Wednesday, October 31

I decided (with much prodding of my friends) to dress up for Halloween at work today. I pulled out an old costume that was both easy and comfy. You could say I was a 'horny' girl. I was a unicorn! Didn't win any contests, but by the end of the day I wasn't throwing things off like mad like everyone else getting tired of their costumes. It was a pretty fun day, although I didn't play as much as I usually do on days like this. I just had too much to do and didn't feel up to being a party animal. Maybe next year I'll be better...

Sunday, October 28

I've shocked a family of church-goers. While outside washing my car (for probably the last time by hand this year!) and enjoying the beautiful fall weather. This green mini-van drives by and suddenly slows down while approaching my house. I look up and there are two parents and several children peeping at me through the windows. Their faces almost plastered against the windows. Was I naked? No... just washing my car! Is this a crime? No... don't think so. I started cracking up at the sight of these people... my next door neighbor also happened to be washing his truck and noticed the scene and I heard him start to chuckle. We looked at each other and shrugged our shoulders. I'm a sinner, I know... but I do enjoy to wash my car on Sunday mornings. I also have enjoyed the occasional dirty look from other church-goers, but nothing like this - ever. Woohoo! Success!
I really HATE the time change to end Day Light Savings time. I wish they'd just leave well enough alone. It would be nice to have some light in the evening after work rather have that than in the morning. Grumble, grumble. I'm having a dilema over what to dress up as for Halloween for work. I don't want to go to a lot of trouble, but want it to be fun. Just don't seem to have the energy this year. L and I were thinking of being angels but that idea fizzeled out. It was a great idea, total opposites of what we are! She's decided to be a spider lady which will be cool, she found a costume. I was then thinking of being an old woman cuz that's what I feel like lately... but then its too much trouble to LOOK like one (I've got the walk down though). I may just end up wearing a Halloween sweatshirt and black jeans. Then I'd have to go OUT and FIND a Halloween sweatshirt... I'm pitiful. At least my cubical is well decorated!!! Although the security people put the cabosh on my decorative cool spider web lights! They're hung up, just can't turn them on. Just not the same... Yes, thank you, I'd like some cheese with my whine...

Saturday, October 27

The movies are NOT keeping me entertained... I'm beginning to wonder about thinking about what trouble I can get into. Too much nervous and ummm... naughty energy in my body that needs an escape! Will have to work on that... My cubical at work is full of fake cobby/spider webs. These webs are everywhere! I wore a lacey dress the other day and the web started to stick to my dress. They looked like they were coming out from under the hem of my dress... my friend L and I looked at each other and started to giggle. We both had the same idea that the cobwebs were actually starting to come from ME. Yes, it has been a loooong time and the cobwebs need to be cleared. The next day she came up to me and told me she and another friend were going to buy me a pair of cobweb covered panties... What characters they are... like I need any! I got a good laugh out of it... and face it, I would have gotten them the panties and just not thought about it, if the situation were reversed. ;-)
OK, so yesterday I was in the most pain I think I've ever been in... or at least the worst Rheumatoid Arthritis pain I've been in. I woke up about midnight in a cold sweat and in such pain I could hardly breath. Both my shoulders flared - and my right wrist. Trying to get out of my water bed was fun... managed to finally get out and find my pain medication. I took two and it barely numbed the pain... UGH. Not fun. By yesterday afternoon I was feeling much better. Today is a totally better day. I got yelled at for vacuuming... so promised not to do that for the rest of the day... easy promise ;-) I went to Blockbuster and rented some movies... so now I have to behave... well, as OK, much as I can behave...

Thursday, October 25

AH! Weekend is here. :-D I got a letter from my 21 yr old nephew T-RAV today. I read it and by the time I was done with the first page, I was crying. This young man - who is pretty much like a son to me told me how much I have meant to him and how much he admires me. Thanked me for all I've done for him, etc., etc., Oh, here I go again... getting all misty eyed just thinking about it. We've always had a special relationship but it warms my heart to know just how much he's learned from me... when I think I've done most of the learning from him. Before he came along into our family... first granchild... The siblings or parents hardly ever showed a lot of affection towards each other. We knew we loved each other and were loved, but never said it or showed it. I think the first time T ever said "wuv you Kurn" in that cute little voice, my life was changed forever. It changed the majority of my family as well. Kinda cool!

