Saturday, June 30

I was just drifting off to sleep last night and some idiots were setting off fireworks at 11:30 at night. I later found out that it was my sister and her husband (I still believe the term idiots fit well) who are living here temporarily (God, I hope there will be an end to it soooon!). These two are highly intelligent people, but don't have any common sense what so ever. I then woke up about 3:30 am to discover my hip was hurting pretty bad. Turns out my Rheumatoid Arthritis decided to visit me - and flared up so fast! So, I got the old ice packs out and took a pain pill. Yes, those pain pills make life with RA bearable. Not hurting so bad now, but keeping the ice on. Could be the heat that triggered the RA attack, but who really knows. I wish they'd figure out for sure what causes my immune system to go all wacko and attack my joints. Frustrating! I am so much more lucky than others with this disease, so I really shouldn't complain. :-)
102, ladies and gentleman! It reached a blistering 102 degrees today. I was stupid enough to be out in it - for about 1.5 hours. Must maintain a tan though - otherwise I look like Casper the Friendly Ghost. Other than the heat, life has treated me pretty good today. I lounged around until about 9, talked to my sexy man J until about 10, then continue to lounge around until I went outside... then lounged around some more and took a nap until 4! Yup, life is good. Not perfect however, but good. Tonight's plans are to go see some fireworks. The town I spent the majority of my life in (around 20 years!) is celebrating their 150th Founder's Day. They hold fireworks at the local high school (which I attended)... and lucky enough, my brother lives right be the school and has a great view of the fireworks. So, I'll go and sit on his driveway and watch and visit with all my nephews and nieces. Sounds quite exciting, I know... but they're a fun crowd. I have until now and dark to keep myself entertained, which I think I can manage. Maybe watch a movie and hopefully talk to J again. J lives about 1500 miles away, which is so hard. I actually haven't met the man face to face yet - but hope to soon. We've been talking for nearly 8 months now and we hit it off almost immediately. Sigh... can't wait to meet him. We'll get into all sorts of trouble, I imagine... me thinks my life needs some of that type of trouble. ;-)

Friday, June 29

I also bought me some new curtains for my bedroom and had to get new curtain rods. Let me tell you - that is one pain in the ass to put up new curtain rods. I wish I'd stuck with my old ones and found different curtains. Oh well, its done now! I don't think I'll be changing them again - ever. Its a nice balmy 90 outside right now, and got up to 95 this afternoon. ICK! Hate this heat. Makes me sweat like a pig. Dad is my buddy. Mom noticed a break light was out on my car so we got a light for it while we were out and about. She mentioned it being out to Dad - and he fixed it for me. I could have done it, really I could have... but if he wants to do it then that's fine with me. :-)
Hopefully I'm not going to babble too much tonight, but hey - don't I always babble? Its one of the things that makes me me! ;-) Had a pretty good day today, although it was crazy. I started the day by cleaning, then I worked out, then I took my Mom to lunch and after that we went shopping. Yes, another shopping spree!!! I don't know what has gotten into me - all I seem to want to do is spend money! I didn't splurge on anything unnecessary - just things I've wanted for a while. I finally found the Staind CD although I haven't listened to it yet. I also got the Cult's new CD which is really good. Then I found the Coyote Ugly soundtrack and an old Bad Company CD. Oh, I guess these things are kind of unnecessary, huh?! I assure you, everything else was necessary ;-). I found my cat a new summer pet bed. Its not so high on the sides so she won't get so hot. When I got home, I let her try it out, and she did love it. One thing I didn't take into consideration, she's fat and barely fits in this small bed! She looks so funny laying there - but she seems happy, so that's all that matters. She's one spoiled cat, but she's great.

