and I all went out to dinner last night to a little Italian restaurant in Bedford. Louigis' I believe the name was, just a small place but really good. I had some yummy cheese ravioli. Then I came back to the hotel, checked e-mail, took about a 30 min bubble bath and then watched the movie Enough. Such a good movie, better than I thought it would be. Tonight is the last night here in Boston, I'm kinda sad to be going, but then again I'll be so happy to get home late tomorrow night. Have a great day everyone!

Monday, May 19

I just had the best day with Colin and his wife, the Lovely D! They picked me up this morning at my hotel, we drove into Boston and then took a Boston Duck Tour. You should see the Duck! Its actually both a bus and a boat! It was the funnest thing! I do have pictures but will have to wait until I get home this weekend to get them off my digital cam and have Colin put them on the server. The tour guide was great, so lively and had a lot of cool stuff to tell us about history of Boston as well as the Charles River. If you come to Boston, you gotta take the Duck Tour. It was the funnest tour I've ever been on. After the tour, we went to lunch at Dicks Last Resort. Dicks is a lively place with rude waitresses/waiters. Colin ordered some sort of a pig (pork) sandwich and he kept eating D's onion rings so the waitress made a paper hat that he had to wear that said "big pig" . I've got a pic of that too that I'll post later. After lunch we went to the 50th floor of the Prudential Building Observation Deck and saw all of Boston. It was incredible. Such a gorgeous day and a beautiful city you could see for miles! I hope my pics turn out. It was such a fun day, and I can't begin to thank Colin and D for such a great day! They're two of the most wonderful and generous people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. Now, tomorrow is work time! My boss the Timster and the other workshop instructor Larry should be arriving shortly and we'll have a brief meeting to make sure all is set for tomorrow. In the mean time, I'm going to relax and I just ordered room service. I think they thought I was nuts for just ordering a baked potato! LOL! But... when you're on a restricted diet ya gotta behave. Oh - and I so misbehaved at lunch today... hope I'm not gonna pay for it, but I bet I will. ;-)

Sunday, May 18

What a weekend! Jeff met me at my hotel after he got off work Friday night. He was just what I expected, so sexy and just like I’d imagined him. We hit it off right away and both felt at ease with each other, but after talking for 2.5 years online I didn’t really expect to feel awkward. We went to get something to eat, then went back to the hotel and all I’ll say on that part of it is *snicker*. Although we hit it off, I knew that there was a huge chance that it wasn’t going to work out. The long distance really bothers him, as it does me. He wishes more than anything that I lived in Indiana, but it’s not in the stars. It takes two to really want to make things work, and he wants me there, but I can’t go out there and move on a whim, leaving behind all I know to “date” him. If I do ever fall head over heels I’d go just about anywhere. We said good-bye last night, after having a long talk. I’ve got the closure I need now and I can truly move on and not look back. I don’t regret any of my time with Jeff. Never will. The past 2.5 years, Jeff has helped me realize a lot and learn so much about myself, and what I want in my life and deserve in my life. I want it all and I’m not willing to settle for just anyone. So, this really isn’t the happy ending that I have always dream about and read in the romance novels. BUT this is a happy beginning. Things happen for a reason, I truly believe that. I have a chance now to really get out there and see who and what is around me. I need to spread my wings and fly and not hide out behind the computer any more. I’m still open to meeting someone online, because I do enjoy getting to know people that way, in some ways its easier. I’m just going to stick to finding someone in my area. Might be easier, huh? Here I am now, sitting in the Cincinnati airport killing time. This morning when I got to the airport, I was informed that my flight between Cincinnati and Boston (that would have left Cinc at 11:00 and then I’d get in to Boston at 1:15pm) was cancelled, and was rescheduled 2:55pm and it didn’t arrive until 5:08pm. I sure hope there’s not any delays. The really shitty news is that the plans with Colin and his lovely wife D have been blown which really sucks… but they shave something special planned for me tomorrow and I can’t wait. I’m looking forward to seeing them today too when they meet me at the airport. I’ll try and update and visit as much as I can during this week, but may not be able to because of the workshop I’ll be working at in Boston. I’ll be home late Thursday night and I’m sure I’ll be happy to get home, and hopefully my cat will forgive me for being gone again. ;-) Mom and Dad are taking good care of her, but I can’t believe how much I miss her. Funny how much our pets are like our kids, or at least in my case! LOL! I hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Friday, May 16

