Sunday, June 30

Found a new fun, favorite website while visiting Ariel! Jeff the Jiff The link is also to the right under "Favorite Sites".

Saturday, June 29

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I'm 'Don't Let Me Get Me'! What are you?
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Which flock do you follow?
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Friday, June 28

Karen? Is that you?? Its been a really weird day. I met Linda and her two nieces at the restaurant where my sister Susie works. I went in the back way to say hi to Susie, then went out front and sat down with Linda. We ordered our lunches, I was craving a salad and the other girls had omelets and breakfast. I was a good girl and stuck to the salad. Mmmm! Susie spoils me and gives me extra pickles on the side. Anyway, one waitress that is a good friend of Susie's came out of the back, looked straight at me, I waved, but she kept walking. I thought maybe she was just busy. A few minutes later, she walked right by our table and I said "Hi!" to get her attention. She had to do a double take, she said she didn't recognize me, which I thought was really strange. Then Linda confessed that she didn't recognize me either until I sat down next to her! LOL! She saw me yesterday and just about every work day for the past 7 years. She said I was wasting away before her very eyes. I don't think I've lost a significant amount of weight this week, but Linda swears I dropped 20 pounds "just like that!". Hmmm... very strange. I was wearing jeans that fit me nicely, not the big baggy things I wore for a while. Susie even had to point me out to another male friend of hers - he didn't recognize me either. I think that is just so weird that 3 people in one day didn't recognize me. Well, things do happen in 3's, don't they?! After lunch, we went to the mall where the movie theatre is and saw Mr Deeds. I liked it, thought it was funny. Then we shopped around the mall for a bit and I decided to get me a new cell phone. I'm tired of dropped calls and no reception, so I went digital with PCS and analog. Cool - I have a new toy!! It even VIBRATES WOOHOO!!!!!! I could even carry it in a pocket if I were so inclined... *snicker* Call me, please call me! LOL!!
Friday Five!! When was the last time you... 1. ...sent a handwritten letter? In March, to my nephew Travis (aka Gomer). 2. ...baked something from scratch or made something by hand? Baked something was probably at Christmas, baked some cookies (dough I made), and the made something by hand was the last doily I made in April. 3. ...camped in a tent? 1987. Still not long enough ago for me. ;-) Now, if I had the man I loved whisked me a way for say, one night and we "slept" in tent, I think I could handle that. Just not the week long, no showers, no flushing toilets that I can't stand. 4. ...volunteered your time to church, school, or community? Oh, I'd say that has been years. I think I may look into seeing something about helping out in the community. Bad Karen. I used to do stuff all the time as a teenager when I actually went to church. That really gave me a good feeling to give my time to needy people. 5. ...helped a stranger? A stranger... hmmm... the last little help a lady with doors at the mall who had her hands full of kids in strollers and packages. The more major thing was help a poor family at Christmas.
Happy, Happy Birthday to Colin's wife, the Lovely D! :-) She's one great lady. Stop by his site and leave her some birthday greetings.

Thursday, June 27

I saw a really great movie this afternoon, My Big Fat Greek Wedding. It was one of the best movies I've seen this year, cute and so funny!! Great way to start me weekend! Tomorrow I'm off to lunch and another movie (Mr. Deeds) with Linda and her two nieces. I feel as if my week has been 8 days long instead of 4, so I think I'm gonna splatter again tonight.
SOMETHING NEW!! Announcing the weekly questions of Three for Thursday. A collaboration between Colin and I, with occasional help from FluffyMuppet and the Lovely D (no we're not paying D or The Muppet a consultant fee for this, they just get some of the glory). The idea behind these questions is to answer in threes, to give it a bit of a twist. For example: Q: What's for breakfast? A: Coffee, toast, cereal. The "bonus question" doesn't have to be answered in threes, answer it how you'd like. This week, we thought we'd start out with something for Summer. 1. What reminds you of Summer? Sun, fun, and heat. 2. What quenches your thirst in the Summer? Water, lemonade, and fruit juice. 3. What do you like to do in the Summer? Bask in the sunshine, smell and see the lovely flowers, lounge around. 4. What do you dislike about summer? Too much heat, INSECTS, road construction. 5. What are your favorite Summer foods? Watermelon, corn on the cob, and outdoor BBQ! Mmmm! Bonus: What was your best summer and why? My best summer was when my parents and two sisters went to San Diego, CA. We drove from Utah, through Las Vegas (where we stopped in to see my Grandpa) then down to Dan Diego. We took the truck with a small camper shell on it, and us girls rode in the back and listened to the Grease soundtrack on 8-track (I may be aging myself, but I wasn't that old then). I think we wore the tape out and knew all the words to every song by the time we got down to San Diego! We went to the beach, the famous San Diego zoo and Sea World.

Wednesday, June 26

We made it to 103 degrees today (at one point my car said 105!!) outside, and inside was 90! UGH!!! To top it off, they had the vents blowing dust/dirt/gritty crap all over. I'd leave for 10 minutes, come back and my keyboard would be gritty under my fingers. Yuck... my desk and any papers had a layer of this stuff. Just to think, I was breathing that stuff! ICK! I got home and took the coolest shower I could stand, and still feeling like I need to splatter - so I think I will! The heat really takes it out of me, and its causing problems with my Rheumatoid Arthritis, damn it! :-( Just when we were making such progress. Went to lunch with Adrian and Linda. Adrian is a crack up, he mainly grew up in Romania so he doesn't get a lot of our slang and naughty talk. Linda and I aim to change that. Adrian figures that if he hangs around us for a month straight he'll be fully educated. Linda drove to lunch in her new Toyota Highlander (I WANT ONE!!) I think the two ladies sitting across from us in the restaurant weren't too pleased with us and our conversation, I kept feeling icy stares. We weren't loud and obnoxious we were just talking and giggling amongst ourselves. Some people need to loosen up and shouldn't eavesdrop. OK - tomorrow is THURSDAY! Colin and I are excited to unveil our new thing for Thursdays!
HumpDayHump - Tainted Love Act 2 - Scene 1: I'm your best friend and we are hangin' out chatting about life's issues and our past and how we got to where we are now. You have to ad-lib your part...... (marker, take 1...SNAP!) Me: Man! I am sooo glad that you got out of that relationship! What the hell were you thinking starting that???? You: I could think of a lot of excuses but I guess the only reason could be that I was in a bad place in my life and just needed someone – anyone. Me: How did the whole thing get started in the first place? You: Met him through a friend when I worked at the dentist office. I liked him OK, but as the relationship progressed it got to the point where I was there for him but he wasn't for me. That went on for 5 years. I was an idiot to let it go on that long. Me: What was that gushy pet name you used to call him/her? You: No pet names, he didn't deserve one, unless after I broke things off, when he kept calling and calling and calling to see if “I was ready to come back” when I called him the shithead. Not really a gaggy type name, but a fitting one. Me: Well at least you got the realization that you deserved better out of the whole ordeal... that's worth something. Aren't you glad it's over? You: YES, best move I've made. Couldn't have done it without your support though. Me: You deserved much more anyway. Let's go grab a strange guy's butt. You: Woohoo! Cut!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 25

