Wednesday, July 31

HumpDayHump Bitchfest 2002 ActIII. Scene IV: *We are cruising in the Volkswagon Bug (lime green of course) and I am bitching... * Fill in your blanks on your blog or in the comments. *Quiet on the set!* ACTION! I am such a damn night owl lately. I get up at 3am and stay up until 5am. I either make myself go to sleep or one of the kids comes looking for me. Usually the latter. I go through spurts of insomnia and narcolepsy it seems. I do my best thinking at night though. Are you a night owl or a morning lark? You:I'm probably a morning lark, although there are a lot of times when my mind just won't shut up at night. Drives me batty. I need an "off" switch. I am appalled about the damn Arizona inmates bitching about their violation of freedom of speech over the internet. What the hell? What's your take on it? You: They're in prison for hell sakes, why should they even get internet privileges?? They're in prison to be punished not to sit around and surf all day. We had our house inspection yesterday and found out that the siding on our house was recalled and under a class action lawsuit as is the piping for the water. Not to mention the roof leaks and the 73 other things the inspector found. Have you ever been so close to something just to have a major upset step in the way? Please do tell! I need someone to be able to relate! You: 73 things? You're shitting me, right? I'm sure sorry, I can't even think of something that's upset me *that* bad. On the bright side my house is spotless! I even cleaned the toilet tanks! You know, the back part of the toilet? I rock. I don't clean as often as some others do but when I do it, I do it right. You clean much? Any cleaning pet peeves? You: Are you kidding? Cleaning is what I do first thing on my day off. Get it done and over with, but during the week I keep things picked up too. The one thing that drives me batty is dirty dishes left in the sink and dirty kitchen and bathroom counters. Wipe up after yourself is my motto! Wanna help me pack? I'll get some *Peanut Butter Moo'd Zamba Juices* and we can go to it....okay? please?? You: Woohoo! For one of those, I'll do just about anything *snicker* CUT!!!
How is it that internet companies think they have the right to sign you up for things that you 1) have no interest in and 2) didn't sign up for?! I just got an e-mail from Blue Dolphin welcoming me to their free newsletter service because they said "you visited one of their partnering sites today". The hell I did! Pisses me off. I wish there were laws against this crap - and spamming laws too. I'm also sick and tired of getting e-mail for porno sites, home mortage, viagra, etc., even though I've got bulk mail filters, they still get through by sending to just a few people at a time. If I'm getting this stuff, you know kids are too, which is so wrong. If I want their advertisements and specials, I'd sign up. Wish they'd leave me the fuck alone! GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!
Thanks to Kat for this link....License Maker. I made one for me, and will post it via Colin's server (thanks, bud!) as soon as the server is up and running.
Thanks to Ariel for the links to Wander-Lust (looks like a good way to increase traffic to your site) and for this quizzie.
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My weblog owns 43.75 % of me.
Does your weblog own you?

Tuesday, July 30

This or That 1. Charlie Chaplin or Buster Keaton? Charlie 2. Laurel & Hardy or Abbott & Costello? Abbot & Costello 3. Marx Brothers or Three Stooges? Three Stooges 4. David Letterman or Jay Leno? David Letterman 5. "Saturday Night Live" or "Mad TV"? Mad TV now, SNL classics 6. Adam Sandler ("Mr. Deeds") or Mike Myers ("Austin Powers")? Austin Powers, baby, YEAH! 7. Jerry Seinfeld or Ray Romano ("Everybody Loves Raymond")? Both, but Jerry more 8. George Carlin or Bill Cosby? Tough - but George. 9. "Monty Python's Flying Circus" or "Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In"? Monty Python!!!! 10. Gone but not forgotten...John Belushi or Chris Farley? John Tuesday too 1.) Do you have a friend like Mr. Potatoehead? In other words do you have a friend that trouble seems to follow like a bad penny? Tell us about that friend or one of his/her bad pennies? No, not really... unless by trouble you mean making dumb ass decisions. 2.) Was there something you really meant to accomplish, or really wanted to do that you didn't do last week? How come you didn't do it? Nope, not that I can think of. 3.) Pretend you're in the market for a therapist. What would be the therapist's most desirable quality? Why that one? Someone that really listens and talks "to" you and not "down" to you. Sort of like getting good advice instead of telling what to do.
I feel so behind on blogs today! I haven't had a chance to check out any yet today, but now that I have a few minutes I'll try and get around... if not it will have to wait until later tonight and tomorrow. I was out of the office most of the morning, going over some financial stuff at our main local office then I went to lunch with my good friend Cindy. Today's reason to be cheerful: Good conversation and understanding... and don't forget the chips, salsa, and cheese enchiladas... cha, cha, cha! I've been working on sorting out some corrections that need to be submitted on our financials since I got back. Now I get to run by Home Depot on my way home to pick up a gift certificate for one of our sub contractors that is retiring (he loves that store!). Then on to home to get the brownies and cookies that I made over the weekend out of the freezer then arrange them all pretty-like on platters, and mix up the punch for tomorrow's retirement festivities. This office really knows how to whoop it up, don't we?? Well, actually this was the guest of honor's request, he didn't want a big send-off. My boss and I will take him to lunch, then the rest of the office will get together for the treats. Earlier today, I saw a very cute bootay on a workman on a ladder... Linda came over and we stood and stared at it for a while. Ooohhh... very nice indeed. At one point, he took some pipe insulation tubing and put it between his legs (up by his crotch!!) then turned ever so slightly to the side... Hmmm... I bet you can't guess what that looked like! Linda and I got quite a thrill out of that! Woohoo! If only it were that long and had that girth! *snicker*

Monday, July 29

Reason to be cheerful: Incredible people who read my blog and leave supportive and funny comments. It always makes my day when I see your comments, they mean a lot to me so thank you all again!!!!
Whew... what a day! Busy, busy, busy. Just now getting around to the Monday Mission and will be visiting all my fav blogs. Hope everyone is surviving their Mondays! Monday Mission 1. What is your favorite snack food? Does anyone you know have weird tastes in snacks? Lets see, I'd have to say... PEANUT BUTTER! I know a lot of people with weird tastes in snacks, but I'd have to say the weirdest is protein chips. They're awful! 2. Ever caught yourself saying "well it can't get any worse" and it does? What's the story there? I can't remember specifics, but things did get worse, so I've quit saying that. Instead I say, "things will get better" I think the odds seem to be better if I say that vs. the worse. 3. I have a super-short attention span, and it always was my downfall in school, especially math class. What's your attention span like and how has it served you? Depends on the day. Some days I can concentrate for hours, other times 2 seconds. 4. Do you believe in the existence of extra-terrestrials? Yes, there are several in this building that I work in. 5. What do you think of the whole "crop circles" phenomenon? Very spooky. If its a fraud, they've gone to a lot of trouble to cover their tracks. 6. Ever had a time where you begin visiting with someone you don't know all that well and just find you "click" like long lost pals? Tell me about how that came to happen, and who was it? What kind of things do you have in common? Seems like all my close friends I've had over the past 7 years or so has been like that. Just seems like we knew each other in another time. Things in common range from same food tastes, similar experiences, same habits, etc. 7. When I was at the cemetery a few weeks ago, I began to recall my Dad's funeral so many years ago. It is so vivid, sitting there in the family room as his friends passed by and paid their respects, the music, his face, the tears. What funeral do you remember most vividly? My sister-in-law's funeral. I hate the memory of having seen her in the casket because she didn't look like her, and that's not how she'd like to be remembered. BONUS: How can I forget you, girl? You couldn't - I'm unforgettable!