I woke up just a few minutes before my alarm *snicker* I wonder why... I wanted to thank everyone for their wishes and hopes for me!!!! It means so much! I'll update as often as I can, but will definitely write Sunday evening when I get to Boston. I hope everyone has a great day and a fantastic weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Thursday, May 15

36 hours as of right now before I meet Jeff. Big time count-down! I'm just jumping out of my skin. We talked for a while last night and we're both really looking forward to meeting. I don't think I'll be able to concentrate much on anything today. *snicker* I DO need to keep busy though and keep my mind on work, so I don't forget anything for the workshop next week in Boston, and then tonight on the personal packing to make sure I don't forget anything. So, for the next week I won't be blogging or visiting anyone often. I will write something on Sunday night after I get into Boston, I promise to let you all know how the Jeff meeting went. Boston will be a lot of fun too. I'm really looking forward to spending time with Colin and the lovely D. They've got lots of plans for me on Sunday afternoon and Monday but they're keeping things a surprise. 3 for Thursday questions are up if you'd like to go play. My answers are on my Meme site. Have a great day everyone!!!

Wednesday, May 14

Yes, I've had a lot of time on my hands today. ;-)
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Warm weather is here finally + problems with air conditioning in this building = need for the two fans under my desk to be turned on... getting quite the thrill. *snicker* The bldg maintenance guy told us when we moved in the bldg that there would be some *minor* adjustments and it would work fine. Well, he was wrong. The whole system has to be redone, new air ducts, air handlers, etc. This will take place in the next 90 days. Now, get this. They said "We want to get it done early in the year to make it easier on everyone." Hmmm... well, the next 90 days is the SUMMER, right? LOL! That isn't early, that's LATE. I'm so not looking forward to this. You'd think I'd be used to it, because in our old bldg, it took them 7 of the 8 years I worked there to get the system right. At least I had one half way cool summer. Oh, almost time to go home! YAY! I work until 1pm tomorrow, then go to the doc to get my Remacade treatment, run to the bank, then home to pack and get ready to go! Woohoo! I'm getting so excited, I'm just beyond words. Its probably a really good thing that I have to take Xanax to fly on a plane or I don't think I'd be able to contain myself for the flights on Friday! LOL!!!
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Happy Hump Day!!!! Today is going pretty well, I'm getting caught up on things, and just puttering along... nice not to have any stress today. I'm taking my friend Cindy out to lunch for her b-day (which is tomorrow) today and looking forward to it. Its been quite a while since we've gone to lunch, although I see her about once a week at our main office. It will be nice to visit and catch up. We're doing Mexican, and me of course will do the cheese enchiladas. Not having the chips and salsa will be a killer but I just have to behave. I'll have Cindy slap my hand if I even try to eat any salsa. 2 days to Jeff! He was supposed to call me last night, to get the details worked out, but fell asleep (so did I though!), so this morning he sent me an e-mail and told me he was sorry and that he'd make it up to me on Friday "wink wink". *snicker* Oh, damn... there go those butterflies again! We will talk tonight though for sure.

Tuesday, May 13

Just call me a tornado today. I got ALL the things done on my list to do, and even had a chance to shred some documents that I've needed to, a pile about 3 inches thick! After all the work and how busy I've been lately, me thinks I deserve a break so I'm taking one and will do some blog hopping. I hope everyone is enjoying their day!!

Monday, May 12

Whew! Monday is over... well as far as my work day it is! I finally got my balancing done! What a load off my mind. It took me pretty much all day to do, but its done. My friend Sandi is back from her vacation, its been about 3 weeks since I'd seen her between my travels and hers! We chatted and got caught up on things. She's such a wonderful friend and I've missed our daily chats. She's so incredibly supportive about everything in my life. I called my RA doc and told him about my cough and he put me on antibiotics. I just took the first dose, and they said they should kick in fast. I am feeling so much better today, as far as my energy level, looks like I just had a bad few days. No dizzy spells at all today. Well, not much else to say... I'm gonna get a couple things done then hit the hay. Oh, by the way... 4 days to Jeff! Woohoo! *snicker*
Well, here we are... Monday morning. My day isn't too bad so far and hopefully won't be a day from hell. I've got quite a bit to do, but nothing so stressful. I still have to finish my financials/hours balancing which is driving me nuts. Hopefully getting a fresh start on it today will make a difference. I'm wearing a new dress, which always helps the attitude. One of the dresses I'd ordered a while back finally came over the weekend and it fits really well. I got quite a bit of rest last night, and my cough wasn't too bad (didn't keep me awake anyway!) but now that I'm up moving around, its breaking up and starting to hurt. I'm not feeling quite as exhausted either. YAY. I'll still be a good girl and not over-do things today. J Dee told me all about his surgery last night, and all I can say is ouch. They're doing a new technique where most of the actual surgery is done from his stomach. That way most of the muscles in his back remain undisturbed. They're going to have to take bone from his hips to use as bone to fuse the disks together. The thought makes me cringe, poor guy! My other brother Bob and his 3 girls came over last night too... all I can say is I'm so glad I don't have teenage kids. The two teenagers (17 and 14) are little snots, but I still love them. The youngest, Morgan is 9 years old today. She's such a sweetie, I gave her the b-day prezzie she wanted (she requested some shower gel, lotion and shower scrunchie) and she was most pleased that she got it. A little later, J Dee's two sons Travis and Adam came over and I got lots of hugs before I headed off to bed. They're such great guys. Closest to sons I'll ever have. Well, I best get to work! Hope everyone has a great Monday!

