Tuesday, December 24

Here's the poem I talked about yesterday. Merry Christmas, Loved Ones ..... by Body.Mind.Soul Faces I have never seen Hands I have never hold Words that only can seen in my computer. I see your smile as I have seen your picture but I want to feel more I want it to shine my days. I owe everything done by your fingers every time you write to me or leave me a message. Your words strengthen me beyond your thought and expectation but I want to feel more - I want it to be heard by my ears. Merry Christmas, dear friends. Some people might not understand the friendship I have with you and I should say it is more beautiful than the friendship I have in real life. You entertain my body, you dig into my mind, you dance in my deepest soul. But I want to have you as my friend not just in this virtual world but I hope that we fill each other's days in the real ground, face to face. I also wish that one day I can deliver my Christmas wish for you in person. I want to look into your eyes, giving you some warm hugs holding your hands and shouting to you how much I adore our friendship how much I thank you for your love. I thank God the day we found each other and may He bless you more than the abundant blessings you have given to my body, mind and soul. To a stranger like me.