Sunday, July 28

I did it :-) I met Bryan. He's soooo nice! He's pretty cute, brown curly hair, a gotee and has really nice brown eyes. (Tried to check out his ass, but... his shorts were kind of baggy and so the front was just as hard, I mean difficult to check out *snicker*) I am so glad I met him and I felt pretty relaxed and comfy with him. We met at the mall (where the movie was playing) and he recognized me right away and didn't run away screaming so I figure that was a good start. tee hee We sat down in the movie and talked for about 10 minutes before the movie started. He said he really liked the movie, and I'm glad I could see it a second time because I did miss some of it the first time. Then we walked the mall a bit, and chatted about this and that, then he asked me if I wanted to grab some dinner, so I said yes. We went to Chili's and talked about our jobs and families, etc., the usual safe "first date subjects". Then he drove me back to my car at the mall. He asked if we could do something again and I told him I'd really like that (and I meant it!). It was so sweet of him to drive an hour just to meet me and take me out! So, we'll see what happens now!
The Butterflies are still fluttering, but not as bad as last night. I'm looking forward to meeting Bryan, actually... I dreamt about it all night, but since I haven't seen a picture, there were about 10 different guys that looked like he described himself. One guy left for a minute then came back as a different guy! LOL! Dreams are great, aren't they?? I got up early, did laundry, worked out, washed my car, showered, played with my soon-to-be webpage a bit (Colin - I think I'm gonna need your help!). Can you believe that anyone would want to be so ambitious on a Sunday morning? Now I'm about to go bask in the sun for a little while before I get ready to go meet Bryan... oooo... wobbly knees! There are some fantastic people in this world who are very supportive and always leaving little messages of encouragement here and I want to say Thank You from the bottom of my heart. YOU ALL ROCK!! *HUGS*

Saturday, July 27

I've had quite a lot on my mind today. I've been talking to a guy from Salt Lake, that is quite nice for the past couple of weeks but haven't met yet. We talked for about 45 minutes on the phone last night. Then this morning I got an e-mail from him asking if I was busy on Sunday. AAARGGHH! I know its not easy to ask another person out, and I know I need to take this big step. I've been in my safe little world long enough... so I said yes. (biting my nails!!) I feel like a damned teenager going out on my first date. Why is it so hard getting back out there?! He called me this afternoon and we set up a time and place to meet for a movie tomorrow afternoon. He said he thought that I would say I was busy again, and I told him "No, I'm not busy tomorrow, but I am very nervous!!" He laughed and said he was too. I'm already getting butterflies! We're going to see Austin Powers (Woohoo!). Now I can hear some of the things I missed yesterday when I was laughing so hard. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!

Friday, July 26

OK - Austin Powers Goldenmember has to be one of the top 5 FUNNIEST movies I've seen in my life!!! My sides ached from laughing so hard!! I don't know how this movie squeaked by with a PG-13 rating, it was so damn great it should have been rated R. The movie was chuck full of penis jokes, innuendo, fallacies. It was soooooo great! I may have to go see it a 2nd time to get a lot of what I missed because I was laughing so hard. This is definitely better than one and two put together even. Didn't think they could out-do The Spy Who Shagged Me, but they did! I give it 100 thumbs up, baby!
Austin Powers Goldenmember premiers today! WOOOOHOOOO!!! Can't wait to see it!
Friday Five 1. How long have you had a weblog? Since June 2001 2. What was your first post about? Can't remember for sure, think it was something to do with "this is my first post!" 3. How many changes (name, location, etc.) of your weblog have there been, if more than one? Same channel, same station. 4. What CMS (content management system) do you use? Do you like it or do you want to try something else? Blogger Pro. I do want to break out and design my own page and put it on a server so I can post pics, etc. 5. Do you read people who have both a journal and a weblog? Yup!

Thursday, July 25

Reasons to be cheerful: 1) Its Thursday - my weekend is about to begin. 2) The garbage crew has picked up my stinky garbage. I'm having a yawn fest here at work this afternoon. I guess I'm just too damn effecient for words I finished my monthly status report and financials, way ahead of schedule. The report just has to be reviewed by one more dude, so I can deliver it on Monday. Got my database stuff done, travel done, all the other things that I do during the day. My inbox is empty. Wow, empty. I'm toying with the idea of taking a couple of hours of leave and going home. Can't quite make myself decide - too busy yawning and trying to make this post be coherent. My left wrist and hand are bothering me, so I really should go home and put some ice on. Sigh. I had a great visit with my friend Carol yesterday. I think we visited for 3.5 hours, but seemed like 20 minutes. Her and her Mom were amazed at how I looked, really made me feel good. All this hard work is finally paying off. Still got a ways to go though...I'll get there eventually.
Three for Thursday (a collaboration between Colin and I. 1. What are three words that best describe you? Loyal, silly, soft-hearted 2. What are your three most favorite hobbies? Crocheting, internet, and tv/movies/reading 3. What are your three nastiest (or just plain) habits? Picking my nose, farting, and scratching myself in public. *snicker* 4. What are three of your vices/weaknesses? PEANUT BUTTER!! cheese enchiladas, and the internet. BONUS: If you could change something about yourself, what would it be, and why? Finish losing weight and get rid of the Rheumatoid Arthritis. I know others have it far worse than I do, but its so frustrating at times not being able to do all that I want to do because I feel like shit. I also wish I could be more motivated to do something really great with my life.

