Saturday, December 14

I blew it. Yesterday would have been my Grandmother's 92nd birthday. She passed away about 4 years ago, and was a wonderful writer - so much of a sense of humor and very creative. Anyway, I was talking to Listener a couple of weeks ago about poems and I mentioned my Grandma's poems and said that I'd post one of my favorites she'd written on her birthday... damn. I spaced it yesterday. I remembered her birthday, but spaced the poem. So, here it is. She'd written this for a friend of hers to go along with a Christmas present for the lady's husband in 1955. Dearest Darling As you look at me with your bold gaze, Ihope your strong emotions I will faze. Behold, my slender neck and throat, Upon my slim legs you can gloat. I'm yours to have and hold forever more, My slender body you'll adore. No longer the long, cold nights you'll fear, Hold me close and very near. Squeeze me gently and be kind, Stroke me, hug me, I won't mind. My gentle warmth will make you glow, My limpid pleasures you will know. You'll find of me many a use, But treat me tender, I can't stand abuse. And as you go along your way of life, Please, don't mention me to your wife. Just let me of your life be a part, To warm your feet, if not your heart. For I can tell you truly to your face, I can never your sweet wife replace. -DHH (It was about a hot water bottle!) OK, plans for today! Meeting friends Linda and Nicole for lunch at the Greenery and then shopping at rainbow gardens. I will finish up the loose ends I have from yesterday then come home and sort through everything. Have a great day!