Thursday, December 19

Thanks for all the comments last night :-) I had an early night and just relaxed and watched a movie before falling asleep. Ahhh... I'm still pretty tired this morning (but who isn't this time of year?!), but have a much better attitude towards the whiny-assed boob Larry. If he doesn't get the stuff done, then he doesn't. He'll be the one with the problem - not me. The workshop manager is aware of his delays... So, I'm not feeling quite so stressed today, and it feels good. I've still got some materials to gather for the CD we're giving at the workshop so I'll continue to work on that. Oh, and our January magazine came yesterday so I have about 300 to mail out to new subscribers and updated addresses. Oh boy... I'm sure Shanae will help me when she comes in, she's been such a sweetie to help me with the database and seems to be happy to have things to do. Right now, I'm eating my delicious banana, and listening to some great tunes that my good friend Colin sent me. The man keeps me in good music. I'm listening to Must right now, and next on the list is the new Matchbox 20. Thanks, bud!! Awww... Colin put this up on the server for me - isn't it cute?! Have a fantastic Thursday!!! One more thing - 3 for Thursday is up - go play!