Wednesday, July 24

HumpDayHump ActIII. Scene IV: *We are sitting in Starbucks drinking some wonderful coffee (or drink of your choice) catching up on us, the world, the news, and everyone else's business.* Fill in your blanks on your blog or in the comments. *Quiet on the set!* ACTION! Me: I can't believe it has been a week since we have chatted! I am so glad Bob would watch the kids so I could come and have some down time! Speaking of kids, can you believe the news lately? I am shocked by the abductions and crimes against children that we are seeing lately. What do you think about them? You: They are so awful, breaks my heart and sickens me to think that people can hurt innocent kids. As if we don't have enough to worry about from terrorists. The world seems to be going to hell more every day. Me: It has really had an effect on me. I won't let my two kids out in our front yard anymore without me right there. I used to let them out in the front yard while I did chores in the house like we did when I was a kid. Not any more. They can only go out in our fenced backyard. I also am double checking the locks on our privacy fence in the back. Do you think parents have to be extra cautious these days? How far would you go to be cautious in this day and age? You: Absolutely, parents need to be more cautious! If I had kids, I'd make sure they knew not to talk to strangers and make sure they were with someone trustworthy every minute they were away from me. But then again, how do you really know that someone is 100% trustworthy? Me: I can't imagine what would drive a person to molest a five-year old. This sickens me to no end. What should we do to that type of criminal? You: They should suffer the same indignities, same terror, same horror, then be castrated (or the equality if its a woman doing the molesting),then locked away for the rest of their lives in a dark hole. Their rights should be taken away, just like the took the innocent child's rights away. Me: I heard the suspect in Samantha Runnion's case was arrested on Monday. His mother spoke out on several news shows saying she had no idea he would be capable of something such as that but was preparing herself for the worst. What would you do if you found out someone close to you (relative, spouse, neighbor) was a child molester? How would you feel? You: I'd want to believe they couldn't do such a thing, but face it, there could be a molester in anyone's family. It can even be in the form of incest. You'd be surprised just how many families have this type of situation. Mind boggling and sickening. Me: Oh by the way, did you catch the season premiere of Sex In The City? I Totally missed it! What happened (if you did see it)?!? You: I can't believe I missed it too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who esle do we know that watches it?? Me: I have got to pee from all that coffee! You gotta go too or are you gonna hang here at the table? You: Nah, I'm gonna hang here... I want to check out that guy in the corner. Me: *After returning from the bathroom* Whew! Much better! What should we do now? You: I don't know, but now I gotta pee! CUT!!
Happy Pioneer Day, Utah! Over 150 years ago is when the Pioneers came to Utah. It’s a “State” holiday but for us who work for a national corporation, its not a paid holiday so, I’m working. I don’t mind really, not much to do anyway. I got a call from my childhood friend Carol yesterday! She’s staying at her parent’s house (just round the corner from where I used to live) for the week and asked if we could get together and catch up. So, I’m leaving early this afternoon to go visit her. Her Mom wanted to see me as well, which will be great because she was like my second Mom growing up. Carol and I were practically inseparable growing up. I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve gotten away from thinking of a “reason to be cheerful” for a while, and need to get back to doing it again. I need to keep looking at positive things to keep my spirits up, as we all do, right!? Anyway… yesterday’s reason to be cheerful was: peanut butter. My friend Linda and I stopped off at Jamba Juice for a Peanut Butter Moo’d (with no chocolate) and I was in heaven… and I’ve also discovered that besides being totally delicious, the peanut butter has other effects on me as well… unless it’s the combination of peanut butter and the full moon, not sure. Linda and I had such a great time yesterday, chatted and laughed so much. Everything we could have possible taken as naughty, we did. Poor Adrian got picked on, although we were asking questions seriously, things we’ve always wondered about what its like having tackle. He put his hands up to his ears, shut his eyes, and started saying “La, la, la, la, la” I wonder if he didn’t want to hear anymore. Hmmmm… Was a good afternoon. We also came up with a new game idea, “Name that Crotch.” The idea behind the game is to see if we can recognize a buy by his crotch instead of his face. LOL!! We’re so bad – its so fun though! Speaking of the full moon, no wonder I have had such strange dreams lately. The moon this morning/last night was incredible. There’s something so mysterious and alluring about the moon. My reason to be cheerful today: Hash Browns. Sounds funny, I know, but I had a yucky tummy today (from my RA meds that I take on Tuesday nights) and Hash Browns have saved the day. My tummy feels much better. I call Wednesdays: Woozy Wednesdays. My head feels like it does on Nyquil, but not quite so fun. Just woozy. My doc increased my meds again last week, so it takes a few weeks to adjust to the increase. It will get better though… it will.

Tuesday, July 23

Its very true that music soothes the savage beast. I've noticed the past couple of days that as I drive home, if there are good tunes on the radio then I tend to get lost in the song and don't cuss far as much and traffic (and the bad drivers!!) doesn't drive crazy. So - I think radio stations should have less commercials and more good music during rush hour. Music makes for less road rage. Yeah, I know... I could just pop in my favorite tape or CD but... my cassette is broken and haven't gotten around to getting a new stereo.
One small gesture can sure make one's day. A guy that works here, Dan, just brought me (as well as all the other ladies in our office) a flower from his garden. Its big, pink, beautiful and now sitting on my desk. How sweet is he?!
I felt so bad this morning... I had my Obsession lotion in my hand, upside down and was putting some in my hand, then zing! It slipped out of my hand and went flying. Hit my cat right on the head! Poor thing! Good thing the bottle was almost empty. There she was sitting there eating, minding her own business and she gets konked on the head with a flying lotion bottle! I petted her and tried to make up for it, gave her an extra kitty treat. She seemed to love me again when I left. That reminds me of another time when she got hurt through my own stupidity (and a little of hers). A few years ago, I was in my bedroom going through my closet and putting things in a cedar chest. The top of the chest was open, but the hinges weren't locked. Ashley, being the little curious kitty that she is, was standing up on her hind legs, with her front paws on the cedar chest peeking in to see what was in there. All of the sudden, I hear a SLAM and then a scream like I've never heard before. The top of the chest had come down and one of her paws was stuck. I climbed over her, opened the top and she took off running. I went after her and she was hiding behind the couch in the other room. I was in tears. I couldn't imagine how bad she must have been injured. I pulled out the couch and got to her, she was crouched and her eyes were huge. I slowly got to her and grabbed her, she was shaking and so was I. By then my Mom came downstairs to see what was wrong (she actually thought it was ME that screamed, not my cat!) There I was, holding Ashley crying. I felt so awful! I took her to the Vet (more trauma!!!) They took an X-ray and thank God, nothing was broken. We figure there was enough of a gap between the lip of the lid and the top of the chest so just her claw was stuck. Tuesday Too! 1.) Do you think pornography is dangerous? Why, or why not? It depends on how its used. If its used in your own home, and doesn't involve children and isn't sick then its OK. Its when it goes beyond that, that I think its dangerous. 2.) What do you think about people being held in jail without charges, without access to a lawyer, or a phone call for an indeterminate period of time? No matter what I think, its totally against their rights. 3.) How do you feel about this US program? I actually haven't heard of this "program". There are some criminals that really deserve this treatment, but in the system, wouldn't the charges be dropped since their rights were violated?

Monday, July 22

Monday Mission 1. Do you remember your first encounter with computers? Tell me about that. I was in Junior High and decided to take a class called Office Procedures. They had just barely bought a bunch of Apple computers and I learned how to do some Word Processing. I really liked typing on a computer so much better than a type writer. 2. How late can you stay up and still be functional the next day? Do you do that very often? Probably 8:30 or 9:00pm. This is because I get up at 3:30am on a work day! I do this more often than I'd like do during the summer, too much to do and too much going on, not to mention its so hard to sleep when its HOT. On weekends, I stay up later and it doesn't really matter if I'm functional the next day or not. 3. When was the last really good hug you got from another adult? Who was it and what was the situation? Yesterday, from my Dad, because I was having a bad day... and just for the heck of it. He's a huggy bear. 4. One thing about children is that they all like to draw. We all shared the same ability and skill level at one time. Do you still like to draw? (Not do you think you draw well, or do others, but do you like to?) If not, how come? Did you get discouraged at some point? I got discouraged - never could draw well, even had trouble with stick figures. I like to doodle and color occasionally. No, not coloring books. 5. I way overslept today. I had to head to work with no shower (don't get too close), and I am not in the best of moods. Have you ever overslept on a day you had something important going on? What's the story there? I actually haven't done that in years! I over slept one winter morning because the power had been out. I was late for work, and HAD to be there because I had to open the store, so no time for shower. Seemed like one of the worse days I've had at the time... it dims in comparison to some of the doozies I've had since then. 6. Ever go shopping for something you know you can't afford? You look at it and even think about how it will look when you get it home, somehow you justify the cost and believe it can happen? And just before you get to the counter come to your senses? What was the last thing you almost bought, but thought better of it? And why the heck do we do that to ourselves? More often than I care to think about! I can't remember anything that I really regretted buying. I can be quite impulsive, but usually am very happy that I bought it. The best thing to do is leave your credit cards at home or don't shop on the internet if you feel in a weak state. 7. (It begins again...) It's all such a blur now. I'd asked you to help me wake up but the alarm didn't go off. It was 10 till and just I knew I'd be late. Somehow you got me here on time. How did you do that? I behaved and didn't attack you in the mornings like I so love to do... *snicker* BONUS: Can't you see, you belong to me? Hmmm... nice thought...and you belong to me too.
OOOGGGIEEE! I've seen two more of those damn Hobo spider bastards this morning. As I was leaving this morning, I opened the kitchen door (that leads to the garage) and one about jumped on my sandaled foot!!! EEEK! I shut the door again, wanted to smash it, but it disappeared. I very carefully stepped outside and was on my way. Then, as I got to work, I saw a dark spot on the carpet and sure enough, it was yet another one. I smashed this one, guts everywhere. I felt victorious. Why is it that they seem to be everywhere I go?? Is it me, or are they harassing others as well? I think I remember reading that July is mating season for these buggers. ICK.

