Sunday, July 20

Thanks so much for everyone's support about my "sister" situation. It means so much, more than I can express... really about everyone's support with my life period! Its just does my heart good to know what incredible people are out there! Love ya all! I had a pretty good afternoon and evening. I heard from a guy (on that online dating match thing) that is 31 and lives in Salt Lake! I replied, and after a couple of days we finally hooked up on MSN Messenger last night! His name is Ed and he's really nice and funny. We chatted for over 2 hours I think! We do have a lot in common, (sense of humor, etc.) but there are some life goals, beliefs, and other things that would definitely stand in the way of a "relationship" so I think we'll just be friends. (He's just looking for "friends" right now anyway) He asked if I thought "friends" could be intimate. I think they can, yes but I told him that I wanted more. I want it all and am not settling. We'll continue on as friends and keep getting to know each other, but I'm going to keep looking for someone and something more. Colin has posted the buttons I made at (via Meg's site) on the server so now I have new buttons. YAY. It was a snap to make the buttons. There is a button for the link to my Health Log for anyone interested. Nothing much to report now, but I'll let you know when there is. On the daily basis I'm using it as a journal but feel free to read it. I've got to behave today, my foot and leg are really swollen so I won't be around too much. I need to keep my leg propped up and at as much of a flat angle as possible. I am planning on watching the Minority Report that I taped last weekend, and perhaps get the doily done that I've been putting off! Have a great day everyone!