Thursday, December 12

OK, on one hand I'm really glad I made myself go to my class today... but on the other hand, I ended up irritated as hell. I learned a lot about the more "complicated" stuff on Excel, but thanks to people in the class who took this class before taking levels 1 and 2 prior to this class were really on my shit list. For us who knew Excel pretty well, but went through the levels 1 and 2 anyway (and soooo glad I did cuz I learned a bunch of nifty tricks - in Excel tee hee), it wasn't fair. The teacher had to keep stopping, explaining things that were covered in the first two classes - AND there was even one lady that had NO concept what so ever (well, maybe a smidge) of Windows!!!! She was sitting in front of me, and oh how I wish I had a big stick to poke her with every time she said "Now how did you do that?" I wasn't the only one that was getting pissed off. In the time that the teacher took to explain things from other classes, I managed to read 95% of the blogs that I've got linked on my site - and that is a lot. Time that he could have been having us do more examples of the formulas and macros... but noooo... I was quite cranky by the time I left. I realize that its not completely these people's fault, but the "account executives" who schedule them for the level 3 class without having them take the other two first. I let them know how unhappy I was about this on my evaluation form. The teacher Jonathan probably was as frustrated as the rest of us - but he also wasn't as "skilled" as the other teacher I had for the other classes. He had to keep looking at his reference manual for the "step by steps" so... I dinged him on that too. Not to be a bitch, but to help him improve. I was cussing and swearing at assholes on the way home, pretty much got all my crankiness out (of course the windows were rolled up so they didn't hear me) but it was nice to let the words fly... I stopped off at the grocery store to get some corn pops for the treats I'm making (before the store ran out of them!!), and was feeling pretty good wheeling the cart around the store (no snide comment, Colin tee hee), then I got to the check out and the checker dude was humming/singing "Winter Wonder Land" in a shooby-doo-doo-bob-be-bob and he really struck a nerve. He was scanning the lady's groceries in front of me, and I stood there and swear my eye twitched from holding back my temper. ROFL! It was so irritating, I can't EVEN describe it. I took a few deep breathes, then calmed myself... then he started talking about the transaction and thankfully quit singing!! Then by the time it was my turn, he, the bag boy and I struck up a conversation about paper or plastic, then onto what I was doing with all the corn pops. LOL!! I was fine by then. I guess I'm just so damn tired and not feeling well - OH and PMSing I would guess, as well as HUNGRY... LOL!!! I bet it might have been funny to watch Karen go boom! Now I'm sitting here, looking back at it all and thinking how silly it was to get that irritated!! I'm still feeling a bit stressed, and keyed up so I think I'll be naughty and take a Xanax... well, not naughty really, these types of situations are what I've got them for. I just don't like to take them unless I really need them, but ya know, from how I acted earlier... I need it. I guess one of these wouldn't hurt either... but that aint gonna happen, so I guess the Xanax it is.