Sunday, July 21

Snagged this Survival Quiz from Colin. I scored 13 out of 17!
I was checking my referrals this morning when I ran across a referral of Disinginue by Amethyst (this tells me she's cool right there). She gave my site a plug on July 11 and mentioned a couple of things about my blog being "quiet pleasant" and "something sweet and innocent"... very kind words, but are they 100% true?? *snicker* I don't think she's read my archives. Made my day though, and gave me quite a chuckle. Go visit her site.

Saturday, July 20

I was so wrapped up with that spider last night that I forgot to mention that I saw Men in Black II (MIIB) yesterday. Funny movie! I liked it as well, if not a little better than the first one. Why is it that people bring toddlers - energetic, noisy, obnoxious toddlers to these movies? Don't get me wrong, kids are great but not in movies that cannot hold their attention or who aren't even interested in these movies. For the parents of such toddlers, I have one word for you: Babysitter. Yesterday, one couple brought their toddler to the movie who proceeded to cry out from being restrained and when he was not restrained, was playing on the stairs and shouting things throughout the movie. I kept looking back at the Mother, giving her looks that would kill and she was sitting there, (like she would be at home, I imagine) with her legs propped up like she didn't have a care in the world. Some people!! I tried not to let it ruin the movie for me... and if I hadn't had to pee so bad at the end of the show, as well as grown a set of balls, I would have let these people know just how much they pissed me off.
The almost immovable desk has been moved!! Took all the drawers out and everything off it, and pulled it out... and what did I find? Mr Huge Hobo spider all curled up DEAD! YES! Guess the wasp/hornet spray got him after all! It did my heart good to see that bastard dead... does that make me evil??

Friday, July 19

Holy shit. I'm on full Hobo spider (poisonous) alert! I pulled my computer chair out, and under the desk was a huge Hobo spider! I grabbed my tennis shoe and tried to squash it, bumping my head on my keyboard tray, missing the rotten bugger and it ran between two desks. I saw it hovering in the crack... so I grabbed my Wasp/Hornet spray and got the first half of it before it ran behind the other desk - which is, by the way, almost immovable! SHIT! I put a trap on either end of the desk, so hopefully it will get stuck on one of those... geez, I'm gonna have really sweet dreams tonight! Don't know why these stupid spiders like it here so much, I keep things clean and virtually dust-bunny-free!
I'm playing with my template colors a bit. Colin sent me a great color browser utility... I'm going to get my own domain... soon, very soon. I don't know what I'm doing, but it will be fun to learn as I go. I've got a few ideas of how I'd like my new page set up and with the help of others I can do it. I plan on purchasing the "Creating Web Pages for Dummies" - that ought to help too.
Friday Five! 1. Where were you born? Logan, Utah at the Logan Hospital. 2. If you still live there, where would you rather move to? If you don't live there, do you want to move back? Why or why not? No, don't live there any more, but about an hour away. I wouldn't want to move back, I like where I'm living now. Its nice to visit Logan from time to time. 3. Where in the world do you feel the safest? Right here. 4. Do you feel you are well-traveled? I haven't really been a traveller in my life, but I'm changing that. Just went to England, ya see! 5. Where is the most interesting place you've been? England, baby! Must. Go. Back.

Thursday, July 18

Its RAINING!!! WOOOHOOO!!! After what seems like the entire summer, its raining! (probably close to the entire summer!) I just love the smell of a summer rain storm, don't you?? So fresh and clean! I'm tempted to run out and play in the rain! In fact, I think I will!!
Three for Thursday "What if's" (a collaboration between Colin and I. 1) What are the first three things you'd do if you won the lottery or came into some money? Buy a new car, house, and help my family and those less fortunate. 2) If you had 3 wishes, what would they be? Find love, not worry about money, and world peace. 3) What are three things you'd like to do in your community to make things better? Help those less fortunate, be a good neighbor/friend, get kids to quit playing and riding their bikes in the street. BONUS: What would you do if you had a year off from work with pay? I'd love to go to England again, (for a month this time!), go back to school full time, perhaps volunteer in a senior citizen center, just putter about and enjoy life.

Wednesday, July 17

Snagged these from JellyBeans Which pop culture icon are YOU? | made by kt @ You're Elvis Presley, the legend himself. you're a true icon, glam and rock n roll, but make sure you don't over-do it and meet an.. erm.. embarrassing end.

i'm a bird.what kinda pet are you?
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HumpDayHump - I Want Muscle! Act2: Scene:1 We are hoofing it around the track sweating off those Girl Scout peanut butter cookies we ate in the car on the way here. Trying our hardest to walk and talk at the same time without passing out completely. *Quiet on the set!* ACTION! Me: Oh. My. God. I am so fat!!!!! What the hell? This had to have happened while I was sleeping, I swear! Well, at least we are exercising today. You are going to exercise with me everyday? Aren't you?? You: Yeah, I gotta work off my fat ass too... Me: I really don't mind the gym. Actually I love going to the gym. I could spend two hours on a treadmill walking as long as they have a television in front of it with something good on like Sex in the City! What is your favorite form of exercise? You: I don't like the gym at all, too much of a meat market. I like to be home, walk on the treadmill, ride my new exercise bike, and use my Orbitrek while watching a favorite movie, one that entertains me and keeps me pumping! Me: I must get my butt moving on a regular basis due to my cholesterol. The added benefit of exercise for medical reasons will be the body re-shaping part of it all. I can not wait to be able to fit back into a slinky halter style shirt and a cute pencil skirt with some strappy heels. What outfit do you drool over everytime you see it? You: A tight black sexy dress with high black pumps. Me: So what has been up with you this week? What has weighed most heavily on your mind? You: Just trying to get out of my funk and move on with things. Me: Okay, 20 times around is my limit! Let's go sit on that bench over there and watch all the others hoof it. You: You go ahead... I'm following that guy up there with the cute butt in tight shorts, I just got a burst of energy seeing him. But have your cell phone ready to call 911 if I pass out! CUT!!!!!!!!!!!!
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What Natural Disaster are you? Take the quiz!

