Wednesday, July 23

Happy Hump Day! It seems like Wednesday should have been a long time ago, but at least we made it! Not a lot to say this morning, I'm feeling OK, just having a quiet morning I suppose... I had a pretty good night after I took a shower (and had fantasies about the rain tee hee). I went to bed and watched Grease (on of my fav movies) until I fell asleep. I woke up once in the night and had a bit of trouble falling back asleep, so I put a tape of the Brady Bunch in the VCR and that did the trick. tee hee I really love the show but it does put me to sleep - I guess its a comfort TV show. I'm not quite in the mood to do actual work quite yet... but I need to get in the mood. Hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday! Here is the pic of the doily I made - it measures about 36" across. Its the biggest doily I've made. (image is clickable)
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