I've linked to a couple of new sites - links are on my side bar. Shill, Flowerhead, and Reality Remixed. Great sites, go visit them.
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Take the What Sex Position Are You? test by Ley Ley
Yikes, it was hot today! It reached 102 outside and inside a toasty 88. They were supposed to get the AC fixed by today, but funny enough, the workmen didn't come to work, only one that took notes and measurements. I asked him to please make us cool! I think he was surprised I asked nicely and didn't complain to him. Poor guy probably gets grumbled at all the time. Never did see that guy in the tight white t-shirt from yesterday... hmmm... well I saw most of him just not his face, it was up in the ceiling! My buddy Larry passed by my cube, stuck his head in to say hello and told me that I had quite a wind tunnel going (meaning the two fans under my desk) and my dress looked like it could be a parachute! I cracked up! Then my friend Sandi came to see me and he warned her to "watch her skirt" so it didn't fly up in the air. Sheesh! Just cuz I like to try and stay as cool as possible, I get all this grief No spiders seen today! But I did see a couple of DEAD spiders in my spider traps. Buuuaahhhhaahhahhaaa
This is a fun game! Thanks to Christy for the idea. I had 38,000 references, but stopped at 140... I just couldn't keep going on and on so about myself. Karen is exposed in Health and Fitness magazine Karen is a full time graduate student at U. of Texas at Tyler working toward her Master of Science in Biology. Karen is a singer/songwriter, writing both Traditional and New Country songs. Karen is a graduate of the University of Toledo (GO ROCKETS!) and has worked at the Post Office since 1989 Karen is basically a self-taught artist. Karen is speaking in an area near you Karen is twice as old as Lori Karen Is Famous! Karen is featured on the following: KDWN Las Vegas "Ask Sadie"; WBET Boston "The Marian Wrobles Show" April 1 Karen is a New England native who joined the WMUR News 9 team as a general assignment reporter in January of 1997 Karen Is Leaving LMAO Karen is no rookie to IPSD as this is her third year she has done this project with her students to encourage and promote science Karen is upset about something I've said, she writes me a letter Karen is so affectionate Karen is also a highly versatile Karen is the best because she has great shorts a nice ass and she loves her boyfriend bunches and bunches Karen is a strong, emotionally and physically generous performer. Karen is a frequent winner in POY as well as the White House News Photographer’s competition Karen is getting tons of email, it's not possible for her to answer each letter individually Karen is raring to perform anywhere in the world a cowgirl is welcome! Karen is a regular guest instructor on The Golf Channel Karen is very talented and very funny Karen is the best thing that has happened to me Karen is a very outgoing and talented person Karen is Back! Karen is known in the Betty Crocker Kitchens as the Cobbler Queen Karen is a little slut, Hello Karen! Karen is snooping around Karen is in for a surprise! Karen is always available, always responsive, never intrusive, never pushing. Her sense of timing is exquisite Karen is caring and compassionate Karen is a wonderful friend; she's down to earth, interesting and fun to talk to and penpal with thru e-mail Karen is a well groomed and well nourished young lady
Nasty Bastards! I got home from work last night, went into my bedroom and was setting my things down on my bed when I felt something scurry across my foot, looked down and there was one of those Hobo spiders (poisonous!!!) running towards my door - and my cat. I screamed!! It saw my cat and stopped in its tracks. We had it cornered. My Mom came running to see what I screamed about, I told her not to move. If anyone of us made any sudden moves, the spider would be on the run and probably go straight for my my video cabinets where I might have lost him. I of course didn't have any shoes on, so I slowly grabbed a shoe from my closet and very slowly, very carefully... got closer... then WHAP got him. Then the bastard started flipping and moving again! Die bastard, die! I had to hit him again before he stopped. EWWWWW!!!! Guts on the bottom of my shoe! I got about 3 tissues, picked up the corpse and proceeded to my bathroom where I gave him a sewer burial.

Monday, June 24

Its hot in here at work. They've been working on revamping our air conditioning all day, so its been off. The workman are working as fast as they can - and not far from my cubical so I've had the pleasure (and in some cases non-pleasure) of looking at them climb up and down the ladders and make lots of noise. One guy in particular was a pleasure indeed, but I never got a look at his face. His jeans were filled out nicely, wore a tight white t-shirt (not muscle man but nice... very nice). I haven't seen him since lunch, so maybe he did his job and is gone Its not very often we see a good piece of meat here in this building, despite having men everywhere. With it being so hot, I'm sitting here with both fans under my desk blowing my dress around my legs and I must say its a lovely feeling... I long to stretch between my two computers so I get a bit of a thrill. *snicker* Hey - gotta get those cheap thrills where you can, right??
Woohoo - Monday Mission! 1. Do you wear glasses/contact lenses? If so would you consider going through Lasik surgery? (Or if you already have, please tell us about it) I wear contact lenses the majority of the time, and glasses. The thought of Lasik surgery creeps me out, but if I had the money, I'd do it. 2. Did you ever have to wear braces? How are your teeth? (any cavities, any pulled teeth, root canals, etc.) No braces, teeth very straight. Had a BAD dentist growing up and ate lots of candy. All 8 of my molars are crowned, 5 of them having to have root canals. Good thing I worked for a dentist while I had all this work done, just had to pay lab fees. I do have 3 small white "pit" fillings in my bicuspids. I'm my hygienists' easiest and favorite patient because I floss daily and brush as often as I can. A lot of people tell me what pretty teeth/smile I have - so thanks, Dr C! 3. What (if any) recent movies have moved you emotionally? Which one and how so? I'd have to say "Pay it Forward" It had such a strong message about how we should help people and let the help spread and the ending had me practically sobbing. What that kid did and the effect he had on people with just one small idea was incredible. 4. I visited my dear Mema in the managed care facility Sunday and while she is doing well, I was sad for her. Living out your final days/years someplace like that seems so lonely to me. Would you rather live the remainder of your golden years in a rest home, or pass away before it came to that? I would definitely want to pass away before becoming a burden on anyone or just living my life as practically a vegetable. I think "assisted living" would be OK, as long as I could take care of myself. 5. Sometimes, but not nearly often enough, I will just stop and marvel at the amazing planet on which we live. The eco-system, life and death, nature, the perfect balance that keeps us alive, the universe, it can all be mind-boggling if you let your mind get carried away. What natural creation or phenomenon just flat-out leaves you with a sense of wonder? I'd have to say the moon and sun rising day after day, night after night. No matter what happens to our earth, they're still there. 6. Have you ever been in a fist fight or a situation where you had to get physically violent with someone else? How did that come about? Any consequences? Other than scratching and slugging siblings in self defense, no. Not a physically violent person, although I wish I could have slapped someone's face a time or two. 7. Many times I look back in hindsight and think of how I should have handled a situation. Are there any recent happenings that you wish you would have handled differently? What happened and what do you wish you'd done? I'd have to say this past weekend when I innocently asked my sister if she were going home. I wish I'd just kept my mouth shut because it added more to the conflict - at least on her part. I'm proud of myself that I remained calm and didn't tell her where to go. That wouldn't have solved anything but sure would have made me feel better. BONUS: How far away can you go, and still be dancing with me? I don't know how to dance, really. I would like to slow dance, so don't go too far away, would like you close.
Yesterday turned out better than I thought it would. In a previous post, I stated that I felt better after my workout, well it turns out I know the real reason I felt better… Kathy actually left. I think I know the precise moment she left – I felt such relief that I couldn’t explain it. Bingo. I’m so sensitive to negative energies so when they’re gone, its like the positive comes pouring back in. I basked in the sunshine, finished my laundry, puttered about doing little things, then cooked Sunday dinner. I went to bed early, watched one of my favorite movies “The Boyfriend School”, then fell asleep during “Harry Potter”. Not that is a falling asleep type movie, I was just exhausted. I woke up 2 hours later and couldn’t go back to sleep for a couple more hours because my mind wouldn’t shut up. Hate that… Have a great Monday everyone!