Tuesday, July 16

Got this link from Simple Grace
What Was Your PastLife? Must have been a past life - sure not that pampered now! ;-)
I'm going through some sort of funky slump lately. I'm sure its just the process of trying to get over things with Jeff. Its so hard, filling up the time I used to spend talking to him with other things, feeling so lost basically. I have my good days and bad, and will get through this. I'm trying to move on the best I know how. Thanks to all my friends who are and have been so incredibly supportive. You're my rocks!
This or That subject: Vacation (my trip to England!!) 1. Rented lodgings, or staying with friends/relatives? Stayed with lovely friends :-) 2. Lots of activities, or just lying around doing nothing? On the go - LOTS of activities. Loved every minute of it... except for the trains. 3. Blogging while on vacation...yes or no? Yes, I blogged a little, not much though. 4. If you have children and/or pets...bring them along or make other arrangements? Parents took care of my cat. 5. Do you cook while away on vacation, or eat out every day? Both. Every day was different. 6. Do you pack light and plan to do laundry while away, or overpack and wash everything when you get home? I packed lots, did a little laundry while I was away. 7. Drive to your vacation spot, or take some kind of public transportation? Plane, trains, automobiles and a double decker bus. 8. If you have a cell phone...on or off while away? Take my cell to England?! Ummm.. no, left it home. 9. Bring work along or not? I had to check my work e-mail a couple times a day. 10. Returning home with more stuff than you originally took with you...yes or no? YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My very large suitcase was a topic of conversation.
Tuesday Too 1.) What is the most important thing going on in your life this week? Work for the most part. I also have an appointment with my Rheumatoid Arthritis doc this morning to check my progress, which isn't much from what I can feel/see. 2.) Tell us about your quintessential faux pas. The ones that come easily to mind are my belching ability (which hasn't been practiced lately), and using my remote controlled fart machine for gags. 3.) Why would you most likely be nominated to speak your mind, and what is it you're going to say? Treat others how you'd like to be treated. Quit gossiping and stirring up trouble. Mind your own beeswax. Be a true friend and supportive of those who are in need.

Monday, July 15

Frumpy. I feel frumpy.
Monday Mission 1. Have you ever sold anything through an online auction? What did you sell and did you make very much? Nope, never sold anything. 2. Have you ever bought anything through an online auction? How was your experience? Nope again. 3. Do you like the sun? Getting a suntan? Have you ever had a bad sunburn? LOVE getting a suntan. LOVE the sun as long as its not too damn hot. I've had a horrid sunburn when I was younger. Looked like a lobster and I blistered all over. Was in pain for days, and I left a skin trail when I peeled. Ick. 4. Are you a vegetarian? Why? If not, have you ever considered it? No, not a vegetarian... love my meat too much *snicker*. Seriously, I have however cut down on red meat and eat more chicken. I only have meat about 3 times a week. 5. Suppose you are getting into your car after you've just made your purchase from a store you visit twice a week. You suddenly realize you had a .35¢ item in your hand and you forgot to pay for it. What would you do next? (what *would* you do, not what *should* you do) For .35 I'd wait until I went in the next time to tell them that I wasn't charged for it. Unless I was utterly bored and needed to kill some time, then I'd go back in right then. 6. Sometimes it seems that there is just not enough time to do everything that must be done. Was there anything you wanted to accomplish this weekend that didn't get done? I didn't get my car washed - not that there wasn't enough time, it was just too damn hot. 7. What is your favorite game to play with a group and/or an individual? (board game, computer game, athletic, etc.) I love to play volley ball, although I'm not really good. Dominos is really a lot of fun too, Chicken Scratch is the name of the dominos game I think. BONUS: One headline why believe it ? Huh? Today's comment topic is: Innie or Outtie? Innie :-) I think innies rule. Not saying anything bad about outties, just don't look right for some reason.

Sunday, July 14

I've found a lot of great new blogs this past week and weekend. I found them from current favorite blogs mentioning them or their existing links. Thank God for Blogrolling!! The new blogs are: Jellybeans, Lilly, Maggie, Monkey, Nothin' but a Blog Thang, Perpetual Snit, Rachael, Simple-Grace, and Timothompson. I'm too lazy to add the hyper links in so you'll have to go to my side bar if you'd like to check them out as well. Have a good Sunday!
Got this link from Fluffy Muppet i am DUMBLEDORE!
You are a DUMBLEDORE to Harry! You are kind, nice and a bit crazy. Everyone looks up to you and respects you. You're basically the nice old guy in the bunch ;D
Which adult in Harrys life are YOU?

Saturday, July 13

Its gonna be another hot one today! UGH!! As of 3:46pm its 109. I don't ever remember it ever getting this hot here. The record for this city on July 13 was 102 back in 1939. Holy shit, its HOT.

Friday, July 12

It soooo hot. Its 8pm and still 100 degrees outside. I think it got up to 106 - or at least that's what my car said it was when I went to the grocery store. Too damn hot. I'm also really missing Jeff again. Seems like the weekends are the hardest, when I've got more time on my hands. I know I need to fill the time that we used to talk with other stuff, but its so hard to motivate myself to do it. Sigh. Mope. Sigh.
Its here... what you've all waiting for... (imagine a drum roll...) 100 Things About Me"
Oh, how embarrassing... cute cable guy comes to fix the digital cable (fuzzy channels) and here am I... in my big t-shirt, shorts, hair in a pony tail, glasses on, and no make up. Lovely. He smiled at me anyway, probably giggling on the inside. Ah well, he's probably used to seeing people like this.
Google! DayPop! This is my blogchalk: English, United States, Ogden, UT, North Ogden, Karen, Female, 31-35! Blogchalk Thanks to Kat for the link.
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take the antisocial test.
and go to because laura's feeling social.

Thursday, July 11

Spread it right here! I'm in heaven... for those of you who don't know me, I have a thing for peanut butter. Love the stuff, crave the stuff, have to have the stuff. I just got back from Jamba Juice where Linda pointed out a flavor to me that I never noticed before. Peanut Butter Moo'd. Oh my... (I had them leave out the chocolate - yuck) I am soooo loving this. I'm trying not to drink it too fast so 1) I won't get brain freeze and 2) so it will last... need to savor it... Mmmmm!!!! Must limit myself to this particular pleasure though or I'll gain back some of what I've worked so hard to get off!! Moderation. Must have these in moderation.
WTF??!! Just got a phone call from some weirdo with a Spanish accent. Me: _____ this is Karen. Him: Is this Karen? Me: Yes, this is Karen. Him: You speak Latino? Me: No, don't speak any Spanish. Him: How old are you? Me: *snicker* None of your business. Him: Why you laughing? Me: Who is this? Him: Its a secret. Me: Is this a business related call? Him: Michael. Me: Do I know you? Him: Yes. Me: *silence* Him: Why are you quiet? Me: I don't really know who this is. Him: *silence* click. He called back 10 minutes later. Him: Karen? Me: Yes... Him: Its me again... Me: Yes... who are you? I don't think you have the right number. Him: Yes... I'm one of your friends. Me: Friends from where? Him: Another country. Me: *silence* Him: Hello? Me: Trying to figure out who you are. Him: How old are you? Me: If you were really one of my friends, you'd know. Him: I'm really not one of your friends. Me: I didn't think so... Him: How old are you? 19? Me: Ummm.. no... You know what? I'm at work and don't have time for this. Him: Oh... OK... goodbye. click. He had to have called either from this base or from another base, we can tell by the ring. Weirdo... I guess he was looking for some lively conversation with a 19 year old... boy did he get the wrong number! LOL!!
Three for Thursday: a collaboration between Colin and I. 1. What are three things that drive you nuts about your opposite sex? Their different language, stubbornness, and the way they can make me feel. 2. What are three things you love about your opposite sex? Their...ummm... equipment, the way they can hold me, and the way they can make me feel. 3. What are three things that remind you of a current or old flame? Certain movies, hearing Yahoo's instant message chime, any naughty thought. 4. What three things did you keep from a past relationship? (you know, like love letters, photos, an engagement ring, the knife your ex used to stab you....) (from a really past relationship) Nothing, nothing and nothing. 5. What three things did you totally destroy from a past relationship? Notes, tapes of his favorite movies, any other evidence of the relationship. Bonus: What is the most embarrassing moment you've had with the opposite sex? Two words: Pussy fart. I got laughing so hard that it killed the mood instantly. I guess some guys just can't perform with so much laughter??