Thursday, June 28

Am I babbling?? Yes, I think I am!
Today was also a day for long lost bosses to call and say hello! My old boss Mike called (who moved away) and we chatted for quite a while. The poor man was married for 24 years, and his wife all of the sudden decided she wanted a divorce. She was his life and he's really struggling. If ever a relationship was near perfect, it was that one. They both adored each other, started out as high school sweethearts. She menopause and decided she needed to find herself. So sad. I wish she'd come to her senses! My other old boss Gordon also called... we're having lunch next week. He's such a funny man - has such a unique laugh, one that cracks you up just listening to it. My friend L and I love to tease him (sexual over tones) Not that I did it when he was my boss!!! Since he found another job, I've been able to tease him. What?? Me tease anyone?? Noooo... I wouldn't do that! He actually takes our teasing quite well and gives it right back. He is very happily married, so we never cross 'those' lines.
What a week! I'm so glad the work is over for the week because I could not stand another day. I was 'meeting-ed' to death this morning and they were a complete waste of my time in my opinion. While my work was piling up, I sat there like a good girl and took my punishment, for what - I don't know. The last meeting is for a process action team, in which we come up with a process for some account managers. The team consists of myself and 8 others. You'd think that we'd get something accomplished with so many bright and able people, wrong! 5 of the 8 tend to drift off the process at hand and goes off on a totally different subject. Although its nice to hear other ideas for OTHER processes, we don't need to deal with it now. GRRR! I shouldn't complain because I am getting paid, but I don't like seeing wasted time or money. Sigh... no more meetings until next week! Its been so hot here, and keeps getting hotter. 70 at night is just way to hot in my book.

Tuesday, June 26

I heard on the radio yesterday morning that there's a new holiday! National Orgasm Day is July 31! I doubt we'll get paid for this holiday, but who really cares? I think if someone had an earth shattering orgasm, that would be worth far more than being paid for 8 hours of work! Apparently, this is no joke. A national 'adult store' chain has petitioned for the day to be a holiday for women everywhere to have true orgasms instead of faking so much. Its sad that so many women actually fake orgasms! I would think that if a woman faked an orgasm, then the man would not make such an effort to see that she has one. Just my opinion... or maybe the woman fake to make the men think they're more of a stud than they are?? Hmmmm... lots of possibilities.

Monday, June 25

Whew! Made it through Monday. It wasn't actually pure hell like I thought it would be... since my boss is out of town and although I had lots and lots to do, there's not any deadlines so I just worked away. Actually having a Monday go relatively well makes me worry about what the rest of the week is going to be like. *shiver* Well, my man just came online (not that 'came' get your minds out of the gutter) so I'm off! TTFN!

Sunday, June 24

Contrary to Net Authority's belief - Gaekwad is NOT an evil b*stard.
Cool Blogs: Gaekwad's Blog and Fluffy Muppet Thanks E for my first lesson in HTML - I did it! Woohoo!
Ah - the joys of a nice relaxing Sunday! I just finished working out a little bit and washing my car. Love washing my car on Sunday mornings while people drive by and give my dirty looks (I'm such a rebel). I live in a very religious area in which people like to think one is not supposed to do things like that on a Sunday... but I now hear a neighbor using his weed wacker (am I the only one that can take that name naughty??) so I'm not the only one who will be going to hell some day. ;-) I will soon make my way outside to lay out for a little while then maybe go out and buy me a couple new CD's. I've been wanting the new Cult and Staind CD's. I love the new Staind song "Its Been a While"!! I'm a member of a couple CD clubs, but they don't have all the CD's I want which is kind of irritating. I love the convenience of not having to go out and buy things all the time. I guess that's why I love ordering things online as well. I ordered yet another dress today online... and I can't say that it was a $10.95 bargain, more like a $59.99 bargain. Its so pretty though - must have it!! I deserve it - I just got a raise so this will be my celebration! Not that I need an excuse to spend money! I could manage to spend a lot more if I had it! When in the Publisher's Clearing House going to visit me?? I want to be the next millionaire!! Sigh... I guess the rest of the day will be spent watching TV or reading my romance novel. TTFN!