Wednesday, October 24

Thanks, E for the link!!! Great story about the police in Thailand having to modify their groin protectors due to some groin grabbing! LOL!! If the policemen are cute and single, I'd like to give that a go!!! They better get some butt protectors too... ;-) *snicker*
Call me the financial ass kicker. I FINALLY got things straightened out. Good thing cuz I was getting really frustrated. My boss, the Timster, told me that I could keep my job for another day! Woohoo!! I actually got quite a bit accomplished today which was nice. One more day to the weekend - WOOHOO! If my calculations are correct, I'll have my 40 hours in by 1pm tomorrow!! Ohhh yeahhhhh! Benefits of being an 'hourly' employee. And maybe I'll be ambitious and get all my errands and cleaning done so I can kick back and rest (and hopefully feel good enough to play a bit!) the rest of the weekend. Sister K went home... but is coming back. There is apparently a carbon-monoxide leak in her apartment... hope the gas company gets it fixed FAST. But as long as she stays upstairs, I'll be down here in my safe little haven. No one can bother me in this safe little haven... ;-) I'm pathetic...

Tuesday, October 23

A couple of interesting referrals from search engines: *Fart sniffing girls. Are there any out there??? Hmmm... probably must be somewhere... not here though, sorry. *Balls and pheromones. Do the pheromones come from the balls and/or somewhere else?? Anyone know the answer?? I'm curious now...
Two words for my sister K: GO HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's been staying here for yet another day... this makes 8 out of the past 9 days. GO HOME, GO HOME, GO HOME!!!!
UGH, what a day... just as I was THINKING I'd solved all the financial quandries, I found another area where I'm off. Sigh... I'm getting tired of this shit. All the construction cones are FINALLY gone!! Woohoo! Road construction is done for the winter. 3 lanes were open on the freeway, I almost didn't know how to act getting home in 25 minutes vs 40! Is it really only Tuesday???

Monday, October 22

Today was quite an adventure... about 6:30 am we were evacuated from our building, no one knew why - just that we were to leave. The meeting point was in the parking lot across the street - which is next to a cafeteria/restaurant. Unfortunately the restaurant filled to its maximum capacity within minutes... not like I'd really want to be in there since I HATE crowded places. I'd type the phobia, but I can't think how to spell it right now, brain dead! My jacket was in my car - great place for it, huh? The parking lot was blocked off so I couldn't go get my coat. So, I stood in the nice fresh, crisp air. Not really too bad, wasn't shivering... just had goose bumps and I'm sure my headlights were on FULL beam if ya know what I mean... There were a couple of gentleman who offered me their coats (nice to know there are still some gentleman out there) but I declined thinking we'd go back in the building any minute... well, almost 2.5 hours later we were let back in. Feet were frozen but quickly thawed. The time went very quickly really, caught up with friends about their weekends and chatted with people I don't see very often. Got to admire the one really cute guy (in my opinion) in the building - and his ass. Enjoyed that very much ;-) I want to ask if he's packing heat in his pants but I keep my self control. tee hee I have one rule I stick to: don't date anyone from work. Found out this afternoon what all the hub-bub was about. There was a guy who was working over time and suddenly took very ill - and they suspected Anthrax. Hmmmm... doesn't Anthrax symptoms take days to surface?? But I'm glad they weren't taking any chances.