Sunday, May 11

Today's dinner turned out really well. It was just Mom, Dad, Susie and I. Everything was delicious, even if I do say so myself! I shouldn't have eaten what I did, but what the hell... it sounded really good. I even had a small piece of keylime pie for dessert. Mom said she hadn't seen me eat that much in months and it was good to see. I'm gonna pay for every delicious bite, I'm telling ya. I've rested pretty much all afternoon, and am feeling a bit perkier. My cough is getting worse though, so first thing in the morning I'm calling the doc. They'll probably have to put me on antibiotics right away, since I have to be really careful with infections. I've got some hot Tang to drink which is a cure-all/pamering thing that makes me feel all warm inside. In a little while, my bro J Dee and sis-in-law Patti will be coming over and I'd like to see them. J Dee just found out he's got to have a disk in his lower back fused on May 21, I feel so bad about it. The disk is acting like a guillotine and is cutting off the nerve and he's in so much pain. He had some minor surgery on it a couple of months ago, to remove a cyst, and they were hoping it would buy him some time, but no such luck. Seems like we're all falling apart in my family! LOL!! We're too young! Anyhoo... I'm off to rest until they get here.
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Happy Mother's Day to my Mom and all Mothers!
I'm going to make dinner for my Mom today, its mostly prepared since I prepared as much as I could yesterday. About killed myself off, you wouldn't think that making sour cream augratin potatoes and some baked beans would wear me out so much, but it did. I about passed out a couple of times. Mom wasn't home so she doesn't know, and I don't want her to know because she'll only worry more and it will make her feel bad. She deserves this dinner and I want to do it for her. So, all I have to do this morning is make the rolls (I'm cheating - Rhodes frozen rolls!), and put the ham, and the potatoes and baked beans in the oven, set the table, and be done. Susie is coming over for dinner too. I think the rest of the siblings will stop over later on for pie and ice cream. In the back of my mind I'm really hoping that Kathy doesn't come out of her den of stinkiness and eat with us, but I think Mom would feel bad if she doesn't. I know it sounds selfish, but Kathy eats like a pig and I didn't go to all this trouble for her. I cannot stand the site of this woman, she totally and completely disgusts me, in her appearance as well as how she is and what she's become. I almost want to pity her. She and her husband think the world owes them, well, I got news for them. You have to give the world something before it owes you anything, and even at that if you think the world owes you something then you won't get it. OK - enough bitching about her. I don't want her to ruin my day any more than she already does. The stress she's creating is not good for me, or anyone. I worry so much about my parents too, and the strain they're putting on them. The side effects of the Remacade are really starting to kick my ass. I will call the doctor tomorrow and let him know what's going on. I was fine for the first few days so it must be kicking in, doing what its supposed to do. ?? Fingers crossed. I'm sure its just a matter of getting used to the meds and the side effects. Last night about 5:30 I was sitting here, and just totally exhausted. I thought why am I fighting it? Just go to bed! LOL! So I did! I didn't go to sleep, just got in my jammies and watched TV in bed, and snuggled with my cat. It was great. I didn't sleep very well through the night thanks to my stomach, but I did get a lot of good body rest. I'll be a good kid today too, and just take things easy. With Susie coming for dinner, she'll help me clean up. She's such a great sister. Oh, I'm excited to see if Mom likes her prezzie from Susie and I. We found her a heated stone (foot pads are stone and they radiate heat) foot massager. Mom's feet get so sore, and she deserves to be pampered. Well, have a great day everyone!!

