Saturday, July 19

Well, I've been up since before the crack of dawn (3AM)! I'm used to waking up at 3:30 anyway and today wasn't any different. I watched Goonies then got up at 5AM, took my meds and ate breakfast. I felt an anxiety attack coming on, and needed to do some organizing... my OCD was cropping its ugly head... I couldn't believe what I accomplished in 2 hrs. I put some some quilts in the vacuum storage bags, got rid of a bunch of sweaters (going to see if my nieces want them, if not I'll give them to a charity shop), re-arranged some of my closet, and the wardrobe that the sweaters were in, and then some shelves that are outside my bedroom in my hallway. After all that, I feel calm and satisfied. I'm breathing easy and anxiety is gone. I put up a new pic under mine on the sidebar. This is my cat Ashley (a.k.a pook-a-bear, Ash, Asher, monkey butt, baby, cooter pie - no jokes about the "cooter" tee hee it just fits her at times). She was sprawled out on the top of MY recliner (we always have a fight over just "who's" recliner it is) and she looked so cute I couldn't resist taking the pic and decided I wanted it on my blog all the time because after all, she's my baby! Snagged this quizzie from Dyane.
LOVE is your chinese symbol!

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