Friday, July 4

I think its time for a new mouse. My mouse was acting up this morning, so I took the ball out (tee hee) and cleaned it. Now it is acting worse than before I cleaned it. Despite my great love for balls, I'm thinking I'm going to get a ball-less one. Balls are great, balls are wonderful but they do get gummed up. *sigh* There was this guy named Lloyd that sent me a message from E-mode (a match making thing I signed up for a while ago) this past week. He's 47 and said on his profile that he was divorced with a child living at home. E-mode said we were a 96% match so I figured what the hell, I'd write back. We talked on Yahoo the other night, and I find out that he is not completely divorced, due to some financial problems. He made several comments about his soon-to-be ex wife and all these "funny" things he's doing to her to piss her off. Now - I know that I've never been married, don't know what its like to go through a divorce but the fact that he was doing these "funny" things to piss her off bothered me. He started talking about wanting to meet me - yeah right. After 10 minutes of talking online I'm gonna go meet him. We work on the same Air Force Base, but luckily he works on the other side of the base, and I didn't give him any details of where I worked - though he tried to get them from me. Then he starts talking about all these board games he likes to play. I told him I didn't like board games all that well, and rarely played them. He told me that he wanted to meet me (again!) and bring over a bunch of games. Can this man get a clue?! I told him I wasn't ready to meet him, or even talk to him on the phone (he even gave me his cell number). This man just had icky written all over him. I decided to give it a day or so to think about things. This morning he sent me an IM and I decided to tell him that I don't want to continue the relationship for several reasons. I didn't think we had anything in common - despite what Emode said!, and I am in a place in my life that I don't want anyone with so much anger and baggage. He really needs to work through all his anger of the divorce before he even thinks about getting involved with anyone. I also want someone closer to my age. I pissed him off - he said some crude things... and that proves that I did the right thing. I live my life by my gut instincts/6th sense and today it goes to prove once again its a good way to live.