Wednesday, July 10

About 20 people from my office went out to lunch today to wish a lady good luck on her new job. We had such a great time. I sat across from Nicole (who is a fellow joker) then there was Pam, Chelene, and Janna on the other side of Nicole. Chelene went to use the restroom about half way through lunch. She left her purse under the table. Nicole and Janna couldn't pass this opportunity up... so Nicole passed Chelene's purse to me under the table, then I put it next to me, where Trudy was sitting. Chelene came back, sat for a couple of minutes, then all of the sudden she starts getting a lost look on her face. She slid her chair back and started looking under the tables. We asked her if she wanted to see everyone's shoes, and she didn't say anything, didn't even ask if anyone had seen her purse. She just sat there with her arms folded, pouting, looking at everyone, trying to figure out who took her purse. We were waiting for our checks to arrive, and I got my purse, set it on the table, and she looked hopeful at me as if I'd pull her purse up. Nope. After another 5 minutes, I asked Trudy to pass me the purse with her feet. Then I passed it back to Nicole, Nicole passed it to Pam, and Pam pushed it to Chelene. It took a couple of minutes before she noticed her purse was back. Then she exclaimed, "Oh, look! My purse is back!" I replied, "Was it missing?" We all kept straight faces, it was priceless!
What is it about the smell of freshly popped buttery popcorn that makes one so ravenous?? Here it is, an hour before lunch - and someone pops some popcorn. Now my tummy is just rumbling and mouth is watering. I can not only smell the popcorn, but now I can hear the lady in the cubical kitty-cornered from me munching away.... ooooo....can't take much more... gimme some!!! I'm sure she'd share, but I know I wouldn't be able to stop eating it.

Tuesday, July 9

Uh oh... found another one of these things... courtesy again of Taco Shop Psychic. Here are the Tuesday Too 1.) Yes conflicting theories abound, what do you think dreams (nightly adventures) mean, or do you subscribe to a particular theorist and why? I believe in dreams, I believe they try to help us in our daily lives, in trying to solve problems, warnings, or just for fun. 2.) When you are confronted by a homeless person asking for change, how do you respond? How does it make you feel? If you've never been in this situation, imagine it, and calculate your response. It really makes me uncomfortable for a homeless person coming up and asking for change. I don't mind donating to established charities where I know the money will be spent to really help the people, not so they can go and buy booz or drugs. I would even go get them some food and bring it back ensure they would eat something. 3.) Do you feel you have been short changed in any way by destiny/fate/god? If so, how? Short changed, no. I'm very grateful for all I do have, a lot of people have/had it a lot worse than me. I do wish fate/destiny would lend a hand with my love life...
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Workmen are back today... playing with their big torches and powerful drills and welding new copper piping for the new air con system. Wouldn't you know it, they do this right in the middle of the day when its the hottest. This makes me have to turn my two fans on under my desk to cool off a bit! I'm working on both my computers today, so I have to slide on my chair from one computer to the other leaving my left/right leg behind a bit so I get more of a thrill, ahem, I mean breeze. Woohoo! I had to go get finger printed today for this security stuff at work. I don't mind, but took me over an hour. I should have taken a book to read while waiting. The guy who took my prints was a cutie (married though, damn it!) and had to look twice at my form where it asked for "scars, marks or tattoos" I had to write "tattoo, heart, left breast". I couldn't lie, now could I? Then he told me what nice, soft hands I had... oooo... I do believe he was flirting! LOL! Yet another thrill for me today! Things happen in three's - so bring it on! Gimme a thrill! *snicker*

Monday, July 8

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A YELLOW Dragon Lies Beneath!

I took the
Inner Dragon online quiz and found out I am a Yellow Dragon on the inside. My Inner Dragon is the most interesting of all. Yellows are the fourth rarest dragon of all (after Gold, Platinum and Chromatic dragons). They spend the vast majority of their time soaring high above the ground, often for no particular reason. They love to be in the air, and are thus typified as the Air Elemental dragon. All of the Elemental dragons are technically aligned "Chaotic Evil" but a Yellow is about as close as they come to being Neutral. So if you catch me being sweet, it's perfectly normal. But it might be a feint. I like to spend time in silent, aerial meditation and would only really attack someone if provoked. My favorable attributes are the sunrise, Spring, incense, clouds, and any kind of helpful air current. When it's needed, my breath weapon is pure bolts of Lightning. How's that for a neat piece of carry-on luggage? See you amongst the clouds!
Blast!! Sorta cute workman fixing the air conditioning (yes, its STILL being fixed) is wearing BAGGY bib-overalls. No fun at all... he's welding things though so all I'm getting a good look at his torch.
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what's your inner flower?

[c] s u g a r d e w

Monday Mission 1. Have you had to repair anything lately? Did you do it yourself or have someone else do it? Wouldn't call it repair, but I had my PC upgraded with more memory and a CD burner. I had my buddy Brian do it for me. 2. Do you work out or exercise? Or is there anything you do each day for your health? I work out 5/week for 50-60 minutes. I take meds for my high blood pressure and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Eat healthy (low fat diet and watch what I eat) and take vitamins and suppliments to help my joints. Stopped drinking soda pop and eating chocolate (still eat white chocolate but its not real). 3. Are you a modest person? That is, would you be embarrassed for someone (an acquaintance, a friend, a stranger) to see you nude? Ummmm... yeah, I'd say I'm a modest person. If I knew someone intimately, then I wouldn't be modest at all. 4. Some smells that I just can not stand are bags of grass clippings that have sat in the hot sun for a few days, burned hair and vomit (although, thankfully, I have not had to smell them all at the same time). What are some odors that you just can not stand to smell? Right off the top of my head... fish or seafood of ANY kind, barf (makes me barf just smelling it), raw onions, cigarette/cigar smoke (fresh or stale), and dirty diapers (here I go barfing again). 5. Are there any social situations that make you uncomfortable? Public speaking. Group of people (who I don't know) that are snobs. 6. Has a friend or an employer ever asked you to do something you felt was unethical or? What was it and what happened? A coworker (who didn't have access to the system here at my office from his office) asked me if he could use my computer one night after I left work to do some research. I said NO. I don't think he realized what he was asking though. Its a big no-no to let anyone use your computer logged on as you. DUH. 7. (continued) Well, we are not yet at our destination, though the way you described it, it sounds simply amazing. What is the first thing we should do once we get there? Check in, get to our room as fast as possible and get naked... let our naughty thoughts take over. BONUS: In this whole world, what is fair? Can't think of anything that is 100% fair, actually.