Sunday, October 21

Colin in Boston requested a story of how I got the nickname Toad. Its really not an exctiting story but kinda funny if you know me. So, here it goes: I had a dream one night that I was a female mud wrestler, which included having the great body that fits in the bikini and looks damn good (yes, it REALLY was a dream!!). My stage name was Little Toad... when it came time for the wrestling match, there were men everywhere crowded around the ring cheering, drunk, etc. The usual scene in a bar like that. A male volunteer came into the ring wanting to roll around with two women in the mud. In the end, we whipped his ass (details are a bit sketchy so I can't elaborate). He was NOT begging for more... I made the mistake of telling my sister and a friend about it, so they started calling me Toad. But I think the meaning has sort of changed a bit over the years... It could be that people think I'm a horny little toad... hmmm... could be... My dream of a personalized license plate would read HRNYTOAD.
Sunday activities: Laundry, lounging, Sunday dinner with parents, aunt and probably my sister K and baby who have been a permanent fixture here for 5 days. Enough already... GO HOME! She figures she's got free babysitters and its starting to annoy me, as much as I love little E, I need my rest and can't be looking after her or hearing her cry. My nerves just can't take it these days. She doesn't cry much, only when you change her, bathe her, and when she's hungry. Its starting to grate on my nerves. Just seeing people in general really! ;-) I'm going to my sister-in-law P's brother's viewing tonight, (he passed away last week) with my other sis S. The drive through Sardine canyon this time of year is soooooo beautiful! All the fall colors in full sight. I'm still trying to decide whether or not I'm going to the funeral tomorrow... so I better go tonight so I can pay my respects at least once. Haven't gone anywhere with S in quite a while, so I think it will be nice to get away from everyone else. I love my family dearly, don't get me wrong... but I need my solitude for at least one day... but that's not gonna happen this weekend so I might as well get used to it. I a bitch or what?? Sure feel like one, or maybe that's just my guilt talking.

Saturday, October 20

All righty P, getting my thoughts together here, as per your orders! ;-) My thoughts are quite muddled at the moment... just finished having dinner with 18 relatives - aunts, uncle, cousins and brothers, sisters, nieces, etc. What a house full. Quite a huggy bunch too, which isn't good when my shoulder hurts like hell. Doesn't do any good to pin a note to my shoulder that says "do not touch" they still gave me a full hug, even as much as I tried the half hug. One cousin gave my upper arm a squeeze and I had to bite my lip from screaming... made my eyes water and had to take a pain pill. I know she'd feel like shit if she knew, so we won't tell her... good thing she doesn't know about my blog. So glad to be down here in my nice, quiet haven. Just me and my pussy cat hanging out, watching Ally McBeal reruns and waiting for J to come online. Check out Gaekwad's pic. I voted a 10, so he should be nice to me... and thanks to E for the link too. He's gotten quite a few 10's and is quite proud... and I'm proud to know him. :-)

Friday, October 19

Oh yeah baby! Nickelback CD Sliver Side Up! Found it, bought it, listening to it. Great CD so far... but I haven't been able to get past song #2 "How You Remind Me" yet... gotta keep backing up! I also pre-ordered Creed's new CD, coming out on Nov 20 - can't wait!!! Had a pretty good shopping trip with Mom and Aunt LJ. I'm exhausted, but it was relatively painless. They usually shop for HOURS on end, but seems that as they're getting older, shorter trips are in order. I may go shopping with them more often. We also went for Mexican food... tummy is HAPPY.
Ahhh... Fridays... love Fridays... no work for 3 whole days. :-D I'm actually feeling well enough today to get some things done! YAY! My Aunt is coming for the weekend, and she has a list of things she wants to do. One of them is to go eat Mexican food. I'm IN! I'll take her and my Mom to my fav Mexican restaurant... Mmmmm... Cha, cha, cha. I was there yesterday and had the delicious cheese enchiladas... I'm thinking I can do a repeat today. Then a bit of shopping. There is one CD that I MUST have. Nickleback's new one with "How You Remind Me" on it. Can't wait for Creed's new CD to come out too, MUST have that one!! LOVE CREED!

Wednesday, October 17

My sister-in-law's brother passed away last night from a long, tormenting illness. So sad, but at least he's not suffering any more. Things happen in 3's. Another gentleman (that I knew growing up and his wife and my Mom are great friends), also passed away from cancer. So, there's the 3. All within a week. The first one was my old boss Dr. C. Strange but true.
I have a weakness for peanut butter... one of those things I just HAVE to have... I discovered some Fiddle Faddle Popcorn with Skippy Peanut Butter... MMMM! Could hardly wait to get out of the store to try it. Yes, I did get back to work before I tried it, I'm proud of myself. I could have opened the box right there in the store and try it, but decided I wasn't THAT desperate. It was pretty good actually, but I was hoping for more peanut butter and less sweet. My friend Sandi found something at the local military BX - popcorn with white chocolate (another one of my weaknesses). She bought me a package and it was pure heaven. Better than the peanut butter, but not quite as good as sex. At least I'm thinking sex is still pretty great, been so long I'm having trouble remembering it... but that's another story.