Sunday, June 23

OK, just had a killer workout (but didn't over do) and I'm feeling much better. I did a lot of thinking while working out, and I decided I'm going to concentrate on doing things for people I care about and love. Let the positive energy surround me and shield me from the negative antics of Kathy. I've got 3 other siblings that are wonderful and two great parents. I have such incredible friends that I can depend on no matter what. I'm going to enjoy the rest of my Sunday. Thanks again to Colin who came online earlier and listened to me whinge. (Hope you enjoy your afternoon with the lovely D!)
Another lovely day with the sister yesterday. Mom and Dad left for the day, and I innocently asked Kathy if she were going home. She snarled at me and went off on me. She seems to blame me for all her problems. I didn't yell back, I remained calm (so proud of myself!!!) and told her I was trying to understand what she's going through. She spewed some venom at me and I stood there and took it. She really needs to get professional help, no doubt about that. Maybe being locked up somewhere for a while will do her a world of good. She's STILL here and probably will be for the rest of the day just to spite me. Mom told me last night having to watch the baby for the whole weekend while Kathy sleeps and lounges around is really getting to her too. I'm truly trying to stay strong and positive and not let her get to me, but that is just so hard! It hurts me that she has to be so vile. I also don't like to see her taking advantage of my parents. I've tried to be nice, tried to follow the golden rule, the when she doesn't play by the same rules then it doesn't work. I know she believes in karma, yet she keeps treating people like shit. No wonder she's so miserable! I don't want any karma to come back on me for having bad thoughts about her, so I just better stop. Think positive! Think positive! I hope everyone is having a great weekend!! Oh - one more thing. Colin and I are working on a new pet project. We plan to launch this pet project on Thursday, so stay tuned! :-)
Eight from the Eighties 1) Is it going to be a cruel summer? I could be, but hoping something will happen to change it. Come on fate, help me out here! ;-) 2) Are you where the heat is on? Yes!! Probably not as hot as it is in other places, but the heat is pouring on. 3) How do you sleep while your beds are burning? Now if my bed was burning with passion, then no way would I want to sleep! 4) I get delirious, whenever... delirious? Do I get delirious?? Probably from lack of sleep or when I get laughing really hard. 5) Everytime you go away, you... If we're talking about that vile, evil sister of mine, then I'd have to say WOOHOO. 6) What happens in your wildest dreams? I don't think I can write about that... 7) Are you an angel of the morning? I could be... would like to wake up my man in such a way to be a very naughty angel. 8) Tell me, tell me, tell me how to be a millionaire? Certainly not where I'm working. But I do enter the Publisher's Clearing House Sweepstakes daily - trying VERY hard to become a millionaire.

Saturday, June 22

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Where do YOU belong?

Friday, June 21

Thanks to Fluffy Muppet and THIS article, I now have added new word to my cussing vocabulary. Nadgers. I don't have nadgers but I love the word. LOL!! I don't know why, just one of those catchy words... and perhaps partly what it means??? *snicker*
Oh yeah, It's FridayTGIF Friday Five! 1. Do you live in a house, an apartment or a condo? House. 2. Do you rent or own? Rent. 3. Does anyone else live with you? Yes, parents house, they live upstairs. My cat Ashley and last but not least the bitch from hell sister that stays on weekends. 4. How many times have you moved in your life? 4. 5. What are your plans for this weekend? After I get my housework done, work outs, and mow the lawn I'm going to be a slug. Read, watch TV, movies, sleep, play on the internet, Blog, read Blogs, and talk to Jeff. Yes, I'm having fun with these smilies.

Thursday, June 20

Found these cute smilies thanks to Cupid Girl at
I met with Tim about my review and he said some really great things about me. I agreed with him on the ever so small area for improvement ;-) He left to teach his class and left me on my own... which I had been on my own since Tuesday and the place was still standing. I behaved (well, OK, just no practical jokes) still because my partner in crime isn't back 100% yet... but when she does, we've got some catching up to do. Things got a little crazy with some security stuff and I had to do a lot of chasing and then some reading to become "compliant" and not lose my gov't computer access. The gov't all of the sudden decided that we contractors needed a background check. Now I agree totally with this, but think it should have been done before we were allowed on the Air Force Base. That would have been smart, huh!? Anyway, I was the only one on our contract without such background check so I filled out all the paperwork. I had already taken some security training and test so I didn't have to do that, then I read some regulations that most went over my head because I don't deal with anything classified or even close. So, I was SO glad to get out of there today. What was supposed to be a catch up day turned out nuts. I met Linda for lunch and then we went to see Scooby Do! I loved it - so funny! They picked the perfect Shaggy and Scooby was a riot. Fun movie for people of all ages. :-) Rooby Roo!!!!
Oh, YAWN! I'm tired this morning!! I got home last night and my Aunt Lou Jean was there with her spunky 8 year-old grandson Ryan. LJ had been staying with her daughter in Salt Lake and was travelling back to Idaho so they stopped in to spend the night with us. We went out to dinner then headed to WalMart. Whenever I go shopping with Mom and LJ its always and adventure. A slow adventure. ;-) I had to get some frozen burritos and ink cartridges for my printer. They had to get SlimFast. I went one direction, they went the other and we were to meet in the middle. I went off, got my burritos, got the cartridges, stopped off to get a candle holder, and walked to find them just barely getting the SlimFast. I covered at least 3 times the amount of area than they did. LOL!! Then they had to look at the movies... which was OK, I guess because I found 4 favorites (only $6 each - bargain!). I was exhausted by the time we got out of there and got home. So, I didn't get a chance to read all the blogs last night, so will have to play catch up tonight. Don't you just love the smell of a spring/summer rain storm? Mmmm! It smells so nice outside right now. I had my window rolled down a bit just to enjoy the fresh air. My boss will be coming in soon to go over my yearly review with me. He's already showed me what my raise is, 6.24%! Woohoo!! I still don't make the big bucks, but this is sure better than a kick in the ass. Tim takes really good care of me - he's such a great boss. I was talking to the HR person last night and she saw what my raise was, and she gets a big smile on her face and says, "Tim really appreciates you, doesn't he?!" I took that as not many people get that big of a raise and its true. After being here for 7 years, this is the 2nd biggest raise I've gotten. Its usually just 3%. I know how much Tim fights with the corporate powers that be for our team at this site. I just hope our division manager knows how great Tim is... I think I'll let the DM know. :-) Anyway... better get back to work! Have a good day everyone!

