Saturday, July 19

Why do I never learn? I should have known that what I said to Kathy would be turned around and put on me. Me being the bad guy. She told Mom and Dad that I raked her over the coals and yelled at her yesterday. She is just utterly and completely sick. I know I probably did hurt her feelings but they were things she needed to hear. There are two sides to every story so I told Mom my side. Mom said, "I thought things sounded a bit "off". Why would Kathy lie about the things you said?" I replied, "Because she's sick. Because she needs to take the negative attention away from her and put it on someone else to make herself feel better and look better in other people's eyes." That's why. Then I told Mom "See why I don't talk to her?" Point well taken. Another lesson learned. I WAS having a good afternoon until that happened. BUT its over now and I'm not going to let it spoil my day. I'm working on a new blog - not a new template, but a health log. I often feel like I'm whining here about my health problems, so I want a seperate place that the people who do want to read about my test results, etc., can without having to read it on my regular blog. I'm also making it out to be journal as well. Just for my own benefit of how I'm progressing. I've tried to have a normal journal (actual hand written) but I'm not very faithful about it, and I think I will be more faithful with a blog. I'm addicted to blogging if you haven't noticed! LOL!! Anyway, I was having problems with the template and asked my wonderful friend Connie fixed everything and even found me a better template. Thank you Connie - you're the best! Its up and running now and I will link to it when there is something of interest there. I'm going attempt to make a button for my sidebar via Meg's resources. If you haven't checked out her site, you should, she's got a lot of fun things.