Saturday, June 23

Great news!! No snake was seen outside today while I was laying out! I didn't wonder into the garden - but I was near it. Hopefully the poison that was put out will kill the b*stards. Hate them (just the slimy types with two eyes). Oh, I almost went there again... can't help it! I spent most of the morning shopping with my Mom at Sam's Club and Wal-Mart. I spent a load of money since I was out of just about everything. Car trunk and back seat were stuffed between my stuff and Mom's. Nothing exciting really, but I did find two sun dresses for $10.95 each! Not too proud to admit I like a good bargain and was impressed that they were so pretty for that price. Super Wal-Mart is a wonderful store, but they fail to carry some basic neccessities. So, I must venture to another store next week to get the items they didn't have. I expect Sam's Club not to carry everything since they're pretty much a bulk store. Who doesn't carry plastic bags (not ziplock) and a common brand of cat litter?? I'll tell you who - Wal-Mart! I was too beat to head to the other store today - and it can wait till next week. Its still irritating. Not so 'Super' in my opinion. Thanks P for the plug on your blog :-) One of these days I'll manage to get your and E's blog links on here!! Brain is much to fried today to try anything techy. Must vegetate!!!

Friday, June 22

Back to the cat - she really disappointed me today. She's supposed to let me know when creatures are around and she didn't. I depend on her to be my attack cat - I suppose we all have our off days and she is getting up there in years... but that's no excuse! All afternoon she's been my little shadow, so I suspect she's trying to make up for her failure to kill that snake!
Hey - guess what? I'm not super woman! Today was my day off - and I got up early and cleaned... although I kept chatting with E over the e-mail while I was cleaning, I was able to finish it. Then I was off to run some errands and only completed half of them thanks to the heat and not fully recovered from that surgery... so I must go out again tomorrow. Not a big deal, just that I like to get all my sh*t done on Fridays so I can play the rest of the weekend. I came home and attempted to roast my butt outside for a while and stuck it out for an hour and fifteen minutes. Hot, hot, hot. While outside, I found my cat lying in the garden... and while reaching down to pet her, I heard a rustling in the peas... it was a SNAKE! I screamed and jumped back... the cat just laid there and looked at me like I'd lost my mind! It must have been hilarious. Mr. Snake slithered into a hole (I suspect because I didn't see him anywhere, not that I got THAT close)! Is there anything worse than a snake?? Now I'm freaking out about going out there again until someone kills that snake!!!! Yes, I am fully aware that snakes are everywhere, but must they come into my yard?? I'm sure it was just a 'water snake' - no rattling was heard... EEEEEEKKKK!!!! they're awful creatures! I can think of another type of snake that isn't awful at all, but we won't go there ;-). Not an out-doorsy type at all - get over it. My idea of roughing it is standing in line for the bathroom at the family's cabin. I do know how to camp and survive a little bit in the wilderness... I just choose not to when there are all these wonderful comforts of life. Gotta have some enjoyment in life - I'll take what little I can get!

Thursday, June 21

AHHHH! Finally the end of the work week for me! I am quite spoiled - my boss lets me work 4-10's so I get every Friday off. It actually saves me from going bananas (which isn't a far trip!). I do like my job and the people I work with (the majority of them)... I'm an introvert, so people tend to wear me out. This has been a pretty easy work week (with the exception of MONDAY which was pure hell) since I was working off site at a workshop. This coming Monday will likely be even worse than last Monday since I was out of the office most of the past 3 days, but... oh well that's my life. Summer is here - it reached 95 here today! UGH! Its supposed to near 100 for the next two days... not looking forward to it. I do need to work on my tan a bit, but I doubt I'll be out for long since I don't want to roast.

Wednesday, June 20

Yes, I'm still alive! Haven't had a chance to blog in days. Anyhoo... I've decided on an alternate route home from work. Going home lately has been horrible thanks to construction and traffic lights off the freeway exits that aren't timed right, so traffic gets backed up on the freeway - so the freeway (for about 10 miles) is literally a parking lot. So - I'm going the slow way home... going through tons of traffic lights and some other construction (that doesn't get backed up) just to get home... only about 5 mins longer than normal but 10 mins sooner than sitting in the parking lot. There are two seasons in this state: Winter and Construction. They've been doing a lot of construction in Salt Lake City area to prepare for the Winter Olympics (so looking forward to THAT) 2002, but its pretty much completed... unfortunately, they've started tearing up all the other freeways!!! Don't get me wrong, the work needs to be done, I just wish they'd do it without causing so many delays. They should have planned better years ago when they were doing construction - since they could see how the areas were growing, but nooooo. I think the planning engineers must have been men - not prepared for anything. (No offense to the men I like! which I can count on my fingers) tee hee just kidding. Sort of. ;-) I know there are just as many horrible women out there as there are men. The trick is to stay away from all of them... which is almost impossible. Its a good thing that I have so many wonderful friends and family members (with the exception of one sister, tee hee) that make life bearable!! :-)

