Sunday, July 6

Has this weekend just breezed right on by for you or is it just me? It seems like there should be another 2 days instead of just one! I had such a great time yesterday at the play! "Honk" was a musical, and such a cute story. There was a lot of laughs and my cousin did a fantastic job. She played Maureen, a duck who was a friend of Ida, the main duck. She was hillarious, all her mannerisms cracked me up. They didn't have duck costumes on, but you definitely knew she was a duck. There ended up to be 20 of us at the play, about 6 of them were friends of my cousins'. I saw my two cousins Jill and Diane (2nd cousins once removed I believe) that I hadn't seen in about 5 years! They couldn't get over how good I looked, which really made me feel good. Mom told them I was falling apart though, and we all had a good laugh about that. I'm being put back together though ;-). After the play we all went out to eat at a local restaurant called Roosters. Both food and company were good. We all said our good-byes after dinner and were on our way. Mom and I had a couple of errands to run so we went and did those. I found a new mouse - YAY. I found an optical mouse for a good price and I love it... sooooo smooth. The cordless ones were just too expensive. The next thing I need to get when I get some extra moola is a new keyboard. Its getting had to see some of the letters. Anyone else have problems with the E, R, T, S, D, C, K, L, M and N disappearing? LOL!!! Or is it just me? I was so tired by the time I got home, I went straight to bed. As I was laying there, all of the sudden that damn scooter started driving by. It drove by 12 times in 30 minutes. I was getting so pissed off. The scooter has to be the most annoying sounding thing I've heard in long time. I'd like to take this scooter smash it with a bull dozer. Grrrr. This time, it wasn't the under-driving-age teenager but her older sister. Now, how fun is it to just keep driving around and around and around the block? This girl really knows how to whoop it up. Anyway, since it was before 10pm Dad said there wasn't anything they could do - despite them disturbing my peace. That whole scooter thing that happened last weekend, we did the police were called on those people, (about the whole riding it on the street by a minor and for giving neighborhood kids rides). I'm really surprised the police didn't impound the scooter right then and there, but they were given a "warning". So, at least that has stopped (as far as I've seen). OH - and get this, with the parents not being home for most of the weekend, when the parents were home, the father was doing the exact same thing as his kid - giving rides to the little kids with them standing on the floorboard. Can you believe that?! No wonder is daughter is the is a total and complete idiot - she takes after him! Some people should not be allowed to breed. Well... enough rambling! I'm going to take it easy today and just be a bum. I'm thinking I might declare this another pajama day. tee hee Have a great Sunday!!