Sunday, December 8

I went Xmas shopping with my sis Susie this afternoon... I think I was gone for about 2 hours and it wore me out. Crowds weren't bad at all though, that saved me. We found Mom's new sheets - yeah, I know real exciting Xmas present, but she asked for sheets and a new comforter so that's what we got her. The comforter is coming from a catalog, its beautiful and we think she'll love it. Then we got some really cute S'more kits for three of our nieces and will get some gift certificates to go with them so they can rent a movie. There was a first, ladies and gentleman. I came out of Bath & Body works with spending only $10! Shocking, I know. I've got other ideas for gifts this year, and I didn't need anything other than the anti-bacterial hand soap and it was on sale 3/$10. There was lots that I wanted, but I refrained. Other's gifts needs to come first. tee hee They've got a new aromatherapy out for Sensuality - and it smelled sooooo good. But again, I refrained. Even Susie was shocked. My one joint - my right elbow - that didn't hurt at my last doctor's appointment hurts now! LOL!! From carrying packages - despite taking 3 trips out to the car! That's one thing I hate about mall shopping - having to carry bags all over and take so many trips to the car. Then I had an idea... next time, take an empty stroller with us and dump the packages in there! Hmmm... well I thought it was funny... Next shopping trips: Friday with Mom. Saturday with Linda and Nicole. HOPING that will finish it up. I STILL have to make out my list AND get my Christmas cards done!! UUUGHH! I was gonna do that this weekend, damnit! I'm really too tired to now... so maybe I'll work on the cards a few at a time during the week. Right now, I'm gonna go take a hot shower to ease my aching joints then head to bed early and relax and try not to think of my Monday.