Wednesday, June 19

Blogrolling is the best thing for keeping track of blog links! Once I figured it out (took me a while, since I'm so HTML challenged!!) I think its fab!
Humday Humpers! 1) If you had a chance to "redo" your life knowing the second time around what you know now, would you do it? What would you change? Would you do anything differently? I would have stuck with college and applied myself - done what I could have to attend and get a degree. I wish I'd known what I wanted to do, then I think I may have finished. 2) What is your biggest regret? Not finding love, but I guess things happen when they're meant to. 3) What is your biggest accomplishment? Getting past things from childhood, growing, and becoming a strong person... and going to England! :-D 4) If you could call God up on the phone and ask three questions, what questions would you ask Him? 1. Why do children and the innocent suffer with awful diseases and experiences? 2. Am I really going to burn in hell for being naughty, or does having a good heart help? 3. How's my relatives and friends up there doing?

Tuesday, June 18

OK, so now am known as not only a Crotch Watcher, but now a Crotch Wacker. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So, what's one of the top 10 most embarrassing things to do that you could imagine doing (completely by accident)?? I just did one of my top 10. I was just coming back from lunch, walking through the computer room, as I came around a blind corner (where I have always slowed down and walked cautiously to see if anyone was coming in the other direction, but today I was oblivious) and BOOM ran into a man. Now I didn't just run into him head on, but the back of my hand met with his crotch. OMG... can I be any more mortified? Nope. I didn't know him and I hope he doesn't ever come in this building again. He gave a little grunt as I met with said crotch so I knew it was not a pleasurable experience. I'm sure was purple with embarrassment, and I apologized, saw he was OK (he was still standing, not hunched over) then I practically ran out of the room. OK, so now I'm getting the giggles over it... oh man! At least the back of my hand made contact instead of the front - then it would have been a cupping contact! ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry Mister!!!!

Monday, June 17

Was right, today is a MUCH better day. It did me a world of good to get my butt out of bed and go to work. Thanks to all of you who gave me hugs and left me comments, I really needed them!! Gives me strength. I really shouldn't let Kathy get to me, she just does... can't explain it. I go on for a few weeks dealing, then all of the sudden it just hits me like a ton of bricks. Why are some sibblings so awful and others are so nice? She always claimed I was adopted, but truly I think it was her. ;-) Anyhoo... yes, today was a better day. :-) I was so busy at work the day flew by, which is nice but then again, I like to have a break here and there to catch my favorite blogs. Time for the Monday Mission 1. What does Father's Day mean to you personally? A day to show my Dad how much I love and appreciate him for all he's done for me. 2. Was there a Father, or a Father Figure in your life as you grew up? Yes, my Dad has always been there. Very lucky. 3. a) If you are a parent, is the father of your child(ren) involved on a daily basis? Is that even important? or if you do not have children b) Would you like to become a parent? Would you be good at raising your own children? If I ever did become a parent, (scary thought) I'd do my best to raise them with love and understanding. 4. With Rosie, Callista, Jodie and Camryn all raising children without Fathers, Hollywood seems to be sending a message that children do not need male role models. Do you agree? Are these "stars" sending a good message to the young adults who admire them? I can't judge them for what they're doing, but I do believe a child needs a father's love. 5. Do you think the absence of a loving, caring father in the life of a child could have any influence on their sexual preferences when the child grows up? No. 6. Was there ever a time when your father became "uncool." Or maybe embarrassed you? Ummm... yes, every chance he got. But it was all in good humor from what I can remember. 7. Are you ever too old to kiss your Dad? Nope! Loves kisses on the cheek. BONUS: When you coming home, dad? As soon as I can.

Sunday, June 16

I'm having a rotten day due to being emotionally drained dry by my sister Kathy's presence in this house. Her negative energy is hanging over this house like the biggest, blackest rain cloud you can imagine. I'm trying to stay strong, keep to myself to preserve what little energy I have left. Being that its Father's Day, its nearly impossible. Tomorrow will be a better day...
Eight from the Eighties 1) Girls of the world ain't nothin' but... trouble?? 2) Who's the meaning in your life, who's your inspiration? Haven't met him yet... or have I? 3) What do people like about you? (Bonus: Do you really know how to dance?) I'm kindhearted, can be funny, a good friend? No, don't know how to dance so it couldn't be that, unless people are thankful that I don't dance. 4) Are you an innocent wo/man? *snicker* Me?? 5) Is your house in the middle of your street? No if meaning the entire street, but yes if meaning the block. 6) Did you have Pac-Man fever? Think, think, think.... can't remember if I did so probably didn't. 7) Do you always feel like, somebody's watching you? And you have no privacy?(Woah, oh, oh, oh.) I do at times... aliens or ghosts maybe. Although why they'd wanna watch me is mind boggling. 8) Why do they call it the blues? Because life can suck at times!! We all gotta be blue sometimes.

Saturday, June 15

Got this in an e-mail today - author unknown. Cats are better than kids because... * Litterboxes are easier to clean than leaky diapers. * When they're babies, you're - not expected to understand their lingo. * Velvet mice are cheaper than Gameboys (TM) or Playstations(TM). * They don't need haircuts, and their natural crazy colors look just fine. * They'll keep cuddling with you beyond babyhood. * They always look cute, even when they're getting into mischief. * They'll eat bugs. Well, so will kids, but... * Some of them will talk to you or even sing you softly to sleep. * They don't turn into obnoxious teenagers. * Catnip is legal under 21. * Getting them surgically fixed is a viable option.
I'm feeling soooo much better today. Was a little congested when I first woke up, but now I'm not. I went out and mowed the lawn, then came in and worked out. Tried out my wonderful new exercise bike. I took things slow, did 3 miles in 12 minutes. I'll work up to things slowly and make this part of my routine. I only did 5 minutes on the Orbitrek because my legs felt like total rubber by the time I was done with the bike. I feel really good now though. I'm about to take a quick shower before heading outside to bask in the sun. Why take a shower since I'm just going out to be in the sun? Does sound strange, but if I don't then the wasps, hornets, bees, and any bug (the rotten buggers) imaginable tend to like me more than if I go out there after I've been sweating profusely. Have nice day everyone!!! :-)
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I am Charlie Brown
Which Peanuts Character Are You Quiz

Friday, June 14

Reason to be cheerful: My cat wanting to snuggle with me. She knows when I'm not feeling well and will curl right up on my lap and purr.
I'm thinking of doing a "100 things about Me." I've seen some of the others' around on blogs and think it would be fun to do. It might be hard to think of 100 things, but I'm sure I'll come up with something. ;-) I managed to get my cleaning done today, despite my cold. By the time I finished vacuuming, I got really light headed and needed to lay down for a while. Then I went outside and basked in the sun. So, I guess I'm still not that sick . I don't want to let it win or spoil my weekend sunning.
Time for the Friday Five! 1. How often do you do laundry? Once a week for clothes, and once a week for towels, sheets, etc. 2. What's in a typical wash load? The usual, Jockey's tanks and panties, bras, levis, shirts, shorts, dresses (if not dry clean only), etc. Then towels and sheets. 3. Front or top loader? Powder or liquid detergent? Top loader and powder detergent with liquid Clorox 2. 4. Do you use fabric softener in the rinse cycle? No, use dryer sheets in dryer. 5. Dryer or clothesline? Dryer.