Saturday, May 10

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I had another "out of sorts" day yesterday. I'm just so exhausted and frustrated... just a little bit of everything. I needed some Karen time and cleaned like a mad woman yesterday morning. I payed for it though, really over did things. But its nice to have everything sparkly and clean. I think a lot of my problem is that I'm hoping so much for a miracle with this medication Remacade for both my RA and Ulcerative Colitis. The RA pain is managed OK right now, but I'm getting soooooooooo tired of the UC. Tired of feeling tired, tired of feeling like shit. I don't see any difference in the UC yet, and I know I've only had one treatment, but I was hoping to see *some* slight improvement. I have another treatment this coming Thursday, right before I head to Indiana and Boston. My trip to Indiana, meeting Jeff!! and then heading for Boston are things I'm really I'm looking forward to, the things that are keeping me from going completely bonkers right now. I'm getting so excited to meet Jeff I can hardly stand it. Constant flutteries in my tummy. I'm trying to stay positive, I really am... I need to chalk it all up to a bad week, let myself feel rotten, and move on. I keep forgetting that it IS OK to feel rotten from time to time. I hate feeling rotten, and feel my energy is better spent feeling nice. It also seems like I'm not the only one having a bad week, as I've gone around to visit people...hmmm... maybe its lunar?! Who knows... if anyone figures it out, let me know! Happy Saturday!

Friday, May 9

Snagged this quizzie from Rilana. The Mustang
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YAY for Friday! Have a marvelous day!!

Thursday, May 8

Wow... I got this palm reading link from Cindy. Hmmm...kinda spooky! You have a good imagination, and often exhibit sensitivity to others. The general flexibility of your character is a useful attribute. At certain times in your life, you may have romantic conflicts and difficulty maintaining friendships. You will overcome these problems after a little introspection. There may be times in your life when you give in to feelings of sadness or depression. At certain times in your life, you may have romantic conflicts and difficulty maintaining friendships. These problems are not likely to last long. You have a basically strong constitution, and should enjoy good health most of the time. You are likely to make many changes in the direction of your life. This may be based on interruptions due to health problems, or it may be that you just have trouble focusing your energy. There is a strong intuitive side to your nature, which may border on psychic or mystical ability.
Ahhh, my weekend has arrived. Whew, what a week. I feel so much better than I did this morning. I didn't get everything done that I wanted to today, but ya know what? At this point I could care less. It will just have to wait until next week. I got the high priority stuff done, so that's all that really matters. I'm sure next week will be a better week and my head will be clearer. I plan on getting a lot of rest this weekend. I wore some light blue and white pin striped jeans to work today (it was my "Friday" after all). Then one guy came in and pointed out that both he and my boss Tim both had light blue pin striped shirts on. We all matched! Too funny! Hmmm... well, I guess you had to be there. I wish I had my camera with me! LOL!! Yeah, OK... I'm brain fried...
Yesterday I was a complete stress monster. I don't know what my problem was, but it was so not a good day and not a good day to be around me. I was so stressed about stuff here at work, and everything I guess. Chalk it up to one hell of a bad day. I finally took a half of a Xanax to calm down so I could concentrate enough to get some work done. I didn't even feel up to blogging, not that I had time anyway. By the end of the day, I'd made myself sick. I have to stop doing that to myself. Its just not worth it. I went straight home, and went to bed. My Harry Potter DVD *finally* arrived from Amazon (the first one got lost) so I put that in and watched it, and kept falling asleep. I was just utterly exhausted. I'm feeling a bit more perkier today, but still not feeling back to my old self... I shall keep my chin up though and keep plugging along. I hate feeling ornery, its a waste of my time. I need to concentrate on the good things that are coming my way like next weekend with Jeff (ha, cha, cha), then off to Boston to see Colin and his wife D. OK. Postitive thinking starts again right here, right now. I'll be around to visit everyone in the next day or so... I've been so busy I haven't been able to visit anyone. Have a great day everyone!!!! 3 for Thursday questions are up if you'd like to go play. I wanted to thank Colin for taking care of it all this week :-).