Tuesday, October 16

Holy shit - the brother-in-law just dropped by and was so cheerful, he actually KISSED me on the cheek (face)! Good thing I was sitting down or else my knees would have buckled.
Feeling more like myself today... I finished decorating my cubical for Halloween (yes, already!) by putting the cobwebs all over. The webs came complete with cute little black spiders so I planted them on 3 lady's keyboards. 2 out of the 3 jumped. I got my jumping spider out and set it by the candy jar. It has a long tube where you pump air into the spider and it jumps. I got a man reaching for some candy, he about jumped out of his skin. It was great. I have these cool spider webs that light up, but was told they're 'illegal' to have in the building, fire code. I'm so bummed! I put them up anyway and just not plugging them in. If they have a tizzy, they can bite me. They can't catch on fire without electricity! It was an absolute gorgeous fall day today! I totally spaced Boss' Day today, so L and I snuck out and went to the store "All-A-Dollar" and went wild. Bought our bosses balloons and candy. The Timster (my boss) was quite excited. I love making people's days like that!
Turns out the guy from Price, UT was making the whole story up about the envelope containing Anthrax. How desperate (AND STUPID) does one have to be to go to such lengths for attention and to scare people?? I hope they nail his sorry ass to the wall for that.

Monday, October 15

What is this world coming to?? Idiots everywhere. The Anthrax scare is horrible - and if everyone doesn't be careful, we can all end up in trouble. One example, a man in Price, Utah (some po-dunk little town) receives an envelope today filled with white powder. What's the first thing he does?? He goes and shows all his neighbors what he got in the mail. He exposed himself as well as countless others to possible anthrax. HELLO?! Shouldn't we call the police?? Hmmmm... would be my first instinct. There was a man who stole a single-engine airplane in Idaho (borders Northern Utah), flew it to Utah and dropped a pipe bomb on I-15 (our freeway). Luckily it didn't explode. Not sure where exactly it was dropped yet, details are still sketchy. What is the matter with people? Seems like this terrorist stuff is bringing all the closet terrorists and sickos out into the world. What ever happened to "live and let live"??

Sunday, October 14

I've just added another link to the right, Cuddles - my friend J from the UK! YAY!!

Friday, October 12

Oh my hell! New website referrals: Google: "Licking my butt clean" and Yahoo: "Pictures girls in pooped panties". There are some seriously SICK people out there. I get the usual 2-4 of 'pantie sniffing' type referrals per day... but ya know, that's getting kind of boring. Its good to see that Gaekwad moving up on the list for the "free beast porn". Congrats P!! ;-)
Coming soon! Colin's Blog!!! YAY!
Today started off on a nice note. I got up, got some breakfast and was going to check my e-mail while eating my yogurt. I turned on the computer and a flash came out of the back of the tower. Yes, the power supply had blown. I took the tower to get it fixed, and was so grateful to them for fixing it then and there... 10 mins and it was done. No charge either - love warranties! The day got better when I took my Mom to lunch and then ran a couple of errands with her. She commented on how this war is bringing back memories of her childhood and WWII. She was only 5 or 6 at the time, but remembers the loud sirens to warn everyone it was a 'black out' and her mother gathering her and her 2 sisters to hide under the kitchen table and sitting there until the threat had passed. She said the uncertainty is very unsettling, which I agree. My Mom is one great lady - very sweet and tender hearted. I'm also lucky to have a great Dad as well, don't want to leave him out! He had knee surgery a couple weeks ago and has been naughty. Doing things he shouldn't be doing, going up and down stairs, etc., before he should have. Mom has been on his case but it doesn't do any good. Last night while eating dinner, he told her "Dear, I think I've been over doing things. I'll start taking things easy now." It takes them a while to figure things out... ;-) No offense to MEN out there, we women just naturally have more common sense. Well, MOST women. There are some women out there that worry me more than me.