Thursday, June 13

So which letter of the alphabet matches YOUR personality, huh?

Thanks, Ariel for the link.
As a side note to the flirting question below... I was reminded today that I have been a huge flirt and tease online... funny how we forget things. Its a lot easier to flirt and tease online than in real life for me since I'm basically pretty shy!
I had a really weird dream last night. I dreamt that my friend Linda and I had met at the movies (like we planned today) but Linda brought an old estranged friend along. I was so pissed that I got in my car and left. I told this to Linda today on the phone while we were making lunch plans. It got awful quiet.. then she said "how strange." We talked a bit about this old friend and I told her I really would have been furious and hurt if she had brought her along without asking. While Linda and I were chatting at lunch, she said, "You know you have really weird dreams and they're down right scary at times." Turns out that Linda had thought about asking this old friend to the movie, in fact she had planned on calling her right after she talked to me. Doubt me no more! Anyway Linda and I had a great time as always. I twisted her arm into going for Mexican - cha, cha, cha since I was having cheese enchilada withdrawals and knew the salsa would help kick my sore throat - which it did! and tasted sooooo incredible. I ate too much. After lunch we made our way to the movie. Spiderman is a good movie - the special effects are really cool. I'm feeling much better than I was this morning, but still feel wiped out so I'm heading to bed early tonight... hoping when I wake up tomorrow I won't be sick. I've got some cleaning, working out, and laying out in the sun to do.
Discovered a new blog today that's kinda cool called Thought Puddles via Sean. Through Thought Puddles, I discovered the HumpDayHump so, even though its Thursday, I'm gonna do it anyway. :-) HumpDayHump - The Big Tease 1) Do you flirt? If yes, do you flirt a little or a lot? I don't consider myself a "flirt" but with my dirty mind, I can't help but flirt a little. With my luck, guys I flirt with won't know I am flirting... and the guys I'm not flirting with will think I am. Do I come across like a flirt?? 2) Have you ever lead someone on that you didn't mean to just because you thought you were "being nice"? How did you let them down nicely? Yes, I did. It was awful. I just told him that I wasn't attracted "that way", which was the truth. Despite my best efforts I still hurt the guy. But obviously he wasn't too hung up on me since he married someone a short time after that. Happy for him. 3) Have you ever been chastised for being a flirt or a tease? Did they have grounds to say such things or were they just jealous ;) ? Hmmm... well, yes. The teasing part. I tease Jeff mercilessly, but in retaliation to his teasing... although some times I do start things. tee hee I tend to make good on the teasing if things work out. 4) Do you have a problem with being honest with someone about your feelings for them good or bad? Do you tend to lie to people to spare their feelings? I have told little white lies to protect someone's feelings, although I don't like to lie. Sometimes there isn't a way around it. 5) What are you most stressed about at this point in your life? Getting old and facing being alone, wanting to find my true love now that I'm finally ready. Sigh. Maybe one day...
Here it is, another "I don't wanna" post. I don't wanna be sick. I've got a sore throat, yucky tummy, runny nose, and I'm COLD. I'm hardly ever COLD, especially when the AC here at work isn't working and its a toasty 78 degrees in here. I just talked to a co-worker and she's sick as well. Great... I don't wanna be sick! Waste of my time. :-( But, I'm not sick enough to go home yet. I'll stick it out, besides I'm getting off at 1pm and going to go see a matinee of Spiderman with buddy Linda. Not sick enough to miss that. I may not do to much "cleaning" in the storage area today at work since I'm not feeling well. I know of some old equipment I can get rid of, so I'll start there. The other stuff will just have to wait. Everything is in cabinets, so its not like crap is scattered everywhere. I put my new exercise bike together last night, and enlisted Dad's help towards the end. I really should have had him help from the start, he was bored and likes to do stuff like that. He has me read the instructions and he does the work. He's a great Dad and a good man. I don't wanna, but I'll get back to work now.

Wednesday, June 12

I'm gonna whine about something. A guy came over to see me not long ago to tell me that I need to clean out our storage area. BIG SIGH. I don't wanna. He's telling everyone, not just me... but STILL, I don't wanna. I got off the hook today cuz I'm dressed in a gorgeous dress that I'm not getting mussed. So, tomorrow shall be clean out day. I don't wanna. Not in the mood. But, I guess I gotta. I have to be "in the mood" to clean things out otherwise I just resent it. Don't tell me! I'll tell myself. "Karen, quitcherbellyachin' and just do it." There is a lot of crap out there so I guess it will be nice to get rid of some of it, then I can get some of the crap out of my cube and put it out there to replace the crap I'm getting rid of. Today has turned out to be a pretty good day apart from my whining. My boss was called to travel - so he's "shuffling off to Buffalo" as I speak. Lunch was a lot of fun, had a lot of laughs. I didn't have any BEEF today, I settled for the low-fat Asian chicken salad. If you ever go to Applebee's I suggest this salad - its yummy. Its such a gorgeous day outside, was really hard to come back to work. Just goes to show how dedicated I am ;-) Oooo... just about time for me to shuffle off to home. Nighty Night! :-)
I was quite popular with the Fed Ex and UPS guys yesterday. The Fed Ex guy delivered my EXERCISE BIKE! YEAH! It wasn't supposed to arrive until the end of the week. Woohoo! I won't have time to put it together until tomorrow night though. But still, its there. The UPS guy delivered my special candles that I ordered from Sweet Spirit then my order from Yes, I'm a mail-order/internet purchasing junky. Do they have Internet Shop-aholic Anonymous yet? I may need to consider joining. ;-) The Sweet Spirit candles I ordered are such great candles, hand made and are made by a white witch so they have spells on them. I order certain properties and I really feel like they get me through things. They smell so incredible and have stones in them. When the candle is gone, you keep the stones with you to keep the spell going. I ordered Dad's Father's Day gift from I got him the 1st season of M*A*S*H on DVD. Then I ordered me a couple of goodies... the 1st season of Friends, Harry Potter and a CD called Monster Ballads. It was like Christmas in June! Today at work is going to be a bit slow again, but its nice for a change. I actually got to do some cleaning yesterday, then asked my boss if he needed me to shred some old papers for him. He laughed and thought I was really bored. Usually I have to be really bored to *want* to shred anything. But I figured I might as well do it while I had the time. He's also working on my yearly review this week, so that shows some sort of initiative ;-) I can hear him say "Karen likes to keep busy and offers to shred sensitive documents. She shows a strong desire to advance her career by doing so." Linda is coming by after her doctors appointment today, then a group of us will go to lunch. I'm looking forward to that, we'll have some laughs. I really miss my partner in crime not being here at work... now that I have the time to play, she's not here to take the blame... sigh. She knows that I purposefully don't play any pranks while she's gone for the sole purpose of herself getting blamed. Not many people suspect me, I look too innocent. I guess they haven't learned yet that the innocent ones are the ones you have to look out for. ;-) Have a good day everyone :-)

