Saturday, July 12

I actually got around to visit everyone on my blogroll today! I may have not left a comment on all... but it was nice to catch up with everyone. I also was able to chat with Connie on Yahoo which we haven't been able to do for ages! I was feeling restless and wanted to get out today so I took my Mom to lunch. We went to the diner where my sister Susie works, and she cooked us an omelet with a side of homemade hasbrowns. Ohhhhh so yummy. I enjoyed every last bite. I ate way to much of course but I haven't done that in a while so what the hell. It gave me energy to do some shopping with Mom! LOL!! We hit the dollar store, the craft store, and then the grocery store. Nothing too exciting going on now... I'm going to try a recipe I found for crunchy tofu sticks. They sound really easy and I think they will be a fun thing to try. Its so hard not being able to eat meat (and very limited to what I can eat!), and I need the protein source and tofu takes on the flavor of whatever you put it in. I was pleasantly surprised how good it is - and I am one picky eater! So if I like it, just about anyone would. And most importantly, the soy doesn't irritate my ulcerative colitis. Ohhhhh... what I wouldn't give for a big, fat, juicy cheeseburger dripping with all the fixings. Ohhhh... I'd be in hell if I did!! I tried tofu in place of the hamburger in a 3-cheese pasta hamburger helper last week and it was good (sounds really bizzare and gross to everyone, I'm sure!). I've tried the Boca (soy) hamburgers and they're good, they taste like they've been char-broiled. The texture is really the only difference that I could tell. I bought some Boca chicken nuggets today, maybe I'll give them a try tomorrow. I'm being awfully brave (in my mind anyway) trying these things, but I'm so sick of bland things and having the same things day in, day out.