Sunday, July 7

Today's horoscope: Indulge yourself with something you've been dreaming about for the last few weeks. Treat yourself like royalty -- if only for an hour or two. You need to let it all hang out, to unleash that sea of emotions that is pent up inside you. If you can get out to a quiet place and unwind a little, more than likely you'll be able to find some fitting -- and exciting -- company. Chances are that the adventure you are about to embark on is one that will change your life profoundly. I think I'll take the advice! Lets see... what can I do to pamper myself today?? Have a good day, everyone!

Which Cartoon Cat Are You? Quiz by gypsydance
100 Things about me progress report. I'm on #74.
I got this info from Fluffy Muppet. These E-cards are really fun. They're from and they'll donate 3p to the Barn Owl Conservation Network. Send a card to a friend and help the Barn Owls as well.

Saturday, July 6

The temperature topped at 104 today. This is nuts. I live in Northern Utah not Southern Utah which borders Arizona. Its not supposed to get that hot up here!! Sizzle, sizzle, sizzle, needless to say I didn't stay basking in the sun for long. In the famous words of Dale Griffith (from the movie Planes, Trains, and Automobiles), "I felt like a Whopper. Turn me over, I'm done on this side. I'm afraid to look at my ass, I probably have griddle marks! AAAHHH!"
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Better day yesterday... well sort of. I got up early, got my cleaning done, got in the shower and ran a couple of errands. When I came home, I didn't even feel like laying out so I didn't. I decided to stay in where it was cool and watch a couple of movies. I watched Riding in Cars with Boys (good, but different than I thought it would be), and Serendipity (good movie - really liked it). Then I warmed up some left over ribs for dinner. Still as good as they were Thursday - YUM. The sister from hell came over to stay last night, and she was actually nice for the 2 minutes I saw her while cleaning up my dinner mess. Her husband helped her bring the baby in and all their stuff. I was surprised he didn't just drop them off at the curb since he's the the world's biggest ass. What kind of a man makes his wife and child leave for the weekend so he can party with his buddies? Loser, total loser. I talked to Jeff last night online for a little while, as friends, which was nice. It was really hard for me at first (wanted to cry), but it got easier. Even though I'm struggling with emotions I know I did the right thing and need to move on. Its so not going to be easy because I was crazy about him. Today's activities so far have consisted of mowing the lawn and working out. I'm beat! I think I will lay out today, something about laying in the sun always makes me feel better about life. Then I'll come in and take myself a nice nap with my cat. She's hardly let me out of her sight all weekend, she knows I'm hurting. Don't know what I'd do without her.

Friday, July 5

Today's horoscope... encouraging, very encouraging. Although you may be feeling that things are on a downward trend as far as your social life is concerned, the truth is that you should be coming into your own -- and soon. This means that what you previously saw as vague, black and white outlines will soon be living, breathing three-dimensional realities in vivid color. All you need is a little more time. Before very long, your dance card will be filled, your parties will be crowded and your telephone will be ringing off the hook.
Friday Five! 1. Where are you right now? Sitting in front of my computer at home, trying to get the ambition to do my weekly cleaning... not being successful as of yet. 2. What have you lost recently? Besides my mind... some weight and my so-called relationship with Jeff. I also lost my LifeHouse CD for a few days, but like a ninny left it in the photocopier (burned it for a friend and needed to copy the cover). 3. What was the first CD you ever purchased? Does that embarrass you now? Def Leppard The Vault - no, doesn't embarrass me at all. 4. What is your favorite kind of writing pen? Pilot Easytouch, medium point, blue, green, purple or any cool color...not black, that's boring. I do have a favorite pen for writing checks, it was a gift and no doubt expensive but don't know what kind it is. Will have to sort that out when I need more ink. I also have a thing about pens. If they have a lid, the lid needs to be on the end (opposite of the writing end) or I can't write with it... part of my slight OCD, I believe. 5. What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Lime sherbet, and not just any lime sherbet it must be from the diary down the street. My alternate would be peanut butter IF they would make it without chocolate.

Thursday, July 4

Today has been a bit rough as far as trying to keep my mind off Jeff. I feel quite lost... but I'm trying to keep busy. I got up early, posted my Three for Thursday, got some BBQ boneless ribs started simmering in some yummy sauce, watched the movie "Monster's Ball" (acting VERY good, but story left something to be desired), worked out while watching "Kate & Leopold" (love that movie), basked in the sunshine for a while, came inside out of the HEAT and watched "I Am Sam" (another good movie)... showered, and now here I am. My sister Susie is coming over to eat dinner with me in a little while. We're having the BBQ ribs (which smell so damn good they've made my tummy growl all day), corn on the cob, and cole slaw. Poor Susie had to work all day today so I told her I'd cook her dinner. We'll watch a movie after dinner then go to my brother J Dee's house to watch the fireworks. He lives by the local high school where they have the city show. That's about it... hope everyone in America is having a good holiday!!!! Stay cool!