Thursday, October 11

Its been a terribly BLAH week, so I won't go into details. Haven't felt like doing much at all, I've gone to work, then home to crash. My old boss Dr. C passed away on Sunday from a brain tumor. So sad! I'm off to the viewing now, should be standing room only type crowd. He was a great man and will be missed.

Sunday, October 7

So yesterday was a low point. This arthirtis pain was starting to get to me, so I decided to have a Karen day. I got in the hot tub and soaked for a while, then took a nice hot shower. I went to the local Blockbuster and rented 6 movies. A Knights Tale, Someone Like You, The Mexican, Sweet November, Double Take, and Exit Wounds. I ended with Sweet November (excellent movie and Keanu looks soooo fine) and had a nice long cry - long after the movie was over too. Quite ridiculous at the time, but sometimes you just gotta let loose. This morning I got into my e-mail and my friend J in the UK sent me some virtual flowers - so made my day! Thanks again J!! :-)

Friday, October 5

Hey Colin - you tall and extrememly sexy man in Boston.... WHERE'S YOUR BLOG????? I'm waiting and need entertainment!! And no, Carol didn't tell me to say that. ;-)
Nothing much happened today, I got up and managed to do some dusting and clean my bathroom. Someone will have to take pitty on me and do the vacuuming. I chatted with E over the e-mail while I was limping around being busy. Then I went to my general doctor and he prescribed some pain pills to help me survive the next few months until the new medication takes effect, which is 8-12 weeks! I ran (or limped) some errands then came home. Crashed for the afternoon and slept for about 3 hours. Ahhhh... this is the life. I really don't like sitting around when there are things to be done, its frustrating that my body won't cooperate. I do have to keep my chin up and my good attitude or it will make things worse. Deep breath. Cheezy grin. :-D
Last night after work, the girls (a group of my buddies) went to the club for an evening out. We celebrated Renate's birthday and it was pretty fun. We had a lot of laughs, although we weren't our usual selves. The manager didn't even come around to harrass us, guess we didn't draw enough attention. At least while I was there... I was the first one to leave cuz I was soooo tired and feeling like shit. It felt so good to laugh though - and with great friends which makes it even more great. :-)

Wednesday, October 3

Today is the day for discoveries... I discovered a fun thing in the hot tub tonight. But.... I don't think I'll share it. I'll keep you wondering if it was sexual.... or not. ;-)
I did discover the REAL secret to getting an emergency appointment. I was telling the nurse all the trouble I had, and she said, "All you have to do is ask for me directly and I'll review your chart and see that you get in to see the doctor." Holy shit - what a novel idea! What do they need the receptionist for?! Front Office Bitch? Yes, I am indeed cranky today...
I saw the doctor today. He is putting me on some medication... supposedly this medication was first used to cure malaria. Hmmm... but I'll give it a shot. One side effect that is rare, that could be bad is it messing with my periphrial vision. So, before I start taking the medication, I have to have a baseline eye exam then have periodic checks. He took some more blood and will check my thyroid levels and see me in 3 months unless I need him sooner. He also thinks I have some type vascular disesase too... how nice is that?! I dont' know if that will show up in my blood or what. I'm too young for this shit.

Tuesday, October 2

Yesterday I encountered the rude receptionist from Hell. I *finally* had enough of the pain, so I called my doctor - the Rhematoid specialist. I told his receptionist who I was and what I needed... telling her what an incredible amount of pain I was in. She proceeded to tell me that the next available opening was November 30. I then added that the doctor instructed me to come in if I had a flare up, she ignored me. I told her that I already had my 6 month follow up scheduled for Oct 18... she said "Well, I suggest you keep that one then and not take the Nov 30" DUH. I asked again if there was *any* way to get me in. She said "No, you can call back tomorrow and each day after that to see if there was a cancellation." I very sarcastically said "Thank you soooo much." and slammed the phone down. This morning, I decided I was ready for a fight with this bitch... but as she answered the phone, I (very nicely!) told her who I was, and reminded her that I'd called yesterday. Then I told her, "I need you to pull my chart, and verify that the doctor told me that I needed to come in for more blood tests when my RA flared." I was on hold for about 5 minutes, then she came back on the line and said, "He can see you at 10:20 tomorrow." Woohoo! Success!!!