Friday, July 11

The day went pretty well. My first appt, my blood had thickened some so he increased my blood thinners ever so slightly, put me back on a higher dose of lasix and potassium, and said see ya in two weeks. I got my hair highlighted darker because it was getting so blonde (not from past highlights), it was almost transparent! My hair dresser thought I'd been out in the sun but I haven't. Its due to all the stress my body has been under and probably all the meds I'm on. My hair was pretty limp and lifeless as well so we decided to cut a couple of inches off. Next time, I'm going to do a new style so I'm going to be looking for new ideas. I'm going to have to go shorter no matter what, which will help get my hair back into shape. Just taking 2 inches off made a huge difference, it looks and feels great, but I need a change. Then I headed for the hospital. Got my blood drawn and then did the mamo and ultrasound. Can I just share something? My boobs hurt! Especially the right one. They took 6 shots/smooshes of that one, and only 2 of the left (where there weren't any lumps). I'm thankful that they're so thorough but OUCH. Those are my boobs! They're meant to be handled well...ummm... OK we won't go there. *snicker* I was really impressed with the staff at the womens' center. I felt comfortable and at ease and things were explained so well! Even though there is definitely a density/lump, nothing showed on the mamo or ultrasound (WHEW!!!!). Which means its most likely a fibroid like we suspected - and like I had removed 2 years ago. They'll send all the results to my docs and we'll decide what to do from here, whether a biopsy, watch it, or what. I want it out as I did the others, but I can't do anything while on blood thinners. I've got an appt on July 28 with my gyno to discuss the options. Oh man its hot out! UGH! It looks like the fire is pretty much under control, they've let people back in their homes but are still battling it. Its headed East up over the mountain and away from homes. My friend Linda lives 2 blocks from where the blaze started and she stood and watched 100 foot flames shoot up last night. She said she had never been so scared in her life. The fire turned North and away from her home (and into a canyon) so she was never evacuated. Makes me sick though to think all of this damage and danger happened because one selfish and sick man. I'm off to take a very cool shower and relax for the night!