Wednesday, July 3

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!!!! Hope everyone has a great holiday! Three for Thursday! by Colin and moi. The idea behind these questions is to answer in threes, to give it a bit of a twist. For example: Q: What’s for breakfast? A: Coffee, toast, cereal. 1. What are your current favorite music groups? Creed, Nickelback, and Default. 2. What were your favorite music groups (or songs) growing up? Def Leppard, Boston, and ZZ Top. 3. What are your all time favorite music groups (or songs)? Feel Like Makin’ Love (Bad Company), Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd), and Hysteria (Def Leppard). 4. What songs/groups did you once love but now hate (sort of like hearing nails scrap a chalk board if you hear them)? Men at Work, Culture Club, and Van Halen. (The first two are obvious - don't know why the third...) 5. What are three songs that every time you hear them, you gotta crank the volume? Hard as a Rock (AC/DC), Carry on My Wayward Son (Kansas), Time for me to Fly (REO Speedwagon). 6. What are the best concerts you’ve been to? Def Leppard, 38 Special, and Travis Tritt. BONUS What was the first song that you remember hearing that really got you rocking and what memories does the song bring back when you hear it now? I’d have to say “Shook me All Night Long”. First AC/DC song I heard. I was with my friend Maria in her cousin’s car. It always reminds me of the fun we used to have as early teenagers.
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What's Your Inner Demon?
this quiz was made by Melissa
HumpDayHump So here we are again! It's HumpDay and I am probably at this moment lounging on the beach. Hate me? :P Now for the HumpDayHump (thanks to my friend for posting it for me!): Me: I tell you what, I am not afraid of much but there are a couple of things that make my skin crawl, like roaches and ghosts/spirits and walking in the dark. How about you? You: Spiders, snakes, bees, wasps, hornets, mice, rats,...oh just a couple? sorry... Me: There is a ghost in my mom and dad's house supposedly and many people have had sightings and heard unexplained noises including me. Have you ever seen a ghost or felt one's presence? You: I don't know what I saw, but it was definitely not of this world - it was a flash of a white flowing dress. I have felt the presence of spirits, its kinda freaky but cool. Me: I have a few people that I have known and loved - as well as a few that I didn't know very well - that have passed away. I would really see it as a blessing if I could "talk" to them again and ask them some questions. Is there anyone you know that you would like to visit you from the other side? You: I'd say my Grandparents. I miss them all and wish I could get some insight on where and what I need to do next. Me: Eeeek! I know my limits! I get really scared when watching horror flicks (if they are any good) and I do not go outside at night unless absolutely necessary. What about you? You: Ghost stories and horror shows like Friday the 13th or Halloween are scary but don't effect me to the point of movies that have demons or demonic possessions - can NEVER watch the Exercist ever again. I had night mares that I was fighting for my soul with the devil when Days of Our Lives had Marlena possessed, it was awful. Me: Cool! Let's go see a scary movie with a couple of cute guys! Heehee! You: Yeah - and act really scared so they'll have to hug us tight!
I'm Moving On... Jeff and I have been talking online and on the phone for over 18 months. We got along so well, made each other laugh, lots in common, both naughty, etc. He always said he really wanted to meet me, but timing was bad, he was too busy, didn't know what he wanted, etc., I stuck with him because I felt deep down in my soul that there was a reason we met online and I was crazy about him. Believe me, I asked myself if I was nuts several times...but despite all the ups and downs, he's a good man and has a good heart. So, last night I asked him flat out when we were going to meet and that I'd waited a really long time. He told me that he really didn't want to be involved with anyone and that I lived so far away. We continued to talk for another hour or so, he changed the subject of course. It didn't hit me right off what he'd said, but it started to sink in after we finished talking. So today, I wrote him an e-mail and asked if we could talk on the phone tonight. Within 30 minutes, he popped on Yahoo and asked what was wrong and why I needed to talk. I told him I didn't want to talk about it online, but he pressed me and wanted to know what was wrong. So, we talked on Yahoo. I asked him if he really meant what he said - that he didn't want to meet me and continue our relationship. He told me that he didn't want to get involved with anyone, not "just me". I told him that I needed to know where I stand because I really liked him and needed to either meet him or move on. He asked if I was saying good-bye and I told him I hoped we could be friends. As for being more, I couldn't do it since he wasn't willing to even give us a chance. He told me he got involved with a "gorgeous" woman after his divorce and when they broke up it crushed him and he didn't want to go through that again. (I liked the way he through the "gorgeous" woman in there) I told him I would never hurt him intentionally (which he KNOWS), but I keep getting hurt and disappointed and can't take it any more. I want someone in my life and am tired of being alone. Its taken so much to get to this point in my life when I actually want someone to love and I'm ready. So... we both said we'd stay friends, I really don't want to lose our friendship and he didn't either. I feel fragile, shaky, and gittery, but I know I made the right decision. I feel at peace with it. I don't hate him, I'm not angry at him... he just isn't in the same place I am. I wish him all the happiness he deserves. I know Jeff came into my life for a reason and if that reason wasn't to be the love of my life, then it was to show me that I can really care about a man and want to have love in my life. I want a man that I can love passionately and with my heart and soul. Is that too much to ask?? So - onward I go. I'm staying strong. Funny that I heard REO Speedwagon's song "Time for me to Fly" on the way home from work today! LOL!! I'm so glad this 4-day weekend is here! Ahhh! I went to Blockbuster and rented 7 videos. I'll do write reviews as I watch them, I have seen two of them, "Kate & Leopold" and "I am Sam", those were both excellent movies. Tomorrow is Three for Thursday, so check back here or at Colin's site for the questions.

Tuesday, July 2

Ohohohhohh just got the best news... well, I hope it is good news. Mom and Dad are going to Idaho tomorrow for a few days starting tomorrow. The only problem will be if that evil and vile sister of mine comes to stay upstairs while they're gone (she was not invited to go along them this time which I think is interesting). Mom is getting as tired as I am of her attitude and being here so much. Its really wearing Mom out. I doubt she'll stay here - why would she? No babysitter and no one to clean up her messes...
Today was MUCH better. I was told yesterday that the gov't contract I work on would no longer be getting support from our division office with our financials (reporting). The portion that my dear friend Cindy (who is doing the work of 3 people so I can't blame her) was doing will now all be done by your's truly. It wasn't a good day anyway, and when she told me that it was all being dumped on me, I all but broke down and cried. I had tears in my eyes and I was really frustrated and really pissed - I was so tempted to walk out, but I'm not a quitter. The whole thing wasn't handled very well at all. It would have been better if my boss and the big boss (who decided this whole thing) had sat down and discussed this instead of the way it was done then let me know the changes. My boss is on vacation and doesn't know yet and me thinks he's gonna be pissed big time. This adds another 8+ hours to my workload. I can't do anything to change it, so I'll try not to complain and take this on like I have any other new assignment. Might whinge a bit but won't complain. One thing that does bother me is there is not another person to do a "double check" system, its just me. Just little old me. I managed to finally finish the financials today and sorted out what corrections need to be made by our corporate offices in California - I swear, these data input people have to be dorks for the stupid mistakes they keep making. I know no one is perfect, but this is the same stupid mistakes over and over. Then another dork that is supposed to put corrections in either a) doesn't put them in correctly and screws everything up or b) doesn't bother with them at all. Mr Rod and I are going to be friends, I can just tell... not, THAT kind of rod unfortunately. *snicker* Speaking of rods - or the metaphor, I saw a bumper sticker today on my way home that cracked me up. Of course I took it the wrong way - or is that the right way? I forget. Anyway, it was "You can't Beat Wagner's Meat" ROFL!!! Yup, I'm loopy... I'm gonna go now.
Thanks for this link, Ariel!!

Monday, July 1

OK, so today was THE DAY FROM HELL. It started out bad and got worse... I'm not going into it, but I'm going to say that Colin, Emma, Linda and Xanax are my friends... Time for the Monday Mission 1. In the United States of America, it was recently ruled that the phrase "one nation under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance is unconstitutional. Do you agree with this ruling? Should the phrase "under God" be removed? Why? I personally think it sounds strange without the "under God" part... but it must offend a lot of people for them to go to all the trouble to get it removed. Aren't there better things to do in the world than pick apart something that has been such a huge part of American history??? Just my opinion, don't shout at me. 2. When was the last time you took a road trip? Where did you go and what did you do? Lets see... a little road trip to Park City last February?? Went to Park City for some shopping at the outlet mall. A major road trip was to ENGLAND! I rode on lots of roads while there, so that counts, right?? 3. Do you have any vacations planned for this summer? Already gone? Where to and what? None planned... England was the doozie. :-D 4. What is the most drastic change to your appearance that you have ever made? Are you brave enough to post a photo? Cut my long hair (mid-back) all the way to my chin, got a tattoo (no photos on that one, only "special" people get to see it due to the location... ummm... died my hair, gained weight, lost weight, still losing weight. 5. Tell me about something to which you are committed? Such a deep question after the day I had... lets see, committed to my friends and loved ones. Trying to make people happy. 6. Now tell me about something you just flat-out gave up on. Becoming a super model. *snicker* 7. (new saga) I've had it, this place is just wearing me out. You too? We need a break! Let's head out and go someplace new. You make the plans, I'll get things ready. So what do you have it mind, and did you want me to pick up anything special to pack for the trip? Oooo... let's head for a nice luxury resort at the beach. Bring bubble bath, sensuous oils, candles, sun screen, your birthday suit and your smile... BONUS: Where is my hairbrush? You left it in my bathroom again!