Saturday, December 21

I forgot to mention earlier that I got to throw my first snow ball of the year today. Dad was outside playing with the snow blower, and Mom had his lunch ready so she asked me to go tell him. So I went out, didn't have any shoes on and was yelling his name trying to get his attention... finally I had the brilliant idea to grab some snow and throw it at him. It worked! LOL!! It missed him unfortunately, but it was close enough to get his attention! *snicker* I really wish we'd get about 2 feet of snow dumped on us this weekend so I could go out and play a little bit. Its been ages since I've done a snow angel and been able to eat some yummy fresh (not yellow!!) snow. Mmmm... I actually broke my foot one year, going out to get some snow to eat! LOL!! Like a ninny, I didn't have any shoes on (yes this is normal for me if at all possible), and snuck outside to get some snow. I was heading down the back deck stairs when my foot slipped on some ice. I went down and landed at the bottom of the stairs. I had a huge bruise across my lower back where I hit the stair, and the impact of my foot hitting the deck, fractured it... but I didn't find this out for about 2 months! Whoops... Lesson learned: If you're going to go outside in your barefeet and get some snow, go out the front... don't mess with the deck stairs. LOL!!!