Saturday, June 16

Had some surgery yesterday... although it wasn't fun, there were some perks! First of all, good pain pills and secondly getting spoiled - or at least someone (Mom!) offering to spoil me. I've tried to keep moving a little (without over-doing), but you'd be amazed at how muscles that weren't even involved in the surgery like to scream OUCH! Good movies to watch while you're on pail pills: Sixteen Candles, Uncle Buck, Trains, Planes & Automobiles, National Lampoon's Vacation, etc. Movies that I've seen dozens of times but yet are amazingly still really funny. And if I fall asleep for a few mins, I don't feel like I've missed anything. My cat has not left my side - I think she believes we're joined at the hip. Car is back safe and sound also - yay! It didn't cost me as much as I thought it would either.

Thursday, June 14

Sigh... stressed... tired... must try and sleep...

Wednesday, June 13

OK - so my life strikes again! I've noticed my car making a ratteling noise the past couple of days - I was going to have my Dad check it out on the weekend to see what it could be... well as I drove into the garage tonight, I noticed smoke coming from the front right corner of the hood. Oh Joy. My Dad decided its the water pump - which isn't anything major, BUT being that I'm a female with no auto mechanics experience, and Dad knows just enough to get buy, I will take it to a professional... who can't get it in until Friday. So, I'm carless tomorrow and have to find a way to work! Luckily, my parents are wonderful people and have arranged their schedules to share a car tomorrow so I can borrow one. So, Friday it is. I will be having minor surgery while my car is also having minor surgery. I think it will hurt me more between my surgery and paying the bill! Good thing its payday!! I know it could be worse, but things always seem to happen at the same time. Most often, they happen in 3's... so I wonder what else is in store... better not worry about it or I'll drive myself nuts (which is a short trip!). My wonderful friends P&E are going to tutor me in html so I can spice up this page. Since my life is so exciting, I need some sort of entertainment on here. Maybe by next week I'll be up to trying lesson #1! Woohoo! TTFN!

Sunday, June 10

Well, I must say that I kicked ass yesterday during my workout! I actually increased a whole 3 mins on the Orbitrek and 100 steps on the stepper. I shall see if I can keep it up today! I doubt I'll increase any more today, but I'll be happy just to do what I did yesterday. I worshiped the sun for an hour or two - which felt great then I puttered around the house after that. I finally managed to watch the movie "Night at the Roxburry" that a friend of mine keeps telling me I need to see. It was pretty funny, but was on network television, so I'm sure a lot was 'edited' out. After I get my work out done, wash my car, and do laundry... my day will include much vegetation...resting up for the week ahead. TTFN!

Saturday, June 9

Here it is Saturday morning and I'm trying my best to get my body moving. Must work out! But for some reason, by body is putting up a fight to sit and do nothing. Trying to lose weight is a hard battle, but I'm up for the fight. My goal is to increase 30 seconds on the Orbitrek (which is one major work out in my opinion!) each day... and increase 25 steps on the stepper each week. Therefore, it will increase my work out time, little by little until I'm where I want to be. Sigh... OK, here I go!! Maybe...

Friday, June 8

Woohoo! I finally did this! Friends of mine from the UK introduced me to Blogger and I think its a cool way to keep up with what's happening! My life isn't really exciting, so I hope I don't bore anyone to tears. I conisider myself a minor internet junky, its hard to live without e-mail for even one day, but I don't surf the net very much due to not having enough time!!