Monday, July 7

Someone by the name of Greg that I work with is gonna lose one of his protruding body parts if he doesn't watch it. He is working on my last nerve. To be honest, he was working on my last nerve even as he said good morning this morning but for the past 90 minutes he's driven my boss and I nuts. There's a project he's been supporting since 2000. He's doing the final report - or rather I AM preparing the final report with the information he's giving me. Now, the project is over $7000 over budget - lots of details and politics went into the over-run - mostly the customer dragging their feet in finishing the project. Anyway, Greg wants to over analyze this situation and see "where excactly all the $7000+ went." Fine. Let's check travel and workshop materials... no, we're OK there, OK, let's check labor hours. I went back to ALL my spreadsheets, got him my hours, my boss' hours and Greg's hours. Fine. Greg tells me his hours can't be right. I take the frickin' hours straight from the timecards. Greg says that MY records can't be right. How can this be? I've got the timecards, the invoices, monthly reports and all the other financial data to back up MY records. WTF?! I think my boss is just as pissed at him, because he just told Greg that our records are correct and his must be off somewhere. Now Greg just had the NERVE to ask me to get the actual timecards out from 2000. They're locked up in the vault and I can't get to them without an escort - who are the secretaries, and darn it all, they're gone for the rest of the day. Why can't he just believe my boss and I and our records?? GRRRR! I'm going for a walk before I find myself hitting him. Rant over. At least I hope it is! ;-)