Sunday, December 8

Thank you for all the support about what came out yesterday - its so great that we can all be here for each other. Group hug!! Let me get one thing straight though, we're not slandering anyone, we're coming forth with the truth about what we've been through and the person who has put us through it. If someone wants to defend him - that is their right, just as its our right to come forward with the truth. On to other things! I had a great time and my company Christmas party last night! My nephew Travis went with me, and it was fun having him around and catching up on things. I sat by my friend Sheri that I used to work with (her husband works for the same company I do) and we chatted and giggled about things too. The prime rib was excellent! I was stuffed, and couldn't even finish it. Then Roald, a really cool guy was the entertainment. He sang some really great songs that he'd written. One was a beautiful Christmas song, and the others were funny ones. One song he wrote was "Animal Crackers in Love" and there's a story behind it. Roald has a bowl of animal crackers he keeps in his office. One day a guy found two animal crackers baked together - "joined" and "in love" So he wrote a song about it. One of the lyrics was "you can't eat love" then Roald looks right at me, paused, and said "Well, I take that back - Karen knows that you can eat love, she's got some of those edible underwear!" OMG - I cracked up!!!!!!!!!!! It cracked everyone up. Then throughout the rest of the songs, he made little references to me and the underwear. It was so funny. My nephew thought it was great. Roald said it was because I was in the front row and he had to pick on me. Then one of the last things Roald said, was "Be sure to ask Karen who her supplier of edible underwear is!" The very last song he sang was "I Don't Want a Pickle, I Just Wanna Ride my Motor Cycle." The chorus lyrics go "I don't want a pickle, I just wanna ride my motor cycle, and Iiii don't want a tickle I just wanna ride my motor cycle..." and every time he sang that "I don't want a tickle" Sheri and I just giggled and giggled harder every time he sang it. Then the very last time, he said "Well, Karen obviously wants a tickle!!" OMG - talk about BLUSH! Everyone laughed, then we went home. One of the better Xmas parties really, I'm not one for the big parties of dancing, etc., so this one was great. Enjoy your Sunday!!!