Tuesday, June 11

A day late, but here's the Monday Mission 1. Do you have a side of the bed on which you prefer to sleep? I sleep on the right side - not really a preference, just closest to the door and my night stand. 2. What is your favorite "Theme Park?" How come and when was the last time you were there? Disney Land!!! I went about 9 years ago with my friend Becky. We met my sister Kathy there - back when she was nice and she took us around San Diego and all the sights. Was a lot of fun. 3. What is your most and least favorite thing about staying in hotels? Most favorite is the maid service. Least favorite is the rotten TV channels. 4. Did you ever take family vacations that required looooooong car rides? YES. Torture and misery. Usually had great times once we reached the destination, but we had to turn around and travel allllll the way home. The car always smelled of stinky feet and candy. Weird memory. 5. With all the drilled peep-holes and spy-cams we hear about on the news, have you ever felt self-conscious about taking off your clothes in a hotel bathroom? No.... I figure is someone is stupid enough to want to see me undress then they have it coming. tee hee 6. Describe the most romantic vacation you have ever taken or if that does not apply ;) (), tell me about the worst vacation you have ever taken. Romantic? choke, sputter,... yeah right. I think the worst vacation I took was when I went to Colorado Springs with my parents and two sisters. We took a small Subaru (2-door) and it was incredibly cramped and stuffy. Then, I was playing in the hotel swimming pool, and they had a drop/step that went from 4 feet to 6 feet. I lost my grip on the side (couldn't swim and still can't) and almost drowned. Never gotten over that. If my feet don't touch the bottom and the water is above my shoulders, forget it. Not going in. 7. (continued) After a full tummy and four days of sleep, I'd say I've never felt better. Since it is nearly noon, how about you come over and we'll hang out on the deck. I have a pool, hot tub and lotsa eats and drink. But feel free to bring whatever else you think we need! How should we spend this fine afternoon at the pool? Hmmm... I think I'd need something I could grab onto and play with since I'm scared of the water... any ideas?? *snicker* BONUS: Have you got it, do you get it, if so, how often? A long, long time ago, a little, and not very often. Enough said. ;-)

Monday, June 10

Wow - where did today go? Not swamped, but steadily busy. I have 30 mins left and need to wind down a bit. I'll go home, work out, then catch up on blogs and e-mail while I cool down from the work out. Most days I really look forward to my workouts, they help me clear my head and get rid of the day's stress. I can't wait to get my exercise bike! I hope it comes by the weekend (fingers crossed!!). Have a good night everyone! :-)

Sunday, June 9

OK - getting really frustrated with Blogger Pro - won't take any changes to my template STILL. Been trying since last night. :-(
Thanks again Ariel for this linky. click to take it!
Eight from the Eighties 1) Do you be illin'?, not apart from the normal aches and pains. 2) Who's simply the best? Better than all the rest? Don't know - haven't met him yet ;-) 3) Do you want to party all the time, party all the time, party all the time? No, get tired of partying all the time. Am I getting old?? 4) Are you a maniac? Can be at times. 5) Do you believe in spirits in the material world? Definitely. 6) I got my mind set on... Let's not go there... ;-) 7) Do you love dirty laundry? No - hate it. Good waste of time and it hurts people. 8) Say, say, say what you want. Can't think of anything right now. I'm in the Sunday Brain Dead Mode.

Saturday, June 8

I just realized I missed my One Year Blogiversary! I started blogging just over a year ago, on June 3, 2001. :-D
Another fun quiz - thanks to Ariel. Call today quiz day! ;-)
Which era in time are you?
I've had a pretty good day. Got the lawn mowed, worked out, basked in the sunshine, and took a 2 hour nap with my cat in my recliner. Nothing exciting, really. I am quite sore now, so I'm wondering if I over did things this morning or maybe the storm moving in is wreaking havoc with me. Anyway, going to have a quiet night and relax. :-) Poor Dad got roped into going to the "Devine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood" with Mom this afternoon. When he told me where he and Mom were going, I just giggled and told him I hoped he liked the movie. He had no idea it is considered a chick flick, but he may enjoy it. Scores big points with Mom anyway, and the fact that there's no sex scenes (damnit!) or major cussing are big plusses with them.

Who's Your 80s Movie Icon Alter-Ego? Find out @ She's Crafty

Which Buffy Girl Are You? Find out @ She's Crafty
Which Action Star Are You? Find out @ She's Crafty Thanks to Fluffy Muppet for the links! :-)

Friday, June 7

I'm The Listener!

Click Here To Find Out Which Symbol You Are
Thanks to Listener for the links. :-)

What's Your Sexual MO? Find out @ She's Crafty You love to be pampered and romanced by your men and things like cuddling by a fire, having an intimate meal, or having a long, deep conversation can always put you in the mood. Sex to you is usually more about the man your with than the act itself. Not a one-night stand kind of girl, newness and disconnectedness just don't do it for you. The mature, stable men you prefer to date appreciate your loyalty and big heart, but they especially love the way you inspire their more aggressive, protective masculine side. Thanks to Ariel for the link :-)
Yahoo! Got my PC memory upgraded and my new CD burner installed! Thanks, Bri - you're the BEST! :-D I went into work for a little while to deliver my monthly report. After that, I had some time to kill before meeting Linda for lunch and the movie, so I decided to hit Wal*Mart again - don't ask me why... didn't really need anything except maybe a couple of summer tops. $67 later, I left the store. Met up with Linda and we enjoyed lunch at Famous Dave's BBQ. We had some time to kill before the movie, so we hit Shopko... neither one of us needed anything... and $97 later, we left for the movie. What did I buy? Some tops, shorts, etc. Got really good bargains and I think I now have a good summer wardrobe. I gotta quit spending money. I vow that I will not spend one more penny all weekend. The movie we saw was the "Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood" This was a great movie - laughter and some tears. Definitely a chick flick. Men would score big time by taking their lady loves to this movie. There was about 3 men in the theatre that was practically full of women, the brave souls.