Tuesday, May 6

Just a quicky post before I start another crazy day! Its gonna be nuts again. Oh well... I'm taking one thing at a time. I'm feeling a bit funky today but otherwise OK. I think I'm just tired. Last night as I was about a block from home, I saw my parents car coming in the other direction. We stopped in the middle of the road (yes, I cuss at people who do that but there was no one else on the road tee hee) to see where they were going. There was a passenger in the back seat, my Aunt Lou Jean! She'd come from Idaho and was on her way to Salt Lake to stay with her daughter, and they were on their way to get some dinner. They invited me, so I swung my car around and followed them to the local family drive in and had a ham sandwich. Lou Jean and I noticed a guy and his family sitting in another booth. This is so awful, but we couldn't help but laugh. This guy was heavy, and his pants were half way down his ass, and his shirt wasn't covering anything. Full Moon at Kirt's Drive Family Drive-in! His underwear were even half way down so we did see actual ass crack. My Mom kept saying "OK, you two..." Its so sad though, I wonder if he was even aware of it. Then Lou Jean said something about his moon being an "appetizer" and I started giggling and said "No, its more of an appetite killer. Maybe we should start calling this the Full Moon Diet." My Dad started laughing at that one. We went home, and Lou Jean drove to Salt Lake. When I got home, my sis Susie was there to see Kathy for her b-day. I didn't say anything to Kathy (she was outside smoking when I got home) and as I was getting out of my car she actually thanked me for the card and gift certificate. Shocker. OH! I've found a new CD that's really good. Audioslave! Its got the song "Like a Stone" on it. I can't stop listening to it, its good to do financials by, gets me rocking. I best get to work now! Have a great day everyone! *hugs*

Monday, May 5

Its good to be back to in my own office after two weeks... oh, did I just say that?! LOL! I must be nuts. Anyway, its been a crazy day. I have soooo much to do with my financials. Its going to be a bugger of a month due to a lot of changes that had to be made to labor rates since the first of January. I've got a 300 page report I have to go through to log each correction. Fun, huh? I started the day off by getting settled back in, then I had to run to my doctor appt for my first treatment of Remacade. I was there about 3 hours, as they warned me. I took my laptop computer with me and worked for a couple of the hours, and then just read the rest of the time. So far, so good. I should notice some improvement quickly, as most people do. I ran a couple of errands for work on the way back to the office, then dug back into my financials. I'm now brain dead and its about time to go home so I'm taking a break. I've just got to laugh at Greg... he's the dork that expected me to make travel arrangements for him while I was in Boston. Well, he never had Cindy make them for him until... get this... today. The DAY I'm back in the office! This man blows my mind - completely. I even spoke to him at the conference last week to make sure he was having Cindy do them for him. He said, "Oh yeah, I'll send her an e-mail." *knocking on his head* Helloooo... anyone in there?! I also go an e-mail this morning from a lady in corporate accounts payable needing some "original receipts" for his expense report that he submitted while I was gone (he can't follow instructions either). I looked at my copy of the expense report and sure enough, there were the originals. So, he's screwed himself out of a week's time of getting reimbursed. Its a good thing I don't travel much or the poor guy would be at a complete loss, I think! ;-) Hmmm... well, I guess that's about it about my day. I'm so glad its almost over!! Its going to be a looooong week though. UGH! Have a great night everyone!

Sunday, May 4

I wanted to wish my two great friends Pete and Emma a very Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary!! It was one year today that they got married, and I had the honor of being with them (in ENGLAND baby!).
I need to babble for a minute... I'm just so excited right now I could burst. I've been planning something for the past couple of months, that will take place on my way out to Boston on May 16. I haven't written about it, because I really didn't want to jinx it and have been almost scared that it wouldn't really happen. Some of you who have read my blog for a while, know the history of Jeff and I. Jeff and I have talked on line for 2.5 years, he living in Indiana, me in Utah. I was totally crazy about him, and he broke my heart last fall. We kept in contact, staying friends. Well, things have worked out that we are finally going to meet. This was totally his idea, wanting to meet this time, and with me flying out to Boston for work, I was able to swing a good airfare and save the company money by stopping off in Indiana, so the trip is pretty much paid for. We were talking this morning and he said that he's so excited to meet me and to have me come out. He's not backing out this time. I think he's finally letting some of his past baggage go and is really ready for this. I'm keeping this all in perspective though. I have to. I don't want my heart broken again. As much as I want to fly out there, meet him and fall madly in love and live happily ever after... I know that may not happen, despite me being a HUGE hopeless romantic. This trip is to see if anything could possibly really be there. Either a beginning or closure. There is something there, I've felt it and so has he, otherwise we wouldn't still be talking. Yowza... I can hardly wait! Butterflies are fluttering in my tummy and other places *snicker*.
Soy milk. Hmmm... I can't have dairy products any more and need something to replace it (I can't take any vitamins either), as well as a good protein source so I decided to try soy milk. Hmmmm... interesting indeed... can't say its yummy but not bad. I got the vanilla flavored and I think that was a good move. Hmmm... I hope it settles well with my stomach, if it does then I guess I'll be drinking this stuff on a daily basis. They need more flavors like strawberry, banana, etc.

