Wednesday, July 16

Yesterday afternoon we got the news that the air con was pretty much fixed, there were compressor and switch problems. It actually felt pretty good in here when I left yesterday despite being 105 outside!! Then I come in this morning (85 outside) and get blasted with hot air blowing from the air con ducts that feels about 90 degrees (not exaggerating!). This is the shits. I'm dying. I've got some windows open and my fans under my desk running (cheap thrill *snicker*) and its not doing much good. My bud Larry will be here momentarily though and he knows how to get the huge back up fans/swamp coolers running. UGH. This better not be like this all day or I'm going home and charging them for the day to sit on my ass and do nothing ;-) Sound tough, don't I?! tee hee Our monthly software journal arrived a week early again so I've got about 300 issues to mail out to our new subscribers. I love it when it arrives early so it doesn't interfere next week with my financials and reports. And seeing that this is such a slow week, it will give me something to do today. Today is cha-cha-cha cheese enchiladas day! I'm going to lunch with my friends Sheri (Happy Birthday Sheri!), and Barb. At least I should be cool for an hour while in the restaurant and in Sheri's car... other positives. Well, I best get busy! I've got database work to do before I start mailing all those journals. Happy Hump Day!!
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