Thursday, June 6

EEEUURRRGHHH!! As I was cleaning today, I discovered a spider trap from last year, behind/under my waterbed headboard. I picked it up and made the mistake of looking at all the spider corpses!!! YUCK but yet cool knowing that they're dead. Can you tell I hate those bastards??? There were about 10 on the trap. You'd think after seeing their other spider friends on this trap, dead and stuck that they'd not step on it. What can you say for that? Spiders are stupid. I'm glad they are stupid so I don't have to buy new traps after it catches one!
I really enjoyed my day off. I may be sick, but having the feeling of things being so clean is just great. I cleaned until Noon then headed outside for some sunshine! It was soooo lovely out, but hot. After I came in the house, I decided to make the weekly trip to Wal*Mart. I was out of a few things and there were some things I wanted to ponder purchasing. I took Mom along with me, and enjoyed her company. I spent a measly $125. My trunk and part of my back seat were full. Of course part of that was Mom's, but still... wow, things add up. One of the purchases I wanted to make was an exercise bike. I had a bike a while ago, one that moved your arms as well as your legs. I had to give it away because it aggravated my shoulders and it was falling apart from lots of use. Definitely got my $$ out of that bike. Anyway, I didn't see one that I wanted at Wal*Mart so I decided to check online when I got home. I found one at Gart Sports for a relatively good price, and its got magnetic resistance so it will be quiet. Quiet I like. That way I don't have to blast the TV while I'm riding it. And this type of resistance sounds like it will be easier on my joints, or at least that's the impression I got. I'm excited to get it - I am being lazy and having it shipped here. Well, I guess I'm proving I'm not totally lazy if I'm getting the bike, right? ;-) I've also decided to get rid of my stepper. Its old and basically a piece of crap. I may not really need it a new stepper since I have an Orbitrek and it seems to burn just as much (if not more!!!!) as my stepper did. Next thing to go will be the treadmill... but that's going to have to wait a while. Its getting old, but still running... will run that until it dies.
I'm taking today off of work. Didn't want to go and needed an extra day. I thought about it all week, and I'm glad I stayed home. The air conditioning system is down at work (no big surprise there) and yesterday it ranged from 85-90 all day long. It was awful. Not even my two fans under my desk were helping all that much. Made me sick... so there was no way I was going through that again today... even though I just wanted to stay home. I put my new wooden cabinet together last night and got rid of the old one. So impressed with myself, only had to undo one part. It looks really nice, now I'm in the mood to do some major cleaning and re-arranging. Oh boy, what a way to spend a day off, huh? ;-) Its really therapeutic, I think. I can be a bum mostly on Sat and Sun if I want. I also dreamed about spiders last night, so I'm guessing that I need to vacuum out all my corners, etc. Nasty bastards. Hate those things. My cat is VERY happy that I'm home today, I think she's so used to my routine, that she gets so excited when I don't get up at 3:30 am! We played a bit too, she loves hide and seek, especially when I'm changing my sheets and making my bed. She'll hide under the covers and she'd probably stay there if I'd let her. Some days I wouldn't know she was almost 11 years old. Well - off to get busy!! Have a good day everyone! Tomorrow Linda and possibly Robin and I are going to a movie and lunch. I'm going into work for a little while to deliver our monthly status report and my buddy Brian is going to put more memory and a CD burner in my PC for me.

Tuesday, June 4

Check this cool site out. Things people accomplished when they were your age. Thanks to Fluffy Muppet for the link. At age ?? (not telling!!): Based on a nightmarish dream, Robert Louis Stevenson wrote The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Russian ambassador Aleksandr Borosovich Kurakin introduced the practice of serving meals in courses. Frederic William Herschel, an English astronomer, invented the contact lens. American sprinter Evelyn Ashford won her final Olympic gold medal at age ??, old for a sprinter. Amedeo Avogadro developed Avogadro's hypothesis. Law School professor Anita Hill charged that Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas made indecent remarks to her. Margie Profet proposed a new theory of menstruation which claims that menstruation protects against infection and won a MacArthur Foundation "genius" grant. Astronaut Buzz Aldrin achieved his life's ambition at age ?? and wondered, what do you do after that? Mozart stopped composing and started, well, you know.
This morning was pure hell, or so it seemed so at the time. Things with the financials got worse, then worse, then sort of better, then a little better, then I left. It doesn't look like we're going to get the reports that we need, so... I made entries to make up the difference (so they'll be tracked) then let my boss and his boss deal with the SOBs that won't give us the reports we need. Cindy and I gave up, she did all she could. She was just as livid as I was. I went to my RA doctor and was surprised my blood pressure wasn't sky-high but I'd had a few minutes to read my book. Its a really good thing the doc didn't take my BP again when he came in because my book got really good while I was waiting for him to come in. Whew. I had to put the book down in the middle of it, so I'll have to start re-reading the chapter tonight, I think! ;-) This naughty chapter involved one of my favorite things... little ice cubes. *snicker* Anyhoo... back to the doctor... he is still concerned about my knuckles, finger joints, toes, and balls of my feet. So, like I expected, he increased my meds. I'll take the increased weekly dosage tonight, and I'm hoping I'm not too loopy/woozy tomorrow. I was just getting used to the dose now and not being woozy. I can handle a little woozy if it helps in the long run. He was pleased with the progress I'm making with losing weight (yay!) and he gave me some exercises to do to help keep my knees from popping. Otherwise, I'm in great shape, I think. He'll let me know if anything is wrong with my blood work. Speaking of blood work. I'm gonna have a big bruise - looks and felt like she went through my vein. I'm usually not a wimp when it comes to getting my blood drawn, but this woman was terrible. I hope she's not there when I go again. OK - off to read some bloggeroonies then I'm gonna finish my book! :-)
I've decided today is a casual day at work. Boss is gone this week, and I just really didn't feel like putting on a dress today. I am only working until 1pm since I have an appointment with my Rheumatoid Arthritis doctor. I always feel funny to wear a dress to a doctor's appointment for some weird reason. So, I am wearing jeans, sandals and a Henley shirt. Comfy. I could come back to work after my appointment today too, but I'm not. I'll be half way home and just don't want to fight the traffic just to come back here for an hour or so. Not worth it. I'll go home and work out early and maybe pamper myself by getting in the hot tub for a while. I guess I'm just not much in a mood to do much of anything today, although I need to. I'm still waiting on my financials - some idiot down in our San Diego offices failed to send the detailed reports to Cindy at our local office, so she can't do her job either. So, we're waiting and getting further behind on our schedules. I've got most of it sorted out from other reports, but am off in a couple of places and need the detailed reports to find out what the deal is. I can't approve the invoice until I get this info - which means my company won't get paid until I give the word to the gov't that the we agree with the invoice. Its a double-check system. My database still isn't working, hasn't since last Thursday, and I can't find the database admin dude to get him to fix it. So, the work is piling up there. I'm getting caught up on other things, which means once I am done with those things, means I'll probably get into some trouble. I was just talking to Colin and he suggested getting my fart machine out. So, I may do that, even though my partner in crime Linda isn't here. I could clean my cubical if I get really desperate for something to do, but I'm far from that point. ;-) Have a good day, everyone!