Saturday, May 3

Why do I always forget that Wal-Mart and Saturdays are not a good thing until its too late? My Mom asked me to go run a couple of errands with her today, and I felt up to it - which is nuts because I swear that this morning I didn't want to go anywhere. So, we went to Wal-Mart. The grocery part of the store was the worst, people are so rude bumping into you with their carts and shoving their way in front of you when you're looking at something. Where are their manners?! I decided to show Mom that $5.88 DVD bin that I looked through yesterday. LOL! We had a good time looking through it and I found a couple DVDs that I hadn't seen yesterday. I found another Western one for my Dad but I'll save it for part of his Father's Day gift. After the Wal-Mart experience we went to the new "dollar store". Quite an adventure. I got out of there with spending only $4.00. LOL! Now, I don't plan on going anywhere for the next 36 hours or so. My ass is planted. Dad's doctor called today with a bit of good news. Since Dad's chest pains are coming and going "quickly" they're just going to watch him more instead of doing the angiogram/balloons/surgery right away. I'm relieved, but still worried. I can sense something and its scaring me. He's being a good boy and resting today. If things flare up again he's to go into the hospital right away. Mom has spoken to the dipshit twins and if they pull any more stunts like they have been, there will be hell to pay. She has told them that the dipshit #1 Ellis needs to get a job and take care of his wife and child and quit putting all the strain on my Dad, and that both of them need to make a home for their daughter. We'll see what happens, but I'm not holding my breath. Kathy's 40th birthday is on Monday and she is whining to Mom that no one in the family likes her so they won't come over to see her. I really don't see how she can expect anyone to "like" her when she's taking such advantage of my parents and treating everyone like shit. I for one, don't plan on attending any party for her. I did get her a card and a gift card (from Wal-Mart tee hee), and that's gonna have to do. Hmmm... I really sound like a bitch, don't I?!

Friday, May 2

Busy day today. I got up, cleaned, got my ass in the shower and went to the doctor for my weekly iron IV treatment. When the doctor came in the room, he sat down and said, "We have a problem. Your iron count is not coming up at all despite all the efforts to bring it up. I think we need to do a bone marrow harvest to see what's going on." I about shit right then and there! I composed myself and asked why that would be necessary since its my ulcerative colitis that is causing the whole anemic/nutrition problem. He said, "Oh..." We discussed it a little further and I explained that I'm starting Remacade treatments on Monday, which will be for both the ulcerative colitis and rhuematoid arthritis. He's not going to give me any more iron - go figure on that one. Even though its not coming up, at least its not dropping. I'm so tired - literally! But he wants to wait a few weeks and see if it drops. So, we decided to let my RA doc monitor my blood tests, and hopefully the levels will start coming up on their own. I will also discuss this whole thing with my RA doc on Monday too, to let him know what's going on. I ran a couple of errands after that, then came home and had to do some work for a couple of hours, despite the long days at the conference I still had a couple to work to meet my 40. Not sure how that happened... but it worked out OK and I got some of my financials done. I went to Wal-Mart to get a couple of things, and I found a bargain bin of DVDs for $5.88! LOL! I hit the motherload! I bought a few, and found one for my Dad, a double DVD set of old Westerns. He'll be in hog heaven while watching them. I couldn't find a movie or shows for Mom, but she said as long as Dad is entertained with his Westerns, she's happy. LOL! My Dad has been having chest pains this week, and they did an EKG and blood work on him yesterday, and today they did a thalium treadmill. Dad has been due for a 3rd open heart surgery for a few years now, they watch him pretty close and are putting it off as long as they can. His heart is fine, its the arteries that are shutting down due to the insulin he takes for diabetes. I had a feeling something was up while I was gone, despite me calling Mom and Dad to see how things were, they'd say "fine". Right. I'm pretty worried right now and am hoping things are going to be OK. It could be due to all the additional stress lately that Dad has been under and we can thank my lovely sister Kathy and her husband for the majority of that. Grrr. But I won't go into that! I'm going to relax now and do some blog hopping until I'm too tired to sit here any more. G'Night!

Thursday, May 1

I'm FINALLY HOME!!!! It feels sooooo good to be home. I am utterly exhausted. I feel terrible I haven't been able to visit anyone this week, things were so crazy at the conference and by the time I got back to my hotel, it was all I could do to check my e-mail. I WILL be around this weekend to catch up with everyone!