Monday, June 3

As I was leaving to go home today, I walked by Randy - one of the guys who witnessed my earlier embarrassment - as he said "Wow - does something smell hot to you?" I turned beet red again, then he started to laugh. He said, "No, its not that kind of hot!! It smells like a printer or copier is hot." OK - it was definitely time for me to go home. I came home, worked out like a good girl, ate dinner, showered, read blogs, checked e-mail, and now I think I'm gonna go to bed and read before I fall asleep. G'Night!! :-)
Don't I just love being embarrassed... I just went over to take some CDs back over to a guy (Adrian) in Linda's office (who is not at work due to her surgery :-( ) and he wasn't there, so I sat down and was writing him a note. Brian (my buddy) was there, and so were 3 other guys. Brian said, "Hey, wanna see something funny?" I said, "Sure." but was about to say something naughty to him, but thought better of it cuz of the other guys there. I thought he was talking to me but he was talking to the other guys there. He came up behind me and started playing with my ears and neck! I started to squeal!!! Having my ears and neck played with just does "something" to me. I was giggling and trying to get my hands over my hears and neck but didn't have enough hands to cover both. The guys were cracking up - I guess I was redder than a beet. They wanted to know why I was blushing so much, like they didn't know. I finally got away and said that I needed to go. UGH! It was funny, but soooo embarrassing.
Monday Mission! 1. Who or where do you go to when you need help for web-related problems? Depends on how bad I messed things up. Pete and Emma helped me get all set up with my blog and gave me HTML lessons. 2. There is a big mess of gossip going on in Blogland due to revelations about a very popular Blogger. I got very caught up in reading all the links to links about it until I stopped myself realizing it was none of my business. Do you ever get caught up in gossip, either spreading it or listening to it? How does it make you feel? Or have you ever been the subject of gossip? Gossip sucks. I’ve been the subject of it at times, although innocent and I just wished people would mind their own business and live their lives. Gossip to me is malicious. Just talking about something that happened with no intention of hurting anyone’s feelings, I don’t consider that gossip. 3. In a relationship, when your other takes a dig at you (read: a fight), do you go for the jugular and get "in their face" or try to peacefully smooth things out and have a calm discussion? Peacefully try to talk things out is my first priority. In a bad argument when I’m hurt and really upset and am attacked, I attack back but ALWAYS regret saying things. 4. A friend once told me "You can tell when someone is bored with what you are saying to them when they reply with 'That's interesting.'" And I have found this to be pretty dang true. How do you know when someone has lost interest in what you are saying? They change the subject or get this wondering look in their eyes, drooling, falling asleep, fidgiting, whistling, etc. 5. Ever get jealous of the popularity other Blogs? No, not really. I blog for me and not to be popular. 6. What is your favorite dirty word? (those who don't curse can pick your favorite happy word) Shit. 7. (the continuing story...) OK, we are definitely doing that again. But seeing as it is nearly 6am now, how about breakfast? Anywhere you'd like to go or should we fix our own? What do you like? Or is there something else we need to do first? Ooooh… lets see… definitely some fun things we need to do first in bed. THEN we’ll really have an appetite for some breakfast… fix it ourselves (or take turns treating one another), then have it in bed… then after we’re done eating, do those fun things again. BONUS: What have I done to deserve this? Oh, jeez… I don’t know. I must have been bad in a previous life and its all catching up to me now… ;-)

Sunday, June 2

Today's horoscope! Hmmm... You move seamlessly from the previous ending to the next beginning. A smooth transition promises even better things to come. You consider yourself a visionary instead of a dreamer, because your eyes are wide open. You see things that others can't, but those visions are an unquestionable part of your future. Your sense of the possible brings this perfect reality even closer. Thanks to a favorable celestial influence, you have the ambition of someone with unlimited resources. Only a fool or a slacker would waste such gifts. Make them work for you while you still believe that they can.
My Aunt Joan (my Dad's twin sister) was on the local news last night. After 50 years, she got her high school diploma! She looked so cute on tv... reminded me a lot of my Grandma. Congratulations, Joanie!!
Am I an idiot? Jeff finally talked to me Friday night. I told him how I felt and told him I was thinking of moving on because he apparently didn't give a shit. He told me that he was still interested in me, but still isn't sure what he wants right now. He has really missed talking to me, but his life has been crazy, he hasn't felt very well and "blah", not feeling like talking to anyone. I still am not sure where things stand, we still need to do some talking. I'm still mulling over things. I know I deserve more than he's been able to give me, and I won't continue with our "relationship" if he can't step up and put some effort in. I've been as patient, supportive and understanding as I know how to be. I feel strong and was able to really talk to him without being a blubbering idiot, so I was proud of myself! We'll see what happens... I've got to see how this plays out. My instinct is telling me that is what I need to do. Sigh.
Time for Eight from the Eighties 1) As I look back upon my life, it's always with a sense of...Wonder... Where all the time has gone and have I missed out on something or is this where I'm supposed to be? Oh, that's deep! ;-) 2) What are you no-no-notorious for? Hmmm... first thing that pops into my head is trying to be a good friend and make people smile. 3) Have you found what you're looking for? Not yet... still looking... 4) Who can that be knocking at your door? Do I hear knocking at my door? Must have the wrong place. 5) Are you a family wo/man? I guess I am - I do love my family. 6) Girls just want to have...FUN!! Yeah, girls just wanna haaave fuuunnn 7) Some guys have all the... Beef... *snicker* sorry, couldn't resist that one. 8) (thanks Karen!) I'm once, twice, three times a... DORK. Definitely feeling like a dork lately.

Saturday, June 1

I'm such a dork. Why am I such a dork?? I just mowed the lawn and was going around a tree when all of the sudden the tree started moving like crazy!! I jumped back, moved the lawn mower and tried to see what was causing the tree to move so much... thought maybe it was a baby bird or something. Couldn't see a thing, so I figured it went away. Started moving the mower towards the tree again, tree started moving again... mysteriously... moved back again... went forward, tree moved... moved back, tree stopped moving. This went on for 4 or 5 times until it dawned on me that it was the exhaust from the mower causing it to move! DUH!!! ROFL!!! I got quite a chuckle at my own expense. I must add for my defense - I have been attacked by a mother Robin for trying to help her baby out of a window well, so I am a bit leery of the wondrous creatures since then. Have a busy day... started out by getting up early and staining the remaining two sides of the gazebo. By the time I was done, Mom and Dad came outside and started moving some rocks around, re-doing some of the flower beds. So I helped them move and place the rocks. No, I shouldn't have been doing that - but neither should they... so what the hell, it would be easier on them for me to help. We got all the rocks arranged and it looks great. Then I mowed the lawn. I guess after all that, I can consider myself worked out. ;-) I'm taking the day off from my exercise routine. I must go take a nice loonnng hot shower now because I stink!